Piar.io Webinar & Transcription

What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Piar.io. This allows you to customize what followers see when you share a link and get statistics about your audience to optimize link previews. It is on right now starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the tool, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case or just say hi to us, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the deal, how to get set up or anything like that, you can go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box. We do have a couple of people from the team on standby to answer those as they come in. But if you’re watching the replay, there will also be a short Q&A at the end and there will be a replay of this available.

That’s the third thing. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Alex, how are you doing? Yep, I’m great.

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, well, ready to start and to answer all your questions and to present everything. Amazing.

I’ll pass this over to you for the walk through. Let me know when you’re ready for the Q&A. Oh yeah.

I’m so ready for now. So thanks a lot. We can see everyone. I’m so pleased to be here and so pleased to share our product with you today. Today, we’re going to make an all more detailed walkthrough of the idea to use our product.

So just from the start, like our product was created like not some half a year ago, basically the previous autumn. And it was a kind of a change of kind of a solution because we were trying to find something extremely easy to use and solve this really straightforward questions like not only about shortening your link, which is extremely simple. Like you can find that we could all we wanted also to combine was something like analytics from Google ads. And also we would like we wanted to like to check how the link would look like on different social media, because it was like basically the case for us.

Unfortunately, at that moment, we didn’t have any chance of finding a suitable service for us. And already with our colleagues, with our partners, we had like a solution and our vision that everything has to be extremely simple and extremely easy to use, that nontax users, like everyone, kids, would sit down and understand how it is going on. And that’s basically what happened with our task, is to create as simple as possible kind of a product.

Right. So we want to focus on our product, on some simple task, again, like shortening like Traken volumes, like previewing how it looks like and make them really good. Really good. Right. So let’s dove straight into and see how it goes everywhere.

So the basics here, when you register, let’s imagine that you skip that. It’s not that hard of a procedure when you’re your main task in our service is to create prevue. And that’s basically what happens when you move from your dashboard, which is here. Let’s go for a moment just right there. And you create new prevue. You end up on this page. So basically you can divide it into two parts left and right. On the left, there is everything you need to do to edit your including your URL like this nation, your title description domain and back half of the domain itself and image.

And on the right side, here is the preview of the link on different social media platforms like Facebook, telegram’s like Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.. So first of all, I’m going to mention is that our links, links that you create here are based on Palmy are active everywhere. It doesn’t mean like that. It’s active only for these nine social media. They will work everywhere and it will be the first time we’ll ask you to enter our roadmap on Trello.

And if you have any suggestions or you think that there are some social media that just has to be here, please just be brief. Leave a comment and say that while something has to be there, like we chat on Reddit if you want to see that, and we and just upvote some other stuff on the road map, we would definitely like to hear your feedback because it’s really important to us. That’s how we work right now. So for now, let me just take some links so we could check it.

And let’s start with the yo, you start from and basing your decision, Earl, right here and clicking on the magic want one of the moments. What can happen right here is, for example, when you click the magic wand and nothing else, and for example, all of these fields are empty. What does it mean? What does it mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that service works inaccurately or the link doesn’t work. That means that there is something about this link about this yourself that you have just pasted, that there are no specific tags which are connected with title description or an image.

So don’t worry, all you had to do is just start typing with your hands and to make it look good and to make it look attractive.


So we will we shall quickly just edit it somehow a bit so it would look more appealing, for example, on Facebook or in LinkedIn, as you can see on the screen right now, how to get links on LinkedIn. Wow. And the article, I would suggest your it legislated something right here. Down here, a lot of text. Right.

So, for example, you can already see that on Instagram when you’re done direct. That’s just the way these three dots, there are too many symbols and you would like to shorten it. And that’s one of the most straightforward tasks you want to accomplish or to finish or to make look good. Right? You want to fill in some text, short text, make it attractive and check how it looks like everywhere. So, for example, just about this thing called text.

Something comes up, something like this, and you can already see what it looks like on different social media. So now title and description, it’s really you can see that it looks good like everywhere. Now, three dots. You can see all the text and you’re ready to improve your cigars. Now, what’s important next? Let’s start from custom domain. So there are a few options about about domain in general, about the shortener. First, that oinks that you shorten in our service are based on that me.

And here there is this small box. It’s a back half of the link of the of the link itself. And you can edit the back half, like on any business plan. You can edit on trial, looking at it on one coupon from absolument. Doesn’t matter. You can always say that for example, in here, if we have an article about Leeds on LinkedIn, we can always say something like linked in links and the top looks great. Like you can always change it.

Well, not always, but you can change it before you have created your preview and now it goes on. So there is another thing in our service is is custom domain. There are two options in our offer. First is based on guided me so you can opt, for example, here in example, you shall just write some words, for example, like sales or advertisement or whatever. It will save sales that are that me and your bank have.

Another moment is about full custom domain where you can add your domain of the website or what service you use just on your website you would like to share. There is a procedure. We use a bot right here from the messenger. You can always start. Basically, it’s a place which will explain you and how to how everything goes on about, for example, about creating a custom domain. And at the same moment, it’s it’s a place where you can ask questions, because as I mentioned before, this is we have created our service for people who are nunatak.

Right. And sometimes it may be hard when you read stuff, for example, like this and you do not really understand what’s going on and you have to reach out for your developer. It’s not necessary results. You can just ask us a question and we will gladly answer on how to do stuff.

And of course, creating a custom domain usually takes about like an hour, not an hour. I’m sorry. Twenty four hours because it’s more about confirmation your of your domain that it’s really yours. And we want to avoid fraud and we want to be secure in terms of privacy, etc. So just don’t be scared to reach out and we’ll help you with that. No problem.

So after you’ve edited your custom domain within lid’s, that’s basically how your link that you share later on social media will look like and this is you, it will create on difference on different platforms.

And there is another moment.

For example, the last one, the biggest part of your interview is an image. Right. So here right now, what’s going on right now?

Right now, it uploaded like the basic image that was that was tacked to this euro. So what can we do it here? For example, if you can always upload your image from your computer or you can use your URL about radio.

Here you can see that you can choose like different ones, you always can choose custom and select some random part of your of your screen, for example, or of this picture right now, you cannot edit due to security policy. Sometimes you may get you get texts like this. Well, it’s just an explanation that you cannot just change shape this image, but it will show it still will be displayed. Right. Custom radio means that you can adjust like a radio of the picture and how you want.

For example, if you don’t want to share it on social media and you want to be deliberate only for a select or Verlinden, it’s possible to do with custom. Ready? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. So you can choose. Well, it’s what is here. Art is basically the most popular radius from social media is, for example, you can see it right? It is here, but not here. And here is again a moment. We want to improve this page a lot.

So please reach out to our road map and your suggestions on how to make this. Of course, we won’t be able to create like a Photoshop here or we’d be kind of tough. Right. But still, there is like there are ways to improve this, so it would be suitable for you. Please leave your suggestions of our stuff. We’ll listen and add to our roadmap and work on it because it’s really important. So one of the features about pictures is that here you can add GIF files.

There is one moment that you have to be aware about.

Is that. That you are actually available only for LinkedIn and for Aslak. So on all other. It would be like this, so, for example, on all other social media, for example, like Facebook, it will turn into state stationary picture. It won’t move, unfortunately. But for example, if you still wish to share it only on slack, give is a great way to increase your cigar. Just be aware that there is there is no problem inside of the service or like there is nothing wrong that you did is just these platforms do not really support and give.

Right. And just be aware of that and just stay stay safe.

So basically that’s all.

Just again, please share your suggestions. The last thing I would like to mention is probably your name. Well, in case you want to create extremely similar previews, you can always like name them. And how you on LinkedIn LinkedIn example. Right? So after everything is done, after you see that it looks good on all platforms, you can check it again once hearing that never can be too sure. You can check for mistakes right here. You can check for destination.

You’re right here. This looks good. Looks good. Let’s generate Houweling. And here’s what happens at this very moment. All links has to be unique not only on our service, but like in terms of Internet in general. So, for example, right now I have created Pavulon named custom domain wingding. So there can be no link exactly like this. You have to always like check out for a unique once. And for example, if you wish to create a similar one, you have to just change one digit in your in your preview, in your link.

How to do that. For example, if you wish to like edit this somehow and maybe create some sort of a B testing, you can always click it right here because you cannot edit this link again. It’s about safety and about privacy policy. And there is always a chance that you have already shared this link. Right. So unfortunately, we cannot make an identical link with absolutely the same domain. That’s why we hate it. For example, click something like LinkedIn, Blyde, and change everything you want.

That would mean that in terms of Internet, this link is unique and there won’t be any problems. And to avoid these inconveniences, you can always ask us to add your custom domain and there would be a small chance that you connected once again. So that’s, I guess here. Let’s go to Dashboard. So what’s going on on dashboard here? You can see that there are previews which we usually call active previews and previews. And this was our way of like preserving everything you have created so far.

So what’s the difference between active previews and previews? Only active previews, which you can see right here, only they collect statistics or statistics for all cliques where they come from, etc.. And when we go to statistics, only active previews can be shared.

I mean, only active statistic of active previews can be shared when you move your blink previews, which are which are located right here to their archive. They will still work. They will still lead to the destination URL you have chosen or you have faced it, but they just won’t collect statistics. So, for example, let’s move let’s move this one to more archive. Go right here. Well, here are some of my archive previews, but you can see this right here, right?

It’s just you can still duplicate it, you can still use it as a template, for example, if you really enjoyed it or how it went on, you can just click, duplicate and create a similar one and you can always restore them and they will start collecting statistics once again. And that won’t be a problem. So what’s going on, Dashboard? What can you do? You can check out statistic, you can rename it, you can duplicate, which I have already shown you.

You can have a new goal was deleted. No problem. See statistics. So one of the features going on here. Let’s check with NATO, for example, registrations for this webinar so you can see all the metadata available about this CLECs, operation systems, platforms, browed those countries, you can choose different time, never mind week, month old time. And you can still do actions like archiving and do it in your preview right here. And here’s one feature, which is allowing access to statistics with the help of your.

So what does it mean?

For example, you have a like person or person who buys endorsement from you and you post has his product and you want him to interrupt your service or have an access to it, or with the help of this link, which is created uniquely for each of you, you can copy and share the real time statistics with your clients or with your partners.

And this person will end up on page like this, which will basically only show messages, sticks to him if you want to disable that. Just don’t allow it. And what would what would happen is that this page will show that there is no data when the system is disabled. You can always allow again. And statistics will be shown again. The most unusual case is about advertisement that Sharon, with higher up managements who don’t really want to register and so on.

So and right here, basically, the total active previous collecting statistics, unlimited amount of clicks, there is no limit like some of our customers get like ten, twelve thousand clicks in like one day. It’s not a problem. Create as many as you like. Just as a reminder, there are three plants about us on a consumer. And active previews are like the only the biggest difference. It’s one hundred previews, active previews. I saw the previews and ten thousand previews on.

So let’s go, for example, our last part, which is analytics. So analytics allows you to compare up to five previews, the most common case is if you are sharing the same the same destination, you’re all right. If you are sharing the same article, for example, on different social media and you make it slightly different in terms of pictures or text. And if you want to just compare the success of it, you can always click in these boxes.

Choose at least two, of course, and click compare. And also in this page, you can always choose this exact preview and check out all of the statistics right here.

So let’s compare. And now we can see different previews right now here. And how how are they like what’s going on on this page, right, countries other what’s going on? Where was cliqued and so on? Again, up to five articles. Here is one moment when I want to ask you again about reaching out to our roadmap, because there are certainly ways to improve this waste, to show something maybe for a different people, maybe to start grouping something in analytics from the start from scratch, maybe, like all from the same day, start comparing, etc.

Please be sure to reach us. We want to talk with you. We are still a startup. We want to connect. We want to talk. We want to listen to you like it was again. Already was an amazing experience. Just listening to what’s really important to you. And we want to go on and listen to you even more. There is some ideas about improving this. Please be sure to share.

So one of the last features which are important for us is, for example, we go to account and add your team members.

You can do it right here in White, just in Putumayo. If a person already has an account in the CEO, you just won’t be able to invite him, that’s all. So he’ll probably will have to use a different email.

And to tell the difference between members and like an owner is that members only have access to analytics and to create in the preview, while while the owner of an account has access to everything else, including your basic plan or whatever, or your business plan and just your details.

So. I guess that’s it. Again, everything was made to be extremely simple. I hope that will make it even simpler if it’s even possible from this point we want to like so we want to get this result of everyone, everyone being able to use it. And we want to have some maybe less amount, like a smaller amount of features. But we want them to work great. We want them to be understandable, to have a nice day.

So we have your suggestions. Ask your questions. I hope you enjoy using our product. I shall bloody introduce you in personally if you wish, if there are any more questions. Thanks for having us here.

Yeah. Thank you for being here. Thank you for a very thorough walk through schooling’s if you have any more questions that you want to drop in the Q&A box. I know that the guys have been answering them behind the scenes, but if there’s anything that still has gone unanswered, now’s your time to send it in. We have a question here that technically has already been answered. Of course, they’ve all already been answered.

All of the questions have been answered. Yes, but what can you tell us? I know simoleons love a road roadmap, and I know that they’re always giving suggestions. And you were just asking for some. So where what do you have to look forward to in the future?

Oh, well, it’s still tough because we are actually thinking about different stuff. For example, as I said about unicycling, for example, that you cannot create in terms of Internet, the same link. We’re actually thinking that it might be possible in terms of some Ibbetson. So, for example, if you wish to check that out right. Or like see if you want to have the same link, like write the same back, have the same first part, same domain, but you’re not sure about the picture and the text and like it’s right now it is not possible to create absolutely the same.

So you have to create two which are different in like in one digit.

So we thought that it might be possible, for example, to create an A B testing in in some way as we see it possible, and that it makes sense, for example, to make you create for the same the same domain you create to produce which are active like time to time. For example, first variant of this prevue is active for six hours and on the next six hours since the second one and for example, in twenty four hours there was these two parts, like six hours, six hours, six hours, six hours of you choose is basically the most successful one and makes it like Stender.

It’s one of those things we’re still thinking a lot about what will come up, but probably things about improved analytics, maybe group in your reviews. For example, if you have a huge team with 10000 active users and you want to put them into folders, probably. That is one of the things coming up. But it would be mostly what’s coming up, what’s getting upvoted in our roadmap.

Wonderful. Thank you. All right. We just have one more question here. David asks, How do I add the link to a Facebook or Instagram post?

So the Instagram post here is one moment that an Instagram post linked review is not shown. So when we say Instagram, it’s about direct messages because there is no place for a link to be displayed or for preview to be displayed in Instagram. And I’m sorry, the other question was about Facebook. Right.

So just take your link, which you have created in your in your account and create the view and do all the actions which you have to do, like change the title, change the description copied. And when you add it to the Facebook post, there will be some on House Call on Facebook published. You’re right. It will be shown that there is like this small window of uploading preview, if I’m not mistaken. So you just copy the link preview if you wish.

I can show you, for example, right now. Just like this, so you basically just take this copying, it’s copied the clipboard and you just inserted into your post on Facebook. That’s all easy peasy. I love it. All right, well, thank you so much, Alex, for hanging out with us and walking us through everything. I’m going to go ahead and wrap us up here. Similar if you have not already. You can go to Ximo dot com.

That’s a chance to redeem your codes, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by a 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works where you once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can leave them there as well. Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

It’s been a pleasure.

Thank you. Have a good one by.

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