QPage Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.770] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar, I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Q Page. Q Page is a recruiting platform that leverages data to help you source, assess and hire the best candidates. It is an absolute right, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dive into the walkthrough though, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, you can go ahead and leave that in the chat room.

We love to hear it. And I was actually talking to the founder earlier about how the use cases have been really informative and help them kind of with their roadmap. So we’ll talk a little bit about that later. The next thing that I want to tell you all is that you can put your questions in the Q&A box. We are going to circle back to those at the end of the walk through. We were supposed to have somebody here on standby to answer those questions as they came in, but they’re kind of developing some new parts of this product for you.

So, like, they’re not here today. So sorry about that.

And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you want to watch this later, you need to step out. You totally can. It’s no big deal. All right. That is enough of me. Hello. Hey, how are you doing? Oh, hello.

[00:01:21.750] – Pouya (QPage)
Good morning to you, Lindsay. Thanks for having me. Thanks for the chances.

It is great to have you. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walk through. Let me know when you’re ready for questions. Sure. Sure.

Let’s let’s do this. OK, shall we? Right. Pamela, thanks for having us. Time actually for accepting Cuban’s deal. Let me start by introducing myself on Puyallup. I’m one of the co-founders of Backpage and Kubitschek. So basically that was a pain to be had within few corporate center nice calls and startups we co-founded previously. And that was actually whenever we wanted to hire or fine, actually a proper candidate that was too costly and that was pretty hard to find the right one.

We use actually a lot of platforms whenever actually we use a CRM or ATIS, we had to integrate it with the a lot of different platforms and just try to make one one Q one proper workflow. And another point was that we didn’t actually we try to develop the CRM apps, we just find it out from the customer’s probably sourcing and social recruiting is the niche we can actually move into, which is a new category in the industry. Cupido actually the startup by nature, by heart and by the time as well.

So we are trying to build really fast, bringing new features. But the industry and the vertical, this is something actually you cannot actually compete with, like any other platform in any other verticals, if you name it would be like even the arms, even actually like Chambon software. It’s really complex. And I can actually tell you so far we could add more than three hundred thousand line of codes. And I can tell you that is just the beginning.

So that was enough. I think from the chit chatting from myself, I wanted to just start by sharing my screen. OK. So here is the homepage. Let me take this one as well. So you actually look at home page, so you have plenty of different information on your dashboard, those ones that are really important for your recruiting. What are you doing here? Is the public record, including the assessment? Not so much the look, it’s not in here to get to those questions being raised by the rest of the world.

So here actually is look.

Yeah. It’s it sounds like the sound is kind of breaking up. I think that’s what the raised hand was about.

I’m not sure if there’s like something on the mic or so. Yeah. Is the audio bad? I think the audio is like kind of breaking up.

Talk to us. I don’t actually know now it sounds perfect. Great. Keep going. You’re doing great.

Thank you. Thank you. So so here in the dashboard, you can see a lot of people. Those are to be counted as compared to how many candidates probably came to your pipeline and how was your holiday if you’re not happy about it. So there is no new work.

The good thing it’s doing it again, but it’s. Hang on. Go, go, start going again. Sure, how is the situation? It sounds it sounds fine when I’m here, I’m just gonna hang out here. Yeah, sure, yeah, sure, sure. So just let me know if just so I have to repeat in any part of it. Yeah, yeah, if you want to go back through that, because I think as soon as I came back off it, it started to break up again, I.

I don’t know that JJ says start again. Cool. Thank you. Sure. So here is your dashboard and you can see actually, like plenty of essential information for your recruiting funnel that could be from the candidates or the number of the candidates, your pipeline, the to spend some time to hire and the foremost, the coverage. Find out how many candidates you have on your funnel and how much probably I was hired at the bottom. Actually, you can see you can see the candidates here, Fono.

I don’t want it actually to get rid of that by closing me here because I want to actually talk over that. But here is like the aggregation of your pipelines and here’s what you can call in here. And Osterberg, so if you are a company and you have you wanted to go on the mode that you don’t want to advertise a job for the externals, I mean, like print it out to your candidate page, but you want it actually to give the opportunity for your employees and you invite the employees in your work, especially in here, so they can actually find the chances and opportunities in here and here.

You have you can actually have as many as workspaces in here. And the good news is that with the help of the optimal directive, we can we learn from some of the things that they need actually to add up workspace. So we just bring it up now. It’s just launched on the optimal page. And that is pretty easy. When you just open up and sign up for your first workspace, you can go and add new company in here other than just a stock option, including here.

And the start to that would be OK. All right, so you have your inbox in here, any emails you will see also in here, you can go with the show all. You can see your notification. And by the way, we also launch just like two days ago, sending my messages and emails to outside of the workspace. So if actually there is none or there is no any candidates in here, but you wanted actually to send an email to someone which is not your workspace, whatever, as a candidate or whatever, as a partner or anything.

So you just you can actually write down an email and send a message and try to send it off. Another point is that the reply back and probably the SMTP integration and probably Gmail integration are a part of the integration as well in the future. But we will actually get into it on the on the road map blog here right now. You have actually like the sending part, which is amazing here notification so you can go to your notification path. But just tapping on that, the gear on the right path, they can decide whether you want it actually to get the notification on the email or not and say, well, good to go so enough from the dashboard.

So let’s go actually with the company profile. So when you want it actually to set up your company, profile your calendar page, you can go in here, you can actually just select a phone and go with it, like the size anything you wanted actually to add up. And then here is the carrier based search team and here is the address to the candidate page. Just bear with me because I’m just screaming right now, so that’s why the bombing is just going to the this report.

So here you can go with the job of putting your hex color or just chooses from the color picking here, primary colors, secondary colors, photos, descriptions, any size, the font you wanted actually to choose, bring all about gathering here and then contact point or social media or anything. I know there there have been a lot of question about that, whether actually we can go. With the different times we got actually and we listened to you, we will actually work on it to bring new tents, probably two or three more.

And later on, we can actually make it like a Vicks so you can, like, drag and drop each part for yourself. But for now, that is actually like a page. And when you print actually any jobs, it just directly come in here. And neither actually question I want to actually to tackle on it here is that the ability to change it to the job boards rather than to be a candidate page, because we know that actually a lot of pushing around that in the absolute pitch.

Well, the answer to that is that we just started the investigation and try to see the benchmarks, best practices, whether we can bring up such kind of the feature. The answer actually is unclear right now, but we try to do it. Might be actually that could be an option for the for the those multi workspace, but I’m not sure actually about that. So I want to actually talk to just David in black, but that is something we are on the radar, so we will think about it.

All right. So let’s go to the people module where you can add up your employees or your people, and why is that? Because you want it actually, if you do so, firstly, there is not any limitation here. And the second is that so you can make a collaborative recruiting pretty easy. You can go with the adding a colleague in here, just one by one, drop a CV in here. And that is optional, by the way.

So you can actually write down those information on other Cynthy or you can go with the batch upload or just drop a lot of positives in here. And then people when when they just got the invitation, they can go to see their own profile. So they can actually edit their own profile, you can edit the tags. You can bring up the defense information summary, any profile, if they wanted to share with the others resumé a skills. So let’s just one profile.

It just made it out for myself. So you can see the ties to social media and information and by the way, if you want to send an email to even look here’s or you can just send a message and hear directly or you can set events. In here as well, pretty easy. And then one thing you can do in here is that. You can add them as an interviewer to any job. So basically, when you out of the building here, you can choose what would be the access control.

So it could be either to be an admin employee or partner, which is a guess. So if you choose actually to be the admin, they have the access to the of the whole workspace. But if they are not working as a part of an interview like a pipeline, they don’t get the notification and messages and they can only be escorted, but they can see it as the employees employees. Actually, they only can see the main dashboard. The other employees profile.

And it’s actually they got assigned as an interviewer any pipeline they can access to the pipeline. That’s cool. And I guess the only actually can have the access to the pipeline itself.

So we’re probably one of to use cases where the partner could be, because I’ve got a lot of requests for the agency so they can actually use the guest, which is the partner you want to live in here and give or probably grant and access to the employers or clients. And then let’s go to the candidates pool. So you can all of us, as many as candidates you want, and one of the actually future plan which will be released very, very soon, is that a virgin two off the candidates pool where you can actually make a cohort’s and based on cohort’s, you can actually automated workflow.

But imagine actually somebody like they got the birthday, an email or message, a message is actually just get triggered or anything like that if they didn’t open up an email to such kind of thing. So it is like that would be like the scenario planning and campaigning. So wait for it. That would be amazing. Well, but although in here you have reached out to the candidate pool, you can go into the candidates public one by one. Simply and then you can also add them to a job.

So let’s go to the like the main part and the most important part of the Cupich, which is the job. So what you wanted to start a publishing job is somebody creating a job here. You can do it probably with a few just clicks. I think I have to change my Internet. We’re just killing. Yeah, you know, it happens, I’m I’m dealing with a struggle as well, JJ, I see you raising your hand. You got a oh, he suggests maybe turning off the background.

Oh, my God.

You’re looking at me. Yeah, probably. That would be a good case. Yeah, I called my Internet provider yesterday and they said that I can’t get a faster speed at all when I tell you it is so disappointing.

So we got to find out what was the sitting. Let me check it out in here. Thanks, J.J.. Sorry, it happens here with me, video settings says. All of the best background filter. Yeah, I don’t know how to. The. But I cannot look for in here, so let me is probably sharing here and then that would be more possible because I cannot.

Sure. And then you back wrong and then non, we’re a cool. Then again, shooting sorry, some links. OK, now I was just working, right? Yeah. So now you can actually take the industries of any job you wanted to just go after four hours. Front end developer did something with. Seychelle.

Any department you wanted to choose on, by the way, if you didn’t see actually a job in here, you can just create by yourself, you can just go with the front and something and then tap to creating here.

And you can see the previous job of the job description is just still in here. So you can use it, you can edit it and you can go with the alternatives. Another point here is that the Abascal so that’s a mission, mission and care, which is a seven layer job description, if you wanted actually to provide more information for the candidates to attract them.

And other part, just choosing the location are there to be remote or country of let’s with the the greatest country on the earth, us and go with the probably California and the San Francisco probably. And the employment type. On another opportunity here is to just give the annual salary, have to this point and then the number of the people you wanted to hire in here or in here sit and continue. So here you can actually design an application when you want it, actually a candidate to fill it out within the application process, you can add up any questions in here.

That could be multiple questions. Yes. No descriptive questions or go with the no. Do you have a comment and skill?

Or the answer should be yes, or you can actually ask for the references, anything you want. You have no any limitation. You can go with the adding more question and more. So here you can invite the other folks or their colleagues or even partners or even clients to just join your planning team, give them the access, invite them in here if you work to space so you can see the email addresses in here and that’s all.

So we can hear this go to the heart of the flow, so the heart employees die, you can actually change the name, you can delete it, or you can add the steps in here, simply name it. And when you name it something, you just can take action. As to the nature of the timing here is like what would be the nature nearby? It is outsourcing. Is that like the screening? Is that like the interviews? But we can go with the interview.

Run to.

Whatever you choose. And then now you can actually change the order in here and the most important part, so assessment on autonomous actions. So here you can choose from the Cupich skills assessments continue. And where you continue, there is the one bottom line here. So you have to push and press on the next and the set where you sit it out. Now it’s just automated. So whenever the candidates arrive on the screening, that will get an email with the assistance.

So you don’t need to do anything basically anymore about that, you can actually be on your own assessments, any questions you wanted to choose. So feel free, feel free about that. All right, so let’s go to the other part. Emails so you can automate the emails of, like, whatever actually candidates arriving to the offer. I wanted to send. Like an offer letter or a contract, and if you don’t have it actually here, you can add up or edit the templates.

And another feature I probably will soon for the next week will come out. Is that so we can edit the provided templates to global templates? You can use it for your own self, probably can add up attachments and save the templates for yourself as well. So simple. Another point doing here is that the actions so let’s say actually in the step of the interview, you wanted to do something which is like setting off a video interview. So go with the interview, build of a description and hear whatever you want it to do for the first time.

Probably you need to do in here. If you use the Calanda, just copy the API key from the column. So we have it in here. Just Cockayne here.

Pasted in here, integrated.

All right, so now you can actually look to the interviewer, you can see of the meetings you have provided with the design it in your calendar account and who’s going to be like. Look at guests, and here you can actually find any questions. And by the way, those questions will not show up to the to the candidates. Those are actually like these questions if you wanted to make a standard process within your recruiting process. So let’s say why we should hire you for like any indicator of actual questions in here.

Give us an example of something. I think I need to. Just living here, so you didn’t need to go to the scheduling anymore. When the candidates arrived at the interview, they would get a link or potentially they can go and pick up a time of stuff from your calendar and they will show up in the interview. And you’ll have plenty of choices if you using actually the calendar, you can integrate with your resume or Google or anything, or you can actually use decoupage video and voice interviews.

But there is another option. If you don’t actually use the talenti, you can go with the manual. So it just the calendar, the part that go with the manual, that would be easier. Another part is that designing about evaluation for. So we can have any evaluation in here.

Anything probably you wanted actually to make a stand or point to just make bias free evaluation process that seemed like the culture fit and then make a bet on it and that’s a spectrum. So that would be the one to 10 and nine and 10 is a positive. Probably the most you can hear and you can have the criteria. Anything else like. Let’s say culture, feed and then ability. Then flexibility or anything. Have having your mind any new criteria and then you can go with the criteria scoring, so that means that when you have the criteria and criteria, each of them can get different score.

And do you want it actually to add the scale to be required or that that would be optional so people actually can apply or they have to just put something on it? That would be the same scenario for the review and still say, what is that? Do you want it actually to just make it confidential, the result part to just be available for the offer on the Ottman or no, which is actually public and you can make it as a template.

So here we go now we have it all in here. If you wanted to delete anyone, you can delete it and anyone and design another. The last word. So the last part is that to publish the job, so the first one, if you want actually to just published and to be publishing your pipeline, first thing you did actually to choose either to be publish on your company carry page or internal announcement word. And once you have done it, you can see actually the Facebook, Twitter, and they just activated in here because they use the link of your candidate page.

It can go with the master free. You can go with the Google to print it out or you can go with the page once. And the number of the job versus adding on probably next batch would be during class or something rather. That’s actually those are the most popular ones. So here is the pipeline you have printed out. So you can see the publish, you’ll have the drive, you have the archive, so you can go to the candidates when the candidates are your pipeline.

So you can see each one, they can change the orders. You can move it actually around, but drag and drop. You see the numbers changing. But the most important part here is that you need to tap into the steps in here to get more deeper, although, again, you have your steps here in here, but now you have the candidates. You have the candidates profile if they have. Uploaded the resume a. Inexorability. And then you can design the tags, one thing, which is the candidate matching it matches the job description with the candidate’s profile and break it down into the eight categories.

So one thing that people can be is that the total match number, the total match number means the total of a matching number with the job description and the candidate’s profile. And other point, you can directly go to Candy’s profile in here. And simply, you have a different perspective from the candidates, provide any escorts or give you a candidates, have taken any comments or notes you wanted to live in here, but basically you have all of them in here.

So go to the evaluation. You can go to the Esquire and review a a score, and that is your evaluation form so you can open up the evaluation for whatever you design people can actually cause, if anything like the comments. And with. Here we go. So now you can see the result. And you can leave your final judgment, whatever. Another point doing here is that. You can leave the discourse, your review or comment on the candidates, like I like the.

And then we can submit it and the other people in your team, they can come like or dislike it or reply to it. So that would be a great point for collaboration on the recruitment. And any and hearing the assessment, part of any video interview, any action or any assessment you have done at the scene here on the status, whether to be conflicted or not. And remember what I said, actually, you can do the interview called on Boy Scout manual.

So now you have the choice in here to just copy the link of the interview and candidates and send thing to them. Another point here is that it like the assessments, we have done something in the area. So it is like the completed, you can see, but it is completed, but you don’t see any score because you didn’t leave any escorts. So you can say the assistant you have sent send it off to the candidate is done or not.

So the idea is that just take it as much as possible to a level that we can actually take the data driven. What happened happening here, so that. And when you have done it, you can see the scores and it directly goes to the scorecards in the next. ASTEP here is a mock interview. So when the candidates just recorded the video and the mock interview was that was the the the ISTEP and the automated action when the candidates would go to the machine with the machine in the interview, the machine actually ask your questions, recorded the video and bring it back to you.

Let’s see an example of that.

Describing the current situation, we face actually a lot of challenges of the day, but yeah, a lot of the stories and you can actually leave the square.

And here we go, we have a lot of numbers to play with. We have the email history with the candidates to see. We can sit in on all the events in here and you can send an email to candidates or add up the autonomous actions right directly in here.

And then if you wanted to just reach someone selected, reject the apply and then you can see the reason for that if you want to to write. And the reason I see the call is over qualified. And I wanted to write something about that like shop. Not a good fit like that and then, Don. So here we go, we have plenty of the options. You can again. And here change the candidates, just point a drag and drop simply or directly, you can go to have a deeper look inside, see here, go through the assessments.

Any automated actions or any automated assessments you have designed for do it in here. And when you love someone, you can go through the pipeline here and imagine when when you have done it for someone. It gives rise to the. The last part, which is declarant. And then you can sit like a joining date, go for it. I’ve done one thing, so now you can go with the onboarding module, but there is one military thing here we just thought that was probably upset Senate, the onboarding module was a better base.

We got some we see some budget things in that. So we just brought it down to just make it better and bring it up again. And then that’s something out the 12. And the another one is that when you add people in here, you will see an auto generated organizational chart. So you can actually use that one as well. So here we go. That was the cupie. Suhaib, wait for us. A lot of amazing features are under development.

So every two weeks, which is a spring, we just release new features and we send you email. So here, that was all I could have probably shared by now. And I’m all ears, actually, to learn from you guys. Wonderful.

All right. Similar things. If you have not already, you can go ahead and put your Q&A questions in the Q&A box. All right. We’re just going to go through the ones that we have received. Shout out to Jayjay.

The emails are are the emails sent via our own server. Yeah, that was the SMTP I tried to actually to tackle Bob within the bathroom. So what LaBelle’s see name on this SMTP son are the some of the things which which are actually under the situation. Of course, we will just release them, but that would be a matter of time. I can not actually make it that much of the clear about the timeline, but these are actually are the part of the plan.

Awesome. What branding white label options are available. That was, again, the scene built on this empty part are all together, so probably they were just be so awesome.

[00:38:00.890] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How can applicants keep their profile and be notified of openings in the future?

[00:38:07.450] – Pouya (QPage)
Sorry, like, can you just, like, elaborate more on that? I could not actually like to get the point in here. Yeah.

JJ, if you want to elaborate on the question, you can I can I can kind of spitball can applicants, like, create a profile that like, I guess saves their information and.

So one thing about that is that no, they cannot. And that is against the probably the privacy and GDP right now. Another point is that we’ve seen it as a barrier for the candidate. So if you just do something to look, they have to just login and sign up for your platform. Just go with the problem, the application process. You will see a lot of writing here. So we are against that for now. But we we are not actually actually biased about it.

We see the data or any information we will do. We will go for it. Which websites are jobs posted to and will there be others coming? Yeah, I think we just seen it with each other and the like. Prove we have the monster Google recruiter, civility, not the civic school. And we will see a lot of the other jumpers to be to be added. You have the social media like the LinkedIn and Twitter to just print it out there.

One hack in here is that you have your candidate page so you can actually share those URL that you wanted actually to post a job in the other platforms, which is actually pretty common. Another point of integration is a part of the plan. So we will get reaction to it in the store and the like on the top. So we will just freeze to it.

[00:39:57.860] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Can you let us know how the free and paid job posting works can?

[00:40:03.990] – Pouya (QPage)
OK, I’m going to go through all of these questions from Claudia right now.

[00:40:08.130] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can you let us know how the free and paid job posting works? Can we post unlimited client jobs? And can we recruit using this tool to find candidates to our clients who post jobs on Gaza?

[00:40:22.860] – Pouya (QPage)
With a quick question. So you have no limitation on both of actually paid and on free job boards. But the point with the job boards is that you need to go to your job board. Probably you have the profile, probably you have to charge it in there. And as much as actually you have money, your account there, so you can actually print the jobs within decoupage. The other part was that, like the free part of the free job was you have no limitation around that.

It takes six to something like twenty four hours to print it out, but no limitation. Can you tell us more about the mock video option in the assessment, the mock interview is the luck automation process and that’s a great actually for bias free shortlisting or if you have a lot of the candidates in your pipeline. So if you want actually to make like a standard line and also warm up the candidates for the next round, which is lucky to be Ross, and that’s a process where you can ask or you can actually write down your questions.

The machine will go to interview with the candidates. They will just ask us your question, record the video, bring it back to you and show it to you. I think we just had to walk through input so people actually can watch it. And also we have the video around us on the YouTube channel. So another question. I just I think I think that was remain and that was like around the. Around the job boards and whether we will have different parts of the job boards, whether they can actually source the candidates within the job boards, bring it up to decoupage.

That depends on the job boards. So far, the master and the recruiter, they don’t have that much like really a ibis based sourcing. So we prefer not actually to not touch it. But of course, if we just get the integration with the indeed glass or the team, they have actually no option. So you can actually go with the research and make history. Another point doing here is that we will launch another amazing feature, which is like a chrome extension so you can feed the candidates, whatever.

Actually you go with your stocking. The profiles are there to the.

And that’s what. Awesome. All right, J.J. has a two part question that’s related to what we’re just talking about. First you ask, are there additional costs that will be added for things like branding or anything else? And then he just asked if the mock interview, the mock video interviews in your calls, are those included in the second deal or does that require any subscriptions or accounts?

No. When you have actually the CO two, you have the access to the mock interview for the signings, for the label that would be free for the code to an offer if actually you would leave. A review for us, if possible, but by the way, you will have it actually for free.

And he wants to follow up on the saving of profiles, did you say it’s not allowed, but maybe it could be considered saving the profiles for what we talked about, the profiles of the applicants?

[00:44:00.690] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Oh, you mean actually the sign up process for the applicants within their own website? Yeah.

[00:44:07.020] – Pouya (QPage)
To save their profiles so that they can apply to other jobs and be alerted of future jobs at the same time.

I think actually that is pretty insecure. We want it actually delivered. But let’s actually let me get to my engineers as well. We have to just think about read about it and not actually give you a solid answer. But we are not actually that much OK with it. OK, well, we’ll let you think on it, and that’s your answer. JJ, I hope I hope that works.

I’m sorry. You. No, it’s fine. Does the applicant’s date.

Does the applicant’s application or data can’t be exported or sent to an external database?

Fortunately, we don’t have the expert or an API. Of course, that’s actually a feature. We will just bring it soon. That’s not actually a lot of it, doesn’t it? A lot of work on it, but yeah, we’ll just bring it to Google Sheets. The connection with the Google. This is something you probably can use to document the software integration will just go like by the February twenty twenty one so you can actually zap it with the different sources.

[00:45:22.970] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Similar things. Keep putting your questions in the Q&A box. We have just a couple more here to get through. Sorry if I missed it, but does the WordPress plugin work or can we use shortcode to get it integrated? How does the WordPress plugin work? Not just does it work, how does it work? And can we use shortcuts to get it integrated?

[00:45:43.430] – Pouya (QPage)
Well, we don’t have actually the WordPress plugin for now, but we have the is easier actually, like the hacking here. You can copy the URL the way actually we have done it and paste it in your website.

And Heather, look, join us for jobs or careers and that’s actually a lot more easier because having actually another plugin, making your website work like Borghi and then I’m like, yeah, nobody likes a slow website, you know, how can we bulk import our existing applicants?

You can book import, go to the your candidates module and talking to the candidates and you can go either to be CSFI uploading the documents with the subscription or just dropping the idiots.

[00:46:32.750] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Who can we use API?

[00:46:36.740] – Pouya (QPage)
Is there anything, the public API that the documents will also released by the I think something around the end of the February twenty twenty one and also the Web, because that was another question for us actually that that is actually the same process because that’s a reverse API.

So yeah, I might have missed this, but can I give clients access to candidates I’ve interviewed in the platform to review them for their role?

Yes, you can actually add the clients as a partner. I think we had the walk for a random go to your partner module, invite them as a guest, and then will when you design actually a new job, creating a job, invite them as the interviewer. Someone would just collaborate with you within a pipeline so they will have the access to the pipeline and nothing else go.

What, sir, what country is your server located? Our servers are in Germany and Finland, just near to our. Fine, is that where you are? We are in Estonia, which is near the neighbor of the. Did you say Estonia? Yes, Estonia. Wow, I would have thought that was a fake place. That sounds like a magical like Christmas holiday rom com location.

Yeah. You know, Estonia is like really a small one and a half million population, but it sounds it’s almost like a house for the for the historical. It sounds it sounds wonderful. All right, those are all of the questions J.J. wants you to move your servers outside of Europe, but that sounds hard.

Put it on the road map.

[00:48:26.690] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, simoleons, thank you so much for joining us for another product walkthrough. This has been a great time, as always. If you have not already, you can redeem your code. The Atsumi dot com slash queue page. Again, this is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by Apsey most 60 day guarantee saying, go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you.

God bless your cotton socks. I once you guys have gotten started with the deal, we do love to read your reviews.

So go ahead and leave those on the deal page. And of course, if you have any more questions that you did not get answered here today, you can always leave those on the page as well. Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

It’s been a blast. Thank you for indulging us. And thank you for having Cupich, please. Actually, possible legal review for us on another point. We just launched multiple workspaces to see if you want to actually hurry up a start the cause for that and just don’t like the new workspace workspaces. And also we have the live chat. We try to actually to be 24/7 to just give the services to the stollings on and on. Also, we have the info outside Cupido one.

And then also we have to help this. Just try. I mean, like, let us have your feedback. Let us have your ideas. And we wanted you to listen from you. You’re actually like the greatest source of information and ideas for us. So let us have a thank you. I love it. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Have a good one. But I.

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