Pixelied Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.960] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Pixellated, a feature rich design tool offering an extensive library of templates, photos, icons, illustrations, color palettes and vectors.

It is available on Appsumo right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and currently has a five taco rating. Before we dive into the product, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your tool, your use case, why you’re interested in this product, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room.

If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, anything like that, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video, and then we will circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough. And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out or anything like that, totally OK. You can watch this truly as many times as you want. All right.

That’s enough for me. Hey, David, how are you doing?

[00:01:09.730] – David (Pixelied)
I’m doing great. How are you?

[00:01:11.560] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
I am doing very well. I am excited to have you here today. And I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready for the questions.

[00:01:23.280] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
So can you see my screen?

[00:01:25.170] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Yes, I can. Looks good. OK, so everyone.

[00:01:29.760] – David (Pixelied)
So once you logon, I just give you a brief overview of how Pixelied works and how and especially from the design community, because, you know, we’ve been asked this question, what’s Pixelied often different than these design tools?

So when you once login in your account, this is a dashboard and we’ve created a super easy dashboard for you. So we have categorized this based on these social media templates. We have Facebook, different formats that we have Instagram. Then we have. Twitter, then we have LinkedIn, Pinterest, so after that we have content marketing, so under that we have YouTube, the different formats. And then we have the blog featured image for your blogs.

And then we have the the category is the book covers. And this we have three different formats, e-book covers, Amazon, Kindle, Wattpad, and then in the others we have some different formats. And after that, lastly, it is the online streaming which we have different formats related to that. So this was a brief that the dashboard, you can find all the different templates. And over here, if you just want a quick navigation to a certain format, you can just click on it.

So we just click on YouTube comments and once you click on it, you’ll see we have landed on the attempted stage and this is the page we will find all the all the different for templates we have related to that format. If we just scroll down, you’ll see we have all these different templates and over here you can find all the different formats. So it just gives you a quick navigation. Just click on it, click on any template and you’ll be taken to the editor.

And I just go with this. This is the if you want a few templates so you can just click on it, it’ll give you all the free templates. Or if you just want premium templates, which you have, you can spread that out. You can filter this based on the keyword. Now, one thing is that right now we once you search, the search is going to be on a sidewalk. So there’s not going to be any specific search if you want to search in Facebook post or Instagram posts.

So if you search, it is going to give you all the tools that you have. The reason is because right now, as the templates are a bit and then not much as compared to other design tools. So that is why if you just go searching and Facebook post and most probably that keyword or the conflict is not going to be there. So that is why for now we have just this site wide search. And then over here, these are the photos.

So this is based on the category. So if you want to search based on the category, you can do that. And then we have the colors. So if you just click on any color, it’ll give you all the different colors we have related to that computer. So. Now that you have you want to you have selected attempted to edit that, simply click on it and you land on the ED. Now, this is where the magic happens and this is where, you know, you’ll be able to edit your computer to be able to create a new design.

How you doing this, Ed? So right now, we’ve landed on this and these are the images. So right now we have one splash. And because of the integration with them and we’re also looking to integrate with the more more services we’re looking into that any premium services we could offer. So these are the two of services you just. So if you just type in any keyword, you get that and it’s on you all the images related to that field and all you have to do is simply click on it and be added.

And this is the text, so if you just want to add text on it and you’ll be able to edit it, and then we have the text styles. So these are the ready to go x10. So you just click on it and then be added on your canvas and all you have to do is simply add them. Now, this is the illustration speeches, and this is something that is not being offered by, I think none of the competitors or competitors, none of them offer the speaker.

So if we just need this for a while and if we just add an illustration. So, for example, if we had this illustration now, the best thing about this illustration is that the. So the best thing about this illustration is that you can fully customize this, what I mean by that is you can change its colors. You can. You can. You can do a whole lot of operations, I think this has a lot of colors in it, I just choose one, which is.

Fukino So it would be easy. So if we have this, you can see that if I want, I can change its colors, I can fully customize this, I can just resize this whatever I want. So and another thing is that once if you change the colors, you can see that it is changing very smoothly. So the design, if you’ve seen the even if there is the description feature, the colors cannot be changed. It gets stuck when you’re changing.

And so in pixelate, we have a lightning fast rising editor. And that that is evident from all the reviews. You’ll see an absolute red. And I think every review we have the this is the same this is something that is consistent throughout that the editing spot. So that is something we focused on providing a lightning fast editor know it’s easy for you to just come edit some things and download that design. So this would be illustrations and then we would hear we have mockups.

So the mockups feature is one of our best features, which we have and demonstrate that. So if you just click on it, the mockup is going to be added on your canvas and overhead. You’ll see we have a mock up content. So if you just click on it, you’ll see that we have this we have this mock up screen over here. And right now if we just. We just type something. So once you do that, if you just move this, you’ll see that you can see it preview.

So by that, what I mean is that let’s see if we just remove this, you can see that the mockup is showing your life to you on the right hand side. So this just gives you much more freedom to see how your design actually looks like in real time and just your designs based on that. And in this, it is just like editing in the ED. You can add your text, you can even add illustrations or elements or icons.

You could do all these different operations in the end. Once that is done, you simply click on the editing and it is going to process for a few seconds, is going to send done that. And once that is done, we have that changed over here on our mockup. And now you could just please this and you can start editing your design. So this was the UPS feature. We have, you know, more than 40 plus mock ups.

You could choose them and then we have the elements. So the elements, we have some basic elements. So, for example, we have shapes and then we have the arrows. You could just click them and then be added on the canvas. And then we have the blob’s over here and lines scribbles, so we have all these different elements for you to using your templates and what you just click on, then you’ll be able to change its design.

So do you think it’s kind to however you like? And then we have the icon. So we just have you know, if you want to add your icons, we have to integrations with services and you just click on it and you could also change its colors and you could resize this business whenever you want. And then over here we have the blend feature. So the blend is something. I’ll show you how it looks and just select the template from headers.

This one, this particular template looks, you know, supergrid on this one. So if we just, you know, add this template over here. And if you go over that blend, you’ll see that. So if we just want to change this e-mail, once you click on this, you’ll just change the colors and all, you have to simply click on it and it’ll change the colors of the design. And you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is just click and we’re done. And all these different default colors, which you see, we’ve actually studied the. So this is the background and this is that big text. And this would be applied to the smaller text. And this is going to be applied to the element. So every color has been picked carefully so that it complements your design. And over here you have your own. So if you don’t want to use these different blends over here and you want to use your own branding colors, you can just click on ADD and now you’ll be able to add your.

Your Carlos. So. And it also shows you, which is going to be used for other purposes or if it’s background checks and then it’s the small text we have and this is used from the ships you have in your design. So you can see and it will be added in your Midland’s and if you just wanted to leave the country. So this is how you can add your own branding colors. And over here, you have your my so my friends, you could add as many friends as you want.

There’s no limit on your storage. And then we just want to add, you know, these are the basic functions we need. If you want to change your font, you could do that. And if you have your custom pointier, you could also have that. And if you want to change the size and all, and these are basic functions, I just want to show you the mean advanced editing tool. So this is the ideal example. Once you click on it, you’ll see that over here it shows you the color code.

And if you want this particular text to be, you know, or based on this, so all you have to do is click on it and it will change. The text is going to change based on the color which you just choose and apply this on this. On this element, which we have, and click on this and. I choose this, so in the next. So if I want to change the color based on this, look on it and it can change, this is how the eyedropper works.

And then over here we have the body. So if you want to add water to your design, you could also do that. You could change its colors. And then we have the shadows, so if you want to chat with your design, you could move this the way it is currently and this you could move this vertically and this is the blood. So if you want to add to your design, you could do that. And then we have the colors would change.

It’s as you want. But this would be a brief overview of the designs. And the best thing is that. All these templates have been created and designed carefully, so not just not just for the sake of populating it, we’ve also carefully the content which will see everything, the colors and the forms which have been used. Everything has been you know, it’s a process which we go through the complete creation. So we also focus on the content, which is added in the template.

And the reason is because we want users to come in and, you know, change the context in different colors and all. That’s all we have to do. And once they’re done, they simply have to click on download. So that is you what we what we have here. You don’t you don’t even have to think too much on the content, so. Now, once you’re done, all you have to do is simply, you know, once you’re done with the editing and everything and all you have to do is simply click on download and you have three different formats and.

It will be added to your design and it will be downloaded, and another thing which I want to mention about the download is that the if you download your designs, the file size is going to be much less because we also have our own compression algorithm. So I know how to use these designs for e-commerce, for YouTube. YouTube comments on blogs and the size of the file really matter. So that is also what we have catered for. And if you if you download your design and just sit and it would be much lower, so you won’t have to worry about the file size.

And another feature, which I would like to. Mentioned is the background. So if, for example, you want to use the background to move on without going to the editor and you don’t want to use the editor, simply you can use it as a standalone solution. And I just remove this background. And take a few seconds or you don’t have to do anything, and once that is done, you’d be able to see your. The download over here takes a few seconds and.

So now that is done, you’ll see that we have our design overhead and also see the credit slip and now you could just simply download this. And the reason why we included a background to it is because after taking feedback from our users, you know, most of them said that, you know what, if you don’t want to use the editor. So that is something that is also unique. And pixelate, you could just use this as a standalone solution and the same goes for the distribution.

So what if you just want to use the description in your landing page or your mobile app and you don’t want to use this in the editor? Because if you because in the editor, you have to use this in a design. So what if you just want to download this illustration? So in that case, also you could just download this. And we have from a wide variety of categories, and once you click on them, you’ll see all the different all the different illustrations we have.

And that if in case you want to use this in the edit or simply click on it and you’ll be taken to the editor. And again, this is where you can fully customize this illustration and. So as you can see, you can change all its colors and this would be illustrations. And then we have to show you how the background remover works. So in the end, you want to use the background to move and then you see that it automatically adds the image on the canvas once you upload this and now the once you have clicked on the image, you’ll see that we have the small button that we’re going to move.

So once we just click on this, take a few seconds, you can even create your design work on your design, some big changes. It’ll just keep processing for a few seconds. And once that is done, you’ll see that it has removed the background and that’s the business in your design. So this is how the background model works in the inside. The editor. And once that is done, if you just refresh this page, you’ll see that the file is going to be sealed in your.

And you might find so would you distribute this? And it was also, according my friend, so you could use it later in your designs. So this was the the background to move here. And I’ll just explain one other feature which we have, which has been gaining traction. And I didn’t know that it was going to be this powerful. But the other feature which we have is that you could add your own that you find. So if we just add.

So this is the vitrified which we have. And if we click on it. Now, that has been added on a canvas on this side of this. And please, this so. As you can see, we can change its colors. We can fully customize this illustration for all of its colors. And so what this means is that you can now integrate software like Illustrator or Photoshop and you could use them inside pixelate. So all you have to do is that you have to export the illustration in the Swedish format, just as you do in being a jpeg in any other format.

And once that is done, you’ll have to just upload that on pixellated. And now you could now you could change its colors to face this in a design. You could do whatever you want, which is the vector. And you’re also adding the. So right now, if we have the JPEG and transparent option, it also would be adding the expertise to the auction. So. Most users, they give their feedback that if we just want to edit this vector in pixellated and now what if we just want to put this back in the wiki format so that the editor should work as an editor, too?

So we’ll also be adding that. I just wanted to give you that update and this would be Vector’s. You could upload your vectors and you could change its colors. You could do anything you want. And now that is explained how the editor works and everything and some of the features which we have now, an expanded workspace, workspaces. So there’s a lot of people, users have been asking what the workspaces feature is exactly. So. These are the workspaces which are created, so, for example, this is the these are fictitious names.

So this is the Start-Up which I’m working on. I’m currently working on two startups. Let’s just assume that and the e-commerce startup I’m working on and just as a side project, which I have. So in the cleanest startup, we click on that you’ll see that the workspace changes. And we had all the designs, you can see that I have the designs created for my clean up or these designs and then I have the folder section. So now I have the YouTube realise I have created another folder for my social media promotions and I have that design over here.

And then if we just go for. That you start we click on it, you’ll see that for that in my designs, all its designs created are different from the previous startup and you could also create for the folders to organize your work and you could name your folders, anything you like and organize them. And then this is the volunteer side project I have. So I’ve created a few designs for it. And these are the folders. So basically what works spaces is that in a very nutshell, it is some accounts inside pixelate.

So you have, you know, some account for your one startup. And if you want, you could have another setback for your end of the startup or project. It could be anything. So that is, you know, how workspaces are. Each workspace has its own designs, which you’ve created. Each has its own files, which you upload your blend colors, your custom fonts. Everything is different. I just show you. So if we just killed.

A custom design and create now over here. If we. So here are uprooted fonts, is Proxima knowable for one or two project I’ve uploaded this far and indeed my files, you’ll see that the these are the two files which I have and. So. So these are two things, and I’ll also be blunt, so this is language I’ve added for my volunteer side project workspace. Now we just go back and we change this to the cleaner, start up.

And if we. If we just if we just see the my friends over here, you would see that my friends are different from what I had in the into my side project. And if if we can see we have to colours also different from what I had in my other workspace. And the custom font is also different from what I had uploaded into my site. So basically what I’m trying to say is that the workspace, it just separates all your work.

So in other design tools, which you had or did, what you were doing is that you had just one account. And in that one account, if you had to organize your looks based on different projects you’re working on, you know, you could just do that with the help of folders, but would hear what Pixelied offers you is basically all these subaccount in which you could just organize a work company. Everything is separate. You don’t have to if you’re in a startup and or you you’re creating designs after you’ve created hundreds and hundreds of designs.

And now that you have created them and you know you’re going through these designs, so it becomes a bit tedious. So with the help of these workspaces, everything is organized. You have workspaces. And inside those spaces you have folders which for other organization work. And the best part about these workspaces is that you could also add your team members to each different workspace. So for this of startup, I added my two team members and these two team members have access to these to this workspace.

And these two team members can just come in. They can access these my designs and they could edit this design and basically we could collaborate. And then we’re here for the for the ecommerce startup. It is different. We have these two team members and. These two members have access to the my designs and they don’t seem to be able to share the custom fonts or the blend colors, so everything is organized between the two team members and the rich.

So this is how the workspaces look and. Yeah, that’s it. And one thing I would just like to say is the the editor and I would like to say is that the editor was created to be fast. So if you just try pixellated, you log in and you just edit any design. You’ll be able to see how fast it is, how efficient it is. And, you know, it was created specifically for this purpose. Because if we are as many features as we like and if the entity is not working properly, then there’s no use for such a design.

So that was it, a brief overview of how Pixelied works and hopefully we can make this better in the coming months.

[00:27:33.030] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Wonderful. Thank you so much for walking us through Sumolings we are going to go into the Q&A section, so if you have any questions, you can go ahead and submit those to the Q&A box. Now, we’ve got a few here, so let’s start going through them. Will you also implement integration’s to shop systems like Shopify or will e-commerce?

[00:27:53.340] – David (Pixelied)
So, yeah, for those integrations, basically our roadmap, we also have the two mock ups. So basically, if I just if I can show you the mock ups right now are in too deep. So all these laptops and different mockups, we have to do so in our mock ups we have 3D. And what we’re thinking is that, you know, we in the true democracy, we have T-shirts, we have mugs in a different e-commerce products which users use, and then you can have integrations with sites like Shopify or even print on demand side.

So that is going to be a huge feature. And we consider this to be one of our greatest features which should implement. So hopefully that will come in the coming months once we have the true democracy.

[00:28:47.070] – Lindsay(AppSumo)

Thank you. Can we see an example of how to create a brochure or ebook?

[00:28:54.850] – David (Pixelied)
Sorry, could you repeat that?

[00:28:57.040] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
they want to see an example of how to create a brochure or an ebook.

[00:29:01.300] – David (Pixelied)
So, yeah. So right now, the people of some people have asked us if we have brochures or letters or, you know, these flyers often in type. So the reason why we didn’t include them is because, you know, since we launched basically independently and at that time it didn’t make sense for us to have business cards or flyers because frankly, the demand had gone. It was very low. So that is why we didn’t include them. But we win, you know, a few coming months.

But I have we have the e-book covers and even those because it did in different categories. So if you just want an e-book, we have that particular size for you. And, you know, if you have all these different e-books and then if you just want for the Amazon Kindle to have that based on the particular requirements of uploading Amazon Kindle, we have all these different e-books. You could just click on it and, you know, you could edit them and then we have the work that cover.

So if you’re looking to use e-book covers for the launchpad, then you also have those templates. So basically the whole e-book section is covered.

[00:30:20.530] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Fantastic, thank you. Will there be an option to download to Dropbox or Box or similar?

[00:30:28.090] – David (Pixelied)
So the Dropbox and Drive are the two integrations which we’ve added in the roadmap. So we’ll be adding that. How that will work is that if you’ve made any change and you’ve uploaded any any file in Dropbox or Drive, that will be automatically changed in pixelate or if you just add something in pixelate, that would be automatically added in. So that life story type of thing. Great, does the deal include premium templates? Yes, so if you absent more deal, you’ll be getting all these different premium tempest’s, which we have.

So we intend on this. And if you want to search based on the premium components, we have to just do that, click on it and you’ll be able to edit them.

[00:31:26.260] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Cool, fun. What are some new features coming up that make you different with that question?

Well, there’s a lot that’s coming because because right now, you know, the mockups is different. Illustrations is different. Adding your own vectors is different. But apart from that, we have local theater coming and then we have the 3-D mockups coming and then we have the lighting collaboration. So what that means is that, you know, so suppose you have a three member team in your workspace and, you know, if you you want to approve your designs once they’ve created it or, you know, you could disapprove them and send them back for revision or you could even add comments in the editor to particular sections of a design element.

You want that to be edited? You could do that. So that is, you know, the whole collaboration. We plan for the startups and companies and. Yeah, those those are the main features which we have. Pretty big ones, great. I would like to know how the research tool works. Yeah, so if we just click on any design, so once we if you want to resize this design and let’s suppose you want to size this into Instagram post, simply click on resize and it’ll just open in a new tab.

And the design is going to be the size. All you have to do is simply just make a few adjustments to it. And the design is ready, and if you don’t want to use from all these different premade formats, which we have, you could just simply add your own custom dimensions. So if you click on it, you’ll see that it is just size. And yeah, that’s. So what do you have to do is simply bring this down?

And, you know, as I said, make a few adjustments and the design is ready. So that’s how this works.

[00:33:49.350] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Very cool, thank you. How do the credits work for the background from Neuffer?

[00:33:56.760] – David (Pixelied)
So the background removal, as I said, can be used in two pieces. So one is the standalone solution. So if you just want the background removed, you could do that by uploading this. And once the image has been the background has been removed, only then will the credit be deducted from your account. So and if we just upload one right now. Take a few seconds, and once that is done, it’ll show here how many credits you have left and if somehow for any reason the system is not able to due to any budget issue.

The president is not going to be charged. So, as you can see, it has six that. And there is a question here. That’s a follow up question is it possible to edit the removed background from a picture, for example, to work more on details like hairs or other things?

So, like mentally removing the. Yeah, right now, it’s one kid ibis background, so you just upload your image and in the background, so there’s no manual work right now and the reason why there is no manual the setting is because most people just want to use the one click feature. And using the manual settings just confuses complicates things. But hopefully the background to which we’re working on can hopefully be added in a few months. We’re looking to add that feature too.

So, you know, if you just want to make some adjustments, just added that. We’re driving. Yeah, but you said that other back movers on the road map, so. Yeah, so the the our own native background, we were told we are currently developing that and the the actually developing is is not the problem. You don’t need to have that ready in a month. But the real thing is that we have to provide that particular data set.

So, for example, if we have this here. So if you want to remove the white spaces, you know, sometimes we have that. So you have to train that machine. So that is what you do. And you take a few months to get a very good backbone to move to. Totally awesome. Well, thank you for telling us a little bit about that simoleons, this is just we have one more question that just came in.

[00:36:51.320] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
If you have any other questions, now is your time to submit them. What is the largest custom image, size, width and height allowed on the ED?

[00:37:02.960] – David (Pixelied)
So creating your own custom dimension’s. Well, we we don’t have we have a minimum, but we don’t have a maximum, I’ll have to talk to my developer about this. I’m not quite sure, you know, the maximum which we have.

[00:37:22.610] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Cool, but

[00:37:25.280] – David (Pixelied)
sorry to interrupt, but we cater to most of the most of the sizes. So I think if we just drive, five thousand is going to create that design. So I think. The it is going to cater to most of the sizes, you know, which awesome.

[00:37:45.780] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Fantastic, thank you. All right, Sumolings, those are all of the questions that we have for today. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up if you have not already.

You can go to Appsumo.com/pixelied to redeem your codes. It is starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by Appsumo’s most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Go ahead and leave your feedback on this tool on the deal page. We love to read your reviews and we love to hear how you have implemented this in your business.

So go ahead and do that there. And you can also leave your questions on the deal page if there was anything that we didn’t get you today. I am so sorry. And you can always leave your questions there. All right. Thank you so much, David. It has been a fantastic time talking to you.

[00:38:35.880] – David (Pixelied)
Thank you for being here. Thank you.

[00:38:38.730] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Have a good one.

[00:38:40.670] – David (Pixelied)

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