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Since last year, MindPal, a key player in building AI agents, has grown a lot.

It helps you create personal AI agents, connect them with all your data or other tools, and turn them into chatbots or use them in automated multi-step workflows.

Now, the big question is: is MindPal worth the hype and the cost?

This review will give you a quick, clear look at MindPal. We’ll talk about how easy it is to use, its features, how it works in real life, and its overall value.

Let’s dive in.


What is MindPal?


MindPal, launched on May 8, 2023, is a handy sidekick for creating and using AI agents or chatbots. It’s designed to simplify tasks in various fields.

You can train AI agents with different types of information like documents, audio, video, and web pages. These agents can create content, analyze data, and help customers with questions.

They also work well with other AI chatbots for complex tasks.

What makes MindPal stand out is its ability to fine-tune AI agents using both internal and external sources.

It uses Google, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Arxiv, Pexels, and Yahoo Finance for accurate search results

MindPal is versatile and recently added features like in-document citations, quizzes, extra security, and plugins like Flashcards and Tremor.


A Quick Look at MindPal’s Features


AI Agents



MindPal uses AI agents to make task automation easier. You can give these digital assistants specific tasks to handle different problems or jobs.

Create, manage, and deploy these AI agents. They can chat, work together on complex tasks, help with your Smart Notes, and even act as chatbots for talking with others.

An AI Assembly is when you combine different AI agents to work together. Each agent focuses on a specific job. They work as a team to handle complex tasks more efficiently.

While AI models like ChatGPT are good at some tasks, they might struggle with long content or detailed analysis.

Using several AI agents for different parts of a task can solve this.

Imagine you’re a lawyer handling a complex case with lots of documents. Finding key information, sorting documents, and making summaries for your team can take a lot of time and lead to mistakes.

MindPal helps with this. It uses AI to analyze documents, create summaries, and think of arguments.

It can learn about your specific case, unlike standard AI tools. This makes it more effective for your legal work.

It’s easy to share your AI agents. Simply put them on your website as chatbots. This makes it easy to connect with people all the time.


Comprehensive Knowledge Management System



MindPal is a practical tool that organizes various information types, from PDFs to websites, in one place. It handles different data formats, allowing you to easily access and use your information.

Unlike note-taking apps like Evernote, MindPal provides a dynamic, responsive search. It uses contextual search to help you find relevant content quickly.

This feature is especially useful for entrepreneurs who need to keep up with industry trends, market changes, and new developments.

Simply store all your data, news, and knowledge in MindPal, and retrieve it by asking questions.


Thought Partner for Building a Second Brain



MindPal transforms your spoken words into clear, written notes without using your hands.

It knows your notes well, making it easy to quickly create first drafts and helps refine your content.

The platform has a simple AI editing tool. You can pick a part of a note and simply write or say your instructions to tell the AI to edit it. This makes editing easy and efficient.


Our Thoughts on MindPal


Ease of Use


MindPal is user-friendly and intuitive, especially for those not tech-savvy. It feels like talking to ChatGPT, but with an improved interface.

Creating new notes, agents, and knowledge sources is easy. You can also ask the AI to use them in chats.

Its modular design lets you choose and attach features to each conversation.

Some AI apps make you upload knowledge for each agent separately. This means only that agent can use it in chats. If you want other agents to use the same knowledge, you must upload it again.

The UI/UX of MindPal is excellent. I could use it easily without reading any guides.




MindPal has many features, and it feels like several pieces of software in one. We’ve tested some of these features, and here’s what we found.


Smart Note


Having notes built-in is brilliant. They fit the vision of a “second brain” perfectly, holding all your knowledge and ideas.

MindPal acts as your knowledge repository, freeing up your mind for deeper, more creative thinking and decision-making.

The note editor is simple and has the expected formatting features like bold, italics, and linking.


MindPal Note Editor


However, don’t expect additional features like those in Notion, such as accordions, highlights, or callouts.

I appreciate that the text editor toolbar appears when you highlight text, rather than being fixed at the top or bottom.

The speed is fast, and the document saves automatically.

You can share a link for others to view, although the shared note loads slowly. Unfortunately, there’s no CNAME on the lifetime deal.

Now, let’s talk about using AI to generate notes and outlines for your smart note.


MindPal AI Note Generator


The formatting could be better, with more distinct paragraphs and spacing, and it doesn’t support bullet points yet.

The output quality feels average, similar to GPT 3.5 Turbo. It lacks depth and detailed explanations.

While this isn’t MindPal’s fault, I wish I could switch to GPT-4. I’m willing to pay for better quality output, let me switch!

Custom prompts would also be a great addition.

MindPal doesn’t have a folder feature, which is essential for organization. However, they allow tagging each note for easy retrieval.

Surprisingly, there’s no search feature for notes. This is a problem if you have many notes. You can chat with your ‘second brain’ to find things, but a search feature, especially an advanced one, would be great.


Knowledge sources


I messed up something when importing knowledge sources, and look what I got:


MindPal Knowledge Sources


120 empty notes.

I wanted to delete all of these items from the list, but unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in option to delete them in bulk. Instead, I have to manually delete each item individually.

You can create folders but can’t move items in bulk.

On the plus side, you can upload knowledge sources in bulk. It supports all sort of file formats from plain text file to audio notes.

Integrations: Google Drive, Notion, and now Dropbox. And the best part is, once you link these apps, your data will automatically sync with MindPal.

It’s easy to bring all your knowledge in and use them in chats.


AI Assembly



Getting started may be confusing. Building a workflow would work easiest in a visual drag and drop style. Where you simply drag the connection lines from first to second stage of the workflow.

Currently, MindPal uses a menu selection system.


MindPal Menu Selection


I was confused at first but it took me just 5 mins browsing sample bots, to understand how it works. So I’m sure you can figure it out too.

It would also be helpful to have a tutorial or guide on how to set up a workflow.


What’s good:

  • Able to collect more context at the beginning.
  • Add additional sources not in knowledge base. This can be specific to the project you’re working on.
  • Different agents can handle each stage, like an assembly line.
  • “Supervision mode” that lets you evaluate output before the next step.


Needs improvement:

  • A visual drag-and-drop build option.
  • The ability to edit base prompt or custom instruction. Right now it uses their own system custom instruction and we don’t know what it is. Would be great for pro users to customize.
  • If you navigate to another page, the AI agent stops working. I think it’s trying to mimic real life too much 😛.


But this presents a problem. You can’t run multiple workflows at the same time. Ideally, the workflows should run even if you are logged out. That way I can sleep and wake up with 5,000 articles ready to publish.

Creating a multi-agency assembly got you stumped? No worries, AI can generate it for you. Just input the role of the assembly.

I tried entering the short keywords “email sorter,” and I was amazed to see MindPal filling it all out for you. It also provides you with the option to add a specific agent from your list.


MindPal Generate AI Assembly
MindPal Generate AI Assembly Second Step


Some MindPal Use Cases


Personal Use


  • Chat with PDFs: Turn PDFs into interactive chats, making it easy to learn from them.
  • Audio Notes: Speak your thoughts and MindPal will write them down for you.
  • Digital Twin: Create a virtual you that learns from your emails and likes. It helps with tasks and gives personal advice.
  • Personal Book/ Movie Recommender: MindPal suggests new books or movies based on what you like.




  • Automate tasks & research with AI agents for more accurate and efficient marketing.
  • Use AI for easy writing and hands-free notes to create content faster.
  • Add chatbots to websites for better reach and information gathering.




  • Features like an AI tutor, note-taking, quizzes, and flashcards make learning better.
  • Great for all types of learning, with a mobile-friendly design for learning anywhere.


Company Behind MindPal


Sylvia Tham Nguyen and Mai Quang Tuan are the brains behind MindPal. They are key contributors to MindPal’s development. Visit their LinkedIn account for more details about their company.

MindPal creators also made EverLearns, an AI learning platform. It helps students learn better and offers personalized support. Features include uploading learning materials, AI support, organized notes, a Notion-style editor, chat for questions and answers, quizzes, flashcards, and unlimited learning with a subscription or lifetime license.

Besides MindPal, Sylvia worked on Mount2 Speak. Launched in June 2022, this EdTech startup uses AI to give feedback on public speaking and IELTS Speaking. It shows her interest in AI for learning.

Sylvia is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She founded MindPal, an AI company focused on building the AI Second Brain for professionals. She has skills in software development, generative AI, and business ownership.

Before MindPal, she founded SpeakLab, an AI learning space for English speaking practice. She was also Co-Founder, President, and Head of Media & Design at COGIC Debate Club, managing over 60 members.

Sylvia earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from VinUniversity. She received a 100% Merit Scholarship and the Soosan Scholarship. She won the Dean’s List Award and EXCEL Award for her academic achievements.

Sylvia’s skills include software development, generative AI, graphic design, and video editing. Many have endorsed her for software development and generative AI in the past six months.


Thoughts on MindPal’s Lifetime Deal Offer


MindPal’s lifetime deal offer, though priced higher than typical LTDs, offer good value. They provide unique AI agents features that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

A key issue is the small 5 GB of knowledge storage in both Lifetime Unlimited and Lifetime Unlimited PRO plans.

In today’s world, data storage needs are growing fast. 5 GB may not be enough for many users. MindPal is meant to be a second brain and a system for managing knowledge. It needs to hold various data types, like documents, audio, and video.


MindPal LTD


Is It Worth to Buy MindPal?


MindPal stands out as a leader in creating AI agents. It’s great for custom training on your data. And using different AI agents together in a multi-step workflow. People use it for everything from marketing automation to a creative helper.

Sylvia Nguyen and Mai Quang Tuan lead the company. They release new updates and features fast.

While MindPal is generally user-friendly, there are some drawbacks. You can’t change the GPT model, and it lacks a bulk select option. AI assembly only works when you’re on the page, and the 5 GB storage might be too small for some.

Still, MindPal keeps improving and offers comprehensive set of features. It’s a strong choice if you need a flexible and growing AI tool.

Think about what you need. If you want something that can do a lot and keeps getting better, it’s worth a shot.

Now that concludes our quick review of MindPal. We have plenty more discussions and reviews of different SaaS tools and lifetime deals in our community. If you’re interested, then join us today here.


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