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Update as of October 24, 2023: There is an ongoing controversy involving Ranktracker. The people behind RankTracker is facing major backlash from its LTD users for closing their lifetime deal (LTD) accounts after having raised around $500K via Appsumo.

In a surprising move, Ranktracker have put all LTD accounts behind a monthly “Support Plan,” making it compulsory for users to pay an additional fee to use the service.

Adding to the frustration, the SaaS company has purportedly been unresponsive to customer support queries, and has been accused of deleting the accounts of those who voice criticism.

Even Appsumo, the platform used for raising funds, seems to be left in the dark. This has led to a call for customers to write negative reviews about Ranktracker in an effort to protect other LTDs and raise awareness of the situation.

In short, RankTracker has scammed its LTD users by locking their accounts behind a paywall. Avoid RankTracker at all costs.

Don’t know how to track your presence in the search engine? Do you find Google Search Console too technical? Then Ranktracker might be the best solution for you to track your best (and worst) rankings in the SERP.

As the name already implies, Ranktracker is an SEO platform where you can view, track, and analyze your search engine rankings for all your target keywords. However, It’s important to know that Ranktracker does more than that.

With Ranktracker, you can also do website audits, optimize your keyword and competitor research, and identify vital solutions that will level up your website’s SEO performance so you can truly be ahead of the competition.


Ranktracker’s Pricing Overview


Ranktracker’s price starts at $6 for a basic monthly plan. The price scales up depending on how many keywords you want to track, and how many features of the software that you want access to.

Ranktracker has a lifetime deal which starts at $49 for a Tier 1 deal.

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$6.00 / month

✅  Has a 10-day free trial
Track 50 keywords
✅  1 User / Unlimited Domains

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$49.00 – Single Payment for Tier 1 Deal

Ranktracker Lifetime Deal


Ranktracker Features


Ranktracker has three main features that can help you out with managing your SEO and your keywords:


Search Engine Tracker


👉   Manually add your target keywords to Ranktracker to start tracking your keywords in the search engine. Or you can upload an Excel or CSV file to add your keywords in Ranktracker all at once. Ranktracker can also suggest keywords for you based on its analysis of your website.

👉   Gain data about your competitor’s rankings by adding them into Ranktracker’s system and comparing it to your own.

👉   View keyword data and tracking reports straight from your dashboard. You can download this report from Ranktracker directly to your computer, or you can quickly share it with your team and clients.


Keyword Finder & SERP Checker


👉  Ranktracker’s Keyword Finder tool is your go-to tool for doing keyword research within the platform.

👉  Gain insights on each keyword’s data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP features, and keyword trend.

👉  Narrow down your search for the right keywords by customizing various settings on the Keyword Finder.

👉  Find your competitor’s best keywords with the Keyword Finder tool.

👉  SERP Checker allows you to see the SERP for a given keyword without going outside of the platform. You can even localize the SERPs if you’re targeting a specific location, region, audience, or city so you can have an insight of the best keyword opportunities for you out there.


Web Audit Tool & Actionable SEO Tasks


👉  Ranktracker has a web audit tool that allows you to view your website’s SEO metrics and index statuses. This saves you a lot of time figuring out what some of the problems are in your website when it comes to SEO.

👉  More in-depth web audits provide you with useful statistics such as Authority And Link Profile Strength, as well as insights about your most successful competitors.

👉  Ranktracker can also crawl your page to look for fixes that you need to prioritize to improve SEO.



Who is Ranktracker for?


Ranktracker is perfect for website owners, webmasters, freelancers and agencies who work on SEO, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to be at the top of Google’s search page.


Things to Note about Ranktracker


👉  The Keyword difficulty is not readily viewable by default. You have to click to view it, and sometimes, loading it is very slow.
👉  The Keyword Finder UI can be a bit buggy at times.
👉  The number of keyword you can track might be too low for professional use.


Ranktracker Alternatives



User Reviews for Ranktracker


“Ranktracker is a well-designed and user-friendly rank tracker. There are plenty of SEO trackers on the market to choose from, but this one, in particular, has exploded with a polished product with excellent features for a lifetime price.

I can use Ranktracker to view my rankings instantly, keep an eye on my competitors, and find new keywords with its built-in keyword finder. Plus there’s a bonus SEO checklist feature, reporting, and dashboards that I can use with working with my clients in the future.”

by Kevin Joy


I have a lot of experience with a lot of SEO tools and i kinda like the simple but yet very complete approach by ranktracker. I get all my rankings in the blink of an eye on a daily basis. On top of that it has a KW finder, an SEO checklist, reporting for potential clients and a website audit feature, with the most important fixes for your site. It’s to the point and very easy to understand.

I would recommend Ranktracker to every website owner to get the most out of their SEO strategy.

by soundgraph


I was initially looking at Nozzle but it seemed overly complicated for my needs which is simply to make on page SEO better. The interface is easy to understand and although you get a lot of information, it’s easy to find the specific information I want.

I have a few different tools that are similar in what they are trying to do but are complex to the point that I simply don’t use them. I figure the best tool for me is the one I will actually use, and I think Ranktracker will be it.

by plainenglish


We have tried Ranktracker for a few days now and really like the overview it provides to us. It is really comprehensive, but for some things like the SERP tool the loading time for the results is a bit long, but nothing to worry about

by Simolation


I wanted to like the product but it has one major flaws. My main purpose for selecting the product was Keyword research. One of the important factor needed for that is Keyword difficulty score.

The tool gives you that but by default it is not visible. You have to click on icon in front of each keyword and wait for it to load to see the score. That is annoying and wastage of time.

by sumo-ling


“If you want to track keywords and generate reports, this seems like a solid tool. If you want to do research, then I cannot reccomend this tool. Maybe I just got it on a bad day or something, but the bugs were incredibly frustrating. I’d personally pay an extra $100 just to have that keyword column be PERMANENTLY visible and not to have to muck around with it. That would be great.”

by gibwalker


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