Qwary vs QuestionScout:
Which Is The Better Survey Tool?


Qwary and QuestionScout are both survey tools that can help you get feedback from and engage with your leads and customers by using interactive surveys.

These two survey tools have offered lifetime deal before to their customers. In this blog, we’ll present a side-by-side comparison of the features they have and don’t have, an overview of the software, and the best way to use them.

We hope that this review will help you in deciding what to go for between Qwary and QuestionScout.


 What is Qwary?


Qwary is a survey platform that allows you to capture feedback from people and  measure an array of useful survey analytics.


Qwary Homepage


What is QuestionScout?


QuestionScout, on the other hand, is an all-in-one form builder. You can create conversational forms, surveys, and even quizzes to engage your customers.


QuestionScout Homepage


Features available in Qwary but NOT in QuestionScout


Survey Elements:


  • Reply using Video (Video surveys)
  • Reply using Audio
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Star Rating — select no. of stars.
  • Smiley Scale
  • Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Select Thumbs up or Thumbs down
  • Effort Score (CES)
  • Screenshot Feature — allow users to select an element on the page and automatically send in a screenshot.
  • Booking Calendar — allows you to integrate with Calendly and other common booking calendars.


Survey Distribution:


Take survey via Facebook Messenger — It is not a link to an online form to take the survey. But participants will be asked the questions directly in FB Messenger and they can also answer directly.

Generate Personal Links in Bulk — you can enter a list of email and it’ll spit out a list of links so you can track responses for each individual.


Survey Analytics:


  • Average Completion Time
  • Average Completion Rate
  • Average Drop off Rate
  • Device tracking
  • Distribution Channel Breakdown — know how participants are taking the survey. Email? QR code? And display them on beautiful graphs.
  • Rating Index, Breakdown, Trend, Volume, Graphs (if you have rating questions)
  • Analytics for each question — with 5 display options (bar, charts, pie…)
  • Sentiment Analysis — uses machine learning to understand the sentiment of the responses. Helps you identify angry customers quickly.
  • Question Comparison — compares the sentiment of 2 questions. (negative, positive, or neutral?)


Other Notable Features:


Translation to other languages — detecting users at each location and delivering surveys at their native language.

Ability to inject any code — to run any scripts upon page load.


Features available in QuestionScout but NOT in Qwary


Survey Elements: 


  • Collect Signature — allow users to e-sign directly on the form. I don’t think there’s an audit trail. But a good feature nonetheless.
  • Collect payments — you can connect your Paypal/ Stripe and collect payments directly on the phone.
  • Calculator Feature — able to add a score to each answer and deliver dynamic thank you page based on the scores of the participant. This allows you to create quizzes (e.g. personality tests).


Survey Analytics:


  • Advanced Filtering — allows you to narrow down to the type of surveys as you want to see. (e.g. survey fulfils A but not 


Other Notable Features: 


  • More flexibility (options) when designing forms
  • Custom theme builder — allows you to build your own survey theme which you can use again in the future.
  • Customize help text
  • ReCAPTCHA — to prevent spam
  • Resume on Return — give your respondents the option to continue their previous response when they return using the same browser.
  • Prefill Forms — pass information you already know into your form via the URL. This information is automatically captured in the response, and can be pre-filled in the form to increase conversion rates.
  • Both Conversational & Traditional Form Format — conversational means displaying questions one at a time. And traditional means having all the qns on one page. Qwary only has the former.


Full Features Comparison Table: Qwary vs QuestionScout


Qwary QuestionScout
Survey Inputs
Short Answer
Long Answer
Email Address
Phone Number
Audio Response
Video Response
Feedback with Screenshot
Calculator Feature (Quizzes)
Payment Collection
Survey Selection
Multiple Choice
Single Choice
Image Choice
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Star Rating
Smiley Scale
Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
Thumbs Up or Down
Effort Score (CES)
Booking Calendar
Survey Media
File Upload
Survey Structure
Advanced Logic
Survey Distribution
QR Code
Embed Survey
Facebook Messenger
Send by Email
Generate Personal Link
Send Link by Text
Survey Analytics
Avg Completion Time
Avg Completion Rate
Avg Drop off Rate
Device tracking
Distribution Channel Breakdown
Rating Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Question Comparison
Advanced Filtering
Pabbly Connect
Inject Any Tracking Code
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Mollie payment
Square payment
Other Features
Language Translation
Inject HTML Code
Form Prefills
Traditional Form Type
Conversational Form Type
Partial Submission
Send email via SMTP Roadmap
Theme builder for Forms


So Which One Should You Choose? Qwary or QuestionScout?


Choosing which tool depends on your preference and your use case…

Better UI/ UX? » Qwary (My opinion)
Need quizzes? » QuestionScout
Need all-one-form builder? » QuestionScout (Can do traditional/ conversational forms, take payment, and have quizzes)
You’re a data nerd? » Qwary (So many more options available to analyze & display your data)
More Survey Features? » Qwary.
Need to Take Bookings? » Qwary (Booking calendar integration)


People’s Feedback about Qwary and QuestionScout


Here are some insightful reviews from our Facebook group members who have used Qwary and QuestionScout. Join us in our discussion here.

Although a little similar, their strengths are different. I own QuestionScout and it’s such a solid product. If you need a form, it’s perfect.


I’ve been testing Qwary and close to buying it before it goes. Surveys is where Qwary really stands out. Most people that do basic surveys in a form format just to retrieve answers or feedback, probably won’t care or won’t notice the difference.


What you get with Qwary for surveys is such powerful at a glance results that you don’t get with QuestionScout. Graphs, sentiment analysis, answer comparison etc are a marketers dream when it comes to survey results. That alone is what’s making me consider Qwary.


For basic needs you can choose 1 or the other, for power users you probably want to grab both, especially if you need powerful surveys. Qwary should be compared to the likes of Survey Monkey to really understand its features, rather than a form builder (as powerful as QuestionScout is).

– Peter


QuestionScout has the greatest feature I believe every form builder should have but only few do: Partially filled forms.


It means QuestionScout shows you when someone didn’t fill out the whole form and it shows you where they dropped out in the process…


Imagine this: You have a form with 15 questions you use for lead gen but you’re getting zero leads… then you look at the backend and you realise everyone’s dropping out on questions 13. Now you have data to either change the question or make the form shorter.


In my opinion, every form builder should have this but I don’t recall any of the LTD ones having it.


This is a crazy helpful feature for lead gen, long forms, asking for feedback, etc. Other form builders you either get the form filled or not.

– Greg Luis


Here’s a very quick review.

Qwary = Hands down best UI/UX. Hands down. Great features and options but they’re not marketing/sales related.


QuestionScout = Geared towards marketing but missing a lot of small things that should otherwise be there. The only thing good about it is it has unlimited everything.

– Joshua Lim

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