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Pixel True Review: Beautiful Illustrations For Your Next Project

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Pixel True is my favourite place to grab stunning, eye catching illustrations that stand out from the crowd.

It does have a disadvantage at this moment (I’ll go into detail later on)

And some voiced their concerns that the illustrations can be discontinued in the future, making the lifetime deal (LTD) investments today worthless.

So I’ll be going through those concerns as well.

But first, let’s check out some of my favourite illustrations…

Pixel true premium illustration 1
Amazing UI vv2 scaled
Increase Conversions cool

Beautiful, right?

Imagine using these type of high quality illustration on your next project, or for your clients’ work.

They’ll be blown away.

There are currently 350+ vector illustrations with 20+ different themes.


Pros +

+ Different illustrations under the same theme - so you can use them throughout the project

I personally love this concept.

Instead of random illustrations, Pixel True’s illustrations are organized into themes. They call it packs.

And in each pack, all the illustrations are of the same style and characters.

So you can use it throughout the project/ site and it looks as though these illustrations are custom made for your site.

This improves familiarity and helps your audience to connect with your brand.

Cons –

Small library of illustrations

Since their launch in 2019, they have grown and have added a lot of new packs and illustrations.

However the library is still tiny as compared to bigger sites like Freepik or Icons8.

As of this writing, there are 22 packs released. Check out the full collection here.

So you might not be able to find suitable illustrations for your site or project. (if yes, congrats to you)

But hey! Give them a break. They’ve only launched for 1 year. So let’s be patient.

And because it takes a longer time to produce high quality illustrations.

For sites like Freepik, they usually do not have a strict quality control. 

A generic illustration can be submitted on their site by any freelancer. 

So they can churn out many new illustrations every day. (Doesn’t mean that it’s not good, I subscribe to Freepik’s annual plan too)

Even though Pixel True’s collection is not as huge, I feel it’s a worthwhile investment because they will continue to add new high quality illustrations.

And prioritize their design direction based on community suggestions. 

So there’s a chance that what you need may be added to the roadmap and developed.

Concern: Will Pixel True close down?

Legit concern.

You invest in a lifetime deal.

It doesn’t have the illustrations you need yet.

But what if it closes down before you ever get the chance to use it?

Let’s use the Pixel True crystal ball, and look into the future…

Increase Conversions cool

1 – Organic Traffic

Pixel True's Organic traffic

Not bad.

You see a steep growth in organic traffic since their launch last year.

They must be doing something right with SEO.

Many SaaS startups still have 0 organic traffic years after their LTD launch and they are struggling to survive.

Let’s check out some of the keywords Pixel True is ranking for…

2020 11 28 22 52 30


Some good keywords in the top 10 position like “free illustrations”, “vector animations”…

With the high quality illustrations that Pixel True creates, I’m confident they are able to convert a good number of free trials into paid subscription or even to their monthly services.


2 – Referral Traffic

A quick Google search tells me that they are getting good referral traffic too.

2020 11 28 22 57 52

So smart of them to create free illustrations to upload everywhere.

And because of this they are getting free exposure, free traffic, free branding, free customers.

Brilliant idea.


3 – Successful Design Agency

Pixeltrue design agency prices

Pixel True is actually a design agency

This is where all the money is made! (for now)

From what I understand, they are doing very well and thriving.

In fact our marketing agency is one of Pixel True’s client and they do stellar work.

It looks like they are expanding their services and going up the “consulting ladder”

Consulting level 1 Selling 1 to 1 (done for you agency)

Consulting level 2 — Selling 1 to many (done with you)

Consulting level 3 — Selling 1 to many more (templates, packs…)

Consulting level 4 — Selling 1 to many many more. (courses…)

Yeah… So with the illustration packs, Pixel True can now reach more entrepreneurs, impact more lives, and help those who can’t afford their bespoke services.

In short, Pixel True has money.

And with these illustration packs, they’ll make even more money and impact.

So don’t worry about them closing down for now.


Pixel True creates beautiful and unique illustrations that can help your next project stand out from the competition.

Their illustrations are grouped into packs with the same design style and characters that can help with your branding.

We’ve briefly analyzed their marketing strategies above and they are doing well with acquiring free organic traffic.

They already have a successful design agency and it looks like even the illustrations are on track to becoming self-sustaining.

If you’re looking for high quality illustrations for your future projects, I recommend looking into Pixel True.

They have a life time deal currently running here.

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