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What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I’m joined by the team over at Reportz. This is an intuitive, fully customizable, KPI based reporting tool that pulls real time data from all your marketing channels. It is on Appsumo right now, starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walkthrough, though, I just want to tell you all a few quick things.


First, we want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in reports. You can go ahead and do that in the chat room if you want to tell us or if you have any questions, rather, about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We’re going to circle back to them at the end of the walk through.


But we also have Nina here on standby who who’s going to answer them as they come in. And, of course, there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. Here, Ademir, how are you doing?


Well, guys, great to have you here.


I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough and then let me know when you’re ready for the Q&A.


Excellent. Thank you. Oh, let me just share my screen. OK, it should work just. OK, perfect. So, again, welcome, guys, to the reports walk through and demo. Quite a lot of you are all the lifetime deal users because this is our second time on the upswing. For the first time, we were at top sumo promotion at two thousand eighteen, I believe we were Deal of the Year or one of the best deals of the year.


In the meantime, we upgrade to the platform quite a lot. But before we dig into the used cases themselves, let me tell you about the company that is behind the reports. We are actually the fourth digital marketing agency that exists for the last eight years and at some point future.


It’s like seventy two people full time, strong. And at that point of time, we basically needed some specific or customized tools to increase or keep our productivity on a normal level.


Majority of the currently at that point of time, a commercial solutions basically didn’t offer every feature that we needed.


So we decided to develop our own solutions. At some point of time, our tools became. Commercially good, so we basically launch them. Currently, we have three tools that are commercially available and the fourth one is basically done and being used by multiple early adopter agencies for the last two years. Basically, the only thing that we are actually lacking is the website, but that will be done soon as well. Generally, the problem with agencies or marketing consultants is that you need to you need time to do that.


Those stupid clients servicing ours, basically having your clients that are calling you to ask you like how many conversions we had last weekend or what is the budget spend currently, etc., etc. The data that they can potentially see themselves by is simply they don’t want to spend like five minutes digging through the Google Analytics or Google and Facebook business or whatever. So to avoid that and also to simplify the reporting at the end of the month, because there are some agencies that are doing weekly reporting, some agencies are doing weekly or monthly.


I work in multiple agencies before we started for DOT, basically our senior specialists for SEO, PPC, no matter what, we’re spending between like three, four, even five hours per month just.


Creating a report that is like summary of the activities and changes in the KPIs and metrics, and then you need to do the actual Excel spreadsheet, you need to prepare the PowerPoint presentation that simply takes time. We had an idea to basically outsmart the eyes, all of that as much as possible. So once you create a dashboard that report, just send it over to the client in the way of link. They can whenever they have any questions regarding your campaigns or data, they can simply click the link and see the data themselves without need for them to calling.


You waste your time investing their time. Client happiness increases. Your time is save, time equals money. And everybody’s happy. Just short about the other tools that we also developed. DBS, DBS, not me or me. Is Link prospecting tool usually build for your agency as it does the very easy way to find link building opportunities that you can easily convert to create the direct links, usually well functioning for guest blogging, finding websites that are happy to accept your guest blogs, etc etc.




Baize door. To me, the tool that is almost available but not yet is basically building a database and health check.


So basically, if you are building links for yourself or your clients, those links sometimes go dead like webmasters, delete links from the articles they switch, do follow to no follow, they delete whole articles, etc, etc. And the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll spend your time and resources and money to publish an article, get a good link, and then when you send the report to your client, that link is actually 404 or there isn’t a link to your client or your own website.


So basically then you put your creative links in the base. We are doing constant rickrolling of those articles, checking if everything is OK, if something is wrong, we being you through the email so you can react instantly and basically save quite a lot of money for yourself and for your client.


And the last tool, the Q Q is just a small, cute social proof and fear of missing out tool. When you go to our website and you see those small pop ups that are jumping like this guy just created a trial or this guy just purchased a specific product, etc., or you are looking at a specific product that like 15 more guys are looking at this product as well. And there is like only one or two in stock, you’ll usually buy it.


So that’s the purpose of the tool. It’s light, but it helps with the conversion rates for both e-commerce websites and lead generation websites.


So enough about the tools themselves. I can basically show you how how the reports works. Like how much time do you need to create one report from the scratch? And basically, if you’re happy with the look and feel, you can instantly forward it. And in a couple of minutes you create the report that will, in the future save you hours and hours of client servicing and reporting. Because once you create the report, we are pulling live data from analytics, such calls or other integrations and basically data is always fresh.


So when you go to the dashboard section, you have two options. Start from scratch or start from template.


First, we can name or you should name your report. The naming information that we are using is usually the name of the client or domain or the website. In this case, I’ll create the.


Template report for the report’s website itself. And then you get to the next screen where we prepared working for the last two years with our users, we basically deleted all their requests and templates that they are using in our specific list of reports that you can use as the starting ground and then build upon them or you can use them as the final solution.


So basically, in just a couple of clicks and you’re able to go in this case, we can use one of your reports. For example, BASIX, your report, you can see how many widgets or metrics is tricked in this particular report. And you can see all the integrations that are included in the in this particular template.


Of course, since, for example, Frank Granger is a ranking tracking tool. See ranking is also ranking tools. So you can basically when you create just delete the digits of the one that you are not using. OK, let me drink some water. OK, this is how in general your report will look like what is great, which reports is that since this is Google analytics, organic traffic, total traffic convergence, etc, etc., click to set data, select your account.


Or if you didn’t edit your integration still or yet, you can just click on a plus and do the three clicks with or without authorization. Here you select your online account profile and you just got all the data, it is built for regions that are connected to your Google analytics in this particular dashboard. As you can see, we added quite a lot of these metrics. That is for the purpose that you easier it’s easier for you to delete them than to add them manually, it seems, as well.


But simply, we are saving you some time. You can see all the metrics that you have for pulling from Google Analytics for this particular template report. I’ll show you how to pull custom data or some specific widgets that you need for now. These are all Google analytics data. In this case, you can see how these two metrics are pushed or three pushed fully on the right. That is because these long URLs, what is cool is that you can actually limit the number of roles that are being pulled and then you can get it simply later.


So everything looks nice and tidy.


The next integration in this template is basically built with such data. I believe that three percent data is clear. Call to action site.


Reports again, update, and we are pooling all the metrics, all the widgets with metrics that we preselected again, you can change them or delete them.


Oh, can you hear me? Everybody. We can hear you. It looks like the dashboard page. Yeah, but the is the screen frozen for no or everything works as it should. What pitch do you want us to be seeing a lot.


I want you to see this dismal page, but Nina is telling me that we’re seeing the create a dashboard page I didn’t like. It seems like it froze on the creative dashboard. Oh, God damn it.


I went through through almost full set of over this. Let me try to stop, share and then start again. It shouldn’t be happening, but let me try. OK, this is fairly bad because I went through court, orders were set up. Oh, yeah. Can you can you see now?


Yeah, it’s just saying that you’ve started to share I think it’s going to take a second. You just. That’s really weird, Zoome usually tend to work. This happens every once in a while. Yeah, but usually with Google Hangouts, noted Zoom. Still not yet you want to restart it? Oh, sure, they just jump. OK, let me try one more time. Oh, to do. Come on, Zoom. Hmm. I mean, the only thing about this is that I jump out and jump in again from the cold corner, that might be.


Yeah, let’s. I mean, we are using zoom, like on a daily basis, like seven times per day, so. Yeah, let me let me just jump from the from the call and come back in. Maybe that would like the older developer fixed. Just restart everything. I like it.


Yeah. Just give me a second. All right. And simoleons, if you have any questions that you’d like answered, as always, appreciate your patience as we figure out these weird zoom issues that have been happening today. And if you have you want to get any of your questions answered, go ahead and drop this in the Q&A box. Now, welcome back.


I’m back. Oh, let’s try the third job. Whatever these puzzle second. Hello. Yes, since I created the pool, there’s already. I can jump and do it. Yeah, it’s not a problem. Basically creating dashboards now in your report is whatever you want, but we usually use the domain dash report or monthly report.


Start from templates, can you see the steps? OK, everything works, woohoo! And as I said, there are quite a lot of templates. We interviewed our users to create those templates. So basically it’s not a template marketplace, but these are the things that people usually use. This is no widgets that will be used in a specific template. As you can see, some of them are quite large in comparison with some other competitors. We do not limit the number of widget dashboards so you can go crazy, but you need to just take into consideration that.


If you have like 80, 90, 100 widgets, but there’s more the more it will. Potentially crash because it takes quite a lot of time for the browser to load all those active activities here, you can see integrations that will be used in a specific template. So atriums Google based on me, that is our tool Google search console. And I think we have an interagency Rankine’s and Accu Ranko, I believe for the tracking purposes this template is using, frankly, because I like it, but you can easily change it.


I’ll show you how. So basically you can see this. I’m just double checking everything with me and. God damn it, I just moved to the I’m sorry, I’m cursing because. But I moved to the next what’s happening, like when I switch to this one.


Everything stops.


I don’t know. I mean, it got a little bit further this time. Yeah.


So sorry, guys. Nothing from the Friday night out party will be here for the whole night.


I mean, in the worst case, I can record this and send everybody this video or something, but it would be cool that we do it through the. No, it’s still frozen. Let me reload or something. Stop, Cher, Cher. Or maybe it will activate. I mean, we have optic Internet, we are like, well. Suited for, of course, with a shared screen, but for some reason, Zoome decided to stop playing with us.


Is there a chance to reschedule this or what options like because I know what really, but if you guys wanted you said that you’ve hosted webinars before, you have the ability to host webinars.


Oh, not like really prepared, but we can use some other. Like King goats or something? Yeah, if if you don’t want to set up your own webinar, we can always send an email to everybody who are stupid, letting them know how to register and then get that new registration link on your deal page.


That’s fine. We can use the Web for one of the pro webinar solutions.


And I mean, you just have to let us know where the registration link is and and we can get everybody.


But should we do it as right now or everybody is OK to do it like on Monday or whatever, like you?


I think we could definitely delay. And that way we can get that link on the page and see if we can get.


OK, perfect. Let’s let them do it. I’ll I’ll send you the data regarding the webinar.


Yeah. So we’re going to go we’ll go chat about that offline. We’ll figure out how to get y’all a seamless webinar experience.


Sorry. Sorry guys. I was pumped up to do everything, but for some reason Friday I don’t know what’s happening today, but tech does not want to cooperate.


Believe me, this is not the first tech issue in the three webinars I’ve had today. So they like your t shirt, though, and I know that they like your tool because people are raving about you all in the deal page. We’re glad to have you so soon. If you all want to go check it out, you can. It’s about dot com slash reports with a Z and it’s starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by FEMA, 60 day guarantee.


So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. And once you’ve done that, leave your reviews on the deal page. Go rave about it along with everybody else, apparently. And if you have any more questions, you can leave them on the page as well. We’ll hook you up with another webinar at some point. So keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll hopefully get that to you soon.


Thank you so much for hanging out with you guys. Have a good one.

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