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Offeo “Smart Create”: Quick Walkthrough

I’ve bought most of the LTD online video creation tools out there.

Invideo, Wave videos, Pixteller… You name it, I (probably) have it!

Offeo is one of my favourite and go-to video creation tool when it comes to quick social media posts or ads.

That’s because I run a digital marketing agency.

But I’ve heard that it’s a beast when it comes to E-com videos too.

Today I’ll show you my dashboard and walk you through some of the features.


Offeo Dashboard

This is what you’ll see when you first log in.

As you can see I already have some projects in there.

I don’t like those that are cluttered with multiple options and call to actions. It’s confusing.

Offeo’s UI is clean and simple.


You can find your projects at the bottom and create new projects on top.

Let’s check out “Smart Create“, a new and pretty cool feature.

Offeo Smart create

Once you upload the images, the AI will scan and find appropriate and fitting templates.

Saving you… TIME.

I’ve uploaded a random image, let’s see how it looks like: 

2020 11 26 1 05 21
2020 11 26 1 07 46

It seems like the AI has determined that it’s a “E-Com” product.

And it’s showing me the product on e-com templates.

Very nice.

Let’s choose one and see the editor.

Offeo Editor

I’ll probably do another write up about the editor.

But it’s full featured and very flexible.

Here’s what you can use:

  • Text editor
  • Timeline feature (to edit videos and audio)
  • Graphic library 
  • Stock image/ video library
  • Special effects library
  • Music library
  • “Animate” feature (love this one)

It’s all you’ll need to create a highly quality video quickly.

And you can customize the animation of each object and their entrance timing.

Let me show you the “animate” feature, a super time saver.

Offeo Animate feature
Offeo animate 2

All you got to do is choose the animation you want, and click “Randomize animation”


Offeo will automatically create animation (“fade in” in this example) for all the objects in the screen and randomize the entrance timing.

If you use an editor like Invideo, you’ll have to click on each object and then customize the entrance timing for each object. 

This can take hours depending on how complicated your scene is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Invideo too and use it regularly.

But this “animate” feature is a huge time saver for busy creators.

Anyway! Let’s see the end result…


I think it looks great even without changing anything.

For your project, change to a relevant background, image, text, and  you’re ready to go!

They got a ton of templates too. (Love the scroll stopping ones)

offeo templates

So yes, it’s possible to create a quick and easy video under 15 mins.

Check out Offeo.

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