Noysi Review & Walkthrough:
A Slack Killer That Can Replace Your Company Chat?


For all those who don’t know, Noysi is the new kid in town, a new communications platform that can and might replace Slack.

Noysi managed to rise up to the top within 1 week of its launch on Appsumo.

Beating 2,218 other deals in the marketplace and many choice deals.


Noysi on Appsumo's Library



Apart from offering a crazy good deal with unlimited users and storage…


Noysi Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


The community also seems to be loving it!


Noysi user review


Not only that, Noysi has been in business since 2016.

And has about 50,000 fans on their Facebook page.


Noysi Facebook profile


Does Noysi live up to the hype?

Let’s find out by checking out Noysi’s features one by one!




The interface is intuitive and resembles Slack and other communication tools.


Noysi dashboard


With a sidebar on the left to navigate to Noysi’s 4 core features

👉  Files

👉  Chat

👉  Meetings

👉  Tasks


Noysi sidebar menu


These 4 core features are crucial for collaboration between team members and getting work done.

But of course, if your project involves many moving parts and you need advanced features like gantt chart, dependencies and etc…

Then Noysi’s task manager might be too basic.


Noysi’s Task Manager


After clicking on “Tasks”, Noysi’s task manager will show up.


Noysi's Task Manager


It’s basic and easy to use.

You can see the tasks you have created or tasks assigned by other team members.

You can also use the search bar to find them easily.


Noysi task manager search bar


3 simple features are missing…

👉  Completing tasks from the dashboard — to complete a task, one has to open it up, scroll down, and then hit “close task”. This could have been done with one click right on the dashboard.

👉  Adding sub-tasks

👉  No Kanban view

You can add a new task by clicking “new personal note”.


Create new personal note on Noysi


❗ But you can’t assign your teammates from this screen. (why!!!)

Over at the chat area, you can also find the task manager on the right corner.


Noysi task manager home page


While discussing with team members, a task may come up spontaneously and you can add them easily without navigating away from chat.

✅  You can add your tasks, assign teammates and create a milestone.


Creating new task on Noysi

It’s strange that we can do it here but not on the main task manager section.

I hope they can improve this.


Thoughts on Noysi’s Task Manager


The task manager is sufficient if you have a simple project. 

You can easily add tasks, add due date, attach it to a milestone/ project, and assign it to your team members. 

But that’s all the features they have.

If you need more features such as the ability to add sub tasks, comment under each card, Drag and drop tasks through several stages on a kanban board, Noysi does not have it.

Because of the below average UX and lack of features, I’m only going to give them 2 stars here.


Task manager rating:

⭐⭐ – – –

2 out of 5 stars


Noysi’s Chat


You can easily tell that chat is Noysi’s core feature.

For this reason, Noysi has two left sidebars.

One dedicated to chat and is open at all times no matter which tab you’re on.


Noysi chat menu 2


That means you can easily hop back into one of the channels and continue a discussion with your team members.


There are 3 kinds of chat:

👉  Open channel
👉  1-1 message
👉  Private groups


3 kinds of chat on Noysi


These are pretty self-explanatory…

👉  Open channels — open channels that any team member can join.
👉  1 to 1 messages — private messages between team members
👉  Private groups — private group chat between team members.

We can also create unlimited channels and groups for your organization.

On the top right corner of the chat, you can start a video, access favourite messages, access files and tasks, or find messages.


Noysi top right menu bar


The search bar doesn’t just search through the chat messages…

But EVERYTHING inside of Noysi — messages, files, members, and tasks.


Noysi search results


Similar to the power search in Slack.


Noysi general search

Power search in Slack

What’s missing in Noysi are shortcuts!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can pull up search or other features like favourites by hitting a button on your keyboard?

This simple feature can improve the “quality of life” significantly as chat is the integral part of work that you’ll use daily.

Another cool feature is the ability to see all the links and mentions in one place so they don’t get buried in discussions.


Noysi links and mentions


As for the chat experience, Noysi does not provide read receipts like Slack and Discord.

But has the common features such as reacting to messages, starting a thread, editing a message, etc.


Chat reactions on Noysi


The ability to start a thread from a message is a big deal in discussions.

As your team gets bigger and messages flow in like water, important discussions are bound to get buried deep in the chat.

On Noysi, you can hover over any message and click “start a thread” to bring the discussion to the new sub-thread that opens up on the right sidebar.


Conversation thread on Noysi


❗Speaking of messages getting buried, Noysi lacks the crucial ability to pin up important messages as announcements.

This is something available both in Slack and Discord.


Pinned messages on Discord

Pinning up messages on Discord 

Hopefully they can add it soon.

✅  Another handy feature on Noysi is “Copy permalink”.


Copy permalink option on Noysi chat


Do you have a team member who tends to miss important messages? 

Copy the URL of that specific message and send it to him.

One area to improve is the ability to reply directly to a message.

You’ll often find yourself wanting to do that instead of creating a new sub-thread for every reply.

Another nice touch is the formatting “cheat sheet” found right under the message bar.


Stylize text messages on Noysi


Thoughts on Noysi’s chat


Noysi has all the core and important features that you’d expect from a chat app. 

Slack in comparison has more mini features here and there that add up to a better overall experience.

But of course, it isn’t fair to compare Noysi with a billion dollar company.

As for the message storage, Slack on the free plan only lets you search up to 10,000 messages.

Beyond that, you’ll have to upgrade to their paid plans to access your data. ($8/m per user)

Noysi on the other hand gives you unlimited messages for unlimited users with this lifetime deal.

Slack’s Chat: 5/5 stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Noysi Chat: 4/5 stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Noysi’s File Manager


The file manager is super simple.

Each channel will have it’s own folder.


Noysi file manager

Within each of this channel folders, you can have unlimited sub folders


Noysi folders for each channel

And here’s the crazy part…

✅  You can host unlimited files for unlimited channels with unlimited users 🤯

I tested the speed by uploading some images and videos and they were fast.

✅  You can also navigate away from the file manager and go about your work while the file uploads in the background.

❗  However you couldn’t preview videos that you have uploaded.


Video file on Noysi

So if you’ve forgotten what you uploaded and want to preview it, you’ll need to download the file to view it.

Hopefully they can introduce a native video player in the future. 

You can also upload a file or folder directly in the chat and they will be created in the file manager.


Upload folder or file on Noysi


Thoughts on Noysi’s File manager


✅  It’s no frills and easy to use. 

✅  The limits on the lifetime deal is incredible.

I hope they introduce a video player soon and also the ability to attach files easily in chat using @ mentions.


Noysi File Manager: 4 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐  


Noysi’s Meetings


The idea for Noysi Meetings is to let you start a video call with teammates and guests quickly.

Upon clicking on “Meetings” in the dashboard, it brings you to the Noysi meet page which lets you grab the meeting link and start.


Starting a meeting on Noysi


✅  You can either start the meeting right away or schedule it in advance.


Scheduling a meeting on Noysi


✅  Clicking on “Schedule meeting” opens up the Noysi calendar which you can integrate with your Google calendar or Outlook.


Noysi event meeting options and calendar


A meeting link will automatically be generated.

Add your teammates or guests.

And you’re ready to create the event.


Custom personal link on Noysi meetings


Your teammates and guests will receive an email notification from Noysi which looks something like this…


Noysi email invitation for meeting


❗ Unfortunately, there’s no way you can change the email text or change the sender to your company name. 

Making it unusable for professional settings.

In theory, guests can also book a meeting directly in your calendar.

However I couldn’t get it to work.

Here in the Noysi meet page, you can grab the booking URL to send it to guests.


Book a meeting on Noysi


Once you and your teammates join the meeting, you’ll enter the video chat.

The features are pretty comprehensive.

Let’s go through them quickly.

On the top of the screen, you can see the time spent on the meeting and HD which refers to the quality of the call in high definition.


Noysi meeting user interface


At the bottom you can find an array of common features. 

👉  Mute/ unmute
👉  Change camera
👉  Share screen
👉  Chat
👉  Raise hand
👉  Add participants
👉  Mute participants
👉  End call

Clicking on the 3 dots will reveal even more features.


Noysi meeting options


You can record the meeting with one click so you or your team can refer back to them in the future.

And remember, you have unlimited storage 😉

Noysi also automatically removes your background and allows you to stream to YouTube. 

Cool stuff.

Noysi Meeting: 3.5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐ – –

It’s actually pretty robust but I deducted 1.5 stars for the poor scheduling features. 

And even though you can record unlimited sessions, there’s no video player for you to view it online! 

The file names are nonsensical so you’ve no idea which file is for which video.

That means you’ll need to download recordings to your computer one at a time to view them and find what you need.


 theBackground check on Noysi




Noysi appears to have 11 employees registered on LinkedIn.

But upon further digging, most of them are “advisors” or “shareholders” of the company.

Only 3 of them seem to be working on the business.

👉  CEO
👉  Operations
👉  “RRPP” position (no idea what it is)

To be fair, they may have outsourced work to freelancers or have employees that are not registered on LinkedIn.

Whatever it may be, seeing only 3 workers of the company for a business that’s been around for 5 years is not inspiring. 


Edit: The CEO later clarified that they have more than 12 employees working on Noysi. The decision to not include them in LinkedIn is an intentional decision to avoid poaching by other companies. 


Social media

Noysi has over 50,000 fans and followers on Facebook.


Noysi Facebook profile


And 6,000 followers on Twitter.


Noysi Twitter


There isn’t much engagement on each post.

Which is quite common for business accounts.

And also due to the poor organic reach for posts on Facebook pages. 

At least they have been consistent in tweeting throughout the years and have accumulated 750 Tweets in total.


Noysi tweets


Noysi User Reviews


They have 5,000+ android users with the app last updated this month (oct 2021).


Noysi technical information, background, and android user reviews


This shows that the app is still being supported.


There are also close to 105 five star reviews.


Noysi reviews


But it’s weird that only 1 of them have left a written review that dated back to 2016.


Noysi star rating


Are there not a lot of recent users? 

On the App store, Noysi has only one 5 star reviews.


Noysi on the apple store


I would imagine both Andriod and Apple should have a close to 50-50% split.

Maybe they developed Andriod early on and only added the Apple version recently?

From looking at the changelog, it’s encouraging to see that they have consistently released updates.


Noysi changelog




Noysi is stable and works flawlessly without any bugs.

Which is uncommon for SaaS companies launching LTDs.

These companies are often still in the early stages, trying to validate their product or get users to stress test the system.

Noysi, on the other hand, seems to be well past that stage.

So why are they here?

My guess is that they are trying to open up a new market segment by launching on Appsumo.

And giving themselves another chance to capture a bigger piece of the market.

Noysi’s flagship feature, chat, may not be as good as Slack in terms of functionality and UX.

But it’s good enough for most use cases.

The most compelling selling point is that you can search an unlimited number of messages for an unlimited number of team members.

While Slack limits this to 10,000 messages on the free plan. And costs $8 per user/month if you want to go pro.

Will you be replacing your current chat system with Noysi?

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