Rasa.io: Creating Customized Emails


rasa.io is a software that can help you create, customize, schedule, and send emails that are sure to capture your customers’ attention. This can help build organic contacts and improve customer engagement and relationships.

Features and Benefits of Rasa.io

👉  Personalization – This feature enables the user to segment the sending of their emails to a group of one. The emails are completely customized to each one of your subscribers. This way, your emails can be more personalized and your customers will feel as though you are talking to them directly, building up that sense of trust.

👉  Automation – You can also customize the frequency, dates, and time for your newsletter to get sent out. This means that you can choose the best dates that suits yours and your subscribers’ interests and then you can move on with other tasks.

👉  Metrics and Reporting – This feature will allow you to watch your progress and plan ahead of time as to what you should do to improve the metrics. Through these reports, you can gauge how well your emails are doing and which emails should be changed and redirected.

👉  Mobile Previews – You will be able to see how your emails will look like if they are opened in different devices. This way, you can see through your recipients’ point of view.

👉  CRM Integration – This feature enables you to work alongside your team members and give them access to the newsletters. This way, you can also share the newsletters to your clients to allow them to have a look into your email campaign.

👉  Data Integration and Export Tools – You can import and export images from your favorite apps or from your computer.

👉  User, Role, and Access Management – This feature allows you to control who has access to certain segments of your campaign.

👉  Customize Colors, Fonts, and Layouts – You can also customize the colors, fonts, and layouts of your emails through the app. This way, you won’t have to worry about using other apps to keep your emails exciting and trendy.

Who is Rasa.io for?

👉  Email Marketers who need a tool that can help them with their campaigns.

👉  Marketing Agencies who are looking to improve their customer engagement through personalized emails.

Things to Note About Rasa.io

👉  There can be some issues when adding certain RSS Feeds.

👉  It does not allow adding of a sitemap XML.

👉  The subscriber limit may be too low for some especially for agencies.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2015

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 21

👉  Founder: Amith Nagarajan

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Capterra - 4 reviews


G2 - 64 reviews


AppSumo - 31 reviews


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