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What’s going on is Chris from Appsumo, and today we have another product webinar for you. We are joined with the Replain team. We have Eugene and Igor here. For those of you who don’t know, Replain is fast and functional live chat software that receives and sends your website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It’s available on Appsumo right now, starting at just forty nine dollars. So it’s a super cool tool. We’re going to be diving into it in just a second with Eugene.


But before we do, two quick things. One, we will be sending out a replay later. So if you miss anything, you have to pop out early. You’ll be able to check out that replay for anything you missed. Number two, if you have any questions, feel free to drop those in the Q&A box below the video. And we’ll circle back to those questions after the walk through with Eugene. But other than that, Eugene, thank you for joining us today.


Thank you, Chris. Thank you so much. And I really appreciate all who will join our caucus, wanted to join to our webinar, to our team. And I would like also to thank for a huge support that we’ve got during the these all these attacks that have happened with FEMA. And I’m really glad that we had an amazing opportunity to to communicate, to chat with the huge amount of contributors who helped us to figure out what’s the most important thing for them and even help us to develop our product.


Very soon we will see what how how this process has interesting to us. Thank you so much.


We’re very excited to have you guys with us and appreciate you guys doing this deal for the the siblings on the plane. So, yeah, you are you are free to dove into the walk through. I’m going to turn my camera off and yeah, you can you can get going kind of showing folks how to how to get set up in some of those tips and tricks.


Yeah. Thanks a lot. First thing first, let’s start from the main idea. What is it? The plane on the first approach. It’s very simple. So we plan. It’s a live chat service that connects your website visitors, just as I am now on my personal website. And you the thing is that you are working directly from your personal messenger, Facebook Messenger, for example, like this one or telegram. This is my telegram now. So you don’t get any outside applications, you don’t have any website or any website.


The only thing you need is it’s just your Facebook messenger and that’s it. So everything, every single step of the settings is working directly inside your your messenger. You can use them both. You can use only one of them. And the second thing of replanned is that it’s fully functional. So you can you can add apparatus, you can add the banners, you can customize forms, you can add privacy policy. You have 14 languages of localization.


You have customization of the widget. You have a chat. History automatically sponsors, blacklists, integrations with the zapper and Google and Google. So every two or three weeks we try to be in this scandal. Every two or three weeks, we release a new feature focused for small and on a small and medium businesses to provide the best service and to be very simple. So all these features, we call them power ups. They’re extremely simple and they are they are focused on juggling work onto all the work you should.


We work hard on the idea that you should edit or change some settings just on the go. So this is our key approach. I don’t know. Let’s just I’ll show. What is it? So this is this is a plane. This is how it works on your website. I can show you one more. And. I have a little problem today. Oh. So this is how it works and this is how it works on my side in my telegram.


And this is pretty much this, that. This is someone is using our automatic responses. And just by clicking on the pencil, I already can reply to my client on that.


And here it is. So the thing is that here is a website visitor. I don’t need any software. I don’t have the personal contact of the operator until I have my privacy. I can leave my name or I can skip it. It depends on the settings and on the site of a telegram or Facebook messenger, which is the same. I can use the default feature of telegram and use whatever do I need to communicate with the with the customer I’m on.


So let’s let’s let’s let me show you how it works, how it works from from the first step. It’s quite simple. No matter where you will start, you can start just from our website to click and connect. You can click anywhere on the buttons or you can go directly to the messenger or to telegram and find the our direct links. This one I’ll ask. I will send it later to each other. So let’s go to Facebook resample.


These are simply so all the communication will be with these contact for you. We go to menu. This is the least of my connected websites. It could be your clients, it could be your different time zones, time zone websites, it could be different languages no matter what. So as an optional user, you can create from town to unlimited. The websites here, every website here has its own separate settings, so they are totally independent from each other.


Let’s try let’s start to connect website. Here’s a name we show where it will be shown. Uh. This is their description. Usually we use it for clarify what the company is doing. And here is your welcome message from from which you will start the communication. OK, here you choose the liquidation of the widget that your client will see on your website.


That’s it, that’s it. You have already got the coat, you have got a lot of instructions about how to install these, go to a different kind of websites. You can see the demo with the personal setup of the plane that will work directly right now with your messenger. So this is it.


Yeah, let’s close it here, cuz my communication with myself on my demo page so I can already start to play with it the. So this is this is how it works. This is this is the let’s see how it would appear on my menu. Here, as I told before, the list of websites and here’s our new website and stop here, you will see our basic settings, you can change the name of it. You can change the description, you can change that message.


You can change language. You can upload your logo color widget. You can add scheduling apparatus and see the code that you should place on your website. So I don’t I think that everyone pretty much understands how it works on the on the side of the Cantave website. We have our official blogging for the WordPress that will work for you just just like this place, the quote. You have the website, and that’s. Second. Does it, yeah, so we can change with you this logo and everything we can we here, we see here.


Let’s talk about our power ups, the feature of airplanes that you can connect, power ups one by one, and those power ups, the chance, the functionality of the total replanned. You know, someone is writing now. So each of. They will provide you something that will go with your business. Let me let me show how it works and how to set up no matter where. Let’s go to our website. We’ve just created. So as I told before, this is your main settings, you can go to store.


And get any popular opinion. We also have bundles like 10 power ups or five power ups, late state, then perhaps we have a trial for for every power up you want. And here, let’s choose ten of them Bongers forums, zappy or click the shot My Messengers Job History Black List. Ed from the station. Oh, not actually glad it’s not. So now I have much more settings and all these settings linked only to this website. So let’s talk about my messengers.


I think it’s it was the most popular power up. I’ll show it. What is it? So. As you see it over there. Here, this is the only lecture, that’s it, nothing else. And as we described before, and this is the power up of my messengers here will appear. A lot of a lot of channels through which one you can communicate with your customers. It means that when your customer will click onto one of those links, this customer will be redirected to your personal account into this messenger.


It’s quite complicated, understand? So, for example, let’s click on. Yeah. So as you see now, I have the direct communication with the dire situation with the person, so this is like a personal telegram account and it works. It means that at this time I had I was forced to share my personal details, my personal contacts. We know that there are a lot of customers who is not ready for this. This is why we call it like a direct links.


And it was like in a different way. So I will show you. Yeah, I’ll show you what exactly channels people will provide, so it’s more than 15, I think, and we added quite often over there. So let’s let’s add one of those here. I don’t know what’s what’s up, the telegram. Email. You can choose. You can choose whatever you need, but maximum 10, the course on the Web, on the mobile screens will be it will looks like much, much better.


So and then you see the result of this setup, let’s say. And let’s see how how it could be changed on our website. Yeah, as you see. Now I can chat with the operator or I can go directly to one of those messengers when I push on to one of those links, the recording application will be launched on my personal laptop. Well. And in the same way, pretty much every power up is working, so you just go into your Facebook messenger, you choose the power up you would like to set and it works.


For example, partners, I don’t know. Let’s advance will take control at Bonnar. We show how it works best. The. LOL, this like this. At the Bonnar. You can make popup banners like you’ve maybe here, you can here. Yeah, this is it. And or you can refuse from it. Yes, we’ll make like a pop and the. I was here this. And. That’s a. Uh, well. Now, I would like to share about how it works with different operators and how to work within one window in one messenger, and what the what should you what should you know or else so you can plan you can add unlimited number of operators to any your website.


And let me show how it works. Those operators can work simultaneously in any messenger that we will release. You just would like you just need to know on what kind of messenger they would like to work. So if you know that your operator would like to work in telegram, you just send him the link invite link to to provide some opportunity to work on the telegram, or if you know that he wants to work on the Facebook, provide him the link to work on the Facebook and.


So in terms of operators, you can add unlimited number of them, how to work with them. Yeah. And how how how to operate it onto your website. So the first message from your client, let me show you which one. If you remember, I was writing to myself like, hi, how are you? So this message, every operator, all operators joint to this website, to this chat will get. The following communication will be between that operator who took these client being the last one to means click on the pencil button.


In that way you can share your clients between operators, but you have to have some other chat. For example, like we have here is our separate Standard Chartered telegram where we can share the thoughts or we can ask to each other to take with the client. But we also have a power up that allow you to to transfer the client like. On your decision, for example. So I would like to transfer this this client to my second operator.


So I click a button for them, and I know this one, for example. And yeah, and I can transfer these client to you, to my my one of my operators, for example, let’s say to myself in Facebook, can leave some notes and that’s it.


So that to me as an operator. Yeah, I will see the message that USUN wants to transfer me the customer and I will see the note about this customer, for example, and I can start to chat with them, with him. But if I will miss this message in 30 seconds, this client will be automatically redirected back to to the first operator because nobody has answered here. And this is the tricks about the operators. You also have a history chat history about a client if you have this problem also.


So you can click on this book button and to see all the communication so you don’t have to scroll up and down to find his his messages one by one. And talking about the inconvenience that all the customers they live in, just in one in one floor of a shop. Yes, we know that there is this issue. And to tell the truth, we were worrying about this since the first day of the plane. But now we understand that it’s the right way because, yes, we are focused on the small and medium businesses.


And if you have a shot of you with more than 10 clients simultaneously at the same time, I think it’s quite complicated for any operator and for any software. We are totally fine to chat with about five from five to seven clients at the same time. For one operator, it’s it’s absolutely fine to work in these kind of in this kind of flow. The more is difficult, more difficult. Yes, I understand. But the second the reason why we don’t do it because it’s the technical technical restrictions, because every new communication, every new line, every new client has to be like a single bot.


And it’s impossible to make within an hour any message or. And the thing is that. So far, we are working in messengers, it’s a private space of operator, you can imagine that after a day of support, for example, if you have around 100 customers per operator per day, so every day you will get 100 new customers, new contacts here that you do know that you don’t understand. What are they talking about? So it’s quite it’s quite fresh in your messenger.


And we just we don’t also want to to do it in your personal spaces. This is pretty much the the the the all. The whole concept of plane, I understand that it’s quite complicated because you and I understand it’s quite difficult to understand to see how it could be implemented into your business. But I hope I’ll be able to answer some of your questions now to help with it.


Awesome. Great. Thank you for going through all that you did. It was awesome. Yeah. We do have a couple of questions in the chat. The first one I’m seeing is, is the communication end to end encrypted? Yes, yeah, and we lost both, we use our encryption and we use the and so far we are using Telegram and Facebook both that. Also encrypted, so everything is excellent. All right, can somebody use independent chat if they don’t use any of the social media profiles?


Independent shot union is an operator, if you like, Independencia is like an. So, yes, it is if we talk about your personal Facebook Messenger, for example, so it works directly in your personal Facebook Messenger. It’s not like a business page or something. Yeah, and for sure, the same thing with the telegram and WhatsApp. OK, is is it possible to use an intelligent bot welcoming a visitor and starting the communication with them with a custom message?


For this moment we have two features. One of them is ultimate support. It’s like a one step. But let me show how it looks like just on our website. It’s the second. Give me some pictures. Yeah, so this is the widget and this is the questions that you can find in replanned and at the same time you can pretty find the answers to these questions. I think the. Just a second. On. So this is the first one and the second one we have like a.


invitation. So by default, in 42 seconds, you will see the pop up with your welcome message. But with the power up, which is called also active invitation, you can change the time when it will be appear. So we we have two two to two things. How it works for this moment. Active invitation number one and automatic support number two. And I wish I would have the better connection now. To show how it was so.


Missy. You know, sometimes some things down now, but, yeah, we can keep going along. All right. One of the other questions, can you transfer customers to a different operator? Yes, sure. OK, awesome. And let’s see, one of the questions that we’re seeing on the deal page does sort of stacking three codes cover all of the features and future upcoming power ups? Yes, OK, we’ve done with the website. It’s also awesome.


Very cool. Well, those are all the questions that I’m seeing. So the last thing, if you want to navigate over to the app, similar deal page and just kind of go through what’s included with with each tier so everyone knows kind of what what they get on on one code, two codes and three codes.


Yes. So with the with a single girl, you will get four any five power ups of your choice. You can add the unlimited operators and those five programs can work within any Yorketown websites to redeem these calls, just create 10 websites and redeem the single code for choosing each site you would like to to connect. Those websites can be with a different power ups, with the different sets of power ups. And you can and they will work also for less time with double gold, you will get them power ups and with the triple calls you will get all power ups that we have now and that we will have in the future with the unlimited websites.


Go perfect. Awesome. Well, that is that is all I had from the the questions and it just kind of went through what’s including the deal so soon as you saw here what you get with with re super cool tool for managing all of these these chats and keeping it all organized in one spot. You can pick it up on Atsumi right now. Again, it’s on ximo dot com replaying starting at just forty nine dollars. If you stack those three codes you get unlimited to do all of those different things.


Yujin, do you have any, any last things you want to say to, to folks on here.


Yeah, I would like to tell that we are totally open to, to any good communication, to any proposals. Just come to our left shut right thoughts and let’s do it much better.


Awesome. Great. Thank you so much. And again, it is all backed by the 60 day guarantee. So for any you folks on here, no risk in picking up a code to go three codes, getting it set up, seeing what it looks like for your business. You have any other questions or any issues? Feel free to leave those on the same deal page. You can also reach out to the replaying team directly. But other than that, Eugene, thank you so much for joining us today and simoleons.


Thank you for hopping on as well. And and we’ll be talking to you all soon. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. All right, everybody. Bye bye.

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