Optinly Webinar & Transcription

What’s going on, sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Sam AI. Sam AI is the first network powered relationship and introduction management platform built on conversational A.I. It is starting on Appsumo at fifty-nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walk through, I just want to tell y’all a few quick things. The first is if you want to tell us a little bit about why you’re interested in Sam AI, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room.

We love to hear from you. You can also let us know where you all are calling in from. We had a long conversation about that before we jumped on today. And if you have any questions about the tool, if you want to know how to get set up anything like that, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We will circle back to those at the end of the walk through. And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out for any reason or if you want to watch this over and over again, you can totally do that. All right. That’s it for me. Hey, guys, how are you doing?

Hey, Lindsey. I’m good. I’m good. How are you? I am good.

I am excited to have you all here today. I’m going to go ahead. And we have an introvert here looking for a smart way to make meaningful connections. I love it. I am also an introvert. I don’t think you all can tell. All right, Roz, I’m going to go ahead and let you take it away for the walk through and then let me know when you’re ready for those questions. Yeah, absolutely.

Well, once again, Lindsay, thanks for having us. It’s myself and the founder, as well as Marko’s Dinnerstein, who’s on this call. He’s our outreach manager. Yeah, both of us. Since Monday, it’s been really, really exciting having hundreds of ASIMO folks joining Samii platform. So allow me to first share my screen and basically give you a walk through. And obviously we welcome questions and we welcome any sort of feedback that you might have.

For starters, what does Samii offer as it comes to as it comes to the offer that’s available on ASML? It actually offers quite a bit. It’s not just an intro piece. It’s also the network power of CRM as well as several other modules. The best way to explain what we offer is if you have a look at our main window here, our pricing window, you’re getting the modules that are available under the growth package, which is usually seventy five dollars or more per user per month.

So if I if I were to show you all the pieces that you guys are getting, network power, CRM, case management website, live chat, inseminator approach, we’re leading with salmeterol pro because it’s really the very essence of what we do. We, unlike most software out there, it’s the only platform that we’re aware of that actually generates more mantras and leads from people that you know and trust that you already have met and that you’ve already built relationships with in this webinar.

I’m going to actually show you how it works. I’m going to show you my own login, not a demo, login, no login and kind of walk you through how I use it and what it does for me. So wanted to briefly cover all the modules. The one thing that you’re not seeing that only small things are getting is marketing automation. If you guys buy this, you’re also getting marketing automation. So there’s sometimes a misconception like, oh, I’m just getting an intro back.

No, you’re getting into a pro plus CRM and a whole bunch of other stuff. So for starters, what how to it work and how does it differ then? Let’s say something like LinkedIn. You know, LinkedIn is a very, very powerful social networking platform. It’s considered a professional network. And over the years, I think over the last decade or so, it has grown to be a very broad network. I think a lot of people who still use LinkedIn because there’s so much value there, just lots of great news, lots of great information, especially information related to, let’s say if you’re recruiting someone or prospect in cold, it’s not that we’re not a cold prospect and platform.

We feel that those are great if you’re doing a mass marketing type of thing. But. What we’re all about is the science of how business happens. Marcus did some research recently and there was a study done by McKinsey just about, I think, in May, which essentially showed that digital sales is now more important than ever.

And I think for most B2B businesses, digital sales really is all about networking. But considering what’s going on now with the pandemic, when we cannot go to events and network and when we cannot meet with our prospects and clients at roundtables and things like that, it’s virtually impossible to grow your business. So what do you do? What samii does it leverage your preexisting network people that you consider your close knit network in your LinkedIn? You might have, let’s say, fifteen hundred people that you know, but in reality, do you really know them?

And can you ask them for an answer? Most likely not. Today, when we accept your LinkedIn invite, we’re doing it out of courtesy or something like that. The amount of people that we truly know in our LinkedIn network, it’s probably a good five, 10 percent. Those are the ones that we really know. And the rest are just sort of complementary. Someone we bumped into at an event, someone who knows someone else that invited us and we join.

So that network is very broad and it has its own purpose.

Our whole model is around. If you were to ask your accountant, hey, listen, you’ve been doing my bookkeeping for the last five years, I’d love for you to give me some introductions to your other businesses that you’re managing. Those are the types of folks you want to invite to Sambong. The reason you want to invite your close knit network is simply because you get the most out of them. Referral, word of mouth, as well as warm intros have something like 40 percent more response rate than anything cold.

If you’re reaching people cold on LinkedIn or cold on email or cold on other networks, it’s very difficult. Plus, the other difference between us and LinkedIn, for example, is that we don’t use the first level of separation method. That’s not our method at all.

Just to show you an example, when you connect your Samii account to your, let’s say, outlook or your Gmail or let’s say you import your data from your from your other databases where you have your contacts, Sam not only grabs your contacts, they can store, let’s say in Gmail, you have five hundred contacts that you actually manually see. Sam Graps that Sam also grabs those contacts that you never see, but actually had email exchanges with. So in my case, in the last four years, I’ve exchanged emails with two thousand people that I’ve never received as contacts.

So Sam will grab them, not add them as a contact, but put them in a folder. So if I ever wanted to know, let’s say, you know, intelligence, how many CEOs do I know in California? If I know any CEOs in California, it will pop up and say, oh, wow, you know, X amount of CEOs, I know three context that are CEOs based out of California. Right. So the beauty of this is that it will help, you know, who you know much better Sam gets from G.M. or Outlook, for example.

It gets their name, first name, last name and email. That’s all it gets. It doesn’t get their email exchanges that that’s happening between you and them.

However, it enriches the data using various methods of collecting data that’s publicly available, such as their LinkedIn profile, their Twitter, their job title, etc.. So when you ask them, who do I know, who is the CEO in California? If you ask your Google contacts or your Outlook contacts, it’s only going to show you contacts that are that you manually saved. And he’s also not going to know all of them, as with their title, because that’s only if you put in what Sam does in every context, including the context that you did not say will be added enriched meaning you’ll see that picture, LinkedIn, Twitter, other relevant definity data, seven out of ten of them.

If you add a hundred, there’s a good chance 70 of them will have enriched data.

And then you could then get a potential feedback on all the network that you have that you already are leveraging. So your network, when you join, same is those that you already know in your inbox that your network now let’s say you invite your accountant and that account and says, OK, I’m going to join Rozzers Network. Now, he or she does the same thing, right? He says, OK, I’m going to go ahead and do the three steps set up.

The three steps set up is when you first log in to Samii, it walks three steps where it says, OK, tell us a little bit about the type of people that you want to meet. Tell us authorize your Gmail or your outlook account or if you have your contacts on a case file or LinkedIn, export them out of LinkedIn, put them into Sam. Once you do that, then you said, OK, invite some people that you want to invite to join your network.

Now, I’m not going to go through the steps because it does take about five minutes. So now that my account is set up, it’ll look something like this by default. I could set preferences like, OK, I want to be a data scientist. I want to hire data centers or let’s I’m raising money for my company. Who would be the best person to make that introduction to me if I’m looking to hire data scientist or an investor? Well, guess what?

It would be people that I already know. So in this case, Marko’s who works at Samii already knows someone who’s a data scientist. In this case, it’s Shane. Right. Then there’s Michael Scatty, who knows Erin. So if I’m looking to hire data scientists instead of going randomly, I could or I want to just talk to a data scientist. I can say Marko’s. Would you mind making an intro Chouchane? Because you know Shein really well so that your strength of your relationship with this person is 80 percent when I click on into a request.

It will automatically generate a script, I could change the script, it’s a tomato’s like to be changed. Would you mind making an intro? You could change the content here and you could send out the invites. So the best way to generate new warm leads and new prospects and new new networking method is to go through your existing network of people that they that they already know based on their inbox communication. The other thing that’s valuable to them is when you’re sending that invite, they’re getting special access to Samii that they otherwise would not get.

You cannot go to stand out there and get a free account. You have to be invited to join. So you’re giving them a tremendous amount of power when you give them Samii, because guess what? If they have one inbox or multiple inboxes or multiple contacts, they could centralize it. They could get in rich data where they now know everything about their contacts, no matter what inbox or what contact database it’s in. And more importantly, they could also now see your network.

If you go to my my profile on Samii, let’s say you invite me. If you want to invite me, feel free. It’s Rozz at Samii.

When you pull up my profile, it’ll show these are the amount of contacts I know in this case, I know five thousand five hundred nineteen people. These are the types of people I know. These are the companies that some of them, like some of my contacts, work at. So these are not like LinkedIn connections where I kind of know them. Maybe I know them. Maybe I was nice and accepted their invite. These are people that have actually exchanged emails with me, so I kind of know them pretty well.

So our science is all about relationships, strength within a close knit group, because if you ask in in when we started the business 2016, my friend Bill Carmody, who’s an adviser of ours, he writes for Inc magazine. So he helped me interview via email a series of questions that we sent back to about, I believe, about three hundred CEOs that are on the five hundred five thousand list. This is one of the fastest growing small businesses. Some of them are doing four thousand and some of them have 4000 employees.

Some of them have 80 employees. Right. And he asked them one simple question towards the end, which was, what was the best source of your deal, deal, flow, or what was the best way to generate lasting relationships with major clients? And most of the answers related to that question was, it’s someone that I knew in my network that introduced me to a major account that made all the difference. It was a windfall because it was that individual that made all the difference in our philosophies.

There’s no shortage of sales tools out there. There’s no shortage of ways to bother people on LinkedIn, cold or other networks cold. But this is the only platform out there that gives you the power of CRM, as well as the ability to invite your close knit network and exchange intro that the stuff that they see about you and the stuff that they see about others is very privacy conscious. So, for example, in this case, my group, it knows John.

And all that I know is that Mike knows John and that’s John’s title. And I have a little bit of bad spite. Right. So it’s not giving away who you know. And their contact information is just giving away, you know, that person and you know them this well. And only your network could know who you know. I’m going to pause for a second just to check to see if you have any questions that are very urgent regarding this, because I know we’re going to hold questions for at the end.

But if you have type it into the chat box and Marcos will bring them up towards towards the end of the first 30 minutes. So I wanted to spend a little bit time on InterOil. I hope that it makes sense. There are there are three things that you’re getting on salmeterol. One is that you are able to bring all of your contacts into a central place and then you’re getting enriched data on those contacts so that it looks so you could easily search them and do those things.

The second thing you’re getting is you’re able to invite others that you consider your close knit network, maybe an accountant, maybe a lawyer, maybe a partner, maybe a reseller that you have when they join your network. Not everyone is going to join. So you don’t invite people that you don’t know. Right. Only invite people that you actually kind of know. Well, because when you ask them for an intro day, you want to make sure these are people that actually say, yes, I’ll give you an intro.

So when you invite, the vast majority will join your network and they’ll go through the setup process and do the same. And then it becomes a very powerful intro networking type of an arrangement where they could ask you for an intro very securely and privately and you could ask them for an interest. Even if you don’t ask for an interview, it gives you a tremendous amount of intel. So, for example, I’m going to go to the CRM section right now.

This is a perfect segue way. So now I showed you Sarmento, which is over here at the wi fi link here. I’m right now under the current CRM data is your own business data, which means this is a data that is only for you and your users that work for your company. And over here you could manage your sales pipeline. You could look at data in multiple folders. So let’s say you have multiple businesses that you run or multiple services.

You could see how many deals you’re doing in each folder. You could also and this is what I was trying to show you earlier, if you switch to the list view, you could also see who knows who. So, for example, John Mullen, who is a deal that I’m trying to work on, is already known by Jordan and Marko’s. Jordan is part of my network and Jordan knows John really well. Shane is known by Gary Kreitzman.

Right. So if you have, let’s say, five thousand deals that you’re trying to cultivate, I may be out of the five thousand maybe a couple of hundred of them are already known by your network. Right. So not only is that data available here, we also make the relationship available here. Right. So once again, when you enter your CRM data, you could just go to Sam and click on import. Now, that could be your marketing list or your sales list or your customer list.

You would say CSV file. Right. And you go ahead, go through the dream three step process once you import it. It takes anywhere from twenty four to 72 hours to enrich that data data in Richmond means it tries to grab a lot about them in their businesses. So, for example, if you plug in their website or if you plug in some of the other information, it will grab in rich data about themselves, like what is their LinkedIn and what is what what do they look like?

As well as what? What’s their company logo company social media profile description when it was founded, how many employees?

All sorts of stuff that’s already available in the public domain. So this data that you’re seeing otherwise in most other system, you’d have to get it yourself. Sam, automatically does that for you. And it takes a little bit of time anywhere from once again twenty four hours to 72 hours. But once you see the data in Rich, it’s very, very powerful. In the CRM, you could also look at each folder and get stats on those folder, stats on those folder has a lot to do with being able to see what sort of let’s say I’m looking at a marketing list.

Let’s say you attended an event and you have a big marketing list. You could essentially see how big that list is. Not only that, you could get it broken down. Let’s say I’m looking at the twenty five I’m sorry, fifteen thousand email agency. Valid list in that list. I could essentially get a breakdown as to who works for what company, how big is the company, what are the titles. So I’ll click on the stats. And by the way, every time there’s a question, there’s like a question of how to use it, there’s a little walk through option here.

So when I click on the stat, it shows me everything. It shows me a whole bunch of data that’s pertinent to how many of the people out of the 15 out of the eleven thousand are president, how many of them are partners where they are geographically, what cities, what are some of the industry that they’re in and other stuff like if any of them are in Fortune 500 companies? OK, so you get a tremendous amount of intel on your deal, such as your list, what I do is I put all my marketing lists here, I put all my sales deals here.

I put all my customers here. Right. And I put all my partners here in my contacts are essentially my personal contacts, people I’m talking to in Gmail and stuff like that. We also rolled out a new view called Grid View. It’s pretty amazing what you could do. So, for example, if you ever wanted to, let’s say, drag and drop the field, you could drag and drop that here. You could also double click and edit.

So let’s say I want to edit the last name. I can just say testing. Oops, I double click it, triple clicked it, I’m going to go back and double click it. Yeah, when you click on the actual text, it takes you to the detail page and I’m going to show you that I’m actually glad I went there. So let’s just say I wanted to change his title or last name. So what I could do is over here, I could just go ahead and add that last name.

And then if I click on the text, it will take me to the detail page where I could add more details. I could add items. The journey, as well as schedule follow ups, do all sorts of different stuff. So, for example, if I want to add a note or other activities like log call, I could say. I had a great let me enable that first. I think doing screen share, I can add enable recording twice because it’s already being recorded.

But if you’re using chrome, you could enable recording here and you could say I had a great call with them. And then you say your notes or your call log and it would essentially use your voice convert into text. And it’s in Google Chrome extension that is pretty powerful. So you don’t have to do a lot of typing. OK, so that’s the CRM, I’m going to go into something else called live help. So for each of you that have signed up, you’re also getting something called live help.

So I’m just going to go to Samiti so you could install live help on your website and it’ll look something like this. It uses both voice as well as AOSIS that help you could train the eye to answer some of your most common questions on your website. And then if you’re available, you could also choose to answer your questions live for your clients. Right. So I’m going to go to the live chat section and basically show you what that looks like.

In short, it’s essentially a live chat function that you could install on your website and enable live chat so you could bring in more deals, answer more questions. Twenty four, seven. And you could train that data pretty much whenever you want. OK, so these are some of the questions that we have added and train. No matter how someone asked that question, it automatically gets answered. But on some of the questions you could say transferred to a human right.

So over here, if I say, can I get a demo?

It will look for it and try to give me an answer, and then if it finds an answer, it will also basically give me an option to transfer that I’m already logged in. So it’s not going to it’s not going to pop up right now. But if I was logged into the actual accountable, it will do that. In the training, you could create multiple departments, so, for example, if you have a sales department, a customer service department, you could create those departments and to do your job, do your training.

We are we are holding and onboarding session next Friday at around this time. If you want to learn how to install it on your site, that’s happening. It’s called Sam New Training Session. It’s October 9th at three pm. So if you’re already a user of Samii, go to the webinar section, click on the bell and click on webinar. And you would go ahead and accept that. And we’ll walk you through how to go ahead and set it up on your website.

Also, now that we’re here in this section, there are a lot of videos available here that you could use. There are also support chat options that you could enable or a support option that you can enable. You could submit a support form or ask for support. Let me show you something else I haven’t really showed you to HQ in terms of the live, sort of the conversational. So, for example, over here, if I wanted to say.

Things like how many referrals get did we get from Martin Babineaux? I could ask questions like, how many referrals did we get or what what does my sales pipeline look like? What does my sales pipeline look like? Or even advanced questions like let’s just say, what are the sources of my referrals, if it will essentially look at the sales pipeline and give you that data, you could use iOS app or Android. If you use our mobile app, you could also scan business cards using our mobile app and you would also have the power of the CRM on the mobile app.

Let me make sure. I’m going into the next section. Also, if you wanted to know how to do something, click on how to. Bear with me a second. And over here in the how to section, let’s say, how do I import data? It’ll get you a video. Also, if you want to do an action, like, let’s say. Add a user. It’ll take you straight to that section. Now, it’s not going to be able to answer every single thing in the universe because it’s specifically trained to answer questions that are CRM related.

But you could also see a whole bunch of sample questions. There’s about close to about 30 questions that you could ask, but it’s it’s questions that you could ask in any way. You don’t have to learn how to ask that question. You could just use your human language and ask those questions. I’ve got three minutes. I did not cover case management and automation, so I’ll just quickly show you automation is a marketing, automation and workflow automation tool that you could set up to automate your workflow.

So let’s say, for example, every time lead comes in, you want to do email, follow up and a reminder to the salesperson or direct mail or design, you could do that. So you could say every time a Web submission comes in, do this and then do that. After three weeks, you could kind of set those sequences. It’s it’s sort of like how Marketo or HubSpot automation is. So that’s kind of what automation does. And then case management, which is if you have a lot of customer service type issues and you want to manage them centrally, you could use case management and you could manage everyone centrally.

Let me just show you what case management looks like. It’s sort of like a bug tracker or project management tool project management tool. It doesn’t have all the beautiful graphics of a project management tool. But if you have a team of 30 people or five people that you’re working with, it tells you all the cases that are open, closed, who’s working on and you can select who’s working on it. You could also see a timeline of who’s doing what.

This is also very valuable. If you have let’s just say, for example, if you’re selling a product on an e-commerce platform and you want to track any issues or complaints or anything like that. The other thing that I forgot to show you that I have to tell you, there are some dashboards here that are pretty powerful, like marketing dashboard or CRM dashboard that you could leverage. Also, if you ever wanted to see what’s under the hood, you could customize them.

Is an enterprise great CRM so you could customize a whole bunch of stuff. You could just say, I want to customize things like that. I have a few modules that you guys may not have because I’m the admin and we have some internal models that we use. But in your login, you probably have a good amount of settings that you you’ve already purchased. If you want to see your plan in subscription, you click here and you can see what plan you subscribe to and whether or not you want upgrade all sorts of stuff related to that.

One last thing. If you ever want if you’re ever doubt how scam works, especially the sort of intro, you could ask really big questions like who in my network could introduce me to someone at Google? And once you set it up and once you have a few people using it, this is the exciting part, right? Because I’m randomly searching and I’m like, well, do I know anyone that knows someone at Google that I can get an intro to over here in a few seconds?

Whether using the mobile app or the Web app, you would know who knows who in your small network? I have only about ninety eight people in this in my spam network, but it’s more powerful than having fifteen hundred in a broad network because these are people that I could actually rely on and the network that we tap into or people that they really, really, really know because they’re already talking to them. And Sam tells you how well they know them.

So if someone doesn’t know them very well, you don’t want to go to them. But if someone knows them really well, you could you could really reach out to them. I’m at the 230 mark. I’m going to pause and try to knock out questions related to what you guys have posted. Markos, I’m going to need your help.

Yes, indeed. Ready for that? OK, so. Well, I guess back to Lindsay.

I wanted to go right back to Lindsay because that that was the plan.

OK, yeah, it’s up to you. Marcus, do you want to ask these questions here or would you like me to.

Well, let me give it a shot. I’m familiar with the product. OK, thank you. OK, so early on we had Shardey asked, how did you get to know that the the people you found were actually investors? Did the software pull that data in? Just ask the last piece of it, did the software data, what inexactly did Sam software pull that data and to determine that they were investors? Oh, yeah, yeah, so so let’s say you go to someone’s LinkedIn and their title is an investor, we query that, right?

We would query that. So let’s say in your contact, it’s John Doe and you have John at ABC Dotcom. That’s all you have. What Sam does is it goes and looks through what’s available for that person, matching that email in different social media if it grabs their title, as well as industry as well as a company name. And then it it kind of says, yeah, you know, these are the investors. Does that answer your question?

Let’s assume so, yes, we hear different, not the question. Yes, it does. Can Sam replace sales flair or add child? I publish beautiful books. How do I find any one of the CRM was a desire to write a book or ever published a book. That’s a tough one. What do you think?

Does it replace those product? I don’t know those product well enough to know whether or not and compete with them or has overlapping features. But all I can say is that if you’re using another CRM, you don’t need to use them. Sam is going to be much more powerful and more is going to have a much more rich data than any other platform in the market right now.

Yeah, a cursory look at. Sales flair backs up what you’re saying. Russ Yeah, yeah, we’re definitely providing richer data. Can you install live chats on several domains?

Are we are supporting one domain? Obviously you could buy more license and we could do that per pro licenses, one domain.

OK, can you clarify about CM’s email marketing and event marketing features that are new and not advertised on your Web site? Are these included in the deal?

You know, not included their internal modules that we have? You know, we could we could get you guys special access, but they’re they’re just for internal purposes. They do work and we don’t sell them. Is it possible to program the CRM to show a workstream or workflow of the next action required of that lead or prospect?

Yeah, that’s a very, very good question. The way you would do that, I mean, I showed you the pipeline. So the way you do that is kind of your task, right? So it’s a pipeline is just one thing. So this is your pipeline. So that’s one way to know what state they’re in, there is another function that we have that you might like, which is the task function. So you’re going to see if I could pull it up.

Bear with me a second. I don’t use it internally, but for the follow up, you actually enabled for the follow up, it will be super valuable to save. And all the follow up pertaining to your deals will show up on your task. So give me a second. Let me just pull it up. So here are my tasks. So on a daily basis, it will tell you all the open stuff you have to do per deal and who the client is and who is assigned to and things like that.

So as you select it, you’re going after 30 people. You call 30 people. Today in your log, you say, I call this, I call that. And here’s my follow up. So there’s something called rapid response. Those people that make a lot of calls or a lot of CRM activities, this is much more valuable than what the next step is, because unfortunately, the next step that you could see in the pipeline is not the same as task and task or depending on dates.

So we give you more of a granular view. Also, if you’re collaborating with multiple people, you could see other people’s tasks and see if they are tending done. If it’s done, you just go like this. If it’s not done, you go like that. So, yes, this is how you do it. It’s more robust than just, oh, next step is to send a proposal. But OK, what date? So with this, it’s much more granular.

But you could also visualize the next step using the pipeline, which is which is another way of doing it. And there’s also something called a funnel. You could visualize it in the funnel. So if I go to the sales dashboard, I could also look at it from a funnel point of view. So there are several ways of doing it. But the short answer is yes, you could see next steps in your tasks and it’ll remind you in the dashboard.

So here’s another funnel of you. I didn’t go there because I want to spend too much time on CRM, but here’s another one. OK, let’s go to the next question.

OK, going going back to an earlier question. Kevin O’Grady asks about being able to identify whether somebody has a desire to write a book or ever published a book before.

That’s a good question, I don’t know, I honestly don’t know, but what I can say is that we have a very clever feature called Search Keywords in bio. Right. And you could look based on bio right over here. I’m going to simply say book, right. Or I don’t know what the best term to use is. Book published or author write a book or a TV show. All right. So I’ll just say it. Author who in my network knows someone who has the key word author in their biography.

Right. That might be one in signal. I’m just going to randomly search and see if I know anyone and let’s see who turns up. Give it a few seconds and we’ll yeah, there we go. I got 80 contacts that have author in their background, coauthor. This guy is an engineer and an education author. So, yeah, I guess the short answer is yes. Yeah, you know, someone asks, what is the B.C. match I saw in the model section?

Well, you guys don’t get it right.

So we have a lot of modules that are internal that we were afraid to sell because we’re just using it for ourselves. But if you see a module is very, very interesting, what it does. And if you’re interested, shoot me an email Rozz and send out the guy and I’ll see if I can get you access. These are things we don’t sell because we use it internally. But what it does is I can say, all right, who do I know that that could or who is a v.c, right?

That could.

I got bumped at Lockpick in. Is a v.c that could invest in a company at the seed level or at this level based on location, geography and few other criteria, right.

So it’s a pretty powerful feature, but it’s very internal. So let’s say my company stages seed.

SCD. And investors, New York. And I’m trying to raise invest in guy, right, just in general, and I’m trying to raise, let’s say, five hundred fifty thousand and he’s a v.c, not a private equity, not angel, not fat, not corporate. And it’ll show me from a list of two hundred who it is and stuff like that.

That’s what if you want to send me an email roset I, I was like, hey, you know I’m going to definitely an after review.

And Rosario asks if that will be in your network. Rahu will be from a fresh Elam’s. No, it’s whole Bhansali, Rahu Bhansali, he is one of our advisors. I don’t know what MLS is, but he is an investor with the venture capitalist as well as an advisor to Samhan. His last name is Bhansali. OK, next question, OK? Did I miss anybody? I think we’re. I think those are all the questions that we have right now, I think mulling a similar things, if you have any more questions, you can go ahead and send those and now you’ll be the first one to come up.

Something that you all want to share? Yeah, I was just wondering, just feedback so far. Did I answer your questions? Did I answer that? I give you a good overview of what you’re looking for or that I skimmed through stuff or go through stuff too fast. I don’t think so if anybody in the chat wants to let us know if we’ve missed anything, if there’s anything that you wanted covered. I thought this was really thorough. I really enjoyed it.

Yep. You’re a good explainer. It was fast. Very informative. Somebody asked, how may we partner or is there an affiliate link? Oh, thank you. Yes.

Shoot us an email Rozz at Samii or I think for some of the affiliate, I think they have somewhere you could go for that, right? Yeah.

I don’t know what it is, but yeah, you could, you could reach out to me and I’ll get that answer for you as well for some affiliate program.

Wonderful. All right, I think we can go ahead and wrap it up then. I know every time I say that, somebody comes through with a question, but I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. So, Mullings Oh, for CRM, the value of deal. Cannot be related to the product. It’s not really a question. Well, I think I think that falls under assigning a value to the item in the number of items. Oh, yeah, you could.

Absolutely. So, for example, you could open up and you could even support Clines that do e commerce. So let’s say in this particular deal. Right, you wanted to attach an item. We could support up to ten thousand items and you could attach the product to services you’re selling. So the short answer is yes, absolutely. You see, you add a product or service boom. And then over here I would go ahead and add a product or service.

I hope I answer that. Yeah, thanks for translating that question for me. Yeah. And you could see the dollar amount in the pipeline as well, right? So so, yes, you certainly can. And you should, because obviously everything we sell as a. Awesome. Matt wants to know if there will be a recording of this. Yes, you will be able to watch this as many times as you want.

It’ll be out about an hour after we finish up here. Would you connect to Yahoo! Email, client input contacts? That’s a very good question.

Unfortunately, the two major email providers that we have live API with is Office 365 and Gmail. But any contacts you have outside, we do allow you to import them. But first thing you’ve got to do is export them out of Yahoo! In a CSB file and then import them as CSC. So the short answer is yes, but it’s not a live API. There’s a little bit of manual work. And another is multi-currency supported. Right now, this second, it’s not, but we are definitely looking into it, and that’s in our pipeline.

We’ve also had questions related to multi language. We don’t directly support multi language. It’s not multilingual in the sense that we have custom coded the application to support, let’s say, Spanish or Korean. However, what some people do is they set up the preferred language in their browser. And based on that, it automatically translates the text that it sees in each mobile app, I mean, each Web app. Now, going back to the question on multiple currencies, we don’t have that.

We’re supporting just dollar right now. But it’s such an easy function that if it’s something you’re waiting on, it’s probably a couple of months away for us to mocap.

Great. Thank you. All right, let’s go ahead and wrap this up soon. If you have not already, you can redeem your codes app dot com slash. Sam, I again, this is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and is backed by app sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get set up, play around with it and see how it’s working for you. Once you’ve done that, we love to hear how you’re loving the product.

You can go ahead and leave those reviews on the deal page. You can also leave any more questions that you have on the deal page as well. Thank you so much, Roz and Marcus. I really appreciate you all being here and helping out today.

Thanks for having it.

Thank you. Everyone at the Smalling community get total pleasure.

Thank you so much. Have a good one. Thank you. Likewise.

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