Sales.Rocks: Automate your Sales Process and Connect With Your Leads


Sales.rocks is a platform where you can create multi-channel campaigns, and automate your sales process and lead outreach.

Customize the way you reach out to and converse with your leads, visitors, and customers through personalized outreach and campaigns no matter what platform they may be in, whether on email or  LinkedIn, Sales.rocks can get them all.


Sales.Rocks Pricing Overview


Sales.rocks price starts at €700 or $815 per quarter for one user. The price scales up as you include more members in your team and want more search and toolkit credits within your account. You can create a custom plan with them by contacting them directly.

Alternatively, Sales.rocks is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo. Sales.rocks’ lifetime deal starts at $89 for a single-code deal. The price scales up if you want to purchase more codes. Find out more about their lifetime deal below:

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$815.00 per user / Quarter

✅  7-day free trial for $8.00
Create custom plans if needed
✅  Get a discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$89.00 – Single Payment for a Single-code Deal

Sales.Rocks Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


Sales.Rocks Features


👉  Company & Contact Search 🔍 – Plenty of new filters have been added, a bulk enrichment tool (bulk extractor) was invented and Sales.rocks currently host data on 241 countries & territories worldwide! Added more SIC codes for the United States and Canada for improved company targeting within both nations. But that’s not all. List operations, and exports should be able to process 50.000 records at once. That said, always make sure to create smaller lists if they are intended for Drip Campaign usage.

👉  Sales Toolkit 🧰 – Besides launching the Bulk Extractor for automated enrichment, both the Email and Phone verifiers have been updated as well. The Phone Verifier now includes records from Canada and the United States, whereas the Email verifier takes into consideration five additional verification processes for better email deliverability reading. You can also choose any verification tools you prefer.

👉  Email Warmer – Improve the deliverability of your emails to ensure that your email goes into the right person in the right place. No more emails going into spam, plus track the performance and status of your warm-up process. It’s also easy to set up.

👉  Drip Campaign 🚦📧 – Hyper-personalize and automate your email and LinkedIn outreach and sequences! A new Canvas, a new interface, upgraded statistics, improved deliverability, handy previews, opt-out links, and clear contact lists were just some of the improvements made. The most exciting thing is the newest LinkedIn addition to the Drip Campaign. BUT! Be cautious, gents and ladies, since LinkedIn is less forgiving than most email providers. Therefore, if LinkedIn is used, we advise to not enroll more than 10 to 15 new contacts a day.

👉  Image Personalization 🖼️ – The newest addition to our flagship. You can now create your own personalized images and GIFs within Sales.Rocks. Plus, all of this is directly integrated within the Drip Campaigns.

👉  Credits Structure 💳 – The logic behind it is 1 credit for 1 request. A request can be unlocking/exporting a company or a contact profile, verifying an email or a phone number. Besides, 1 Toolkit Credit is deducted when one of your recipients opens your personalized image(s).

👉  Sales.Rocks has a Chrome plugin for easy access.



Who is Sales.Rocks For?


Sales.rocks is an excellent tool to engage and interact with your clients and leads, and to automate your sales process so growth hackers, sales reps, marketing agencies, account executives, and larger businesses will be able to get the most out of this tool.


Things to Note About Sales.Rocks


👉  Integrations with other apps is lacking


User Reviews for Sales.Rocks


Really surprised to see what Sales Rocks has accomplished within one year. I purchased a code to try the platform and almost forgot about it as I wasn’t too impressed with the results initially. Coming back to it and looking at the beautiful layout and database improvements, as well as the now functioning drip campaigns I’ve decided to go for another code and bump Sales Rocks up a notch or two on my tools to use list.


“Keep up the good work, guys! I like where Sales Rocks is heading.”

by triangleforces


What I like about this platform


🌮  They got a ton of “useful” company and contact information all over the world and it has been increasing in folds!

🌮  Email sequence (currently in BETA) where you can send via your own SMTP or Outlook (Gmail is currently disabled at the moment)

🌮  Email verifier (ahem no need to go outside the platform

🌮  Phone verifier (Does this platform rock or not??)

🌮  Integration with Zoho (yup if you have Zoho one, you can easily sync information between this platform and Zoho!)


What I think needs some improvement on


🌮  Some contact and company information lacks emails but this is being worked on as I write this review

🌮  Integrations are mostly via Zapier (which may be costly at some point). Native integrations? probably in their roadmap

If you want your Sales (and Marketing) team to ROCK, then better get hold of this deal while it is still running!”

by mike.rosales.dpo


“SalesRocks is easy to set up. Fairly intuitive and not much of learning curve. They are enriching the data and moving fast. Happy I can send emails from inside the platform, really happy I can verify phone numbers. It’s also nice that the drip campaigns have a separate development which us early adopters are privy to. Waiting for the US to be fully populated. Sometimes things are slow moving when doing targeted searches and the filtering system could be easier to navigate. The team has been really kind to work with and they have quite a promising roadmap.”

by sumoshine


“Great people here at Sales.Rocks, both Jana and Christiaan have been lovely to speak with and very helpful. The product itself is well thought out will only become of more value over the upcoming months with the additions that the team is adding to the platform. Christiaan went out of his way to provide really great service and I can recommend the platform for all types of businesses.”

by robin346


“So far it’s ok. I like the features. But have some UI suggestions that would just make it a smoother experience. My main issue with UI is when building out lists, email automation so on and so forth the chat bubble is directly over buttons needed to be clicked in order to do the tasks I need to do while working off my laptop.


There needs to be a way to keep that out of range of the tasks that need to be done. Also, id like a feature to allow to move a company to a new list from within the searched company lists. So I can have a more functional workflow. I am sure others need to be able to separate leads that pop up in a broad search. It would be nice to not have to leave search every time I want to create a new list. I look forward to the future of this app.”

by CreateElement

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