Pagescreen: Smart Monitoring for Site Visual Changes

Written by Fabrizio Spanu from Digitalfastmind



Pagescreen.io is now available on Appsumo just after Hexowatch relaunched their LTD on the same platform.

These two apps are similar because of the features they provide, but a big difference to point out between these two is their prices. Hexowatch’s deal is more pricey compared to Pagescreen which is way more affordable.

Pagescreen has been around since 2017, and I look forward to its development and new features in the future.

But in this mini-review, let’s talk about Pagescreen’s current state, especially the features that it has now:

  • ✅ Pagescreen has a very clean, simple, and easy-to-use UI.
  • ✅ Setting up a monitor takes less than 5 minutes and the process is super smooth.
  • ✅ If you need a fast and simple monitor for website changes, with good limits and an archive of the website’s changes over time, then Pagescreen’s deal is for you.
  • ✅ You can set a threshold about the change that should occur before you get notified. You can even go further and see visually what’s changed and where, a feature similar to what Hexowatch and VisualSiteMaps had in their deals.
  • ✅ Have an organized list of daily screenshots that you can download and check the differences over time.
  • ✅ When it comes to notifications, you can set up Slack and/or webhooks which will provide you a way to be informed even when you’re on the go.

If you’re after more complex controls like:

  • Selected HTML monitoring
  • Source code monitoring (very useful especially for site code injection for example), and
  • Keyword monitoring

Then this deal won’t work for you and you should consider Hexowatch instead.


👍 Pros of Pagescreen


✅  Smooth UI and UX

✅  The app works well out of the box  with minimal setup

✅  Simple and efficient notification system based on page changes the percentage

✅  API, webhooks, and Slack integrations

✅  Quality of the screenshots collected

✅  Daily archives that can be easily downloaded and kept for records


👎 Cons of ApiX-Drive


❗ No keyword monitoring

❗ No source code changes monitoring

❗ No sitemap monitoring

❗ No uptime monitoring

❗ Hourly monitoring (Compare this to Hexowatch that has 5-minute monitoring in their top plans and 15 minutes in their PRO plan)


My Verdict for Pagescreen


I reduced Pagescreen’s score to 4 stars because this tool misses particular advanced monitoring features like the ones I mentioned above. In application, you can only use Pagescreen to monitor the “visual side” of the web pages you’re monitoring.

However, with that said, Pagescreen remains a solid and well-priced alternative to monitor websites for any visual changes, even though it doesn’t go as deep as Hexowatch and has fewer features.

Pagescreen also has great UI/UX so you can count on having a pleasant experience using it. It’s also very simple to configure and set up.

But what I personally dislike is the hourly monitoring. This means less server usage (good for them), but also fewer “checks” for us, and sometimes and in certain niches, having an hourly check is not viable enough.

I will only buy Pagescreen’s deal if I just want to track the visual changes that takes place in the websites I’d like to monitor. But, if I need a deeper monitoring tool, I’d rather pay more and get Hexowatch instead for its more advanced features.



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