Mojomox Mini Review: The Future of Effortless Logo Design

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We’re diving into the world of logo creation with a look at Mojomox, a tool that’s quickly gaining traction for its polish and ease of use. This review is based on my experience using several logo creators, ranging from lifetime deal (LTD) options, annually paid options, to services like Fiverr and 99designs, as well as creating some logos myself.

My advice for those starting a business is to avoid overspending on logo creation. Often, you can whip up something decent on platforms like Canva. However, Mojomox may be an option worth considering.


Software Evaluation: Mojomox Shines From the Get-Go


Mojomox impresses right from the start with its polished interface. One of the most time-consuming aspects of logo design is crafting stylized letters — a task that other tools often fall short of handling well. Mojomox, however, makes this process considerably smoother.

The brand kit and brand kit presentation view are also standout features. They provide an easy way to preview your logo in various formats.


Mojomox Areas for Improvement


Despite its strengths, Mojomox could benefit from a few enhancements:

  • Brand Colours Setup: Mojomox should have a separate section or step to establish the brand colors. Currently, it’s just one of many settings on the Logo Maker page, which can be confusing.
  • Live Mockup Previews: Having live mockup previews that change as we alter the colors would be useful. This functionality would give us insights into how different colors interact with each other.
  • Custom Color Picker: The custom color picker is difficult to navigate, especially for those who prefer muted colors. An improvement to the Spectrum tab could be to offer only one color but show the entire spectrum of that color.
  • Brand Kit Presentation View: Although this view is impressive, it would be beneficial to have the ability to adjust colors directly from this page. This feature would help fine-tune color combinations for specific examples such as Instagram stories or mobile views.
  • Additional Mockup Examples: More mockup examples, like hang tags, logos on windows, and billboards, would be a welcome addition.
  • More Inspiration for Small Businesses: The current previews and mockups lean towards a corporate aesthetic. More inspiration and styling suitable for small businesses would be appreciated.


Video Demo


For a better understanding of the tool, I’ve included a video of myself editing a simple logo. The demonstration was recorded on my iPad, so please pardon the absence of sound due to my current surroundings.


Concluding Thoughts


In conclusion, Mojomox presents itself as a robust tool for logo creation. Its ease of use and polished features make it a recommendable option for anyone needing to quickly create a quality logo for personal or client use.

The founder, Miru März, is readily available in the group for any questions you may have. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, straightforward logo creator, Mojomox might just be what you need.


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Ken Moo