Plutio: An All-In-One Productivity and CRM Platform


What is it? Why you want it? 

Plutio is an all-in-one CRM platform that’s perfect for freelancers and small teams and businesses. There’s no more need to buy or get one software to do one particular task, then another one to do another set of tasks because Plutio can do them all. Simply put, with Plutio you can manage your projects and tasks, communicate with clients with a client portal, share files with your team members and clients, create proposals and invoices, and get paid — all done in one app.

Plutio’s deal on Appsumo includes the awesome business features of the software. The difference between each code-based deal is the number of team members you can include, and if you’re managing a team or a business, this is a great opportunity to have a software that can manage your projects and clients at one place.

Features & Benefits of Plutio

Here’s a list of all the highlighted features and benefits of Plutio that makes many people think it’s in the top of its game:

👉  Project Management – Plutio allows you to create and manage projects and tasks in a very intuitive manner. Each task card allows you to include a description, attachments, sub-tasks, work and due dates, and a comment to help you track the progress of each task. Upload files or photos associated with the tasks so you won’t get lost from all the tasks and folders you’ve set up.

👉  Time management and tracking – You can track the time that you spend on working on each task with a time tracker. This will help your clients know how much time you spent working on your projects with them. Plutio also has time sheets which displays full information of how you and your team members are using your time during work and to evaluate productivity.

👉  Drag-and-Drop Builder – You can customize your invoices and contracts according to your liking. Small businesses and even freelancers will definitely find this very useful because they can stick their branding to these documents, and with the help of a drag-and-drop builder, customizing these papers for your clients had become much easier. Not to mention, Plutio also has a collection of templates that you can choose from if you don’t have much time to build one from scratch yourself. These templates are fully customizable as well.

👉  Proposals and Invoices – Once your proposal is done and ready, you can easily send your proposals to your client’s email and have them legally sign it for an official agreement. Pretty nice to have that feature.

👉  Payment methods – You and your client have options of payment methods that you can both choose from like Paypal and Stripe. Get paid by your clients online quickly and with no hassle. You can set things up from your end whether you and your client agrees to pay one time, multiple payments, or pay in a recurring manner. Plutio can automate sending invoices and bills and reminders so you won’t have to worry of missing or forgetting any bills and payments from your clients.

👉  Collaboration – You can add and manage members to your team! Communicate with them via third-party mails or in live chat. You can also be reached by your clients easily with a live chat feature that you can add to your website.

👉  CRM – Add persons, profile notes, log and schedule calls or consultations, and create custom fields so you’ll be able to keep track of all of your clients and your projects with them.

👉  Customizable UI – Plutio lets you build your own customized dashboard. You can customize the metrics and widgets you see in the dashboard for a quick overview of all of your clients, tasks, and projects on hand. You can change the interface colors, custom domain, and email address so your clients will see how powerful and established your brand is.

👉  Forms and surveys – You can also create custom forms and surveys within Plutio to get information or feedback from your clients or target customers. Simply embed the code into your website after you created a form or a survey in Plutio and you’re done. Plutio will help you view and track each responses within the app.


Who is Plutio For?

👉  Freelancers who need a CRM platform where they can do all the business side of their work and where they can point their clients to for updates, invoices, payments, and more.

👉  Small teams and businesses who are looking for project management and CRM software where they can organize their work.

👉  Project managers who need a reliable project management software together with their teams.


Things to Note About Plutio

👉  The Whitelabel feature seems to be a paid feature and is not included in the deal.

👉  There seems to be no tutorial or walkthrough for those who just used Plutio for the first time.

👉  Some basic file types such as powerpoint presentations cannot be uploaded at times.

👉  The templates for invoice and contracts are not loading sometimes.

The Company 

👉  Year founded: 2015

👉  No. of employees: 2-10 employees 

👉  Founder: Leo Bassam


Domain Information

Domain History

Plutio Reviews

👉  AppSumo: 4.9 stars, 178 reviews

👉  Capterra: 4.6 stars, 123 reviews

👉  G2: 4.4 stars, 32 reviews


Plutio Competitors:

👉  Asana

👉  Clickup

👉  monday.com

👉  Freedcamp

👉  Wrike


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Plutio is Currently on Lifetime Deal at AppSumo


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