What’s the Best SaaS User Acquisition
Strategy for 2022?

SaaS User Acquisition Strategy


We’re in a golden age of SaaS. That means there are many more opportunities than ever before to build a successful subscription business. And, as the industry evolves and matures, the best strategies for SaaS customer acquisition are also constantly changing. So, it can be difficult for companies to know exactly what approach will help them succeed in the coming year.

One thing is certain, though: whatever SaaS user acquisition strategy you choose, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. According to Optimove, the biggest predictor of customer churn is not how long they’ve been with you or how much they pay-it’s how recently they used your product.

So, if you want to keep your customers around (and avoid churn), you need to make sure they’re using your product on a regular basis. The best way to do that is to acquire users who are a great fit for your product. In other words, you need to find new customers whose needs align with your core offering. It’s better to have a smaller number of high-quality users than a large number of unengaged users. With that in mind, we listed a few ideas for SaaS user acquisition in 2022.

But before going through the list, let’s examine first the main elements of a successful acquisition strategy for a SaaS startup.


Key Elements of a Successful SaaS User Acquisition Strategy


There are a few key elements that are important to consider when planning your SaaS user acquisition strategy.


1. Define your target market


The first step is to identify your target market. This can be done by considering factors like age, location, gender, interests, and needs. Once you’ve identified your target market, you can create segments based on demographics or other criteria and focus your acquisition efforts on these groups.


2. Consider your content strategy


Content is a key factor in any SaaS user acquisition strategy, so it’s important to invest resources in developing high-quality content that will resonate with your target audience. This could include blog posts, e-books, infographics, or even video content.


3. Analyze your competitors


It’s also important to research your competition and see what strategies they’re using to acquire users. This will give you a better understanding of the landscape and help you develop a competitive advantage.


4. Invest in paid acquisition


Paid acquisition is another key element in a successful SaaS user acquisition strategy. This could include PPC ads, social media posts, or other paid promotions.


5. Focus on quality over quantity


Finally, it’s important to remember the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to acquiring users for your SaaS startup. Rather than focusing on acquiring a large number of users quickly, focus on attracting high-quality, engaged users who will be more likely to become long-term customers.

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of your SaaS user acquisition strategy in 2022. By focusing on these key elements and developing a strategy that takes them into account, you’ll be in a good position to succeed.


10 Ideas for a Successful SaaS User Acquisition Strategy in 2022


1. Develop a Strong Content Strategy


One of the best ways to acquire new users is through content marketing. This involves creating and distributing high-quality content that will resonate with your target audience.

When developing your content strategy, consider the needs and interests of your target market and create content that addresses these topics. You can also use data from your website or social media platforms to identify popular topics and create content around these.


2. Invest in SEO


SEO is another important aspect of content marketing. It’s important to ensure that your website and content are optimized for the keywords that your target audience is searching for. This will help you rank higher in search engine results pages, making it more likely that your target audience will find you.

To help with your SEO efforts, consider using tools like Google AdWords or Moz. These tools can help you research the best keywords to target and track your progress over time.


3. Leverage Social Media Outreach


Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for SaaS user acquisition. In fact, social media should be a key part of any SaaS user acquisition strategy. There are a few different ways to use social media for SaaS user acquisition, including:

  • Creating shareable content: This could include blog posts, infographics, or even video content that is relevant to your target audience and that can be shared on social media.
  • Running paid social media ads: Paid social media ads are a great way to reach potential users and promote your SaaS product.
  • Engaging with your followers: Social media is also a valuable tool for engaging with your target audience and building relationships that can be leveraged for user acquisition down the road.


4. Create Referral Programs


Another good strategy for SaaS user acquisition is to use referral programs. Offering rewards or incentives for referrals can help drive new signups and promote engagement with your product.

Start by creating a referral program that rewards users for referring their friends or colleagues to your SaaS product. You can also consider offering incentives like discounts, limited access, or early adopter bonuses for people who participate in your referral program.


5. Use PR


Another effective user acquisition strategy is to use PR. This involves getting your SaaS product featured in the media, whether it’s through online publications, podcasts, or even traditional news outlets.

Getting media coverage can help raise awareness for your product and attract new users. To get started with PR, consider reaching out to journalists or bloggers who cover the SaaS industry. You can also use tools like Gorkana or Cision to find media contacts.


6. Utilize Paid Search


Paid search is another effective way to attract new users to your SaaS product. With paid search, you pay to have your ads appear at the top of search engine results pages.

When setting up your paid search campaign, it’s important to target the right keywords and create ads that are relevant to your target audience. You can use tools like Google AdWords or Bing Ads to optimize and measure your performance.


7. Harness Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is another powerful tool that can be used for SaaS user acquisition in 2022. This involves partnering with influential individuals or organizations who have a large following on social media or other platforms, and leveraging their reach to promote your product or service.

You can use influencer marketing to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and generate leads. To get started with influencer marketing, consider reaching out to influencers who are relevant to your industry or target audience. You can also use tools like BuzzSumo or Klear to find influencers and track their performance.


8. Set Up Offline Promotions 


Offline promotions can also be effective for SaaS user acquisition in 2022. For example, you could partner with local businesses to host events or workshops that help promote your product, or work with advertisers on offline marketing campaigns and advertisements.

You can also use offline promotion to generate leads by distributing printed materials like flyers or brochures, or by exhibiting at trade shows or conferences.

To get started with offline promotions, consider working with a promotion agency or local marketing experts who can help you develop and execute your strategy.


9. Use Email Marketing


Email marketing can also be a useful tool for SaaS user acquisition. By building an email list of potential users and sending regular updates and promotions, you can stay top-of-mind with your target audience and acquire new users over time.

When creating your email marketing strategy, it’s important to segment your list so that you can send targeted messages that are relevant to each group. You can also use tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact to manage your email list and automate your email marketing campaigns.


10. Build a Strong User Community


Building a strong user community can also be beneficial for SaaS customer acquisition in 2022. This might involve hosting live events or webinars that help users learn more about your product, or offering regular support and customer service to keep users engaged with your product over time.

You can also use your user community to generate word-of-mouth marketing and referral traffic. To get started with building a user community, consider partnering with industry influencers or hosting regular events that bring together users of your product. You can also use tools like Meetup to organize local events or Slack to create online communities.


11. Offer Incentives for Signups or Purchases


In addition to using other tactics for SaaS user acquisition, you may also want to consider offering incentives or rewards for signups or purchases. This could be in the form of discounts, coupons, or other types of promotions that will help increase your conversion rates and drive new users to your product.

When offering incentives, it’s important to consider your target audience and what type of incentive would be most appealing to them. You can also use tools like Heap or Mixpanel to track your conversion rates and optimize your offer based on your results.


12. Use SaaS User Acquisition Tools


There are a number of tools that can help with SaaS user acquisition. For example, Google AdWords and Bing Ads both offer advertising platforms that allow you to target specific audiences and promote your product or service.

In addition, there are a number of SaaS user acquisition platforms and tools like AppAnnie, Outgrow, and Wishpond that can help automate some of your marketing activities. By using these tools, you can focus on other aspects of your user acquisition strategy while still reaching new users and growing your business.



13. Make it Easy to Sign Up or Purchase


Making it easy for potential users to sign up or purchase your product is also important. This means having a clear and concise signup process, as well as providing clear and easy-to-understand pricing information.

You should also make sure that your product is available on multiple platforms and that it can be easily accessed by potential users. By making it easy for potential users to sign up and use your product, you’ll be more likely to acquire new users and keep them engaged over time.


14. Provide a Free Trial or Demo


Another good way to encourage potential users to try your product is to offer a free trial or demo. This will give them a chance to experience your product and see if it’s a good fit for their needs before they make a purchase.

When offering a free trial or demo, it’s important to make sure that the process is simple and easy to understand. You should also consider using a CRM or marketing automation tool to track customer data and engagement levels, so that you can optimize your free trial process over time.


15. Have a User-Friendly Website


Finally, it’s important to have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and that provides all the information potential users need to know about your product. According to recent research, 75% of consumers say that the design and aesthetics of a website are the top factors for determining whether or not they’ll make a purchase.

This means that your website should be designed with your target audience in mind and should offer a positive user experience. It also includes having clear and concise descriptions of your product, as well as customer testimonials and reviews.

In addition, your website should be optimized for search engines so that potential users can easily find it when they’re searching for keywords related to your product.


Final Thoughts


Whatever strategy you choose to pursue, focusing on quality rather than quantity will be key for success in 2022. With the right approach, you can capture new users and grow your SaaS company over time. Remember to continue testing and optimizing your user acquisition process so that you can find the strategies and channels that work best for your specific SaaS business.

As you work to grow your SaaS business, continue focusing on providing value to your users and developing a strong brand that will help you stand out from the competition.

By using these tips, you can reach new users and grow your business over time. And be sure to read our blog for more tips on SaaS marketing tips. Thanks for reading!

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