3 Powerful Post-Covid19 Strategies to Help Your Business Win More Customers

Covid19 has created new trends that are here to stay.

And changed the behaviors of our customers.

This means that there are opportunities for us to move ahead of the competition, strengthen branding, and win more customers.

In this first part of the series, I’ll share with you 3 things that you can do to achieve that.


1 – Who Are The Remote Workers?

Find out which of your existing customers are working remotely after the Singapore Circuit Breaker has ended.


Because the change in environment can very well cause them to break the habit of visiting your business.

habit is broken

Let’s say you run a fitness gym and Sally is one of your members.

Every day after work Sally visits your gym near her workplace, workout for 45mins, grab a healthy smoothie, and goes back home just in time for dinner with her family.

After a while, this forms a routine.

Sally no longer makes a conscious decision of visiting your gym or buying the smoothie. 

It all becomes automatic.

Imagine what will happen if Sally is now working from home.

Will she continue to visit your gym?

Probably not.

She may go to the one nearer to her house or stop going to the gym altogether.

If customers are patronizing your business as part of their “end work routine”, make sure to find out who they are, and design ways to bring them back to your business.


Doesn’t work for your business?

Yes, this strategy doesn’t work for everyone.

But it’s application is actually much wider.

Your customers may not have a “end work routine”.

But do they have other routines?

Let me give you an example.

Say a mum drops off her daughter for an enrichment class in a mall.

Is it solely because the tuition centre has excellent reviews and highly qualified teachers?

That might be one of the reasons.

But the main driver could be that the parent need to spend time every week to do groceries. 

And since she’s also looking for an enrichment class, she might as well drop her daughter off for tuition.

Now what if because of Covid19, the mum adopts a new habit of buying groceries online instead?

Since the habit of going to the mall for groceries shopping is broken, will she stop the enrichment classes?

And sign up for something online?

It’s a possibility.

Sample routine

These are the insights you will want to find out from your customers.

And a customer interview is the best way to do it.

Which leads us nicely to strategy #2


2 – The “How Are You” Call

Follow up with your existing customers.

Especially with customers who have lost touch with you.

Talk to them, show genuine concern, and learn about their plans.

Sometimes a word of concern at the right time is all it takes to make a person remember you for a lifetime. (or continue buying from you).

There are 6 benefits of doing this:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Connect on a deeper manner
  • Understand your customers and learn about their plans
  • Reinforce benefits of your services
  • Stand out from competition and stay on top of mind
  • Offer a promotion

Maybe some of your customers saw an advertisement was planning to try out another company’s services because of a promotion.

And then you called and salvaged the case.


But is doing this actually worth the time?


Let’s calculate.

Let’s say a phone call takes 15mins.

And the hourly rate for your staff or a part timer is $20/hour

So 15 mins would cost $5 per customer.

Let’s assume the one year value of your customer is $1,500

And because of the phone call, 3% who wanted to cancel decided to continue patronising your business.

If you have 1,000 existing customers,

It would have cost you $5,000 to call each of them

But you would have made $45,000 in revenue.

While strengthening lots of relationships during the process.

revenue estimate
Is it worth it?


So make sure to calculate the value of your customers and apply the “How Are You” Call strategy if it makes sense for your business. 

Note: The script and the person who performs the call are both important. Because it directly affects the conversion rate. But don’t worry it’s not difficult, a normal person with a decent script will be able to work. We’ve tested this strategy many times.

3 – Run Ads! – Advertising Space are Cheaper Now

During Covid19, many companies stopped advertising.

So platforms like Facebook have to lower their prices since there are lesser advertisers competing for a space.

facebook ad rates fall during covid
While companies will start to advertise again after the Singapore Circuit Breaker, it will take some time for them to do that.

The longer they take to adjust digitally, the more cost savings you’ll enjoy running Ads.

It may even be better for your industry.

Let’s say you run a preschool. 

Your keywords will probably be something related to parents or children.

This means that you won’t be competing with all the advertisers out there.

You’ll only be competing with those related to your niche.

Different marketing niches
If your competitors are less “digital savvy” or they are slow to act because of red tape, then you’ll be able to enjoy cheaper Ads for a longer period of time.

Another Benefit…

While at this topic, I want to talk about one major benefit of running Ads while your competitors are not doing it.

Think about this:

Your prospects, including your competitor’s customers, will see your Ads on Facebook, Websites, Apps, Messenger – everywhere.

And since your competitors are not doing it, the market will only be seeing your Ads.

While they are getting used to more screen time.

With their habits disrupted.

Now that things are going back to normal gradually…

Isn’t this the best time to convince them to switch?

And ethically “steal” customers away from your competition?

Bottom line: Run ads while it’s cheap and effective.

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Ken Moo