12 Best SaaS Marketing Tools to Grow
Your Startup This 2022

SaaS Marketing Tools


There is plenty of great software as a service (SaaS) marketing tools out there that make running a business easier. Some are free, others have a price tag, but they all help in different ways.

SaaS marketing tools help with things like customer segmentation, email marketing, content creation, and social media outreach. Below is our list of the 12 best marketing tools for startups. But before that, let’s dig a little bit deeper into what makes a great marketing tool and why you need one or two.


What Makes a Great Marketing Tool?


There are a few key factors that make SaaS marketing automation software great for startups. The first is that it’s affordable, or even better, free. Startups don’t have a lot of money to spare, so the tool needs to be affordable or have a free tier.

The second factor is that it’s easy to use. SaaS startups are often run by small teams with limited time and resources, so the tool needs to be easy to learn and use.

The third factor is that it’s effective. The tool needs to help the startup achieve its marketing goals.

Now that we’ve gone over what makes a great marketing tool, let’s get to why you need a SaaS marketing tool in the first place.


The Importance of SaaS Marketing Tools


There are a few reasons why SaaS startups need marketing tools. The first is that they help with customer segmentation. SaaS businesses need to identify their target market and then craft marketing messages that appeal to them. Marketing tools can help with this by providing features like customer segmentation and persona building.

The second reason is that marketing tools can automate repetitive tasks. For example, email marketing tools can send out automated emails to customers when they haven’t used the product in a while. This frees up time for the startup team to focus on other tasks.

The third reason is that marketing tools can help with lead generation. SaaS startups need to generate leads in order to grow their business. Marketing tools can help with this by providing features like lead capture forms and lead tracking.

Without further ado, here are the 12 best SaaS marketing tools for startups:


1. SE Ranking


SE Ranking is one of the world’s largest SEO platforms. It offers more than 30 tools for any business model and size, with a single API that integrates all of them into one system. Thanks to SE Ranking, you can manage your online presence from a central location in real-time – whether it’s updating content or refining keywords through search engine-friendly algorithm updates.

The SE Ranking tool provides accurate data on your ranking in the major search engines, locations you are visible to, and devices. It has a user-friendly interface, so it’s not cluttered or inconvenient for anyone looking at their rankings while also giving them all of this information in one place. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re managing many websites alongside each other, which becomes too much work!


2. Google Analytics


Imagine if you could track not just how many people were visiting your site but also where they came from and what device was used to access it. Google Analytics does this with ease. And for only $30 per month!

It’s hard to imagine a marketing stack without Google Analytics. First, it’s free ( pencil that into the budget), and since they’re in charge of search engine rankings, you can get an idea of how your sites are performing through their powerful yet easy-to-use analytics tools. With all this data at hand, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about what content will resonate most with potential customers or boost traffic by double digits!

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to see what’s going on with your site. You can track how many visitors are coming in, where they’re coming from and why – all without any extra effort!


3. Video Ask


Video Ask has recently launched in the SaaS industry, and experts are praising it for its high-quality leads. The service can be used in different stages of your marketing funnel, starting with cold outreach throughout the customer acquisition phase (and even later). It requires both parties to leave videos on each other’s answering platforms which increases engagement rates.

Video Ask is a SaaS company looking to take the lead in the industry by providing better quality leads than ever before. They do this through their innovative SaaS marketing strategy and high-quality service offerings for companies, all backed up with real results from experts who have tried them out themselves!

Video Ask is a great way to reach and recruit new customers, but it also helps you chase those all-important retention metrics. Your business can have one on one conversations at scale with this app!


4. True North


True North is a platform that helps SaaS companies and software teams make successful marketing decisions. You can use it to calculate the effectiveness of different campaigns, check your ROI targets are being met, or launch with confidence, knowing you’re on track!

With TrueNorth, you can run simulations and track campaigns to make better decisions about your marketing strategy. The platform helps SaaS companies grow without the guesswork by allowing them to calculate the effectiveness of different creatives before launching it into production so that they know if their campaign will be profitable or not!

Also, with TrueNorth, you can optimize your campaign ideas before launching them. If an email marketing campaign isn’t going to get the results that are needed for success, then this software will allow fine-tuning until reaching a minimum threshold. It can also ditch it altogether and focus on other prospects, which may have better chances of being successful!

Using TrueNorth, you can compare your real-world performance against the predictions of a model to optimize bids and prioritize campaigns.

TrueNorth helps you get the most out of your advertising campaigns by focusing on key performance indicators that really matter.

With its data precision, it can show ROI and success/failure for each campaign in terms stakeholders understand:

  • Revenue generated per ad click or conversion rate among users who have seen an advertisement at least once before downloading their app compared to those not exposed during this time period;
  • How many times someone opened one particular piece-of content versus another type similar but less popular material offered through same publisher’s platform.


5. Finteza


Finteza is a powerful tool that provides access to more than just standard reports. The service was designed for those who want to analyze the quality of traffic as well as study your target audience, enabling them to maximize sales and reduce costs by giving you an accurate understanding of how they interact with websites – all from one dashboard!

Finteza offers several valuable features from analysis to optimization. From traffic incoming to your site to independent conversion tracking on bots or fake conversions–you can now get all the data in one place with real-time updates!

Moreover, Finteza’s single marketing campaign for all sites and applications connected to the system allows you to save time by eliminating the need to create multiple campaigns.


6. Hotjar


Hotjar is a powerful analytics tool that helps you understand your users and see how visitors are really using your website. Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, Hotjar provides invaluable insights into the usability of sites like yours – from what they’re reading on each page to where in an application people wind up when giving up or converting.

With this easy-to-use app, it’s possible for you not to only determine preferences but also to optimize conversion rates so you can keep your customers happy! Hotjar takes your website to the next level by allowing you to customize its content for it to be more engaging and attractive.


7. User Pilot


Userpilot helps you visualize how different customer segments are using your product. By looking at their engagement data, it will be easier for you to determine what causes them not only to stop engaging but also lead a healthier lifestyle by churning less!

Userpilot provides several ways to track and assess your company’s growth goals. You can pass custom events or just tag features on the UI-, no coding required. After setting up these milestones in advance, you’ll be able to measure progress towards achieving them across individual users and on a holistic level by observing trends over time through tracking usage patterns for each segmented group throughout their respective journey with you.


8. Salesmate


Salesmate helps sales teams close more deals faster by automating workflows and providing intuitive UIs for managing your prospect data. With automatic integrations, you can be sure all the additional details about each lead get filled in automatically so that there’s no need to do it yourself!

With Salesmate CRM, you can generate insightful sales reports and manage your deals on the go. Moreover, with real-time notifications of the deal updates available on smart devices, business owners will be able to pursue new leads while they are away from their desks! In addition, it offers iOS & Android apps for mobile users so that making more purchases has never been easier than ever before.


9. UserList


Userlist is the ultimate tool for SaaS companies that need to automate their email marketing strategy. It includes everything that software firms might implement into an automation process but skips out on all those unnecessary features you’ll never use!

Plus, with Userlist’s detailed support options and easy-to-use interface, there are no gates left unopened when it comes time to get started up quickly again after any kind of breach or disaster strikes (which happens more than ever these days). One of its best features is the ability to automatically import users from other software platforms with just a few clicks!

Userlist is also very invested in the success of its customers and offers a lot of valuable resources to help you get the most out of your investment.


10. PipeDrive


Pipedrive is a powerful SaaS tool that can pick apart sales details, taking your business to the next level with its combined features. With Pipedrive, you can manage leads from web forms and track calls.

You can also see metrics on how much revenue each client makes through and automate busy work, freeing up time for more complex customer-oriented tasks like scheduling activities or getting notes about their visit in case they need assistance again soon!

One of its standout features is the mobile app that lets users save call log information which tells them where potential customers are located at any given moment as well as provides other valuable info.


11. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is the ultimate social media management platform for businesses. You can schedule posts, engage with followers and track all your mentions from one place – without having to do any of that pesky laborious work yourself!

The use of social media is on the rise, and it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with their online presence. But thankfully, there’s Hootsuite!

This program takes care of all aspects from…

  • posting updates across different platforms like Facebook or Twitter;
  • analyzing statistics such as likes/dislikes about certain content types (e.g., photos vs. videos);
  • searching hashtags related specifically around your niche topic area – you name it.

Hootsuite handles everything so that one central location houses nothing but professional-looking data ready when needed.


12. Buzzsumo


With BuzzSumo, you can take your content marketing to the next level by accessing a major market. You will be able to do an analysis on what is working well and identify new opportunities for success with ease, thanks in part because of their easy-to-use interface that allows users access from anywhere at any time!

Buzzsumo can help you see what types of posts are going viral and which social media sites they’re shared on. You might be wondering how many engagements there were, for example, or whether an article received any likes in its first few days – now, with Buzzumo’s Evergreen Score, you have all these insights at hand!

Utilizing the power of Buzzsumo, you can get a good idea of what is working and not working in your marketing strategy.

It’s one of those SaaS marketing tools that will help develop new content ideas for improved engagement with potential customers or even give insights about how successful competitors’ posts were!


Final Thoughts


There are many different types of SaaS marketing tools on the market, but the ones featured in this article are some of the best. They offer unique and powerful features that can help your business grow. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy, then these SaaS platforms are definitely worth considering. Do your research and see which one would be the best fit for you and your company!

If you want to know more tips on growing your SaaS business, don’t forget to check out our SaaS marketing blog.


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