Project Management Tool Comparison: Ora vs NiftyPM vs SmartTask vs Beesbusy vs Bloo vs Starinfinity vs Undesk


In this post, we will review several project management software: Ora3, NiftyPM, SmartTask, Beesbusy, Bloo, StarInfinity, and Undesk. We will help you determine what project management software you or your team need to organize your tasks and become more productive. 


PM Tool Comparison

Comparison Table

Check out the comparison table, followed by a summary of each SaaS, and finally my comments below. 

Project Management Table

Ora3 NiftyPM SmartTask BeesBusy Bloo StarInfinity Undesk
User Experience
User Interface (Design) 5/5 5/5 2/2 3/5 3/5 3/5 2/5
Easy to Use (UX) 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 3/5 2/5
# Clicks to Add Task 2 2 2 2 2 1 (Bookmarked) 2
Complexity 3/5 3/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 5/5 1/5
Global Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Color coding/ Tagging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Help Docs Good Good Good Good Good Good Poor
Workflow Automation 4/5 2/5 2/5 0/5 5/5 0/5 0/5
Unlimited Subtasks 1 Level only 1 Level only Yes 1 Level only 1 Level only 1 Level only 1 Level only
Text Editor 4/5 3/5 2/5 1/5 3/5 4/5 3/5
Docs (Like Google docs) No Yes No No No No No
Task Repeat Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Task interlinking Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Custom Fields (to tasks) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Integrations Average Above Average Basic None None Average No
Kanban Board Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Gantt Chart (timeline) Yes Yes Yes Yes Roadmap Yes No
Sprints Yes Yes No None No Yes(custom made) No
Milestones Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Assign Story Points Yes Yes No No No Yes (custom made) No
Add Tasks via Email Yes Yes (Zapier & gmail needed) Yes No No No No
Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar 4/5 3/5 2/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 0/5
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Roadmap
Whitelabel No No Yes(3 codes) Yes(1 code) No No No
Send Gifs Yes Yes No No Yes No chat No
Edit Msg Yes Yes No Yes No No chat No
Delete Msg Yes Yes Yes Yes No No chat No
Meet within App Yes (Zoom Integration) Yes Yes No No No No
Analytics & Reports 4/5 2/5 3/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5
Time Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Resource Planning Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Company (Stability)
Year founded 2015 2017 2016 2017 2017 2018 2020
No. of Employees(Linkedin) 4 23 8 13 8 31 Unknown
Search Traffic (Ahref) 1,700/m 0/m 915/m 1/m 90/m 4,300/m 16/m
Capterra/ G2/ TrustPilot 4.5 stars(97 reviews) 4.8 stars(227 reviews) 4.6 stars(21 reviews) 4.8 stars(59 reviews) None 4.6 stars(26 reviews) -
Appsumo Reviews 4.7 stars(99 reviews) 4.8 stars(158 reviews) 4.8 stars(161 reviews) 5 stars(19 reviews) 4.7 stars(25 reviews) Not on Appsumo -
Regular Pricing $4.33/user $3.9/user(min. $39/m) $5/user $12/user $50/ unlimited Only LTD $3/user(min $25/m)
LTD Pricing $59 (2 users) $49 (3 users) $49 (5 users) $49 (3 users) $49 (3 users) $149 (10 users) $49 (30 users)
Links(non affiliate) https://appsumo.com/ora/ https://appsumo.com/nifty/ https://appsumo.com/smarttask/ https://appsumo.com/beesbusy/ https://appsumo.com/bloo/ https://startinfinity.com/ https://appsumo.com/undesk/

Are You Looking For…

Good UX & Beautiful User Interface?

👉  Ora3 (don’t youtube “Ora3”)
👉  NiftyPM


Good UX?

(who cares about beautiful UI as long as it get work done?)

👉  SmartTask
👉  BeesBusy
👉  Ora3
👉  NiftyPM



👉  SmartTask (5 users per code)
👉  Bloo


Flexibie/ Highly Customizable?

👉  StarInfinity
👉  Notion
👉  Airtable


Notable Features


++ Record audio/ video and send directly in the task.

++ Minimize Task (instead of closing) – And keep them as tabs at bottom of screen. So you remember to circle back to them later on.

++ Able to change background color/ image to your liking — You’ll be using the PM tool every day after all. This feature is like being able to change your phone wallpaper.

++ Ability to turn off certain features so you don’t overwhelm your employees with unnecessary features.

++ Similar to Freedcamp, when you tag @clients, they will receive an email notification and can reply directly to the email to add a comment.

++ Able to link to another task in each task.

— Only 2 users per code :/


++ Integrations with Google sheets

++ Have their own docs (like Google docs) within the platform.

++ Easy access chat – able to chat with any team members with 1-2 clicks.

++ Swimelane view – Kanban + Milestones combined into one. Wow! Helps teams to be focused.

— A little laggy. Longer load time compared to other PM tools.

— Time tracking – No option to manually add time without clicking on that start/stop button and then go in overview to correct it. (contributed by Glenn Vdme)



++ Direct integrations with Jira – a free video conferencing right within the platform.

++ Productivity Score – Use their own algorithm and show you how productive each team member is.

++ Automatic standups – send an automatic message to team members every day and they can reply directly.

++ Have a feed that members can post updates and hang out. (But no GIFs?!?!)

++ Good free plan – free for 20 users. (limited to 1,000 tasks)

++ Simple CRM feature. (contributed by Bruce Kraft)

++ Able to make outbound calls. (contributed by Bruce Kraft)

— A little laggy.

— Some glitches. For e.g. when uploading an image, the sizing is odd and may get cut off.



++ They have a unique approach to PM. Works differently from traditional tools. Intuitive.

++ Cool slidebar to show your boss the progress of the project

++ Able to make task “confidential”.

++ Subtask view is better than other PM tools.

++ “Who”, “When”, “What” in each task to make it super clear to stakeholders.

++ Schedule meeting, and invite teammates right from a task.

++ “Buzz” feature in each task to give teammates a bump (often needed).

++ Customized dashboard — The needs of the boss, the PM, and for eg. the designer are very different. You can customize the dashboard to fit your needs.

— Gantt chart and Multi-project UI give me a headache. Though it might be useful, it’s not that appealing to the eyes.

— No description area under each task.



++ Toned down version of other PM tools like nifty but has a similar flow. Easy to use.

++ Simple but not many bugs & glitches – stable.

++ Discussion tab works as team chat

++ Updates tab for members to get support and hang out. (like FB feed)

— Not affordable for small teams. (starts at $50 for everything unlimited). Yet for big teams, they might need more functions.

— Certain key functions are in the roadmap (at least it’s there!). Like Gantt Chart.



++ Highly customizable (think airtable).

++ Good support (fast and helpful).

++ Regular development and updates.

++ Able to create & send forms and have form data automatically synced to built-in tables.

++ Able to comment directly on each task – workaround for chat.

++ Good filter/ sorting system to find your data easily.

++ 20 attributes (date, labels, checkbox, voting, text, checklist, links, files, & more…).

— Load slower than other PM tools

— No chat

— Lack some PM tool functions like workflow automation



++ Plain vanilla PM tool – easy to get started.

++ No bells & whistles – may be good for those who don’t need those features.

++ Have the most important things for basic project management. (files, chat, tasks)

— No Kanban (only list).

— No Calendar.

— Lack many features.


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