How Networking On LinkedIn Can Benefit Your B2B Strategy

Networking On LinkedIn


One of the most critical assets every entrepreneur should have in today’s day and age is their network.

Unlike in the past when you could only meet people at events, networking has turned digital, and the biggest networking platform today is LinkedIn.

However, many entrepreneurs are simply too busy to spend time networking, which is a huge mistake.


Why Is LinkedIn The Best Networking Platform


With almost 1 billion users LinkedIn has many opportunities to connect with professionals in your field, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and grow your business.

If you are looking for new people to help you build your business you can post job offerings, or even better talk to people about what you are doing and some of them might want to join you or give you a referral.

And especially if you are in B2B there’s no better way to market your business and get new customers than LinkedIn. As it’s a professional networking platform, almost everyone on LinkedIn could be a potential customer for your business.

To start, just begin connecting with people you find interesting, talk to them, and in no time you will build a network that can help you grow.

But, there is a big problem in building up your LinkedIn network which LinkedIn doesn’t have tools to fix.


The Problem Of Managing Your Network


While actively networking on LinkedIn you will get to 3.000+ connections in no time and run into the problem of getting lost in your own network.

With so many connections it starts becoming impossible to keep track of who your connections are, and what they can help you with.

Your inbox also starts getting filled with messages and you can’t prioritize who to answer and what conversations you should be starting.

This all leads to you losing out on potential business opportunities as you won’t be able to notice clear signals in your network, and you won’t be able to hold on to relationships in a cluttered network.


The Solution – LeadDelta


To solve the problem of an unorganized LinkedIn network, many LinkedIn users are turning to LeadDelta for the solution.


LeadDelta Home page


LeadDelta is a LinkedIn Chrome extension that lets you organize your LinkedIn connections giving you more power over your network.

Most notable features:

  • The Network Manager – LeadDelta gives you a better overview of your connections with all of their information displayed in a list with the ability to use filters to find exactly who you need.
  • Tags and Notes – You can apply custom tags to your connections, giving them categories that you can later filter inside the CRM view and inbox, and you can take notes on your connections so you don’t forget details about them.
  • Smart Inbox – Gives you the ability to filter your conversations, use template messages and pin your conversations so you never lose the important ones.

By using LeadDelta long-term you are building a LinkedIn network filled with information about all of your connections from which you can easily extract opportunities and people that can help your business grow.


How LeadDelta Can Help You Get Value Out Of Your Network


Build Sales Pipelines


As most people use LinkedIn in their sales outreach you can use LeadDelta to aid your team in this part of your business.

You can create custom sales pipelines inside LeadDelta by using tags without needing to use an external CRM. Create tags like Prospect, Lead, and Meeting… and push people through them seamlessly.


LeadDelta Dashboard


By connecting with people you are building up your sales pipeline that you can mass message with the templated message feature, or extract their information including their email address that you can use in your email outreach.


Recruit New Talent


While networking you are connecting and conversing with people from different backgrounds and with different skills.

With LeadDelta start taking notes about people you talk to and add tags to them labeling them as potential employers (Talent – BackEnd, Talent – Sales…).

As you continuously do this you will have a network full of people that might be a good fit for your business and you can pull them all up with a press of a button. After this, all it takes is to restart the conversation and talk about them joining you.


Raise Funds For Your Business


To get started, create a pipeline for investors you will be talking to (Lead, Meeting, Interested, Secured…) with tags.

Now you can use the filters to find potential investors in your network. You can use the “Search Headline” filter, as many people display if they are investors in their headline. 

The next step is to start conversations with them and push them through your pipeline. You can use inbox filters and pins to better navigate conversations, and the follow-up integration to get notified when you should follow up.


LeadDelta Inbox


But, as many investors have filled inboxes, you can export their emails with LeadDelta and message them through email, increasing the chances they open your message.


Final Thoughts


There is a lot of potential to grow your business by networking on LinkedIn. But having a big LinkedIn network will make it hard for you to spot those growth opportunities.

You need to take care of your current network and not let it overwhelm you. The best way to do it is to regularly manage your connections.

By doing so, you will always know who to go to for help and they will be a click away instead of not remembering people and not being able to find them.

For more strategies to help you grow your SaaS B2B business, visit our blog.


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Ken Moo