Postoplan Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.770] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Posto Plant. This is a smart social network marketing platform that allows you to create a schedule and promote content. It is available on apps right now, starting at thirty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. It has a lot of reviews so far and a five TOCO rating. So this is definitely one you want to check out.

We are going to take you on a tour of the product. But before we do, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, you could do that in the chat room. Hello. Miriam has already said hi to us. Hi, Miriam. If you have any questions about the tools, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video.

We’re going to we do have Ksenya here on standby, who will be answering your questions as they come in, will also be circling back to the questions at the end of the walk through. For those of you that are watching the replay of this, there will be a replay of this available shortly after we’re done recording. So you need to step out. No worries. It’ll be available for you later today. All right. That is enough of me.

[00:01:18.990] – Kate (Postoplan)
Hello to everybody who been saying hi to us. Hello, Molly. Hello, Alex. And hello. How are you doing today? Thanks so much for joining us. Hey, Lindsay, thank you so much. Hello, simoleons, I’m really glad to be finally here to present a plan to you because I know that you are here. Most of you are here to search software for your businesses, to develop your business or to promote your business.

So Posta plan is a really cool tool that will help you to create, schedule and promote your content. And because 50 percent of your success is a really cool concept, but you have to make sure that you are posted at the right time and do your publications regularly and we are not able to do that. So opposed to plan will help you to do that. And yeah, you could set everything up and make sure your publications have been published for you.

So let me demonstrate the stories for you so you will be able to use it right after this webinar to promote your business.

OK. So let me know if you can see the page here is the here is the home page of the poster. That’s how you start your registration right here. You can see all that social media and messengers from which you can add your account to your post aplan account and. Yeah, and to do the registration, you just need your email, and after you put your email here, you will get a letter, you will get an email. So you have to confirm your registration.

I’ve already signed into the postal account. So right after the registration, you will see this here will be your content plan. So let’s pay attention to the opera of the abattoir. There are some problems like here’s our affiliate program. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can do that later. Also, there is our frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or if you like to find out more, you can always go here.

Also, if you’re happy, if you didn’t find the answer to your question, you can click here and try to find the answer to your question by yourself or text our support team and you will get to respond really quick and we will try to solve your problem as fast as we can. So if you scroll down, you will see your content plan for each day. You will see the publications which have been scheduled before. So here you can see for the first day with Schedule two publications.

And yeah, we’ll go back later to your content plan. So first of all, we need to add some accounts to your post open account. If you scroll down, you will this section and accounts. So you are able to add your accounts from Facebook, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter and stuff. You just simply have to choose from which platform you would like to count. And I have to say that in the plan you are able to add an unlimited amount of accounts.

So and if you scroll down, there are accounts that have been already connected to post to plan accounts. So you can check if you’re connected to all of them and you have everything set up. So right now, we will try to connect Facebook page together with you. So it just hit and it means to my face it. I look into my personal Facebook page and Facebook, where I’m the illustrator. Well. So. Quick and easy, so it will be the victim just.

Let’s wait, you say. I see right here, so here we have two blank pages that have been already connected to this post account from Facebook. Also, you are able to connect your Facebook groups. You also have to click here. And there is a little the little manual, what you should do to connect your Facebook group to post a plan account. It’s also really easy. So if you have your group, if you have your group on Facebook, you have to go to it.

I have created this group just for this webinar. So you have to go to settings and make sure you add your hour post of an app to Facebook groups so you will allow both.

Access to your. And to I. Both men will appear here and you will be able to add the post of one app to your group, so you’re able to publish do the publications with the help of the plan account in your Facebook journal. Why? For no reason. So after you, you will see it right here and she’ll groups also, you are able to add your accounts, your telegram account, WhatsApp, and schedule your messages and publication of these social media platforms.

So after you did that and you have all of your accounts here where you would like to do the publications, you have to go off and let’s try to schedule a post together. So you’re scared you are both here and it will bring you to this page here, you are able to add some text. Also, you can choose a different emoji. Also, you are able to add a picture to your publication. He. Also, you are able to add a video in MP for four months and also we have managing hashtags.

This is a really cool tool for Instagram, because if you would like to promote your page with the help of hashtags, you can just click here and save your hashtags here, for example, like hello, you can type your frequently used hashtags here and save them.

So you will. You will be able to use them later, they will be saved here and you just need to click on them. And they will be added to your post, to your text. And then after all this hashtag, S.A.S., if you would like to to do about. You have the ability to choose the category of your publication. So there are different categories and they have different colors. We made them for you to, for example, if you have a lot of publications and they are of different types, for example, information, publication or like entertainment or different updates in your content plan, you will see all the publications of different color and you will choose this color.

So you will have the ability to see how many and which kind of publications you have in your content plan. After that, you have to choose the account you would like to post to do the publication for. So, for example, you can choose a few of them different like Facebook pages, Facebook group linked to an account and there is a nice preview. So you can see how it will look on your Facebook page or on your LinkedIn account.

Also, there is Instagram, so it will look a bit different and you are able to see that right here. So, for example, we’d like to schedule this publication for our LinkedIn page and for our Facebook group so I can schedule this publication or I am able to publish it right now. So I just take it out. And now I’m able to publish it right now, so I just published it, I’d like to schedule this publication. I choose the time, the date, for example.

I’d like to do it for February 20th and time. You change the time, what you think is the best for your publication. So it will always show your current time in your region, so you should pay attention on that and make sure you post that the right time for each country where your followers are from. Also, you have the ability to repeat this post. For example, there is a post with some information. And I’d like to I’d like my followers to see this information, for example, like every Monday three times to make sure they will not skip it.

So I choose the East like every Monday, and I can choose like three times or four times. Right. Or I can choose the date, like how many more days I want it to be posted until this date. Or I can choose just days. So I want this supposed to be posted like February 4th. Right at this date, then twenty’s. And 30. So and it was scheduled this publication three times just for these days. So it’s really convenient if you need to show some information to your users and stuff and then I just hit skiddle.

So my boss was kiddo’s successfully, and then in your content plan, you can see that my publication was scheduled for February twenty twenty, 2013. Yeah, I’m sure somewhere here. So then if I’d like to change something, I just click on this publication and I can edit these publications saving to draft, to use it later, copy and change it a bit and do it one more time or delete this publication. So to if I wanted to be posted just once, I have to edit it and just clear up these days.

Right. I have to delete these days. So I wanted to be posted just just for these days. So I have created. And that’s it. OK. Yeah, so after you said your post, also, there are like at least two topics, like suggested ideas for your publication. So if you don’t know what to talk about with your followers or you don’t have ideas for your post, you can check all the ideas we have here, choose one of them.

And if you’d like, you can add some information to these or like text about your thoughts, add some pictures, edit it as you want it to, and then publish it and skiddle like we did it before. So it’s really convenient for you. I’m sorry. So after that, I want to show you one more cool function we have. So there is a graphics editor. So with the plan, you don’t need to use any additional graphics editor downloads, other applications to edit your pictures.

You can upload photos from your computer or you can choose a picture from opposed to plan graphics library. We have we have a lot of pictures here and a good quality. And all of them are divided by topics. So you can choose the topic. And after that, you need to choose the picture you like. So it should be something which your job about your post. You can see this picture is a really good quality. And after that, you upload these pictures to your photo editor.

So and you are able to apply some filters to this picture. Also, there is a cool feature as a size. You can choose different size for different social media platforms. What is really cool? So you don’t need to use any additional applications and you want to make sure that your picture the size of your picture will fit for. For a specific social media platform to this size, you can change it. You can rotate this picture also. You can add text to different color, different fonts.

Also, you are able to add stickers to your picture. It’s really cool feature for stories. For example, these dialog windows. And there is a new function here. You can add your logo so you will have your log of your business on your graphics. Yeah, if I like this picture, for example, I’d like to add sticker sticker like this, I should have published. And also with my picture, I’m able to add some text and do the scheduling again.

Well, now we know how to do that. I’d like to choose a different, different category, and I want it to be posted here on our Twitter account so you can see how it will look on Twitter and scattered. So in our graphics editor, there is one more function, which is like a quick tool for creating pictures. It’s a picture generator. If you need to, for example, post a story with any information you want to tell to your followers.

So you are able to choose pictures from our graphics library again, but it’s much quicker. You choose the size. I think it’s really convenient for stories and to add some information and post it on stories so you can add different text. You can add different facts here and choose a different color, right, and you can shoot change the location of this text, change the size of this text. Also, you can make it like that. So it will be here and also make some settings to the additional text.

If you don’t like how it looks like here, you change the color. So and when you’re finished, you will have or you will have this picture really quick without additional without additional apps. So there are two graphics editor on post, if you can use for your social media, and I’d like it, that’s how it will look. And stories on Instagram. OK, so after that, I’d like you to show your our social inbox section there is here you will see all the messages and comments from your Facebook business pages.

So here are the comments and here are the messages. And also, you are able to respond to these messages inside the platform to your Facebook business pages. So it’s really cool to hear. And also, there is a message statistics. So for each of your Facebook business pages, you are able to see the amount of messages and commands you’ve gotten. And also you can see the amount of replies you gave to your followers. Right. And also to each message you are able to send the statues, for example.

Some information is urgent. So you want to put like a different color. And it’s really convenient for you to do that. So you will know that you have to respond to these commands immediately after that. I want to show you the statistics section. So what’s the plan? If you are able to check the statistics on your publication for a different account, for example, you hear we have to plan. And also I want to choose like the date.

So I’d like to see the statistics from on four January from four to 17. And here I’m able to see the statistics from like command response and subscriptions. So if I don’t want to see the amount of subscriptions, I just click on it and it will disappear from me. So now I just see the amount of likes so I can just point here and I see for each day the amount of likes we have got into this page. Also, there are some reposts and that amount of comments we’ve got in.

So it’s a really cool tool to check the statistics on your publications and you can see which of publication and which in which day was the most successful. So you have to proceed with publishing something like that. If you scroll down, you will see that amount of posts that has been scheduled during last 30 days. This is the amount of all the post that has been scheduled and posted in your Post the Planet column for all the pages. So you can check that right for each day and see how many posts you had.

So and the next, I want to show you our new tool. We just have issued its own in January. So this is the roles and projects. Now, for example, if you have like few businesses or a few projects, for example, you have two different shops and you don’t want to all that posts and they just be mixed together for these two different projects. You can create a new project and divide all your pages and post between different projects.

For example, we can create a project, a car wash and make sure we added all the pages. For these car wash projects, right, I have. I have all my pages launched here in my account, so after that I can go just here and Web pages to this car wash project. Currently, we don’t have any page for these for these car wash projects. So and here we have like. Here we have, for example, this page and I want to move this page to my new project to make sure it’s not it’s not mixed.

And then when I go here, I will see that in my car wash project, there is a page for exactly for this project. So I’m able to schedule publications and make sure it’s not me in my content plan right here. So if we choose our car wash project, we will not see the publication scheduled before for different projects, because in the beginning we did all our scheduling for this project. Right. So it’s a really cool tool. And you are able to.

You are able to create different projects, ad pages here and also you can have managers who help you with managing your account so you can have someone to be responsible for your post, your publications doing so. You just give the name. And when you put e-mail of this person, you have to make sure that this e-mail has not been registered before and post the plan. So it should be like new email for us to plan. You just write this email here and you can invite this person to a specific project.

So you want this person to have access to one of your projects and have some information about what this person can do. Right, so currently we cannot do that, but yeah, you can add managers to your previous projects if you already have your account on the plan. Just make sure you use the email that has not been used before and post a plan. So after that, I’d like to show you some other sections. So if you go to this VIP section, you will see all the packages we have.

There is not a lot. We have a free package and VIP package and you can change it if you would like to. And you can see the different social media and messengers that are allowed for you and all the functions you can use so you can learn more what abilities you have in your package. And if you would like, you can change them.

And also there is the settings bar. In your settings, you can change the name, you can change your email also, you can see your tariff plan and also you can see the amount of post you are allowed to post post during this month. And also there is a date when this amount will be renewed because four different packages will have a different amount of post available for each month. So you want to know when you will get them again so you can check it here.

And also, if you go here. Yeah, here are also the settings available in this drawer. I’m sorry, drop down menu, drop down menu. So the same settings are available here. Also, there is that possibility of shear post from the website which have RSS feeds. So if you know a website or if you’d like to check it, you can just click here and add some feeds from RSS. Just choose the viewer out if you know what what website it would be and publish share some publications from websites like that.

You have to know that it also would like take your the amount of post from you so it will also be counted. Also here is the access to our affiliate program and another cool feature here is the activity for. So you are able to check all the activity on your account, which posts have been skiddle before, right. Which both have been published before. Was it successful or no. And which posts were deleted before? If you want like to copy this post, you can click here and post it again or like change it, read and post it.

So this is a really cool feature to check, like a history of all the work that has been done on your post online account. So and one more cool feature of both the plan and it’s a big advantage of our service, is that our service is available for 10 languages and we want to make sure that it will be convenient for you so you can choose one of the languages, which is your native language. Right. It shouldn’t be English all the time.

And also our customers really like the idea of different uses, theme interfacing of different colors. So if you like a dog. Dark themes, you can use it and use force to plan, enjoying your favorite color. Or two to do it like that. So there is, yeah, a lot of a lot of space for making your work more enjoyable for you. OK, now I think we are done with all the functions and I hope you are able to use post to plan right away, right after watching the webinar.

So now I’m ready to answer your questions.

[00:30:39.520] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. Thank you so much. All right. So are going to dove into your questions here. Thank you for answering all those questions in the chat room. What we’re going to go through the questions in the Q&A box. Now, we did have a bunch of requests for WhatsApp. It seems that we have quite a few people who are interested in that, if there’s anybody who wants to see anything in particular, let us know. All right.

So some questions. Can you connect to Pinterest? Or unfortunately or at least can to Pinterest, but we have a lot of requests from our users. We have enough of them. We are going to consider this and launch it later for sure.

[00:31:35.080] – Kate (Postoplan)
That’s actually a good Segway into the next question.

Apparently it’s not. It’s not. Sorry about that. I think there might be a little delay. I don’t mean to speak over you. The next question that we have here, though, is, is there a roadmap for next development? So I’m curious what is upcoming or isn’t willing to have to look forward to? You are talking about our road map. Yeah. Yeah, so all I get is available for all the be a lot of updates and also we got our application to use post to plan.

Also, there are going to be some changes in graphics. Ed and Adobe will be able to change your readers, Crawford, and it’s going to make your work much more easier on post. OBLON And. All right. I just marked off a bunch of questions, how many Facebook accounts can we install? How many Facebook accounts you can end? Yeah. So there is you are able to add an unlimited amount of accounts, you which right, if you have like 10, 20, your Facebook business pages, you can add them.

And there is no limitations at all about this, about the amount of accounts you can loan. So as much as you want and for free version on for version the same. Can I schedule an Instagram story? Yes, you can see kids on Instagram story is their ability.

I showed sorry. Sorry, is there an ability to share video you can’t? And if so, what’s the size limit? Yes, you are able to share a video. So are you going to share a veto? It should be MP four format.

Right. So but I think not for the all of the social media platforms, you can do that. All right. I publish on. OK, sorry, can I publish on Facebook, Instagram and customize the picture video content to look different on each channel? Now you can use a graphics editor on Post to plan, and there is the ability to customize the crop, the sizes for each social media platform, for example, for Instagram, it should be for Instagram feed.

It should be just square. Right. So you can do that in our graphics editor. And after that, you can do the same thing, but make it look good for stories.

[00:35:19.990] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Can I schedule carousels for Instagram? Yes, you can schedule carousels, you just have to pick a few pictures. So when you add pictures, you do that and then make sure they are in the right order and then they will be scheduled to your Instagram page in that order that you put them in on post a plan. So, yes, it’s possible and it works about.

[00:35:50.210] – Kate (Postoplan)
How does it handle if I at someone say I’m LinkedIn or on Twitter? Can you explain the question, please? I think if they like if they tag somebody. I’m guessing. It’s not available in our service to. Fortunately, the same as you cannot add allocation.

So unfortunately, it’s impossible for now, but yeah, OK, well, for Instagram, are the post totally direct to Instagram and Instagram stories or do I have to do it semiannually manually? No, you just add your Instagram account, you just you connect your accounts to your post online account, you just want to put the password on your logging. So when it’s connected, you are able to schedule your post a plan and then don’t be worried about that, that it will be scheduled and posted.

[00:36:56.280] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
If you choose to post it to your feeds, it will be OK. And the two stories also show. That’s awesome. We don’t have to do anything else. That’s awesome. We’ve got a lot of tools come in that it is an extra step or there’s an extra download or there’s something else. So that’s actually pretty unique. All right. We just got another request. Want to know about WhatsApp? So you are able to ask your math on WhatsApp groups where you are and administrative your WhatsApp, you can create a group, for example, you have a lot of people are like your customers.

[00:37:40.090] – Kate (Postoplan)
So you can post some information about like special deals or it can be your main channel. Right. Then, yeah, you do the same. You connect your WhatsApp account and then it will let you choose the group you have. If you have two or three of them, you can choose one of them if it will be really easy. And after that, it’s the same when you need it to post at a picture and just scheduled for your WhatsApp group.

[00:38:11.760] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Are you able to show them this? And somebody asked, is this for WhatsApp or WhatsApp? Oh, I’m not sure they’re. I think what’s up? Yeah, it’s just for words, unfortunately not available for my business right now. I tried it and it works well, so I don’t think that we can demo it. I do think that sounds like something we would have had to prepare to set up. I think it’s on your phone. Right?

[00:38:46.520] – Kate (Postoplan)
What’s next on your phone? You have to use the QR code. I might have I might have a group here and. That I created and yes, I have it so we can try to do it now. OK. If we have time tried it before, and it was and we were. They said, yes, the people want to do what’s right now. Yeah, why not? So. I have my phone ready. Can you can you see my screen?

Yes, I can. OK, so so I scroll down to the main page and to add an account, it’s going to be WhatsApp. And here I use my phone, I have to go to settings and tell that I want WhatsApp Web desktop. So I want a QR code and I’m doing that on my phone. Wait a second. So right now, I went to the settings on my phone. And standard. This afternoon at. We well.

It’s OK.

Well, if it doesn’t, it’ll be a little later and I’m sorry, you just go to settings on your own canapes and then post here the groups you created on your WhatsApp. Clearly. And. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. That’s OK, we can keep it going, and after that, you’ll be able to. And you can share this group on your social media bill for successfully.

So we have to plan out your dad and his kids casual post. That’s free, so you. I can borrow. And I wanted to be sent right away, so.

And. I’m sorry, it’s so I don’t know what happened, but all right. It’s message in my group just posted. I have here. You hear me? I can hear you, but we can’t see you anymore. It’ll probably. Can you see me? Not yet. I can hear you just fine. Can you hear me? Hello? Yeah, do you want to keep going through these questions? No, we have time and there are some other questions, but it’s a big question, but the connection is good.

So you can see me and hear. Yeah, let’s go through some of these questions, because we can hear you right now, and I’m sure that we’ll be able to see you eventually. You’ll come back. I can’t. Oh, no, we lost her. All right. Well, thank you so much for your patience. I really apologize for the technical issues. I know that that’s. Cool, yay, you’re here. Oh, hey, can you hear us?

We can see you now. Now, it made be. It looks like there’s a bit of a delay, and so they would like to.

[00:45:03.000] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, we’re going to go ahead and ask some questions and maybe maybe we’ll catch up, I, I we have some here about can you upload fonts or use Google fonts? Google, I’m impressed. Yeah, can you upload fonts to the editor or can you use Google fonts? No, unfortunately, you can use just funds that we have on our service. So there are plenty of you. So it should be enough for you. Does this social inbox work with LinkedIn and Twitter?

[00:45:52.820] – Kate (Postoplan)
Fox works online for business pages. For now, it works only for Facebook pages.

So your messages and your Facebook business pages. All right. Does a Facebook page or a Facebook post, rather have a plan branding? Oh. When you posted you are you mean when you posted you can see like a little name so it will the same post or it will not show your name or something else, it will show that he has been posted from Postal Service. So. Yeah. You do need to do is. Some of these we’ve already got into.

[00:46:52.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Is there is there a limit? I don’t know if you answered this one, is there a limit to the video size that you can post? Oh, for sure. The reason there is a limit. Yes, unfortunately, I cannot see. I cannot say, like, exactly what the size of it is. But yeah, there is a limit, OK, this person says, I noticed that there was a comment box where you can show when you were showing the Instagram section, is this somewhere that you can put hash tags for posting?

[00:47:35.710] – Kate (Postoplan)
Unfortunately, no, you cannot command your post or with the help of post plan comments, like you cannot comment. So now if you add a hash tag, it will be in the main text to your publication. So it will not be like a comment. So probably you could see how it will look like on Instagram. Right? We are just to look like that. But no, you cannot do that, unfortunately.

[00:48:05.920] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Andrea asks, How does the hash tag feature work? So that hashtag feature, for example, if you created a post and then there is a little like bar, a little Abbadon, you are able to see some hash tags. So you will not type them again and again to your publication. You can save them on your post the planet. So later, when you do a different publication. Right. And then you can choose like the hash tags, which will fuel for your new post.

[00:48:42.650] – Kate (Postoplan)
So you don’t need to, like, copy them and paste them again. They will be safe inside the platform. So it’s really convenient for you.

[00:48:51.170] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah. Awesome. Can you upload your own graphics and pictures that were not created within the platform? Yes, for sure. Yes, you can do that. So when you kids cédula post, there is a little section for your text and under it there are like there is a little sign to add emojis. Also you can add your picture from your computer or add a video. Awesome. All right, it does look like we got through a lot of the questions that are in this Q&A box, I’m kind of scrolling through it.

A lot of people were asking about Instagram carousels and videos. People are definitely curious about the roadmap. I think the one thing that we haven’t covered in this Q&A section is about RSS feeds. There are two questions about that. What about podcast? RSS feeds is the whole question. And then the other question that came in was a request to can you show output of RSS feed? Well, to do this, RSS feeds, you have to go to a website that supports RSS.

[00:50:06.770] – Kate (Postoplan)
Then you have to find an icon or bottom pointing to RSS and click on it. Right. And then you can, like, share this post to your social media account or there is a new feature you don’t need like to search on different websites. You if you know there is a website which has this function, you just can put the link right to this website and postprandial will find it for you. Unfortunately, I cannot demonstrate it right now because I don’t have this website prepared.

But yeah, we can create a little manual for you if you would like to use that.

Yes, it works, but also.

[00:50:49.850] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Absolutely. All right. And is there anywhere else that siblings can go to get some more resources about postal plan? Where can they where can we find out more stuff? So as I noticed, as I said before, there is a frequently asked questions and we have a huge library of these questions. So you can try to add and you can try to find the answer by yourself. If you cannot, you can simply text to our support team and you will get a quick response to your e-mail that have been connected to your post offline account.

[00:51:28.070] – Kate (Postoplan)
So we have an awesome support that will respond to you really quick. So you shouldn’t be worried about any problems or struggles with post plan. And also the interface is really simple and easy to use. So usually it’s easy for you. Awesome.

[00:51:46.640] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much, Stooling. Thank you for hanging out with us today. Sharing through all of the technical issues. It happens, you know that. So if you have not already, you can go to Atsumi dot com slash postal plan to redeem your codes. This starting at thirty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by APSA most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, see how it works for you and thank you to my last name.

And once you’ve done that, we do love to read your reviews. As I mentioned earlier, they’ve been getting a lot of reviews lately and they currently have a five TOCO rating. If you would like to leave your feedback, you can do that on the deal page. And of course, you can leave your questions there as well. Thank you so much, Kate. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. There will be a replay guy who just asked.

There will be a replay of this available. Thank you all so much. Have a good one. Thank you.

[00:52:42.440] – Kate (Postoplan)
How would you by.

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