Qiwio Webinar & Transcription

Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Qiwio. This is a video marketing automation platform that uses interactive video elements like questions call to action buttons and forms for better engagement and conversions. It is on Appsumo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. But before we dove into the walkthrough, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

First thing is, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, what you would like to use this tool for, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. That’s also where you can say hi to me. Good morning, Franscisco. It’s nice to see you again. And if you have any questions, you can go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box. That’s where you can ask anything you have about the deal, how to get set up, anything like that in the Q&A box, please.

Last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just wanna watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That’s it for me. Hey, Ivan, how are you doing?

Hey, I’m good. I’m good. How are you doing? I’m good. It’s good to have you here.

And thanks for the walk through. It’s just perfect.

Let me just share my screens. Give me one second here. Can you guys can Lindsay, can you see my screen here? Yes, perfect. Great. So thank you, everyone, for coming. Appreciate it. We’re over here in Sweden. So it’s a nice sunny day here today. Welcome back, everyone. It is a interactive video video platform. What we try to do with with our customers as we try to raise engagement’s, therefore, versions of videos for businesses.

So we’ve tried to build a very easy to use video platform that can help companies just quickly get started getting results of the videos. So when you log in to create for the first time, you come into a campaign page, which is my first campaign, and here you can upload all your videos to Kirito in a nice, nice, easy looking folder structure, just like a Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you follow those those sort of online store spaces, you can add folders here and click instrument and videos in here and you can just upload your videos, upload drag and drop in here and get them uploaded. So once you upload a video into Kevo, you’ll come directly to the video page.

And here is where where all the value of Cuyo comes into comes from. So on the right hand side here on the right panel, you can see the customization panel that we call it. And here you can add interactive elements to your video to help you raise engagement’s, to help you raise conversions and help you get results with your video marketing.

So let’s let’s use one one very common use case. Now, during the pandemic, more and more companies are using webinars to to just like this one, to promote their promote their businesses. So if you if you wanted to get results, when to get more engagement from your on demand webinars, you can easily add what you call the forms or video forms to videos. Here you can simply just click, click, click, click. Our panel here, you add your time, weigh wherever you want your form to to pop up, you can toggle on and off which forms you want to watch, foreign films you want to add into your form, and then you can simply just add some texture.

So if you want to say sign up to to watch this webinar. And then click play or change the play button to sign up wherever you whatever you want to once put it, and then you simply click safer and then you have a webinar, webinar and your video. Alternatively, if you’re if you’re trying to sell products or book meetings or try to just raise your conversion rates with a video, you can add interactive action buttons anywhere in your video.

Very easy to use as well.

Just add a time filter wherever you want your Bonta to pop up and then you can simply put a purchase, if I can spell today, purchase, product it go. And then you add a link here. We’ve had a couple of people actually mentioned that this link doesn’t work and just you just need to make sure that you add the HTTPS protocol to your to your links so we can actually direct them to the right place. Once we add this to your to your links, it should be good to go.

So here you can simply just add this link here. Add at the bottom here. And when people click on this, they go to a new tab with the product page where they can purchase product directly from the video.

Or if you’re if you want to book meetings for four new clients and you have like an online calendar tool, you can daquan to your calendar app to to book a meeting directly in your calendar. So it’s very powerful, very powerful. Your easy button here to to just drive your viewers to take action directly out there. They’re interested in watching you video.

The final interactive element we have is something cool questions where we try to video.

Typically, video has always been a one way communication channel for a business, communicate out to their customers or to their potential customers, the target audience and with questions.

What we tried to do is actually turn video into a two way communication channel where you can actually get actually get data back through from your from your viewers. You can ask you can ask any questions you like in here.

Typically, typically one we see a lot of our customers ask is is might be extending multiple products and multiple services. It might simply simply be what product are you interested in. There we go, and then here you can you can have multiple answers here and you can say product A at another answer, product B and then product C and so on. And you can start to start to get feedback from your customers. It could be other questions, such as what are your challenges?

What are your pain points? Where are you located? Depending on the sales qualification questions, you might want to ask your your potential customers or your viewers.

And then and then extending onto this, we have a really interesting feature called Video Funnels. So here we can actually create fully interactive video with Kiyo. I don’t know if any of you have seen the any interactive films on on Netflix. So say like Black Narrative interactive interactive film called Bandha Snatch, where you could change the narrative of the story line by clicking on two options from time to time. So you can do a similar thing here with Korea, where you can actually change the video that’s shown to your to your potential customers based on their interests.

So let’s say for this question, what product are they interested in? If if the viewer selects product, be simply what you can do here is in product B, answer to we can change the video or you have to do is make sure you have all your videos uploaded into Korea. And then from the drop down list, you can change the video that’s shown if the if the viewer clicks Product B by default is always set to continue the current video, but you can change it to any other video you want to show just to make a fully interactive experience for your customers.

You can also nest files in type of funnel.

We’ve had a few questions on a Dell page where people are asking, can we can we have more questions than the other videos and then add more funnels and add more options and branches and of course, we can in the future.

One great thing to look forward to is we are going to implement this further and make a visual type of funnel video funnel where you can map out where the videos are in the branches so you get a better and easier visual representation of your full funnel to make more complex files. So that’s something great to look forward to in the future. And then finally, finally, with these interactive elements, we have the video player here so you can easily change the idea that the branding of the video plus your colors and your branding by simply simply changing the color codes here.

So if you have black in your branding, you can just change the color code to zero zero zero and you get a black video player if you wish to change, if you wish to see the video behind your your overlays, your interactive elements.

So it’s not fully hidden. You can change to change that by by just slightly layer of a DC to see the video behind the see and try to get a good feel of of how visible the overlays are for the viewer. So we have a very flexible Labor Party here. And finally, you can just remove the Kiyo logo in the corner and then upload your your custom logo to fully customize the video player. And here again, we had a couple of a couple of questions about this, about trying to have a sex video scheme for all of your videos so you can easily do this in the settings tab over here.

So in the settings, have we have a branding section in the settings with all the exact same settings here.

So if you change the the the way the video player looks in the settings tab, it’s going to be the default setting for all of your upcoming videos. And then if you have if you want to change the branding for a few videos or if you have some project videos or videos, then you can override the master set master video player settings and on the video pages here as well.

So once you’ve added all of the interactive elements to your videos, let’s say let’s let’s just turn it back to to that and then turn this off and turn these two off. And let’s just have the to action button here. So let’s save this. And then we go to the share page, we have some sharing options here. By default, all of your videos and Kirito are private. No one can see them as a fully private hosting hosting service until you decide to share your videos.

So one the easiest way to show you video is just simply using a link. Here we create a very easy sharing if we open this up in a new tab. Then we have our video here with with the with the cable over here, and if you change the logo in your video player, your own brat, your own logo would be on this page by default as well. So it can be a fully branded landing page. So let me just turn this sound down.

So as you play this, you’re going to see the call to action, pop up here, purchase product. And when we click that button, it opens up the the you are in in a new tab here, which is our our home page. So this is what that’s what it looks like. And then you can continue playing the video from this page if you wish. And then the other sharing options we have here is embedding your videos to your website.

This is a very simple, very common embed code is simply just copy this code and it can embed onto your website. We have a autopilot function here where you can in Facebook and in social media as you scroll through your feeds. It’s very common these days to for videos to order play without sound. So if you want to have the same experience with yours on your websites, you can simply just click this or play function on and then copy and paste your embed code to your website.

And then your videos and your website will all play without the sound just to capture more attention.

And then just one great thing. Great thing to to note here as well is when you embed your videos to your website, if you ever come back into Cairo and want to change the interactive elements, such as if you want to change the call to action to something else and add a new link or add different questions or add a video form, once you save that in Cuyo, you’re never going to have to embed your embed your videos again because we’ll be able to save those changes everywhere you have that video embedded on.

So it saves you a lot of time. Going back to every single Web page, you may have embedded a video and just copy and paste that code again, which is a nice little easy feature there.

And then we have some some social media integrations. We have integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We we in our plans, we have Twitter and Instagram coming in the future to look forward to. And here you can you can create your post directly in Korea so you can create you can write your post. They’re saying check out our latest video. And then if you have multiple people agency or if you are if you have multiple clients and you manage multiple Facebook pages, you can connect multiple Facebook pages to Kebir and you’re going to drop down.

So which Facebook page you would like to post your videos on?

And we’ve had a few questions about social media and and the video players and and do do you still get the interactive elements on social media?

And there’s there’s kind of two answers to this. So we have two options here published on Facebook or probably social media and share link to social media.

And when you publish the social media like this, for instance, publish Facebook, you you will publish this video as a native video posted to Facebook. Just like any other video you find on Facebook, you’ll be using their own. So you’ll be using their own video player, which means you will lose the video forms, the questions, the call to action buttons. But but using that feature as well, one great thing we can do is still get data back from social media about how many people view viral videos and and so on and so forth.

We have the offer option, which is a link to Facebook, and what that does instead is it will create a thumbnail, it will take your thumbnail at the play button. And we will use this share link here, as you saw the landing page here. So we’ll use that share link in the thumbnail in the post. And when people click your thumbnail and your Facebook post or your social media post, they will be directed to that landing page where they can watch your video within the Kimaiyo player with all the interactive elements.

So you can easily still, still very easily drive social media traffic to your to your videos in Cairo and still manage to get those, get those, get that engagement, get the raise the engagement and conversions through the interactive elements.

And once you’ve once you’ve added your once you’ve added your interactive elements to your videos, you’ve shared your videos with the world and you’re starting to get some results, you’ll see we have a lead section here which is taken down where you can see all the leads come in, come into Korea. So I’m here twice. And once you start getting leads, you can you can see all the information. So every time they fill out a form in the video, you’ll be able to see all the information stored here in Korea and you’ll be able to see the activities.

We have an activity tab on the right here where we can see here as I clicked, as you see in this scene, this webinar, I clicked purchase a product just five minutes ago so we could get a lot of activity data here from each individual lead, whether if they filled out a form also, then questions clicked and action buttons, et cetera, et cetera. However they interact with the video, we can track that data here. And the great thing is if if someone leaves the video and comes back maybe in two days, we can still still be able to identify it’s the same person and be able to track the activity on other videos.

If you have 10, 20, 30, 40 videos in and Kiyo, we can still track how that single lead engages with different, different videos that you may have. One thing to note here as well is that for GDP reasons and for other reasons, we don’t scrape any personal data. So we get we also have some here. Polls show an unidentified leads. And what this does is we still we still track the engagement from from viewers, but we can only identify them if they fill out a video form because we don’t scrape that data.

So once they fill out a video form, then they become identified leads with that name, the email address, phone number, et cetera, et cetera. And then we can still track them and how they engage. And a great thing here as well is through we have a deeper integration where we can connect Kirya to many, many different different applications, different Web tools, and a very common use case with Kirya. We’ve seen today so far as connecting Kirill to marketing automation systems or email newsletter systems like MailChimp or connecting Kuzio to CRM systems like HubSpot or other cells automation system.

So you can pass your lead data to your marketing and sales teams so they can act and get results from from from Korea. And then the final thing we have is the analytics dashboard here. So we track some some KPIs, such as Lee’s views, the engagement of your viewers and the expected return on investment. So so what difference how we differ from other platforms, other platforms just focus on engagement KPIs and we’re trying to focus on conversion KPIs. And we actually are going to really expand our analytics section with some more deep analytics coming in the future and being able to also compare different social media platforms.

Does Facebook work better than LinkedIn? Compare your videos so we have a lot of exciting new things coming out in the future when it comes to the analytics section as well.

And that’s that’s really about it. That’s is a very simple platform, it’s a very simple interactive video platform where you can upload your videos, add some interactive elements, share your videos with the world, and then track your engagement’s and track your leads and then send them off to other other sales and marketing automation tools to work those leads and hopefully get results and get conversion rates raised. The conversion rates with Kimaiyo.

So that’s about it. That’s that’s that’s everything from us at the moment. And we’re going to send it send you guys back over to Lindsay.

Amazing. Thank you so much. Links. If you have any questions that you want to drop in the Q&A box, go ahead and do that. Now, I’m going to go ahead and ask you, the ones that we have here, what happens when the viewer is not acting? Can he skip the call to action and continue with the video? Or is the call to action always meant to be at the end of the video? Good question.

Good question. So the way it is at the moment is this call to action is meant to be at the end of the video. So typically at the end of every video by Untraditionally and video, when you edit your videos, you will get your video edits or whoever is editing your video will type a call to action within the video. Visit our website, CORELESS, or whatever it is, and they have to try to find your website and Google or whatever it might be.

Whereas this call to action kind of it, it takes over that role where you can actually make an interactive call to action buttons.

So it’s it is it is intended to be the end of the video.

However, we do we have had a lot of questions and a lot of people asking us, can we have call action? But that doesn’t stop the video. Let’s say if we have a video that that shows off three or four different products, we want to have several links in the video so the viewers can then purchase different products or read more about different products.

And that’s that’s that’s an extra interactive element that we’re going to bring into.

We are hopefully in the near future where we can add nonintrusive calls to action buttons that kind of slide in from the side of the video so you can have multiple links in the same video. Awesome, thank you. How are the videos be? Is there a time limit? There’s no time limit. We have a file size limit of eight gigabytes. Typically, as we see most most companies, most users won’t really reach that file size limit. The reason why we have that file size limit is so users don’t upload raw video footage because really high resolution video footage can be huge, huge files and it can take so long to upload.

And it’s a real pain, the bad user experience. So we have to file size limit to keep the user experience good and be able to upload videos in an efficient manner. And just just not just and not really waste your bandwidth with huge file sizes.

Sure. All right. Can I see a thumbnail for the video?

Yes, you can. You can save a them now when you upload your when you drag and drop your video to to KBIO and upload what Kimaiyo does, it will take they will take three still images of your video.

So it will offer you three three alternatives of three thumbnails starting from the video and you can click one of them to save as your thumbnail. Otherwise you can add a custom thumbnail because sometimes if if you can only add a custom thumbnail, sometimes you don’t have a thumbnail. When you go into a video and you have to take a screenshot yourself. And it’s a really painful process. So we offer you three three screen tops of your video screen grabs. And then if you want to add your own custom thumb that we can do so, do so as well.

Awesome integrations. What do you integrate with? And this is always a fun subject.

Yeah, we we actually at the moment we have a xabier integration. So Zepa has has I don’t know how many over a couple of thousand different applications on the marketplace.

So with XPO you can you can integrate Kirito with with many, many of the well-known apps out there and most of the apps out there.

It’s a very common integration provider. We are actually looking to integrate, create some native integrations in the future, depending on what our customer base are using, so we can have some easy integrations moving forward. At the moment.

If it’s the AP, integrate it pretty much.

All right. What’s what about data security? Since I am from Germany, I need a data security agreement. Right. So all all the data secure with GDP or compliance, so all the data is your data. We don’t access your data. We don’t share it with anyone. We don’t sell data or anything like that.

So all the data that you have in your accounts is owned by you and it’s it’s not accessible to us. So we do have a very, very detailed data, data outlining how we use data and have an agreement within that terms of services. So as soon as you sign up to your terms of services and we have detailed data terms that as well of how we handle data. All right, simoleons, we have just two more questions here, so if you have any more questions, go ahead and drop them in the Q&A box now.

All right. Charles asks, Are the interactive features active in LinkedIn and YouTube or is that the same as Facebook is the same as Facebook?

So all social media platforms use their own video video players, and unfortunately, there’s no way around it. I guess it’s for security reasons and for other reasons. They want to have their own video players. And if they have their own video players, they can they can handle that data. The way to handle the data sometimes is it’s not always the best for for the users, as we might know from from from social media. But there’s no way around that.

That’s why we built the share link to social media feature. So we can kind of go a little bit around that. Instead of sharing video directly on social media. You can you can then direct people back to your Kimaiyo videos for sure.

All right. Would it be possible to have quizzes at the end of the video?

This is an interesting one at the moment. Not yet. But we are we are one of our focus groups is educational institutions and online courses and stuff like that. And we’ve had this question a ton of times where people want to have quizzes and and be able to give feedback whether they have questions right or wrong and so on and so forth.

So it is definitely in our plan for the future and hopefully in the near future to be able to extend the questions interactiveness to add quizzes and and use that better for education.

All right. Francisco asks, Can I customize the size and form of. Not at the moment, not at the moment. One of the key elements of Kiyo is that we wanted to make it super easy to use because I’ve always been a film director in my past life before Kiyo.

So for 10 years I’ve been using Vimeo and Wistia and video art and other similar tools to Cuyo, and they sometimes tend to get a little complex. So we felt there was a need for a easy to use interactive video tool.

However, saying that we do in the future look to expand our customization, to be able to drag and drop elements onto a video so you can put them anywhere in the video in the future, maybe change the fonts and change some basic customizations like sizes and stuff like that.

So we are looking to expand on the customization of these elements moving forward.

I know that we touched on length limits and there not being one. Helen asked, can we have the video that’s two hours long as long as it’s less than eight gigabytes.

Yeah, of course.

Can I connect you to analytics, to my videos on your platform?

Not at the moment. That’s coming in the future. So we do we do get some data back from YouTube, some of the KPIs we track, such as views and engagements. We can get back from YouTube. As I mentioned, we’re looking to overhaul our analytics section. So we want to bring even more deeper analytics back from social media. So you can so you can in one dashboard, you’ll be able to compare how each social media kind of performance for you if YouTube is better than LinkedIn or Facebook is better than than YouTube or whatever it might be.

So we do have some really exciting plans to be able to bring a lot of data back.

And CVO, awesome. What is the time field for if the call to action is supposed to be at the end of the video? Yeah.

So at the time felt as if there just for flexibility so some people might not want to put up the end of the video.

Some people might want to if they have a video where they don’t want people to see the last 10 seconds of it, or just like a webinar, if you have a webinar and you have a Q&A section at the end of the webinar and you want to upload your On-Demand webinar for other people to watch, maybe you don’t want to let them watch a 20 30 minute Q&A session at the end before before they see the action button to purchase your product.

So we have a time limit, their time full time filled there so you can have be flexible and put it wherever you want to put it. If you don’t want viewers to see a certain part at the end of the webinar and do the video.

Right. And then is the video going on after the click fill out answer? Is the video going on after you? Yeah, so after you answer, after you interact with one of the elements like fill out the form, click, click a question as soon as you click on those, the video will play automatically afterwards. So let’s say if you have a webinar on webinar and you have a forum at the start of the video, as soon as they fill out the form a play, that video is going to play automatically.

OK. All right.

Those are all of our questions. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. Thank you so much for walking us through everything, for answering everybody’s questions. Similar things. If you have not already, you can go redeem your codes at Atsumi dot com Kevo. That’s q i w i o again starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course it is that perhaps the most sixty day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you.

Once you have done that we would love to read your reviews on the deal page. And of course if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the page as well. Thank you again. It’s been a pleasure having you. I have. Thank you.

Thank you. Have a great day.

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