Prefinery Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.960] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the teams over at the Prefinery. This is a customer acquisition platform that uses customizable referral campaigns to incentivize viral sharing. It is on AppSumo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dive into the walk through. I want to just tell you a few quick things. The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room.

If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We will circle back to it at the end of the walk through. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you just want to watch this later. Totally can. Hello, Francisco. If anybody else wants to say hi to me in the chat, I do love to see it.

All right. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you, Justin.

How are you doing,

[00:01:03.580] – Justin (Prefinery)
Lindsey? I’m doing great today. Yeah. Super excited to share Prefinery.

Everybody wonderful. We’ve got Don Henry says he’s launching an artisan craft coffee roasting business. Congrats to Don. That sounds awesome. Sean says hi. Hello, everybody. All right. I’m going to pass this to you. Shut off my video. Let me know when you’re ready to take some questions.

All right. That sounds great. Yeah, we’ll just get right into it. All right. Hi, everybody. Excited to see people here talking about their businesses there, they’re launching and trying to grow. So, yeah, I’m going to dive right into the demo here. So I’m going to go over to popular campaign types that people run with refineries. So one is a pre launch waiting list campaign for some new service or product or app or whatever it is that you’re making and launching soon.

The second is just a general refer a friend word of mouth referral campaign that can be used for lots of things like sweepstakes and giveaways and e-commerce and selling your physical products and stuff like that. Yeah, so it’s going to dive right in the demo. We’re actually going to start with the general viral campaign, kind of build that out a little bit, see what it looks like, and then at the end cover some of the differences that they get changed if you’re running a pretty much campaign.

So it’s going to go ahead and share my screen. All right, and they should be should be sharing. All right, so the first I’m going to go through is I’m going to use Dropbox as an example, it’s just a referral campaign that almost everyone’s familiar with. And it’s the the you refer a friend to Dropbox and you each get some bonus storage, right? So when I refer a friend, I’m going to get a gigabyte of free bonus storage and then a friend is going to get five hundred megabytes.

And then I can keep referring friends and I can keep getting bonus storage. So that’s. An example that most people are familiar with some of the dive into that one. But before I dive into what that dashboard looks like for a built out campaign, it was going to run quickly through the wizard. So when you’re when you’re going to create a new project here in refinery. We’re going to ask you some questions about what you’re promoting, this is a SAS app or a mobile app or Viðga video game or a physical product, we use this to customize some of the things they get enabled in your in your campaign, for example, like it’s a video game that we might example, enable some video game features that let you send out special video game keys to your audience.

So anyway, so you select what you’re promoting and then we tweak a campaign for you. So if I say there’s a SAS app because it’s sort of a Dropbox, is to say there’s a general campaign.

Let’s to enable or disable double opt in for those of you who aren’t familiar, double opt in is basically somebody signs up to do they immediately get added to your campaign or do they get an email that says, hey, please confirm your email address. So if you enable developed in, then they have to confirm that email address.

I’ll select no here, we can ask you some questions about your email address. So in this case, it would be I’m to send it from Dropbox, a little box that you put in your address.

And the last question is, is going to be to give the project a name and plug in your website, that website Ullas, what’s going to be used for your viral referral links? And so almost everything here in The Wizard can be changed at a later time. So don’t stress out over what you whether you put it here in The Wizard. So instead of creating this project, since I’ve already done it before, this demo will go back out to my dashboard.

Look here at the drop box campaign that I’ve already built out, you see the some stats here, but ignore those for now. We’re just going to dive right into what this would what you would do if this was a fresh new campaign. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is build out the silent forms. This is like the you can call it sign up for me, call it a lead collection for an opt in form or give away entry form or whatever you want to think of it as.

This is basically when people get added to your campaign. Right. So that may be as simple as email address. So this example here of actually kind of taking some wording and some graphics and stuff from Dropbox’s own referral program, so you can see that I dropped an e-mail block to the top of my life form. And edited that block, put in this little image that they’re using on their site, some messaging about joining the campaign and I’m collecting email address for fineries, hyper customizable and super.

Everything is customizable. So you have options for a lot of different questions here. You can you can ask them for their address, the phone number, where they work, any open ended question, you can multiple choice. So that could be anything from asking them their zip code. If you’re selling a product that’s it’s very specific to their area. It could be multiple choice questions like what kind of mobile device do you use? A scale question is rate something or on a on a scale of one to 10, we also have agreement or consent questions here that can be added to your form.

So that’s as good if you have to abide by privacy laws or what have you in your country to go and delete that one. And we also have a CAT scan. The Katsas is invisible, so that’s super cool. It’s not going to slow down people by having to answer a bunch of questions, but it’s kind of runs behind the scenes and looks to see if if they if we think the robot or fraudulent or whatever Stanner and then don’t let them sign up.

So once you get your form looking real nice here, you can you can change the design easily, change colors, what have you and your buttons. You get some different options here for. Change your button styles, the label and whatever you can’t do on this quick design page, right. If you’re not a designer developer, you can do it right here in this design page. If you do happen to have a developer on your team or freelancer or employee or what have you.

You can head over to the ccis tab here. You can drop in access that completely 100 percent customizes this form. You can also input some JavaScript that’s going to run whenever somebody use the form. That’s an impression or whenever somebody actually submits the form, that’s a conversion. So you can run custom JavaScript. And those events happen with a lot of choices about what happens after the form is submitted. So by default, when the form is submitted, we’re just going to replace it with what we call the referral page so that you can think of it as the share page of the shared dialog.

But it’s basically what’s going to be encouraging people to refer their friends. But if you if you don’t want to do that, you can redirect to a you all on your own site or you can just show a simple thank you message. So once you’ve got your form looking real nice, the next step is to head over here to the referral page. So this is what people see when they submit the form. So when you submit the form here, you can build out this page is pretty simple right now.

If I click the preview button here, you can see what it’s going to look like. Pretty simple, right? Thanks for signing up. Here’s your link that you can share on some social networks or you can email it to people or what have you. The look and feel of of this page also highly customizable. You’ve got a really nice editor here, images you can add, YouTube videos, cool stuff to make in your own. If you head over to the design tab, you can quickly change the colors that we use for text on that page as well as the social icons.

So like if I previous these icons, it circles right now, you could choose to show the labels and rounded edges when a preview and now easily change what those buttons look like. Again, everything is highly customizable, so you’ve got a system here you can drop in all of your custom access to really make it just one hundred percent, match your brand. So if you want to configure the networks that are being shown or maybe change your referral link, what have you had over here to the referral page settings?

So this is the referral, you, Earl, that we’ve got set up, these are the networks that are chosen, right? Second, enable the email network that will add another little Cher icon on the page. You’ve got some default messages here. What happens when people click the share buttons? And so go ahead and save this. And if I go back over here and I preview this, you’ll see that the email button has. Has now been added.

Now, so you can also add a whole bunch of variables in this page, so if you click the variables button, you can refer to the the user by their email address or their name after they sign up. You can also show right there in this referral page how many shares they already have, how many referrals they’ve they’ve had. That way you can really communicate to them what their progress is and in your campaign. All right, so after setting up this referral phase, we’re going to navigate down here to the rewards.

So in this case, we’ve set up a double sided reward program. So single sided means you just want to give the person who who refer to Friend Award and Double-Sided means that you want to give both the friend and the person who referred them something. So in this case for Dropbox, we’re going to give one gigabyte of bonus space to the person who is referring a friend and five hundred megabytes of bonus based to the friend. If I go ahead and edit this campaign or this reward here, I swear to say, it takes one one, one referral in order to earn that reward that I do want to send the person an email when they’re when they earn it.

I do want to limit it to only 30 to. Right. So that’s limiting in this case to thirty two gigabytes. I want to give them the reward when their friend signs up. Cool thing here is you can reward people when they perform custom actions on your site. So that could be like making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter or subscribe to your service or all sorts of custom things. And so you can say they only get the reward if they take that action on your site and they go down here and say the delivery of this market is automatic.

So it’s a pretty low value reward. So it’s going to market is automatic. If you were giving away something that was of high value money, huge coupon codes, all that kind of stuff, then you might want to send it to Manuell. And then you’ve got more control over reviewing each person who earned a reward before you actually issued a reward. All right, the next step here is we’re going to go down to the email, so once emails all sent from finery, you don’t have to integrate with an email service provider.

It just all comes from Prefinery. You just plug in your domain, you validate the domain, then you own it so that emails don’t go to the spam folder and you’re good to go. All e-mails are coming from refinery. We’ve got a really nice email layout editor, some built in email layouts that come with Porfiry, but if you want to add your own, you can do so here. So it’s a graphical visual, easily block based editor, super easy to use.

Drag and drop, you can switch over the HTML view if you are developers and you do have that level of control if you need it. Next to the messages, so this is one super cool thing that sets a refinery apart from a whole lot of other options on the market is that most companies just have a list of built in messages. Right. Send him this welcome email. Send this email when they get a reward or refer a friend and that’s it.

Petfinder you can actually add a whole bunch of additional messages. Our messages are sort of like a drip campaign where they can be triggered based on events that your users do. So when a user signs up, when they opt in, when they earn a reward, when they refer a friend, all those kind of things can trigger emails. So you see, we’ve seeded the account with a whole bunch of built in ones here. If we navigate down here to the.

Welcome to email. So this email is going to get sent as soon as they opt into your campaign, easily prevue it. You’ve got complete control over editing this this layout is a bunch of variables that you can use right here to personalize it. If you navigate over the settings page, this is where you can pick the layout you want to use. And what’s the triggers on this case triggers when the person applies and you going to send it immediately and send it from this address?

So, yeah, super customizable. You can send for multiple addresses, change your layouts, but because this is trigger based, you can. Whoops, a little little error there. Let’s see, because this is trigger based, you can you can you can send the message, right? So there’s a referral reminder after seven days after somebody completes the opt in and they still have zero referrals and send this message a preview, this basically just saying, hey, it’s an encouragement email a little bit of a gentle nudge after seven days, but you can actually set up more.

Right. So I could just actually clone this email message. And. Right here, it sits inactive right now, I can edit it. And I can set up I set up a 14 day reminder so I can completely change this to add even more email addresses to my campaign here. So after 14 days, if they still have let’s say if they have let’s say they have less than five referrals, then we want to send this encouragement email as a super, super customizable, super great way to really increase engagement and nudge people into referring to friends.

So the form here is is completely live, so you can. You can easily submit your email address here to the form you can take for a test drive and see what it looks like. Make sure looks good as at some point after you’ve got your campaign running launched, you can start taking in a whole bunch of users. And this is where we really provide you with a whole bunch of great information. So over here on the analytics page, the engagement page, you can really see how many times people are seeing your forums, how many times they’re actually submitting it, how many of those people are confirming their e-mail addresses.

If you have developed and enabled, they’ve got a whole bunch of stats here about how many of those people are sharing and how many are referring. This viral boost is a metric that shows you how many additional people are you getting because you’re using refinery’s referral platform. We could tell you a bunch of things like how do these direct visitors come convert compared to refer visitors where people sharing one of the most popular networks that people are sharing. And so a whole bunch of really good info here.

Email stat’s, tons of information on email as well. There’s a test account, so you don’t see a whole bunch of other populated. But we’re telling you what, we’re across all of your email messages in aggregate with the open right click radboud spam unsubscribe rate. You can see those same stats on a per message basis. Writes, I can dig into the welcoming email here and really see say I want to go over the last seven days and see how many people are opening clicking.

So, yes, a really digging into all the email on this log page you can see. All the email that you sent. What’s in the queue that’s about to be sent, right? So emails that are triggered that are maybe pending because it is 14 day reminders of seven day reminders that you can dig into who’s open bounced spam complaints. So we’re giving you access to a whole bunch of data here. And your users are coming in so so what we’re showing you here on the users page is a whole lot more information than just their email address and referral code.

But you can these aren’t real users, by the way. This is a test account. So these aren’t it’s not like you’re sharing a bunch of private information. But, yes, it is a tabular view of all of your users. You can search and sort of search and filter. I can sort here by a number of referrals and see who’s the top prefer provider behind the scenes, automatically collecting a whole bunch information like the users of language UTM values.

If you’ve connected this to an ad campaign Web site they were on before they visited, how much information, that location, et cetera. So I can dig in to each one of these users. Click on their name here. And yes, I’m shown a whole bunch of information about the users, you can see a bunch of information about this person, the number one on the leaderboard. This is their referral link, language browser, operating system. You can add notes, right, to share with your team.

You can easily see all the people that this person is referred. And when you see all the rewards that this person has earned, they’ve earned 14 times. Their bonus base is a list of all the emails that have gone out to these people and whether they have opened or clicked in these emails. Right. So so open stats down here that open the option confirmation and when. Yes, so if I backpack out to the to the users page. We’ve got filtering options here, so if you want to or if you want to find users by, say, the last time you sent an email or the number of referrals, so I can say number of referrals is greater than five, it’ll show me all those users that match that that filter.

The data that you see on this table here is customizable. So if you go to customized table, you can change. What you’re seeing is a whole bunch of information here. Name if you tag them or put them in groups when you imported them, when they unsubscribed last time they opened or clicked an email once. The demographic information, whether Emanuel emails bounced to them, their IP address, a whole bunch of data that we’re storing here that you can you can show on that screen.

Last little bit here is if we go into settings and it’s pretty much the campaign, that part of the demo is over. We’re looking at a couple of the the additional settings that you have in your account. So you’re in project settings. This is where you can configure with a double opt in is enabled, and whether you want to show them a generic message or redirect your own confirmation page, do you want to geo locate their IP address? That means automatically fill out city, state, country by their IP.

We’ve got a vanity referral codes feature that lets you instead of generating a random referral code like ABC one, two, three for each user, this will actually use their email address or name and build something more personal. So it could be like lindsy one, two, three instead of something random. I’m going to go into all these settings, but you can have a lot of control over fraud protection system, which is super robust, so really blocking a ton of spams sign ups, but a bunch of bots, all that kind of stuff.

So you can tweak those settings in here in groups. You can add groups or tags to use it in group down or tag them. You can also set up a customized TP service if you want to out emails to or you can use your own server. Also, you’ve got access to your team settings here, your company settings, so this is where you can specify whether people are required to log in with two factor authentication or not. In your team, you can add team members here to your company account so you can share a with your whole team.

And last, over here in the settings, you can set up daily notifications for yourself. We’ll send you a daily digest of report basically on how each one of those campaigns is doing. And under API access, obviously, that’s how you turn on the API if you’re going to integrate more deeply with whatever it is that you’re feeling. So that wraps up kind of a general campaign, what I’m going to do is just switch over for a minute or so and talk about what are the differences if you’re running a prelaunch campaign.

So prelaunch campaigns is just kind of we’re finally got to start back in twenty eight, so we’ve got a lot of prelaunch campaigns over the year. I mean, it’s still, by and large, what most of our customers used refinery for. Most of them are SAS companies, mobile apps, video games. But obviously you could be running a pre launch waiting list campaign for pretty much anything that you want to generate a bunch of hype around. And it could be physical products, could be commerce.

Basically, something is coming soon and you want to build up a bunch of hype before it’s released. So if you if you do select during the campaign Wizzard when you’re creating a project that you want to pre launch campaign, that’s going to turn on some extra features for your account, namely the ability to track users through a flow from applying for access to being given access and invited over to actually using that invitation code. And they’re actually using your product or service.

And so we’ll track them through those those statuses from being applied to invited to active users provider. You can generate invitation codes automatically that are super easy to validate, to get access to your product or service refinery. Finally, you can upload a list of invitation codes and we’ll just pop one off of that list and send it to the user. If you happen to have your own list of codes will also enable an email invitation, email template in your account.

So basically the waiting list here. So this is the wait list shows how many people have been referred or how many people are or who are the most over the top of the waiting list. He’s referring to most friends. Whenever you’re ready to start letting people in, even select a couple of them here, choose action and you can invite them. So if I do that right now, that will remove them from the waiting list and send them an invitation email.

So if I go back over here, I can now see that some of these users have been invited. So they’ve now been invited, they’ve been sent an invitation code, that invitation email is over here and messages. So when a user is invited, send them this email prevue, it basically you customizes email with whatever you want to say that just communicates that unique invitation code and we give you a super easy way to validate that code, to make sure that they can access your service.

The other last little thing that changes here is your referral page. On these settings, you have access to a little bit more a bit more settings here, like a weightless starting position, this lets you artificially inflate the size of your waiting list when you’re first getting started. Sometimes that’s a nice people feature that people want, right? You don’t want to be the first in line. Maybe it looks it looks a little looks a little weird. And sometimes we want to start the waiting list at five hundred.

So it makes people feel like they really got to compete and refer their friends to to get to the top of the list. The referral page itself, you got some more variables that you can use on the page, you can communicate their waiting list position, how many people are ahead or behind them. So if I preview this a little bit different, right. How many shares and referrals they have, their current position is number two hundred in line.

So, yeah, so a couple of extra bonus features when you enable a prelaunch campaign. And I think that that about does it here for the demo, I know there was a whole lot of information, but I can take questions now. And obviously, if anybody has any questions, ask the webinar. They can email support of the final outcome.

[00:27:59.540] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Totally Sumolings. If you want to send any more questions to the Q&A, we have quite a few here. So I’m going to get started with these Princesa. Francisco asks, Does this work in Spanish?

[00:28:11.840] – Justin (Prefinery)
It does work in Spanish. So absolutely every single thing that an end user sees, you can change that language. So every everything that I showed off from email messages to the sign up form to the referral page, to the confirmation email page, all that kind of stuff, everything is customizable. So you can absolutely run it in Spanish or any other language of your choice.

[00:28:34.550] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Awesome via chat just started blowing up a little bit with questions about Integration’s. What can you tell us about Integration’s that are present and potentially upcoming?

[00:28:45.830] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yeah, absolutely. So Refinery integrates with Zappia. So Zappia is I think most people are familiar with it. Awesome tool that allows you to pretty much connect any two things on the Internet. So they’ve got a library of some fifteen hundred or two thousand apps, refinery one of the first on that app store and allows you to connect refinery to a whole bunch of different options or vice versa, other things to refinery so that that lets you have a whole bunch of access to integrate with almost anything out there on the Web.

If that doesn’t work, then provided a support web hooke’s. So that’s a kind of a power developer feature. But Web hooks basically lets us tell your servers when something happened and your servers can do something with that information.

[00:29:32.960] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
I know I love a Web book so people can the same person sign up every time, say, if I run a contest every week, will that same person using the same email, I’ll have to sign up all over again?

[00:29:49.040] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yes, at Prefinery. You’ve got your company account. And in that company account you can add team members in different roles from your team and in that company and how it has you can have an unlimited number of projects or campaigns. You can call them either one interchangeable. And those projects are campaign campaigns are completely self enclosed. That means all of the settings, all of the email messages, all of the wording, the language and the users that are participating, the analytics, all that stuff is completely separate.

So if you’re going to run a different campaign every week in those campaigns or literally separate projects, then, yes, that user would have to reapply. Or if you’re just kind of refreshing the same campaign constantly, then you have the ability to to set a campaign to not allow any more sign ups. I guess you could disable sign ups for like a week and then re-enable sign ups. And that would kind of give people the ability to keep. Yeah, keep sharing under the same campaign and keep building off of the momentum and referrals that they had before.

[00:31:00.070] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Can you upload users to your campaign, like existing customers to a federal campaign?

[00:31:06.040] – Justin (Prefinery)
Absolutely, yes. So I didn’t go into some of those more detail things. I’m sorry, but that we’re running out of time there a little bit. But yes, you can upload a CSV file. Seems to a file is a pretty common spreadsheet file and you can upload a whole bunch of information. So not just the email address, but you can upload in that file their email address, their name when they signed up.

If you’re coming from another system and they signed up some some time in the past and you want to maintain that same sign up date so that at the same place in line, you can import a whole bunch of other information that I showed that you could show in the demo that you could collect a bunch of information. So that same information you can import, a feature that it didn’t cover is something called instant sign up links. That means you can basically give people an instant sign up link that when they click it, they’re immediately added to the refinery.

It’s pretty common use case if you’re if you say just want to use MailChimp reconverted or a web or whatever you’re using to send a mass email blast to your list, you don’t want really import them into the refinery yet. You want to email them a link that says, hey, put this link to join our campaign and one click, it automatically adds them to the campaign.

[00:32:23.370] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Awesome. Sean also says awesome, does email use refineries, sending mailbox address or will it say from my domain?

[00:32:36.910] – Justin (Prefinery)
Oh, yeah, so that’s that’s a great question, I should have covered that all the emails are being sent from you, everything is branded a whole bunch of Fortune 500 companies. If you finery over our 12 year history, obviously branding is important. So there’s no branding on anything, including emails. The emails do come from you. They don’t show up as King Taco or Dropbox tend to be a refinery. They come from your brand, your authenticating your domain, adding some DNS records and giving proprietary to send email on your behalf.

So 100 percent from your domain.

Yes. Cool.

[00:33:17.250] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
There is a different leaderboard for each campaign, correct. I just want to make sure and not assume how many. And then the next question, how many campaigns can I run at one time?

[00:33:26.550] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yeah, OK, so you can run you can run an unlimited number of campaigns within your company account. Each one of those campaigns, like I mentioned, is completely separate. All the data is separate. So it will have a separate leaderboard or separate wait list if it is a pretty large campaign. So yes, they will each have separate, separate leaderboard and you can run as many as you want. There’s no limit.

[00:33:51.030] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Can you download a campaign list of emails from a refinery and input them into your own mailing list provider after the campaign has finished?

[00:33:59.670] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yes, yes. So there’s an export feature as well. So just like I talked about how you could import a whole bunch information and provider, you can export all of that information as well. So you can totally export your whole campaign. And that’s not just email it a name, but it’s everything about them. Email, address, name, everything. I showed off their demographic information, their location, their UTM tags, the referral code, referral link, all that kind of stuff is all included in that export.

It’s pretty big export.

[00:34:31.310] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
All right, I am reluctant to ask this next question for what will be obvious reasons, Christine asks, Does this replace AppSumo? I’m going to put a little asterisks on this question. Can you talk more broadly about how you all compare to your competitors?

[00:34:52.910] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yeah, obviously. OK, yeah, I have not I’ve not used Kang Sumo myself when I was a single product. I have logged in and tried out. From what I see, it seems to be a really awesome product for very quickly getting up a getaway. And so if you want to want to get away very fast, it is template based. So it asks you a couple of questions and you answer those questions and that’s what you get. Finally, come.

[00:35:21.830] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Go ahead.

[00:35:22.580] – Justin (Prefinery)
So that’s exactly right. It’s very simple. Very easy. Efficient. Yeah.

[00:35:28.640] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Yeah, totally.

[00:35:29.300] – Justin (Prefinery)
So this is kind of what sets a refinery off for lots of competitors. I wouldn’t really call it a refinery competitor to consumer at all. I think we serve a slightly different use case user based. What sets a refinery off from a whole lot of competitors out there that have kind of popped up over the years over a 12 year history. So now the space has got a little more crowded. I say that most competitors are really they can often be very good tools, but they are coming at it from a template based approach.

So they tend to give you a wizard, ask you some questions, you answer those questions and that’s what you get. And you have some limited options when it comes to really customizing your campaign. So what sets provisionary apart is one just it’s the other end of the spectrum. I mean, everything is customizable. Import your own JavaScript, Cyesis color branding, everything is 100 percent customizable. So that’s what sets us apart. Some other things are talked about the pre launch campaigns that was sort of our bread and butter for all these years.

So those campaigns are still there’s no one else really in the space that is doing just pre launch campaigns as well, because I haven’t on an app so much yet. So, yeah, I mean, there’s some competitors that maybe promote that you could use their service for pretty launch, but they just don’t have these features, like the ability to invite people and send invitation codes and upload invitation codes and track people. How they use the codes are not all that kind of stuff.

So there’s some some features around free launches that are very specific to a refinery. I definitely noticed that. And I guess one of the things that sets refinery apart is, is those email campaign. So I showed off in the demo that you don’t just get like five email messages and you can change the subject, but you get sort of kind of an unlimited number of email messages that you can push into a drip style campaign to give you a whole lot more customization over how you want to encourage people to refer their friends.

[00:37:32.010] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Thank you. How can I make this work for a virtual summit where I have Infusionsoft for affiliate partners who also promote to their lists?

[00:37:46.540] – Justin (Prefinery)
OK, that may be a little bit hard for me to answer on the spot is a very specific question, very specific. Very specific, I would say. Yeah, refineries, like I said, so highly customisable that we’ve used it in so many situations over the years from e commerce to apps that I’m sure everybody here is familiar with from big companies.

So it’s highly customizable people who who come with questions like, can I use it to do promote this or this? The answer is usually yes, but I don’t want to mislead anyone here in the webinar. So I would say please support at Prefinery dot com and pay me with this this question and I’ll be able to give you some more personal help us.

[00:38:31.510] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Thank you.

These questions came in the same minute and they’re kind of an echo of each other. If you are an agency, can you use the same account for different campaigns or do you need a separate account for each client? And then Jack asks, are we able to run campaigns for clients?

[00:38:48.370] – Justin (Prefinery)

OK, so that’s a great question. That’s come up a whole lot on the same page when we get off this webinar, if if people want to check out help refinery dot com slash app, Sumell hyphen, FNQ. It’s got some good information, but the answer is yes. If you are an agency and you are one hundred percent running those campaigns for your clients. So as I explained before, the refinery has the company account and in that company account you can run a whole bunch of campaigns.

Your team members are members of that company account. And so that means you can you have to give a client access to that company account. So if you’re running, say, a campaign here for a new client and you’re running another campaign in your account for a completely different client running some running a seminar or a conference or event or something like that, you have two completely different contact clients. You wouldn’t want to invite them to the same company account because they’d be able to see each other’s data.

And so if you’re going to run campaigns for other people and they are completely held in, you’re not giving me access to your clients. You just want to send them a report and run the campaigns for them, then yes, you could run it all under one proprietary account and one Sumo Delko if you want to run these campaigns and then share each campaign with your clients because you want to give them access to log in and see users and export users and see their analytics and all that kind of stuff in real time, then you would need one refinery account for each client.

Each one of those Prefinery accounts would have to have their own deal code.

[00:40:39.910] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
And thank you for clarifying all of that, that we just have one more question here. And so similarly, if you want to send in any more questions, go ahead. It’s on this page. This one is could you enable users sharing on Telegram Messenger?

[00:40:58.810] – Justin (Prefinery)
Yeah, absolutely. I know telegram is super popular now because of the whole Facebook and WhatsApp privacy policy changes. So, yes, the telegram is on the roadmap right now. We do allow sharing over WhatsApp. And so I definitely want to provide sharing over telegram. I’m a Telegraph fan myself. So, yes, it’s coming. It’s on the roadmap. Check out the roadmap at Refinery Dotcom Road Map and you can upload that feature.

[00:41:28.360] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Your spends a lot of exclamation points and says, awesome, I will second that and that’s great. So, yes, Himalayans, if you have if you want to check out that road map, refinery dot com slash road map, etc..

[00:41:41.500] – Justin (Prefinery)
Super easy, very easy. Can’t miss it. And if you have any more questions, support at refinery dot com that that’s it.

Yes. Or just go to refinery dot com and there’s a support bubble there. You can start a conversation. The road map is linked on the home page. The knowledge base is linked on the whole page. Basically start at the home page and go from there. If you want personal help and support at refinery dot com.

[00:42:05.530] – Lindsay(AppSumo)

All right, Sumolings, we’re going to go ahead and wrap this up. Thank you so much for all of your questions. Thank you so much, Justin, for hanging out with us today. If you have not already, you can go to our dotcom slash refinery and you can redeem your codes. It’s starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is back biopsying most exudate guarantees. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with and see how it works for you once you’ve done that.

We do love to read your reviews on the deal page, so go ahead and drop those there. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can hit up their support or you can leave those questions on the deal page. Thank you so much, Justin.

[00:42:40.090] – Justin (Prefinery)
I hope you have a good one, Lindsay.

[00:42:42.010] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Thank you. Super, super fun to do this. So good bye, everybody. Hi.

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