MissingLettr Curate Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.560] – Lindsey
What’s going on, Sumo-lings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar today, I am joined by the team over at Missing Letter. This is a platform that creates a community of content sharing for your target audience, giving you maximum organic reach. It is starting at fifty nine dollars on Amazon for a lifetime deal and currently has a five TOCO rating with 30 reviews. I am excited to dive into this today, but before we do, I just want to go over a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you were interested in this product, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. We do love to hear from you over there. If you would like to ask any questions about the deal, the tool, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box. Download this video and we’ll circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough.

And the last thing is there will be a replay of this. So you can watch this over again. You can watch this battle between my pets happening over again. And if you need to step out, this will be available for you in just a few hours. So that’s enough of me. Hey, Ben, how are you doing?

[00:01:08.370] – Ben
A very well, thanks. I’m transfixed on the on the dog battle that’s taking place.

[00:01:14.520] – Lindsey
This is my entire life. Welcome. I’m excited to have you. You’ve launched a few deals with us. I’m excited to have you back. This is not our first time meeting. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough, but let me know when you’re ready for some questions.

[00:01:30.630] – Ben
Cool. Thanks, guys. Yeah, it’s great to be back here. So all I’m going to do is just just do a bit of a demo, show you some of the key things that you might want to do so that you can kind of understand how it might work for you and your business and your particular use case.

I’ll try and be fairly snappy, which for anyone that knows me, it’s not always the thing that comes most naturally to me.

I do like to talk a little bit, but I’ll try and do my best.

But yeah, if there are any questions whilst I’m giving the demo, please just put them into the channel, the Q&A, as Lindsey said, and and we can get to them at the end.

Hopefully if there’s enough of us, we can have a bit of a Q&A at the end for those who have a sense of deja vu here and have a feeling they’ve already watched one of these webinars. It’s worth noting that this is actually webinar on version two of this product, and we actually changed the name halfway through the deal. So the actual deal is still alive, but we change the name a little bit halfway through just to add a bit more clarity to what the product does and the benefits that it brings.

And so we thought, let’s do a new version of this webinar just so that we don’t add to that confusion. So here we are. Let’s see if I can do slightly better the second time around. Right. I’m going to share my screen and then we’ll we’ll get cracking.

OK, cool, can you see that? And see if you can just let me know. Yeah, it looks good. Perfect. OK, so what is curious? What is missing articulate? Well, it does two things.

And fundamentally, it’s all about a central repository for your content and a way of actually getting that in front of a really meaningful audience.

So the challenge that is quite common is that we’re usually pretty good at creating the content in the first place. And content could literally mean blog post or video or Instagram post or pretty much anything, any sort of content that has a a Web URL that you can share can work really well in curate. And so we’re generally pretty good at creating that content. But the challenge is always then there when it comes to how do we get it in front of a wider audience, how do we go about promoting that content?

And so if you’re already a missing letter customer, you will be used to our campaigns product, which is one way of of promoting that content. It essentially helps you rip that content out over the next 12 months to your own social audiences. But with Curate, it flips that on its head and it actually helps you get that content in front of other people’s audience. And that’s really the power of curate.

It’s all about sharing your content with the best influencers within your niche, within your industry, so that they can then actively share it with their own audiences. And that really just opens you up to a whole new sort of distribution network, which is really, really powerful. So that’s the promotional side of it. But as you may have caught on that, the other side of it is the actual sharing of people’s content to to to your own audiences as well.

And so as much as you might promote content through here for other people to share, you might actually also share other people’s content with your audience. And there’s a reason why you might do that for multiple reasons, actually. But one of the main ones being just making sure that you’re delivering value to your social audience. It’s not really good enough in this day and age to purely promote your own content to your social audience. It’s it’s actually quite healthy to sort of pepper that with other people’s content as long as it’s high quality and as long as it’s sort of fits within your nation categories and the interest areas that your audience care about.

And that’s really the job of curator to help you find the best audience for your content, but also to help you find the best content for your audience so that both of those things and that’s what I’ll show you in the short demo. How do you help how do we help you promote your content and how do we help you find really great content from other people to share with the audience? So once you’ve signed up and redeemed your code, you will be taken into the curated dashboard and you’ll see that the first thing that is asking you to do is to set up your profile.

So we’ll do that now.

And really, what is asking us to do is to choose the categories, the tags, the topics, and quite importantly, also the language that you like to either write about or share with your audience. And so I’m going to pick up, pick some fairly simple ones here. And by the way, these are all our categories. Just get rid of that. There you’ll see that we have two levels of categories. We have parent categories and we have subs.

So you can a couple of ways you can drill into these. You need to click and it will expand and show you some of the child categories. Or you can just start searching as you saw me doing there. So I’m going to select marketing, just a general one in sales and marketing and select that. And you can see it’s added it there. And then I’m going to create a couple of tags. So we have blogging and let’s do SEO as well, I think.

And you’ll see when I start selecting categories or topics that there’s a number on the right hand side here, and this actually refers to the total potential audience, social audience that are available to that particular category. And what that means is for all the combined social audience of all of the current customers and users that are also following that particular category. And basically what that means in real terms is if you have if you create content, let’s say, to the marketing tag or category and and everyone in our catalog starts sharing that content with their own audiences, well, that’s going to get in front of.

Let’s see. How many was that? That’s going to get in front of three to five million people across the social channels. Now, common sense prevails here.

And and usually you’ll never get quite as high as that is there. To give you an indication as to what that potential addressable market is, should you find the right content for the right audience at the right time? And that that those sort of magic sort of bullet points, they are no different from tweeting something yourself on Twitter, creating a Facebook ad or just putting something into the into a Google search engine. It’s still all about the quality of the content that you’re adding and how relevant it is to your audience.

So those sort of pure sort of basics, if you will, in sort of content marketing terms still apply here. We’re not going to magically just force it in front of those those people, that sort of audience. It is still down to you as the publisher to actually create great content. There really is no substitute for that. So we’ve selected the categories. You selected the tags and topics. I’m not going to change my language. I’ll go for English and I can click save.

And so that’s the curate profile now enables us to start serving you with some suggested content, some curated content based on your criteria that you then might want to start sharing with your audience. And so I can I can peruse through here. I can I can scroll through the different pages. I can preview what the text looks like so I can do a preview here, for example, to see what it looks like, see whether I’m happy with it or not.

I can even click through to the link. And if I want to share it, all I need to do is click the share button and choose which social accounts I want to send it to. So I’ll send it to these ones, let’s say. And you can either schedule it straight away or you can edit it before it goes out, because it’s so important that you make sure that the content that you’re sending out, that you’re sharing of other people’s actually ties in with the style of writing that you like to use.

And then, quite frankly, you’ve actually just taken the time to to make sure that it meets your own quality standards.

Now, our our our users are getting really, really good at creating great content already and the style of content in terms of the the Facebook posts and the tweets and everything else. But it’s still a good idea. Just to add your own to the mark every now and again. Now, you can change that in whichever way you want. The only sort of requirement really is that you can’t remove the actual URL.

Otherwise you’re not really sharing that content anymore and you can have different versions of Facebook.

As for Twitter, now, I’ve only chosen to send it to Twitter and Facebook, but you can also send it to LinkedIn. Now, in this particular case, the publisher has created the same version for both.

And so I’m pretty happy with that. And so I would just click send and that would then send it off to to our social look, to our social channels.

And there’s a huge amount that we can do with regards to the curation sort of aspect. We can sort of filter by the categories and tags that we selected here.

We can do just a straight search or search for blogs.

You turns up there and we can also go into the much wider catalogue of curated by going into the Browse area and we can drill into categories. Remember, we’ve got the parent in the sub so we can go into the top categories and then into the sub categories and really sort of find that content that really works for us. So that’s the curation side or the sharing side of the curated platform. The next bit I want to show you is how do we actually get our own content into that library so that other people can start sharing our content with their audiences.

And that all happens over here in the promote section. So as I’ve just set up this profile, you’ll notice that it’s completely blank. I have nothing there so far.

And the way I recommend you to think about this is to sort of think of this as as if you are creating a Facebook advert, except the difference here being you’re not paying per impression or anything else like that. But it’s a similar sort of thing. You’re composing your content. You’re choosing your demographics in terms of who should it go to, what sort of categories, what tags and topics. And that will tell you your total audience. So this is the audience that is available to us based on the categories that we’ve selected here and crucially, your composing the actual content itself.

So the creatives and the social content that you want to actually go out. So that’s what we’ll do now. We’re going to click the create new post. And I’m going to say it’s this option here, which is basically just starting from scratch. And you’ll see an empty canvas, so I’m going to give it a title, and this would usually be the title of your blog post or the or the video that you’re sharing or whatever, whatever the content is called.

I’ll call it my best marketing tips. And I’m going to then start composing the social posting. So this is just me doing shorthand, so please try and spend a bit more time than this. You’re my best. And then, of course, you need to know what is the actual euro that we’re sharing here, it’s great that you might want to just send out an inspirational quote or something else. Quite frankly, you’re going to want to actually include your link.

And in fact, we force you to include your link because otherwise you’re not really sharing anything. So I popped in the link there. I’m just Google, obviously. That’s a ridiculously simple example there, as is the content there. Now, I could add a, quote, bubble as well to go with it and I can edit that text. My creative mind is dried up. I can’t think of anything clever, but we can build these these these, quote, bubble images by clicking that button there, as you just saw, or you can have a custom image.

And by the way, soon we’re adding Smash and Jiffy search so you can actually get a really rich sort of resource of content or imagery to actually compliment your social posts. Or you can have it. No image at all. But we’ll go for this. So we’re going to have this is the content and then this is the image. So we’re composing the social post. And this is what other people, if they share it with their social audiences, this is what they will be sharing, unless, of course, they edit or tweak the language a little bit, which which, as I said before, they can do if they want to make unnoticed with the audience settings, the demographics that it’s loaded in the defaults based on my profile.

And in most cases, that will probably be fine. But depending on the content that you’re sharing, let’s imagine this case. It’s it’s much more about blogging and nothing to do with SEO. So I’m actually going to remove the tag there and you’ll see that my potential audience has gone down based on that. But that’s no bad thing. In fact, sometimes it’s better to get in front of the smaller audiences just to remove some of that competition.

And so that’s the post that I’ve composed. I think I’m pretty happy with that. When you click, publish will run some checks. Some of these happened behind the scenes. You’ll never know that they’re happening. If they’re if there are things that we need you to be alerted to, we will let you know. So one of those, for example, we actually check that the URL exists, but it’s not returning a 404. You know, it’s obviously very important that when we add content to the library that we can be confident when people share your content that the URL that they’re sharing actually does exist.

It would be absolutely painful for everyone concerned if someone shared your link and then we discovered that it was returning a four or four. So not only do we check the URL lives and exists right now, but we check every sort of couple of days and will alert you if we decide if we realize that it’s gone off. So that’s something that we do. There’s a few other checks as well. And I’ve intentionally used the words my because for those English majors out there, there’s kind of talking in the first person.

And this is probably a bad idea because remember, you’re writing the social content for other people to adopt and then share with our audience.

And so it’s unlikely that they’re going to want to share your content in the first person because it’s not their content. These are not their best marketing tips. They’re my best marketing tips. And so we have a first question check out there, which hopefully will kick in. Now they go, are you writing in the first person you can either continue with your happened? Absolutely fine without that, because I actually know that was my mistake. I’m going to edit that.

Here are some great marketing tips. I discovered. Now, interestingly, with this is now still got a first person in there, but in this case, I’m I’m I’m going to accept that. Now, you might want to be careful with even though this is the first person in a slightly more appropriate way, you still might want to be a little bit careful with this, because quite often, if someone else is sharing your content, they want to feel as if they are sending it out and that their audience can trust that they that what they’re sharing, they’ve checked and they’ve looked at everything else.

And so it might be the case that they’ve skimmed over your your your marketing tips, but not necessarily look to them in that. So this might be a little bit too upfront, if you will. But there we go.

It’s up to you. And this is the whole point of getting something into the marketplace that it’s a way of you experimenting. You can kind of display AB testing to find out what sort of resonates for the audience that you’re sharing. So we’re going to publish and we’re going to say, yes, it’s OK for that to be the first person is a little bit more appropriate and that it is being added to the library. Now we’re adding the tracking URL so that we can start reporting to you on the clicks.

We’re adding it to the library entries into learning mode roughly for 24 hours so that we can optimize that delivery for you and get it in front of the best people within curated so that they can then share it with our audiences. And that’s it. We can go back to the library or back to our list and you can see that it’s in learning mode. Now, I’m going to I’m actually just going to delete that because that’s obviously a fake one.

We don’t actually want people to share that. But what would start happening from this point is that you would start seeing your schedule to shares and your click counts go up. Scheduled simply means the total number of times that your content has been scheduled to be sent out.

Whether it’s been sent or not doesn’t factor into this number because the the reality with any sort of social calendar in a social management platform like this is that sometimes they get full up. People can decide that they want no more than four tweets or posts going out per day. And so even though they might share your content today, it might actually be cued to go out in two weeks time. And so we’ve included a scheduled count here. So you can get an idea as to what is due to be sent out, what is actually in that total sort of pipeline, the shares.

That’s the actual number of times we’ve sent out to a social network. And then, of course, CLECs relates to the number of times that someone across the social sphere has clicked on your content and gone to your website or video or whatever it is that you were sharing. And so if that is right. The dashboard is where you can find other people’s content so that you can find the best content for your audience, whereas promote is where you go to find the best audience for your content.

You add your content so that other people can share it for you. Cool, Lindsay.

That’s pretty much everything I wanted to cover at this point. Oh, it’s probably just worth noting because this is kind of a common question for those that are in two camps.

Either you’ve only just heard about us and you’re hearing a lot of people talking about the campaigns products that we offer as well, or you already know about us and you already have the campaign’s product within the missing letter suites. And in both cases, it’s worth noting that curette absolutely does not need or require the campaign’s product at all. It’s completely separate. There is a small integration between the two if you happen to be using the campaign’s product, but it’s purely there for those that that already use campaigns.

If you don’t, they do two totally different jobs.

So you don’t need either.

Now, if you already have the campaign’s product, if you’re an existing missing that a customer and you can still take advantage of this great deal, just make sure you’re logged in to your existing missing letter account when you redeem the code and will join the two accounts together. I was you. Thank you. Thank you. That was one of the questions that I had for you. I know that simoleons who got both deals are curious how the two work together.

[00:18:47.060] – Lindsey
So thank you for touching on that. Sumolings. If you have any questions that you want to send into the Q&A box, you can go ahead and do that. Right now, we have questions about platforms that you all share to question here. Do you share with Pinterest, too, or is there any plan to.

[00:19:03.230] – Ben
Yes. So both Pinterest and Instagram, we actually have the code ready to go.

So we do absolutely have plans to do so. The business slowing us down because anyone who’s followed us for a while, we’ve had the code ready for about a year now. It’s about getting through the red tape, being approved into the Instagram partner program, and it’s pretty much the same with Pinterest. So it’s something that we will be pushing a bit more aggressively in twenty, twenty one. So, yeah, it’s one of those. Unfortunately, we can’t give a guarantee because we are kind of at the mercy of all those platforms, but it’s something that we remain hopeful that we will be able to provide support for.

[00:19:40.320] – Lindsey
So awesome. Thank you. We have a question about whether there is an agency deal or what do you recommend for agencies called Congression.

[00:19:51.770] – Ben
So if that’s what it’s worth noting that through the actually madill stacking gives you a whole bunch of additional capacity with regards to the current plan that you get by default with the first code. And it pretty much correlates to the number of posts that you can add to the library per month, as well as the number of social profiles you can add and also the number of scheduled content or schedule posts that you can have in the queue at any given time. So just like any other social management platform, let’s let’s take Buffa as an example.

You have your Q with content. They have a limit there of how many you can have in that tube before they’re sent out. We have a similar one here as well. So if you’re in the agency space, you may find that benefits in stacking additional codes because that will just increase the number of social profiles that you can at which you will need if you have multiple clients. And indeed the same with the schedule of content. That aside, we do have a dedicated agency plan that we’ve created a special deal for.

And you’ll get an email from us. I think it’s within within twenty four hours after you’ve written your code. And so there are options for you to upgrade to the agency plan as well if you need to.

[00:21:02.540] – Lindsey
Fantastic, thank you. I’m not totally sure that I fully understand this question, but hopefully you do. Where do we get info on the campaign?

[00:21:12.050] – Ben
And then this last word is S.W. I’m guessing I’m going to let you guess because your guess is going to be better than mine. Doesn’t mean it’s right.

Yeah. So in terms of what you can get more info, probably the best thing to do is go to our site.

Missing as a dot com, I’m guessing, because they’ll see my screen missing that dot com slash campaigns and this will explain pretty much how that particular product works. It’s a totally different thing. The key distinction, just just worth noting is the campaign’s product is about creating campaigns for yourself that will basically drip out social content to your own social channels. And it’s a really powerful way to amplify the content to your own audience.

But the difference with curators, it’s less about creating drip campaigns.

It’s more about getting your content in front of other people’s audiences so that you do two different things. But yet to have a look at the campaigns product missing as dotcom campaigns and we explain kind of the full process and what it does and the benefits around it and everything else.

[00:22:13.560] – Lindsey
Awesome. Are there any consumer deals with missing letter the.

[00:22:22.770] – Ben
Yeah. So similar with the agency plan that we mentioned. We actually have Emsworth. Let’s just flip over to the pricing page three worth doing. So, yes, similar with the agency, no charges mentioned there, within 24 hours of of redeeming your code, you will be sent an email with three upgrade offers for those that want to. Now, just to be clear, the current deal that we’re offering through, you got absolutely the best access to full access that you could possibly get with regards to rates.

So the offers that we’re sending out are really just for those that want access to the company’s products as well. So if that’s you keep listening. Keep listening anyway, because I’ve got a lovely voice.

So we’ll send you out an offer for the solo deal, the pro deal, and then the agency deal. These these three pretty much all relate to the company’s product exclusively. And so, yeah, Will will be sending over some pretty damn good deals regarding those, in some cases kind of 90 percent off. So you’ll get some pretty good deals out there. Excellent.

[00:23:27.690] – Lindsey
So you’ve probably gotten some questions about Integration’s. I know that some things have social media scheduling tools. Do you integrate with any and why not?

[00:23:46.410] – Ben
It’s probably the the answer that is most pertinent here. So the why not is because we we actually have our own scheduler and that’s all, you know. So let’s just show you an example of that. So when you share content here, when you share through your age or if you create a campaign through the company’s products, we’re not sending it down to Buffer or to HootSuite or anywhere else. We are actually scheduling it ourselves. And so you have the ability to create your own time slots, your own sort of scheduling settings.

And of course, we have a contact calendar, which for this demo is completely empty so that you can actually manage your entire editorial social flow as needed.

Now, actually, fun fact in the next two weeks, we’re doing a complete redesign of this calendar view here.

And so the reason why we don’t connect with anyone else is because actually we already have a great schedule. But in a couple of weeks, we can have an even better one. And so the whole goal here with missing data is that it should be your go to place. There shouldn’t be a need for you to have a separate social media schedule. And that’s certainly the goal. If there is something missing that you would love to have in here, let us know, because that’s that’s really feedback that we’d love to hear.

[00:24:56.820] – Lindsey
So speaking of the future, this will be unless somebody submits a question, which you can still do in the Q&A box, otherwise, we’ll wrap this up after this one. What do similar things have to look forward to? What are you excited about? Daniel’s roadmap? Yeah, good question.

[00:25:12.720] – Ben
So the first one, the calendar itself, as I mentioned, we’re releasing a whole new version of that so that you can you know, once you’ve shared other people’s content through curated or created your own, because fun fact, even though you’re getting access to curate through this deal, you actually do get access to the full blown schedule itself. So if you’re already paying for Baffour or something else, you can pretty much migrate and you’ve got it for free.

Just bear in mind that you might want to stack a few barcodes on the actual deal to get the number of social profiles and scheduled content that you know you need for your business. With that assumed you have access to a schedule schedule of that, which is pretty cool so you can drag and drop and all that sort of stuff. Other fun things we’re looking forward to. We will be launching a jiffy and searching capability very soon. And we got a whole bunch of other things related to that just to really make it that much more engaging video support, animated gif support and lots of lots of other fun things like that.

[00:26:07.410] – Lindsey
I love it. Thank you so much. We did get one more question, but it was for me, I like to think, asking if there would be a replay of this available. There will be a replay of this available.

So if you got here late, don’t worry, you can catch anything that you missed. Thank you so much, Ben, for walking us through this again. Really appreciate you taking the time. And you did a stellar job, as always. Simoleons, if you have not already, you can go to APSA, Dotcom and the missing letter without the second E dash, so you can go to Atsumi.

I found it on the main page today. You could also find it under browser and you can redeem your codes. It’s starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, that is backed by app sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get started, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that. We do love to read your reviews. You can go ahead and put those on the deal page.

And of course, if you have any lingering questions, you can leave those on the page as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Ben. This has been great.

[00:27:11.220] – Ben
Coaches, fans, a great to be back again.

[00:27:14.250] – Lindsey
Always good to have you keep coming back. We love to hear you have a good one.

Like a.

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