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Evaluating and approving designs made easy. That is exactly what Picter does for you and your team. It is a centralized tool that you and your team can use to collaborate and come up with the most innovative designs for your marketing campaigns.

Features and Benefits of Picter

👉  Pinpointed Comments and Markups – our team mates can leave comments and markups on your photos or output with Picter. This makes the collaboration process a lot easier.

👉  Team Management – Picter allows you to not only collaborate with your team but also manage your team. You can assign dedicated roles for each member and allow access to data in Picter.

👉  Highest Security Standards – You won’t have to worry about your content’s security when using Picter. All your data will be kept safe and you won’t have to worry about them begin corrupted with Picter’s highest security standards.

👉  Professional File Formats – The template or file formats on Picter are not designed for random or casual posts. They are designed for professional use and for excellent branding.

👉  Edit While Uploading – Perhaps one of the most frustrating part of creating content is having to wait for some stuff to upload before you can edit. In Picter, you can continue editing while uploading more content.

👉  Real-Time Sync – This is one of the best features to have in a tool like Picter. It automatically syncs all your data the moment that you make changes so you won’t have to wait long for your team mates to see them too.

👉  Email Support and Tutorials – This feature is great for beginners. Picter has email support and tutorials so that you won’t lose your way when using the software.

👉  Approval Flags – There are flags for approval that can be used for those posts or content that have already been approved and are ready to be used.

👉  Share – You and your team mates can share content for presentation and as inbox links. This way, you can use the software not only for creating and collaborating but also for publishing and sharing.

👉  Unlimited Projects – You will have lots of projects for your campaign for sure and Picter is ready for that. Using this software means that you can do as many projects as you can without having to worry about your limits or credits.

Who is Picter for?

👉  Marketing Agencies who needs a tool that can help create the best posts for marketing campaigns.

👉  Design Teams that need help in collaborating with each other when it comes to designs.

👉  Visual Educators who are looking for a tool that will help them reach their students and design their material.

Things to Note About Picter

👉  It’s not compatible with iPads even when just putting annotations.

👉  There is no way to control which data specific users have access to.

👉  It does not have any other options other than “Approved:. Nothing else. It would be great to have other options like “Approved; Needs Changes” or “Rejected” to help managers and content creators collaborate more efficiently.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2016

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 10

👉  Founder: Simon Karlstetter

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