Replug Review: A Worthy Alternative to Switchy

In this Replug review, we'll cover the things I liked and disliked about this tool, and how it compares to the crowd favorite, Switchy. Let's begin!

This link shortener costs 5x more than Switchy – so why do people still buy?

Retargetkit powers the links in our group, while Switchy tackles other projects. I’m a proud owner of top-tier lifetime deals for both.

So, the question begs to be asked: why in the world does Replug have me eyeing my wallet?

Let’s dive in.

This review will cover:

  • Why you should care about link shorteners (if you don’t already)
  • The things I love (and secretly dislike) about Replug
  • How to decide if it’s the right weapon for your marketing arsenal
  • How does Replug compare to the LTD crowd favorite – Switchy
  • Should you switch from Switchy?
  • And more…

First… Why bother with a link shortener?

1) Branded URLs = Trust

Let’s be honest, those long, generic links scream “spammer” louder than a bullhorn at a library.

Consider these two links (both go to Replug’s deal):

Which one feels more trustworthy?

When a brand name you recognize is in the link, it’s a subtle vote of confidence.

Now think “Apple” instead of “kenmoo” – the effect is amplified.

2) Track your marketing and campaigns

For someone like me who post lots of LTD deals in the community, I know which deals strike a chord just by looking at how many clicks they get.

Product A: 3,000 clicks = ✅ Popular

Product B: 300 clicks = ❌ Not so popular

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

I see where those clicks come from helping me compare marketing channels (like affiliates vs. Facebook ads).

3) Recover lost sales

Add trackers (like Facebook Pixels or Google Tag Manager) to your links .

They’re the digital equivalent of tagging a shopper as they browse the store.

Now, you can target them with ads later, even after they’ve left your site.

Some link shorteners even let you trigger pop-ups as a user’s about to bail, offering that last-ditch coupon code to seal the deal.

4) Cool Extras

Some tools offer even more features for power users.

  • A/B testing
  • Link cloaking
  • Bio links
  • Custom widgets
  • and more

My Criteria for a link shortener

  • Ease of use: I don’t want a million clicks to shorten a link.
  • Reliability: Imagine the chaos if our link shortener vanished, taking our 6,708 LTD community links with it. Support tickets galore, lost sales… not a pretty picture.
  • Features I need: I need branded links, analytics, trackers, and call to action pop-ups. And since I shorten links on a daily basis, it should be quick and easy.
  • Fast redirects: Nobody likes waiting on a slow link. (In my tests, Replug, Switchy, and RetargetKit redirect quickly.)

About Replug

Think of Replug as your link-shortening ninja with a fancy toolkit:

  • Bio link builder
  • Deep linking
  • A/B testing
  • Retargeting
  • Call-to-action pop-ups
  • White-labeling (perfect for agencies)

Founded in 2016, they make $500k a year and have about 35-40 employees. Their Chrome extension alone has 2,000 users.


  • G2: 4.8 stars (19 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5 stars (7 reviews)

What I Like About Replug

1) Trackers are smart

Pixels are assigned to entire campaigns instead of each link. Meaning those links get tagged automatically.

With Switchy, it’s an extra few clicks per link – a minor annoyance that grows over time.

2) UTM templates

Setting up those UTM trackers for each link is a chore. Replug streamlines the whole process.

3) Automatically create branded links from any RSS feed (like your blog posts.)

This saves you time. Just go in and grab your shortened link and you’re ready to share content from any RSS feed.

4) Speed and simplicity

Replug understands that shortening links is a frequent task. Their dashboard and Chrome extension are snappy and clutter-free.

4) Feature rich

They have features even Bitly ($100M ARR) lacks. Replug offers more than Switchy.

Let’s hope they keep those innovative juices flowing, because link shorteners aren’t exactly known for frequent updates.

5) Profitability: Peace of mind

Link shorteners are vital for business.

Replug has the resources to ensure your links stay fast, reliable, and won’t suddenly disappear.

With $40k+ in monthly revenue and a 30+ member team, that’s good news for LTD buyers like us.

6) More unique stuff…

  • White-labeling: Great for agencies
  • Lots of deep linking integrations (fewer than Switchy, more than Retargetkit, but all them have the essentials)
  • Automated weekly reports
  • Supports custom scripts for trackers (unique among the tools I’ve used)
  • Campaign-level analytics: See data for a single link, campaign, or your entire brand (Switchy only does single links)

What I dislike about Replug

1) Links only: Where’s the variety?

Switchy and RetargetKit help you shorten not just web links but also things like phone numbers, WhatsApp, Messenger, emails, and more. Shortening URLs is common, but having extra options would be nice.

For instance, when you shorten a Messenger link, it can take users straight to a chat with a message already filled in.

2) Basic chrome extension features

Replug’s extension is super easy to use, but they’ve sacrificed advanced features to keep the interface clean.

For example, to enable deep linking or change a link’s title/ description, you need to go to the dashboard.

3) Weak bio links

Zero templates here, folks. And customization options are limited. Sure, you can make something functional, but it won’t win any beauty contests.

4) Other Issues

  • No link cloaking (that’s keeping your branded URL even after someone reaches the destination – a sneaky trick, but sometimes useful) even after the user reaches it)
  • Dubious conversion information — not sure how they calculate conversion rate. I don’t see a way to set it up properly. (no conversion script or Postback URL)

Should you Switch from Switchy?

I compare to Switchy since it’s the LTD crowd favorite, but these points may hold true for other shorteners too.

Stick with Switchy if…

  • You’re a happy camper as-is.
  • You want better bio links.
  • You shorten more than just web links.
  • You want a comprehensive Chrome extension.
  • You want more limits for a lower price.

Overall, Switchy gets the job done for most marketers.

Consider Replug if…

  • You work with clients (it offers white-labeling and workspaces).
  • You want to add call-to-action pop-ups to any webpage. (This opens up many possibilities. Use it to gain more email subscribers, direct traffic to top products, or sell it as advertising space. Get creative!)
  • Automatic tracker tagging saves you sanity.
  • You want better analytics.
  • Supporting a profitable company puts your mind at ease.

Replug is priced higher. But they win in user experience, features, and maturity of the brand.

What do you think about Replug? Will you consider it? Share your thoughts in our discussion thread.

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Ken Moo