Run The World Webinar & Transcription


What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and I am joined by the team over at Run the World. Run the World is a one stop shop to host virtual events that connect, inspire and entertain. It is available on Appsumo right now, starting at seventy nine dollars for a lifetime deal. There is a lot that this tool has in store for you and I am really excited to dove into it today.


We are expecting quite a few of you also going to give you a second to trickle in while you do. Let me give you the lay of the land first thing. If you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in run the world. You can always chat with that, chat with us in the chat room. Just say hi. We love to hear from you. I love to hear from you.


If you have any questions, though, about the tools, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We’re going to circle back to questions at the end of the walk through. We also have Hannah here from the one run the world team who will answer them as they come in. And the last thing is there will be a replay of this available. Can you just step out if you just want to watch it again later will be linked on the deal page a little bit later today.


All right. That is enough of me.


Hey, Ryan, how are you doing? I’m good. How are you doing? I’m doing all right. It’s a pleasure having you here. I’m excited for you to show us everything.


Yes, I did. What are you smiling through? Hopefully will answer all your questions today about. We’ll take it away. Have fun. All right, sounds good. I’m going to share my screen here and kind of get started. Still a few different things today. First, I want to talk just briefly about some of the main features that that make make run the world special. One is we have a one on one speed networking, so we call it a cocktail party.


This is kind of an opportunity for you in whatever event, whether you’re looking for networking or just kind of looking for your attendees to interact more on that one on one basis. This is the opportunity for them to do so. I’ll show you how to create this and stuff coming up here in this little demo that I have about to start. Also, we have a roundtable that’s kind of our other interactive feature. But this is definitely more group based conversation, not just one on one, anywhere between three to 15 people per table.


This is kind of just a good video showing kind of how it would look to you have the round table going on, you know, small group conversations, et cetera. And this is just something that you would build up straight from any sort of other talk room that you’re in. So that’ll make more sense than just just a little bit here. But wanted to give you a brief overview. And like Lindsey said, this is definitely kind of a a one stop shop for for all your virtual event needs.


Anything from, you know, just a small, happy hour or two to a multi day old event conference or multi session conference all possible here on around the world for sure. So happy to kind of dove in and get started. And like you mentioned, Hannah’s here to answer any questions over in the Q&A as well. So please keep those coming and she’ll still be able to help out there for sure. So here I am and kind of what we call our organizer dashboard.


I have a lot more events, happy hours, et cetera, going on than you probably will at this point, at least for now. You’ll become an event expert eventually. But but as you’re creating an event, you kind of see three different options. Sale, kind of walk through the host to talk and host a conference hosted. A happy hour is also there as well. But just for for sake of time will kind of go through the event creation process.


The other to really the difference between the three happy hour that’s kind of designed to be something to spend up on the fly. So similar to how you can share a link to, for example, zoom and go and zoom out. Now you can do the same thing, but both and run the world, whether you are looking for that one on one with the cocktail party of the group, with the roundtable, there’s no registration involved. And it’s pretty supposed to be a very easy experience for for your attendees just to click on a link and join their then host to talk.


It will be kind of the single session event. I do everything from hosting office hours through hosts to talk. We see a lot of people use their meetings, webinars, even create their own social events to host the talk. Like I said, really the only difference is just the registration process for attendees and then the host. The conference is definitely where those multiple sessions come in there for sure. So on the absolute odille, there’s the one one of those deals is up to three sessions.


So kind of explain how we use hosted a conference kind of for those half day conference use cases and such. We also heard your feedback and added on a option for unlimited sessions as well for kind of those full day conferences or those even multi day conferences. Let’s dove into host a talk first. So you kind of a few different ways, a few tips that I have as we create this, as well as just how easy it is to create an event around the world.


The first thing that we see here is this cover photo. We get a lot of questions about branding and stuff there in our question page on ABC. This is your first opportunity to to make sure this is not run the world’s event. This is your event. You’re going to change this cover photo to to whatever you like. This is kind of in the process of your own creation when you’re creating the actual landing page for people to register. So definitely make sure you change that from the Run the World logo to your own.


I’ll just call this demo. Just so so you’re going to put in your own event title your own description as well. I can put in something that you see here that would show up tags. Here is more if you wanted certain people to kind of find your event. So we have a few categories here, everything from auto Bothaina to business to food and drink, et cetera. You can add a tag on to your event so it’s easier for like minded people to go and explore all that that event is going on.


And then as you scroll down, you’re obviously going to set the time of your event. So so we can say, oh, let’s make this one at three o’clock on the 11th. That works just fine. You can set the length anywhere between 15 minutes to 12 hours long. Like like I said, this is a single session event. So it would probably be designed kind of for the shorter end of that, anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours.


But but I mean, if you want a long 12 hour event, that’s definitely possible. And then ticketing is also built into round the world something. So right now we’ll just create a free event. But you can create you can add, however, however much you want to price each of these. It was a recurring webinar or whatever it was you can do so there and then within our conference, which will show you a little bit of tiered ticketing as well.


But here you’re just setting kind of a standard price and then visibility public aren’t listed. Really, the only difference here is public. And then if you email our support team, they can actually put this up on the Explorer events page. So so if you’re trying to up the publicity of your event, they review it and see if it’s something that we can post on our explore page. Otherwise you can just leave it unlisted or even if you forget to change it to him listed not a big deal.


So let’s create the event will actually take us directly to the landing page that we just created here. A couple of things I just wanted to discuss real quick, more on the branding side of things, I’m actually going to share a so this is the event we just created, but I’m going to briefly share an event that actually uses our custom branding just to you guys, see what it looks like. So here, instead of the Run the World logo, they had the McDonald’s and this over logo.


This was the over time that they’re a media company that uses our platform. So they have their logo up there on the top left. You see how they made their own cover photo here. And they’re using this as a master class. And then you scroll down with the event description. They had sponsors their speakers, and you keep scrolling and even even the agenda down there. So so that’s just kind of this one to show you how they were able to use their you’re their own branding and make this feel like their events, not run the world’s event.


So that is things that are definitely in the works for you, Sudmalis. But let me take you back to kind of our less let’s build out demo page at the moment here. One thing that I always recommend people do is change just in color. And that’s another kind of way you match this background and all the talk rooms to excuse me, to whatever theme color you’d like there. If I scroll down, you see really not much else here at the moment.


Obviously, people can register and the ones that are registered that have this enter event button. But let me take you and kind of allow you to keep going through the event creation process here with a few other steps. So here we are kind of in the back end of this event so we can actually start building out some of the details. This is what we all just filled out here. Down at the bottom of this, we actually have ad speaker details.


So if I wanted to add in so similar to that over time event where it had those speakers listed here, I would do so. I just put in profile picture speaker, name title Imbil. You can put as many speakers as you like here. There’s actually up to 16 people up on stage now. So you can theoretically have 16 speakers here and highlight them. And then once you’re ready to actually invite them into the event, you go to the invite speakers tab and invite their email here.


So you so you type in their email, invite them. So they’re actually speaking in the event. I think the one thing that I want to mention here, so there’s the difference between speakers and attendees and run the world. Speakers are defaulted up on screen. Attendees are not defaulted on screen. So you’re inviting people here to be defaulted up on screen at this point. And like I said, in this next tab, the attendees tab, as people register, this would get built out.


Those people are not going to be defaulted up on screen. One thing I also want to mention here in the attendees tab is I can actually invite people into this event as well. So rather than them going through the registration process through Run the World, if you already had, say, a list of your community members that you just want to invite to this meeting, or maybe you had a recurring event or they register for the first one, how they get access into the second one for free, you can just copy and paste a copy of all those emails, paste them all in here into run the world register and they’ll be in their event without actually having to go through any registration process.


So we kind of give you guys that ability. Also, people like using external registration sources sometimes rather than using from the world’s built and stuff. If that’s easier for you guys, go for it and then you just copy and paste other emails here. I’m going to add in my colleague here super fast here that is answering all your guys is amazing questions just so we can kind of show you demonstrate a couple of other things. So now I just added her in as an attendee and she’ll be able to actually join you in that event once I actually hop into the stockroom there.


One disadvantage of that, though, is you want to be able to have them go through the survey so you can create a registration service, collect data fields from from your attendees that you wish to join, run the world. So if I could create a survey here, name and headline or kind of the default list, I guess, items and run the world. So whenever you’re creating any of your profiles, it asks you for name and headline.


Headline is just kind of the most generic universal term for whether it’s organization, name or title or anything of the sort, kind of a universal term there. But you can create whatever custom questions you want, you know, multiple choice checkbox, single box dropdown, etc.. We also have some pre-built and stuff here if you don’t want to type everything out, but definitely highly, highly encouraged using that. If you are using around the world registration, just so you’re collecting more data fields about your attendee’s.


So I’d save that and then we’ll kind of keep moving on. Next one is emails. We’ve got a few different questions regarding all around emails. What emails do run, the rules send, etc.. And there was also even a bug where where you guys going to actually uncheck you can opt out of marketing messages or addressing all that. Sorry for any confusion there. We appreciate all the feedback around that as well, but wanted to mention here in the emails tab.


So first, there are three automated emails sent from around the world, all reminders around your event. It was just one in seventy two hours. One is twenty four hours and one is one hour before the event. It’s just saying, hey then it has the event title is coming up. Don’t forget about it is essentially just the purpose of that email. And there’s a link in there as well that people can click to join directly into it. Like I said, that’s just automatic from around the world.


But if you guys ever want to create your own emails, whether this was other reminders or maybe post event emails, hey, can you fill out a survey to see how we can improve whatever it is? You can send emails to attendees of the speakers and have them go through and you can add in your own logos and things by putting in your pictures, etc. So those are your own to do as you please.


Next section is the sponsor section, so you can add sponsors into your event as well on on that sponsor package with an absolute minimum. So if I run the world, actually, I won’t even build this out. I can show you again the McDonald’s masterclass how they used it.


So if I go back over here and say, if I go back over here, so it has thank you to our sponsors and they had had the McDonald’s logo there. So that’s where that would show up. It also shows up a few other places. So I move my screen just to get to where I’m clicking. But but yes. So you’d be able to build out all those sponsor details here at a marketing message. You can even make it a clickable link by putting in a link there, etc.


. And then over in the Insights tab, this is more post event, you get all sorts of details obviously around, you know, metrics of revenue, etc., if you were charging for the event. Also, a lot of things around interaction. So this detailed event report that you see here, that’s something that you’ll be able to get metrics around. For example, you’ll see a few images that people can click on to interact from the attendees side.


So. So who’s clicking those? Everything from, you know, metrics around interaction in the cocktail party. How many people met someone new? How many people met someone in the roundtable? How many people said hello to someone else in the event, et cetera? All all those types of interactions. You’ll be able to get a report on that revenue report, like I said, would kind of be more money. There would be more around the money of how much you made, et cetera, sponsoring sites.


You’ll be able to gather who who went to those different sponsor booths. As we had a sponsored booth, how many people clicked on those sponsor logos, et cetera, poll data. So there’s polls within around the world. You get data, their chat log. It’s more actually downloading the comment section. Like I said, that’s kind of how attendees are speaking. And so sometimes there’s a lot of good insights out of that, etc.. And then lastly here, the more section, a few other things that it’s fun to know.


You can upload your own prerecorded videos into around the world so you can do that here or actually within the torquing itself down here is the recording. So Run the World does their own recording, so we’ll record any of your events. There’s unlimited storage within around the world for those recordings. If this was a multi session event, each session can be recorded, et cetera, et cetera. You can download those, you can hide them from attendees if you don’t want them to be visible and you can even upload your own recordings.


The reason for this is so, for example, if I were to show a prerecorded video that does not get captured and run the world’s recordings only because we don’t own that content. So so with copyright issues, we can’t actually capture that prerecorded video. So so there is also an option to upload that prerecorded video to show as the as the replay there. And there was actually a typo within the XML. Peter, just want to address it real quick, since this is a few questions around it.


Share screen does get captured within the recording. Just those prerecorded videos do not. So just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page there for sure. And as I go down, you can customize the event yourself. This is another kind of customization here. So if I read this, you still have run the world, not today, but you can make the ending whatever you like. So that’s nice to see. Then we also had the promo code down here so you can add new promo codes if this was a paid event.


But without further ado, I will actually go into this event. I’ll see. I think my colleague Hannah might be joining me as well. One thing that one the world does not always like is let’s see if it is like me or not. Oh, well, there we go. OK, so sometimes when I’m using a zoom camera and run the world, it won’t allow me to do that camera twice. So I kind of make sure in general, best practices, make sure all other Web platforms that are using your camera are close.


It looks like today luck is on my side. So here we are kind of going into the event, I see how many people are active in the room and I see one of them is Hannah right now. She actually can’t see me. We’re kind of what we call the green room. So we’re kind of behind the scenes before the event started. I have this go button up here when I’m actually ready to start the stream. But but until then, I can kind of meet my other speakers, for example, you know, I can say make sure everyone’s on the same page before we actually start the stream and go live in front of everyone else.


A couple of the other things that we see people do here in the green room kind of before they go live, one is get all the stuff. If they were planning on streaming this to external sources, get all that sorted out. So if you click share up here, you actually see you can broadcast here. So to Facebook live and YouTube, those are kind of the built in ones. But you can actually add your own channel, putting in just the server and the stream key.


But but if I were to click, for example, Facebook live here, it already has the server building. You just need to identify the stream key. There’s some directions there, but the people kind of set that up before they go live. So that’s one thing I wanted to show. That is definitely a possibility and something that I recommend kind of getting sorted out and then we can start the stream and that would stream here and around the world and externally as well.


Other than that, a few other things I just sometimes see is, for example, I’ll show you how to start a cocktail party in a roundtable in just a little bit here. But we see sometimes kind of before going live, making sure you set up your cocktail party to the number of chats and the chat link. Maybe you’re adding a conversation starter and stuff. Getting some of that does set up so less you have to do while you’re actually alive.


But once I’m ready to go, I can go live here. I’m actually going to mute myself on the on the world side just in case and has some sort of echo. I don’t think she would. And so here you actually see record the sessions. So this is your option. They’re not automatically recorded unless you make sure that’s checked. So it’s default as checked. But you can always not before the session, if you like. So just kind of keep that in mind and I click, all right, let’s go live.


So smile and get ready with the nice three to one and voila, you’ll be in seats as your live and recording. Now, Hannah now sees me up on screen and we are we are live. So a few things I just like kind of demonstrating. Some of them are pretty straightforward, like Cher screams just like any other Cher screen. So I don’t need to really demonstrate exactly how that looks like other than the fact that it is sometimes nice to see what it looks like real quick.


So I will do so. I’ll just share a different tab. And so if I were to go back to this demo, you see me up on the top and then this then this tab down below. So that’s kind of what the sheriff screen would look like. There are just so you guys kind of see what that looks like for sure in that sense. It’s like I said, everyone’s everyone’s seen the serious screen. Now, one other trick to run the world is so right now I’m muted.


But if I also turn off my camera, it’s actually going to make me completely invisible. So we’ve got a lot of questions around multiple hosts or have someone kind of behind the scenes, even if they’re not actually speaking, but can be the one who’s doing everything from monitoring the comment section to to whatever else to if I were to mute myself and turn off my camera here, it actually gives me this message. You are now invisible from stage, re-enable the video or audio to appear.


So then I come back on the stage here. I just want to kind of show you that more than anything, just because that is a great way to kind of be behind the scenes without actually being up on stage there. The next one is this manage the mic mcphun, I’ll actually Hannah, if you want, I will have you request that. Grab the mic just to kind of show people what that looks like super fast if you are around.


Otherwise, no worries. So I just got this notification. Hannah wants the microphone and there’s this little microphone that comes up and I’ll remind you to yourself when you come up, just make sure they’re in YANKO then I’d be able to accept it any time right here. Voila, we have now accepted it. OK, there we go again and I are up on on screen here and then I can kick off any time. I’m like, OK. It was nice talking to you, Hannah, but goodbye.


Now, it’s just back to me that we see that a lot of times kind of more with the, I guess, sort of Q&A. So some people, you know, after a webinar, for example, can you hey, come on up the stage, ask me a question, just really makes a nice, more interactive thing other than just the comment section of me answering a nice Q&A sort of thing up there. So so that’s what kind of grabbed the mic is a few other features within our magic box here.


So we have music intro. So we have a few built in music intros here. If I were to click any one of them, it’s just a video with music to it. If I were to play it, I’m not going to play the whole thing, but it’s just music that had a pretty pretty pictures, etc.. I always get the question, can we put in our own music intro? Yeah, absolutely. You’re just going to upload your own video with your own music file to it.


Also, you have to do that in just a second. But the short answer is, yeah, that’s just kind of our and stuff. And we want to be able to store your own just because of those copyright issues, again, of sharing music and video that we do not. Or don’t have permission. Next, does the polling function so you can create live polls? If I had a question, anything for yes or no, I’ll just say, is it Sunny today?


Hannah and Sandhamn is in the room here, maybe still. So I’d start the poll and see if it’s sunny for her or not. It is. We got some sunshine in the Bay Area. That is good to hear. And then I can end that any time. A couple of questions around that. Hopefully soon you’ll be able to kind of preload all poll questions. So you saw I had to type that out live. So hopefully soon that that will be preloaded.


But by this time, that is kind of a live typing there. And then another and so and I didn’t I just made that yes or no question. But like I said, that can be multiple choice with whatever questions and answers you’d like to be shown. The next thing here is stretch break. We just have one of our creators that uses our platform. Definitely depends on use case. But if your attendees ever need to get a little stretching in, you can play one of these videos and she leaves you through some stretches.


They’re definitely one of our more fun, this kind of silly features within our platform, our call to action. This one’s really beneficial for for many different use cases. People uses all sorts of different ways. One I can see is so check out our website and then you can say click here for the button text and then you URL. I’ll just make sure we have this. But this URL, that works just fine. And that begins at the top of the comment section over here at something pretty cool.


Just just, I guess, beneficial if you ever trying to link anyone to external websites or anything. Also, we see a lot of more use cases around. I don’t want to see this around, like having people download a lot of different know, maybe a PowerPoint slide or any sort of materials around a presentation or webinar. They link people to to a place where they can download those materials. So use that for for a few different ways. But I just want to make sure you guys are aware of that feature.


The next one is pretty fun. We call it our Guzzi. It’s just the group picture kind of more designed for at the end of the webinar for one to take a group picture with all the attendees that were there. So if I said let’s initiate a group fee, I’d take a selfie. That is just beautiful, isn’t it? And then we will let this render real quick. It says, waiting for people to finish. I don’t think Hannah will.


That’s OK. I’ll end this any way. And so then it’ll look much better than just one person there. But imagine 50 people and it actually puts the attendees next to the speaker and then all the other attendees kind of fade into the background. It’s pretty cool to something fun that you guys can kind of utilize for sure. Next one. I didn’t actually add the sponsor. I probably should have. I apologize for that. But but this is a sponsor shout out.


So if you were to click this, the sponsor logos of you within your event would all appear and say, hey, this event is sponsored by these people. You can shout them out at any time. Those also appear every time you enter the three. And then we have a new ad donation button, we see a few different use cases for this, everything from nonprofits trying to just raise money for whatever they are they’re trying to support to something like a music use case, asking for tips or donations for their performance, all sorts of different things, but just kind of has donations would be much appreciated.


Also get spend at the top of the comments section over there. And then last one, the sharing video. So so like I mentioned, a few videos of our to play this one. Shows up on screen here, I want to actually play the whole thing, but this is this is how it would look. If I wanted to make this without me there, I would just turn off my camera and you see, OK, now we have this full screen and you can attendee’s can actually make this full screen as well.


But but just see where you can you can play different videos there. A couple of things to mention so you can add in your own so you can upload a video up to two gigabytes per video. So that’s a pretty good space. Obviously, if you were streaming an hour and a half documentary, for example, you might have to compress that a little bit to be within that two gigabytes. You can also share any YouTube link. As long as there isn’t copyright restrictions from YouTube side, you’d be able to click that and posted a link and just share the direct YouTube video instead of something that you have to upload.


And you can even auto replay those or anything as well, depending on your case for sure. And then these next two icons we have. One is the cocktail party that we kind of talked about early in this presentation. And then one is the roundtable just to kind of show you how to start boohooing. So if I create a cocktail party here, you’re sending the number of chats in the chat length, kind of the two things you’re controlling here.


So number of chats when you’re thinking about that, you’re thinking about the number of interactions that you want with an event or with everything, the cocktail party. And so if we set this to, let’s say, five and five chats for five minutes, we have the estimated time total down there at twenty eight minutes for the matching algorithm to run, etc. That’s where the difference comes in about how this would work. Say there are 50 people in the room and we did five chats for five minutes.


I have the same random opportunity to match with anyone else here. We have a one on one video conversation. We’d have it for five minutes, a little countdown, and then once that five minutes is up, I then go back to someone else and have a five minute conversation with them and so on, so forth. So we do call it speed networking for a reason. You know, you can set this chat length anywhere between, like I said, two in ten minutes so you can make it really speedy or not quite as speedy.


I would recommend just kind of a tip more than anything. Keep in mind, if you had ten rounds for ten minutes, that will be pretty exhausting for the attendees side to be speaking for that long at a time. So just kind of keep that in mind as we’re creating for sure. And then lastly, just the round table. So so when I’m creating a round table, like I kind of mentioned before, you can have anywhere between three to 15 people in the table.


So so do you see me increasing that all the way up to 15, all the way down to three, or I’ll just set it up five here for this demonstration. And then what you’re going to do is you’re actually going to add top. So I’ll say topic one topic to discuss. My creative juices are not flowing at the moment and I can’t spell correctly today. But that’s all right. We will fix that. So now we have topic one, topic two, you can have as many topics as you want and you even see this checkbox that can allow attendees add their own topics.


But what this is doing is an all clear start here. Just a second. You see what it looks like. But but imagine there was one hundred people in the room and you’re just kind of breaking them into more group conversation. So if I had topic one and topic to one hundred people in the room, there are five people per table. I’ll start. It will take everyone from this experience of me, maybe I just did a presentation. Now let’s break into smaller groups and talk about it so you can be part of topic one.


You can be a part of topic, too. So, Hannah, join topic one. And so you see, I actually just saw that as well. And so I figured if I really wanted to talk to him, I can choose that. If I was like, I don’t want to talk to and I’m going to go to topic two, I will choose topic one at this point, just to kind of show you essentially how it would work.


Obviously, there’s just two of us in here right now. But if the first 50 people in the 100 person room, if they all chose topic one tables would populate within topic once. And so automatically the tables get created and deleted depending on the number of people within that topic. So I’m going to go talk to Hannah real quick. I will mute my can’t or my microphone and have her do the same. Actually, Ed, McCain should be fine, and so here we are talking.


I know she’s busy answering questions, Diana. Good to see you. And so this is us kind of in our group conversation. More people would then join in and we’d actually have more of a group. And as two people in here and I can switch the table any time so I can find another table, then this topic. So I’m talking about. But I don’t want to talk to him anymore. Let’s see. Let’s see who else is talking with him.


This topic. And OK, no one else is here right now, but maybe, maybe I’m waiting for other people to join us, didn’t want to talk to Hannah or I can actually switch tables completely and go to a different go back to the lobby and choose a different topic.


And so I see Hannah still over there on topic one. There’s a couple of tables, but then I’m going to go into the topic two now and so on, so forth. Same experience, but within topic two here. So that’s kind of the roundtable environment. I’m going to go back to lobby. I’m actually going to end this roundtable session and close this tab and briefly just show you some of the event creation process of the conference. Just answer a few questions that I kind of saw throughout the within the questions, throughout Sumell.


So I’ll close this tab. Thank you for joining me there. I’ll go back to the events tab within around the world.


I’ll create an event here in just a second load and I’ll go to host a conference this time. And so a lot of questions were revolving around in session, no central kind of dove in and show you what this conference product is. And like I said, it’s good for anything between just a couple of sessions to two unlimited. Now, we just added that plan on one hour on a Atsumi last week. So I’ll just call this demo to say I’m not going to go into much detail at all.


You can set this multi day as well as many days as you like. So if I wanted to be an entire week event, for example, I would just, you know, from the 11th to the 15th there, same public are unlisted. Like I said, I’ll I’ll skip through this part a little bit quicker. Just because we’ve seen a lot of it is very similar to the just the single talk set up. One difference is so within a conference, obviously, there’s going to be a bunch of different speakers.


And so you’re going to be building out all your profiles here. So similar to over there, how we had the excuse me, how how we added and the speakers within the talk session. You’re going to do the same here in the conference setting a couple of tricks that I would be getting a lot of questions around. Hey, I want some of my team members to also be here with me while I can. We only have one host. And I’m going to kind of explain briefly, I’ll actually build in one more speaker profile here and kind of explain how the moderator role works.


So say I had my colleague Hannah, for example, and I wanted her to be kind of another behind the scenes person rather than just me as the organizer. So what I would do, rather than putting Hannah’s name here, since I don’t really necessarily want her to be showing up on the event page. No offense, Hannah, I’d run the world. I can run the world and I can put events as title, just kind of get creative. You’re really not actually creating a speaker profile more of a quote unquote organization profile here?


I’d even scroll I’d put in a nice photo for Hannah or for Run the World’s profile that this moderate, her profile that I’m creating. I’ll put in our support email just so Hannah doesn’t get added to this event. Support around the world, not today, so just a good reference for you guys to have in general, but so I just created, quote unquote, another speaker profile. But this is kind of designed for the moderator. And so if I were to go over to the agenda now and a couple of things here.


First is on the moderator. Notice I’m talking about it say raincoats was this high profile speaker, even though I’m not. Don’t worry. I’ll go to the fireside chat instead of talk. So the difference we can talk. Fireside chat and panel are just a number of speakers. So talk is one. Fireside chat is two panels up to 16. So if I created a fireside chat or a panel, I can allow. So let’s put fireside chat here.


I can select run the world as the moderator and then select raincoats as that guest here in the session. And so just just kind of wanted to demonstrate how adding a moderator into a session works. And now this gives Run the world this person and run the world profile here all the power that the organizer would have during the event within this session. So this is Ryan’s fireside chat, for example. Obviously, we call the session title, Whatever You Want, Run the World is going to be there behind the scenes of the camera and the microphone off.


But they’re responsible for starting the stream. They’re going to even walk through with raincoats, this high profile speaker making sure he understands the platform, etc.. So it’s a great workaround and something that that is kind of the reason why we haven’t had, you know, adding in multiple, multiple hosts as the highest priority just because this is kind of the best work around for that. But we have heard your feedback for sure and are definitely discussing kind of with product how we can get some more hosts there and behind the scenes.


But just want to show you, this is kind of a good work around in the meantime. And then, like I said, you’ll be able to add sessions. So maybe we had a fireside chat and now we’re going to have a panel. This is pretty straightforward. A few other things I just want to mention here. You can actually control who joins these. So, for example, if you just wanted the VIP ticket type to join this, that would work.


And it actually reminds me of the show you the tier ticketing in just a second. You can also set pass codes into different sessions. So kind of just limiting. If you had maybe members only you can join this session, you’ll give them the passcode. Everyone else, they’d have to become a member to join those types of things. You can definitely do so and so kind of now. Now, lastly, answering the question of what is a session?


Well, each one of these is a session session. So I created a fireside chat. I created a panel, and I can create a talk at the end. For example, these are the three different talk rooms just with different numbers of speakers. And so there’s kind of our three session limit there in that case. So so this three session limit is definitely designed more for kind of half the conferences or just for those webinars that if you were just using the talk the talk product instead of this conference product within our platform.


But what we did add on that, there’s the add on for unlimited sessions. So you never have to worry about session limits again. The reason we kind of just made the jump straight to unlimited is because we’ve seen a lot of people, they aren’t really sure exactly how many sessions they need. So maybe they’re planning a multi day conference, but they don’t know if ten is going to be enough of twenty is going to be enough or they’re going to need 50, etc.


. So we we just didn’t want to limit you guys at all, which is kind of why we we made the jump there, too, to the unlimited sessions in that case.


So I’m pretty much coming up on on everything on my time here briefly just to talk about tickets. So we have free to attend early bird regular VIP. So you two tiered ticketing within within the platform or like I said, you can always just add in the attendees over here and the attendees have already published really fast open like the passcode.


I’ll just put a is my passcode there. All of us could publish again, publishes the same button, and we’ll kind of go over and see actually what is this event that we just created? This one obviously won’t look to build out compared to that over time. Example I showed, but we have some speakers here and then added sponsors. You have the whole agenda down below ticket. So this one’s free to attend people who could register for it. And then once they actually enter the event, they’d come to something that looks more similar to this.


So I’m a speaker and all three of these, so I have the speaking symbol, otherwise, if you guys want to speak to me, then you just want to have that symbol. Like I said, same thing. You’re just not defaulted up on the screen. But if I were to join any of these, if I were to join this fireside chat, for example, just to show you again, this is me going into the top room, defaulted as a speaker.


You know, my camera, my microphone are on. I’m ready to go. Here I am, I’m a speaker in this event. Now we’re in the exact same, it’ll look exactly the same as those other other sessions that I just the other talk session that I just showed you.


Yeah, I know that was a lot a lot of information I’m trying to think of. There’s anything a couple of other things I just wanted to mention super fast. I didn’t invite Hannah to this one, but there’s actually a way that you can start one on one conversations with anyone within the event.


There would be a little wave button. I’d wave to Hannah in that case. Then we’d have a one on one conversation through our chat function up here. There’s also a group chat created for each event, as well as obviously the comment section where a lot of people are commenting, etc.. So so if I commented hello, I have my little floating head that goes up. They also have our emojis down here below. And then one other cool thing about run the world that’ll end on, even though it’s not a very exciting ending note, but some people really like how we can actually reply to certain comments so you can have the common thread.


So so I responded to raincoats and hello with hi. Something that that you can’t do on all the platforms and a little thing. But but pretty cool there. So I will stop talking since that was a lot of my voice there at once by Lindsey. Back up on the screen here. But yeah, I know that was great.


Thank you. And there are a lot of questions in here. Thank you so much, Hannah, for answering so many. We’re going to try to get to as many of these as we can. Audio specs for hosting a music concert, the audio specs for hosting a music concert.


Great question. Actually, I’m trying to think, Hannah, I don’t know if you know the audio specs. I do know a couple of things here. So as I was joining that event, you saw that I was able to select my camera and my audio input there. So I think it will depend strictly on which microphone you’re going to be using so you can use external microphones, you can use just the stuff built in, etc.. I think the biggest thing I would recommend is even on a free account, you don’t need to be signed up yet.


You can go in there and kind of test that audio and see what that sounds like. I apologize for not having the these specific specs on that with me, but but hopefully you’ll be able to kind of test it out and see what that looks like.


Thank you. Is there a way to have a recurring event? Absolutely, yeah. So I mean, we see people do a few different ways, like, for example, I have office hours on the platform every day. And so I have a daily event. I actually just go in and kind of manually create an event each day. So people obviously can just kind of do recurring events like that. We’ve also seen people actually use the conference product.


And if you were kind of on the unlimited sessions format of that, we see people being creative and actually create a year long event, for example. And every Monday they’ll just create a session and that will be their quote unquote. It’s a single session event each Monday, but they’re just creating one session every Monday. So so kind of a couple of different ways. That one for sure. Awesome, thank you. I’ve seen this question pop up a few times, is there any way to change the language happy hour or cocktail party or will there be?


So, yes, to cocktail party right now, actually, I believe. So let me answer the cocktail party one first. Absolutely. For any of your events, just email support around the world. But today we can rightly label that and just call. It’ll be called Mixu instead. So it’s kind of our nonalcoholic version of cocktail party there. As for happy hour, we’ve done a lot of feedback also. I don’t I don’t know if you guys noticed I had a bunch of different happy hours kind of listed out.


There were actually kind of creating a way right now, hopefully within the next few weeks where you’ll be able to change those names of happy hour to know whatever you want to call it. Just so kind of on your end, you can organize that. So it doesn’t just look like 20 different happy hours going on at the same time.


All right.


Is there a way to create a color theme for all future events that you would have to go in kind of with each event and customize those background colors? Right now, there’s some kind of a and I guess going off that question isn’t really a copy and paste necessarily. So if I had one event, I can’t just copy and paste it yet. Those are the things that we’re definitely talking about it within product, hopefully in the future, something to make that kind of more seamless, especially for that recurring event use case for sure.


If I wanted to use this to meet with a client one on one, is this usable for that? What which version use?


Yeah, I would probably choose host to talk and essentially you just invite that client to that topic. I mean, you guys would be talking on screen just like anything else. I think some of the interactive features would be as, I guess, useful just because like, for example, just two of you in that event. But the short answer is absolutely. You can use the first two people I know. And and I even have meetings all around the world.


Just because you can it’s it’ll just you won’t be able to necessarily use all the features that it’s designed for. But the short answer is absolutely.


I did the session streamed live on Facebook or YouTube.


Yeah. So so I think I showed that a little bit earlier. But when I click share, we use our top. And so essentially you’ll be putting one over stream. YouTube and Facebook are actually kind of the two default in there, but you can stream anywhere as long as you have the server and the key there.


All right. What are your plans to GDP compliance?


Yes, we are working hard on that. I, like I mentioned with that, that email marketing opt out stuff that was that was a little bit of a bug. We’re working on all that and reviewing all that to make sure we are very compliant for sure. Awesome. Do I have my own landing page and my own payments? Can I have my own landing page, my own payment service like Shopify took away? Because I want to give my customers more payment options and then have people enrolled automatically to events, incompetencies.


Great question right now, it would be more manual process and would be automatic until we kind of if we have further integrations in the future, maybe there would be some sort of automatic bringing them from here to directly to be registered within around the world right now. Like I said, kind of with that CSP file, as long as we captures those emails, you will be able to, you know, register all of them into the event and even one at a time kind of thing for late stragglers or whatever, but automatically not at this time.


That would still kind of be more of a manual thing. If I’m running a master class and have 50 people attending, can I control whether or not the attendees can chat with each other and can I control if they can see who’s on and the number that’s on right now, know the reason for that or there’s a couple of things.


And that’s something that we got some feedback on through apps and also super thankful for that. We are kind of reviewing it. The reason we didn’t build it that way was because our our platform is designed kind of for the interactivity side of it. So so we didn’t really want to limit attendees being able to chat with each other also to like we’ve had requests of, hey, can we turn off the comments in general? That’s the only way that they can currently talk to the organizers of the speaker on stage, etc.


But we definitely kind of look in to maybe see if there’s a way to kind of turn off that turn off the number. But at this time, it’s definitely not something that we have built in their. Can attendees pay in a local currency and will non US currencies incur additional fee?


No, they will not incur additional fees. And yes, the campaign and different currencies, we’ve had events out in Europe or around Asia, etc., and it’s all of that local currency.


How many speakers are allowed?


Cent up to 16.


Also, I saw a question come through on the bottom line. I just wanted to address quickly the whole Android app thing. I forgot to mention that during during kind of my presentation. So we were actually at first. So we didn’t even have a desktop version. We had Android and iOS. That was our product. And the beginning as we developed the desktop, we were kind of looking at usage more than anything. And notice the uses of the Android app was completely or very, very low.


And so we kind of made the decision, OK, we’re going to stop supporting that. But we have heard your feedback. I don’t have an official update on when that would come back necessarily, but we were definitely listening to that. I think it was something we made without necessarily thinking fully through the decision just because obviously, even though not many people are using Android, some people, that’s the only way they can access. We do want to make this as accessible to everyone.


So definitely something that we are hopefully going to to bring back at some point. Can you require registration for happy hours and can you have sponsors for happy hours?


So no to both, I guess happy hours kind of designed to not have to be that that quick spin up, like I said. So if you wanted the registrations or sponsors to agree to talk, like I said, it’ll bring you to the exact same environment as a happy hour. So it will have me up on stage like like we saw before there. But the only difference is one is no registration and no sponsors. One is registration and sponsors.


Just you to talk. In that case, you’ll be able to do the exact same thing.


What was your main reason for bringing, like, this question? So what was your main reason for bringing your platform to the community? And how are you finding the feedback you’re getting so far?


Yeah, I think that the main reason was I mean, we we just wanted to obviously kind of introduce our platform to to to new people for sure and do use cases. And I think a lot of the feedback that we received has been super beneficial just because you guys really, like, super appreciate you guys, like take the time to actually go into the product and explore and find some of those pain points that I mean, I use the product every day.


So, like, I’m I’m blind to a lot of the smaller things that you guys can kind of identify and stuff. So it’s been super beneficial. And we greatly appreciate all the constructive criticism for sure, as we are obviously trying to keep improving and be good for you, new single and for for for the entire population. So, so greatly appreciate all the questions and reviews and feedback for sure.


So I’m going to keep going with crystalize questions because I like them. What is your main audience for this platform and more corporate casual viewers, etc.?


That’s a great question and I think it’s really a mixed bag. I mean, I think part of it is so we were founded actually in November of twenty nineteen and then the whole pandemic hit us and everything turned virtual. So everything from kind of those those corporate conferences that need the term virtual to all sorts of different. Like I said, it’s really a mixed bag for everything from concerts to documentaries to corporate to to this, to that you name it.


People have tried it. And I think that’s one cool thing about running the world, is it’s up to the organizers to get creative on how they want to use the platform. So it’s not really just only for this specific use case, et cetera. And like like even talking about putting a cocktail party has mixer. You know, sometimes it is for for, you know, not not the drinking age even and all that type of stuff as well.


So so definitely a mixed bag there.


All right. Chris asks, Who would you say are the main competitors you have in the space? And I’m curious, how do you guys. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, there are all sorts of virtual platforms within the space for sure. I mean, everything from from kind of more just those larger conferences to kind of smaller webinars, et cetera. It’s hard to compare to any specific one in particular just because I think we’re all in the similar space and just kind of trying to do things differently and seeing what works for people. We definitely pride ourselves on the interactivity side of things for sure, you know, with with our cocktail party, with our round table and just kind of creating creating a safe and interactive space for for people to to engage online.


So that’s really where we’re pushing. But like you said, like like I said, a lot lots of different competition that are obviously doing some similar things to.


All right, I use case type question of any musicians using the platform for Unplugged concerts and meet and greet type events for their friends. So do you know if they are free or paid? Are there any audio issues playing for a live audience? Thank you. Great question.


Yeah, we’ve seen a few different, both kind of specific does a single musician kind of for their own event and also more music groups or I guess organizer bring a bunch of different music groups within an event. And so a bunch of different musicians kind of going out at the same time. One thing that’s cool about around the world, like we were talking about with the microphone and stuff, they’re able to input their own microphone. And so if they’re not listening to use a computer audio, they can be using their nice, fancy audio if they’re a singer or whatever it is and stuff.


So we’ve seen lots of success. Kind of. We’ve had there was a New Year’s party back in New Year’s that had I think it was over 90 different bands, musicians, etc. and lots of success with that for sure.


Any plans for custom domain options?


Great question.


I don’t know specific plans necessarily, but like I said, we have been taking taking all this feedback in and will be kind of reviewing it with our engineers for sure to see what we can see, what we can do for you all you can customize towards the other you.


I guess that is true. Yeah, I think I showed that under more settings for any of your events, you can kind of surmise that the ending for sure.


Thanks. How will the event run if the organizer is not present or leaves from like a lost connection?


Yeah, well so as long as someone else will like for example, with the moderator use case, as long as the moderator is there to start the stream or an organizer does not need to be there at all. Also, the stream is already running. So say the organizers started it and then left. That’s totally fine too. It would just keep going. And then also, if there was no one there to stop the stream afterwards, it’ll time out eventually.


So. So, yeah. So. So that’ll work just fine.


Can you set up multiple camera angles and change them on the fly during the sessions right now.


No, unless you had some sort of kind of like videos which are familiar and where you can have one feed here, then have my side angle and so on and so forth. But we’ve seen people kind of within a studio do something like that. But they had an entire tech team, I guess, running that. So it is possible kind of for most of our users, though, they just kind of select that one camera feed and that’s going to be their feed.


All right, Summerlands, we’ve got about eight more minutes here, so we’re going to try to get through as many of these questions as we can. Molly asks, Can you show the set up area for the sponsors? And do they get a gradual boost? Sorry.


Great question. I’d be happy to show that real quick. So the short answer is yes to both. So let me quickly get back to my screen again. So a couple of things here.


Find the right tab. There you go.


So here we are back in our van creation side of things. So first so to give them a boost. So that was, I guess, my last format option that I didn’t show. So if I click add session here and click format and selected booths, that’s going to be your sponsor Booth. So you’ll select the sponsor here. So I’m going to have to go back up to the top and actually add in a sponsor. So this is kind of the adding the sponsor side of things.


So I can say run the world, for example, as the sponsor, I’ll put in you. Well, I think actually Eurail, that should work. You put a marketing message that’s just optional and then then their logo. So I’ll find their logo again, superfast here. So, voila, I have added in my sponsor logo, then the next step to actually putting a sponsor booth is you’re going to need a representative of their demand. So you’ll go over the speakers and you’ll add a speaker here.


And what I always recommend is kind of a good, good little tip for all of you that I don’t always go into detail on. But since we asked. Absolutely. So I’ll put in the Run the World logo as their profile picture name, similar to what I did with our tech support there. And then for full name. What I’d actually have to do is put in whatever the sponsor name is while the state run the world against this. Since I was the sponsor name and then for title, I just put sponsor in all caps.


The reason I do this is because, like I said, you are building out the landing page. So this would appear under the speakers section. But this is kind of a good little tip that I always see kind of a lot of organizers use. If they were having sponsor booths, you’ll obviously put in whatever email support I run the world on stage three wise not to bug them. And then so now but then the agenda again. I’ll select the sponsor this time, so I’ll select Run the World.


So now we have a sponsor booth here. I can just call this one the world booth. Apologize for going kind of fast. I know we are limited on time. We make sure to get to everyone’s questions. But now if I were to click enter event. If I scroll down now, we have a booth as well down here, run the world booth, it’s designed to be just kind of that same interactive. If I were to join this, it’s only going to show the Run the World logo as I join.


So, I mean, first. Ready to go, it will appear, with that one, the world logo, hey, this session is sponsored by one. The world is designed for your sponsor representative to be up here. Maybe you guys are using up the mic and kind of actually interacting with those participants that are joining, also sharing promotional video using called action to link them to deals or whatever. It is, like I said, looks very similar to kind of in the room.


It just gives them their own space to to do whatever they like their.


Awesome, thank you. All right, because we inevitably will not get to all of these questions, I’m so sorry, are there tutorials somewhere? If there are, where are they and how can they reach your support? Absolutely.


We have actually an entire YouTube page. I don’t know. I can pull it up and put it in the comment section. That’s the best place to put it. I mean, if you’re not taking my voice yet, you will be after watching some of these demos. But you’ll be able to go in and I’ll put it under the chat. I’m not sure if that’s the right place to do it or not. We make sure I’m putting it to panelists and attendees.


So here’s our actually, I just want to make sure I’m OK.




Doing any things at once over here. Here it is. So here’s our YouTube channel, so you can kind of explore some tutorials, demos, etc.. They’re also our help center. I’m just going to kind of post to three support things here. So this is our help are all sorts of articles and stuff that will help you simoleons out as you are creating events. And then the last thing, I’ll just type it in support on the world today.


That’s our support email. They do an awesome job helping as answer all your all your questions for sure.


Awesome. Thank you. I’m going to make you do some math, so sorry, I created three panels inside a conference, we can essentially host up to forty eight speakers for one event. That is correct. Can we turn off the three reminder emails and or edit them right now? No, that is also something that we’re looking into. Thank you for your feedback to to see. We we haven’t made any changes on that yet, but seeing if there’s a way to turn them off, et cetera, kind of give you guys some power over that.


It’s definitely something that we’re looking into. Can ticket prices automatically change based on dates like EarlyBird rates, regular rates?


So as you saw there, I had kind of the EarlyBird option, the other option than the VIP option there. So a lot of times the early bird will kind of keep that enabled for a certain amount of time. And then you can actually just enable the regular at that time and disable the early bird. So. So that is a little bit more manual. It’s not an automatic thing yet, but that’s definitely how they use case, how people have been using kind of early bird versus regular, etc.


. Awesome. All right, we got this question as I as I might be wrong there and then not not on that, but I do have a question. I think people are a little bit confused on the sessions and the speakers. So I just want to clarify, once I see a lot of questions coming in, I have time fingers. So essentially you are limited to three sessions, but for each session you can have up to 16 people on the screen.


So it’s not one speaker, just one session. If we didn’t make that clarification earlier. So let’s say if you have a panel for eight people, that still counts as one session on regarding integration with A.I.M. and all of us. So you can have, I don’t know, twenty people sitting on robes and then everything gets sent in screaming to run the world of an external camera feed, and that is one to one session. So there’s no direct correlation between how many speakers and how many sessions.


It’s really based on your programing, how many talks you want each time you can have Asmus speakers. Awesome. Thank you.


All right. So people are envious of your virtual background and they want to know if they can have one, two. So then run the world right now, it’s actually not built in, but we do have some people use a third party like STAP Cam, for example, is one where where they can send a net feed with a virtual background. So people have definitely gotten creative and done that. Right now. You can actually do this around the world, but that’s a little work around there for sure.




Is there are you able to make a full test account? Somebody said they thought they saw this, but they might be mistaken.


So, yeah, I mean, so you can create as anyone can create account and have hosted an event with up to 50 attendees for free. So we’ve got to utilize that as the year testing. You want to be able to do a cocktail party with more than three rounds, for example, we can still kind of test out all the features for sure.


All right. So we don’t have really any more time. Is there anything else that you all want to make sure that we get covered in this webinar before we leave?


I think I think I’m mostly good. One thing I’ll just post here also in the chat, we do have office hours, kind of a daily thing where it’ll be me again. You’re going to get sick of me eventually, but you can kind of come if you didn’t get in your questions today. Feel free to come there and you can actually talk to me as well. Office hours. Right. Thank you, Francisco. So it’s either great, Francisco said.


So also, keep those questions coming within app, so I’ll try to be getting to those. Also in any reviews, I’ll be responding to those. We greatly appreciate all the feedback and we’ll definitely be kind of working to continue to improve our product for using the links for sure.


Wonderful. Thank you so much, Sue. If you have not already, you can go to run dash the world to redeem the office hours. I want to make sure I get everybody watching replay that’s that’s you and be run the world today at this hour and. Yeah, go ahead, redeem your codes starting at seventy nine for lifetime deal on Ximo right now. And of course that’s back by up to 60 day guarantee. So go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you.


Once you have done that, go ahead and leave your until page. And if you have any more questions, one, check out all those tutorials on YouTube and of course you can reach out on the page or their support directly. Thank you guys so much. Thank you, Hannah, for tackling so many questions, Ryan, for a wonderful walkthrough. It has been a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you, Upswelling.

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