Morphio: AI Powered Marketing Protection


Morphio helps you keep tabs on everything that is happening in your marketing campaign. it analyzes your marketing goals, advertising budgets, audience behaviour, and its all over performance.

Then, it gives you tips and suggestions on how you can improve on your dashboard. It is one of the best and the most innovative marketing tools.

Features and Benefits of Morphio

👉   Reporting – With Morphio, reporting is already automated and is integrated with additional Google Data Studio connectors for easy to read and to access data.

👉   Overspending and Underspending Alerts – you don’t have to worry about your advertising spend and your monthly budget goals because all of those will be monitored by Morphio for you, giving you alerts every time you over spend or underspend.

👉   Landing Page Failure Alerts – website downtime is one of the most frustrating scenarios for marketing agencies and for website owners. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about losing any leads or customers because you won’t be sending any paid traffic to broken pages ever again.

👉   SEO Performance Monitoring – this feature allows you to monitor your competitor’s websites. It also sends you alerts every time their website undergoes changes and impacts your keywords and website standing.

👉   Performance Forecasting – the software analyzes the overall performance of your digital advertising approach, showing your results in a thirty-day window which you can compare with your previous months’ performance.

👉   Audience Segments – this feature is an automated target audience analysis so that you can focus on creative strategies which are based on those analyses.

👉   Anomaly Detection – this feature allows the software to detect unusual behavior. It does this by monitoring your data for it to learn how your business usually performs.

👉   Marketing Suggestions – since the data is analyzed weekly and monthly, giving you alerts about landing failures, performance forecasting and more alerts on anomaly detection, this software will also give you marketing suggestions to help you make quick and smart decisions.

Who is Morphio for?

👉   Marketing Agencies who want to automate their analytics and need help when it comes to monitoring their competitors and making sure that their campaign is updated and is protected.

👉   Startups who need help in monitoring their website’s stats and making sure that they are doing the right marketing decisions.

👉   Website Managers who need help when it comes to monitoring their client’s site’s performance.

Things to Note About Morphio

👉   It could use more data integrations to suit larger companies.

👉   It does not have finer-tuned controls on the date ranges section for segment analysis. This would make it easier for the users to view the previous analyses and compare.

👉   The software does not allow the pulling of selective data into the client’s dashboard.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2015

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 11

👉  Founders: Eric VardonJohn D’Orsay

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Ability to Change Email For LTD

Yes. They said that the email can be changed by the user themselves by going to the Platform Settings found when the user’s name is clicked, navigate to the “More” tab, and then clicking “Remove User” and then you just have to add your new email afterward.

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