Mailcheck Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.810] – Chris (AppSumo)
All right, what’s going on? Sumolings, it’s Chris here from ASIMO today, superexcited IFR here, who’s the product manager, product owner of Mail Check. We’re going to be diving into it in just a minute. But before we do, I want to my desk is real wobbly right now. I feel like my camera keep shaking. I will take my hands off a couple of things before we dove in. One, if you have any questions, drop those in the chat below the video in the webinar, and we can circle around to those towards the end.

Number two, there will be a replay. See if you miss anything. Don’t worry about it. Don’t feel like you have to write things down. We’ll be sending that out later today so you can get your hands on it. But that is all I have for me so far. Thank you so much for for joining us this morning. How are you doing? Yeah, I’m doing great.

[00:00:44.340] – Steffon(MailCheck)
Thank you so much. Despite its evening here. But everything is cool.

[00:00:48.720] – Chris (AppSumo)
Thank you. Where are you right now? I’m located in the Ukraine and. Yeah, but the company based in the U.K.. So don’t don’t mispronounce what U.K. or Ukraine are very similar, but pretty much at the same time zone. Yeah.

[00:01:07.140] – Steffon(MailCheck)
Yeah. Awesome. Well, hey, let me let me turn it over to you. I’ll let you dove in if you want to share your screen so I can just get going. Yeah, sort of let us know.

[00:01:16.200] – Steffon(MailCheck)
People in the comments. Where are you guys tuning in from. I see Steffon Wilfred, where are you guys at?

I am in Austin, Texas, right now. OK, so let me share my screen. Awesome high school body looks good on my end, I’m going to turn my video off and. OK, feel free to run with it. OK, Hazel Mullings, welcome to this webinar. I hope you are enjoying your day, the morning or evening as as a milk product owner. I’m here to help you to understand better the product itself, to use it and to get revenue for your business, because as far as I know, this product helps us a lot.

Just I’ll make a quick or short intro why we have created Melchett. Originally, we were a studio and Web studio based on Ukraine. And our main main pain or main problem was the outreach. We always get bonuses, bonuses, and we are tired of that. We’ve been using and choosing a lot of services who validate emails on a daily basis. We understood we spent a lot of money and just to just to understand if we can send an email or not, and some of them were like not trusted.

So we have actually a pretty strong I.T. team engineers, and they decided to create the tool that is going to make validation. It was actually very fascinating story because when this project was created, we started using it and we love it.

And we decided to share with others what some some of the most I actually have of the things that I love about Melchett that is very easy to use. I have a little brother and I ask him just to try Melchett, despite he’s a boxer, he he don’t have idea what his product is or what project is. So I ask him just to try the product, even if you understand it.

And it seems that from my point of view, I did the job to make it simply simple and easy to understand.

So if we diving into the project itself, this was a short brief about the product and how it was created. So if we dove into the product itself, the platform has a straightforward mission to validate emails. So let me try a real quick. I have here I am already on the dashboard. Probably the best thing that I can do is to look out and try to sign in again so you can see all the features of the opportunity is probably going to have a question.

So I’ll be checking them. And I hope our CTO, Konstantin, who is also here, will help you on the chart as well.

So here the first the first thing you see is just a very basic, very basic login page. The good thing about is that there is some secret inside it and probably some links right now. Already know. But for those who don’t know, I’ll explain. Here in the D Forum, we have API integration, a real time email validation. So if you’re trying to access with the with the wrong email or invalid email, the system won’t let you go in.

And, um, for for those who have Google or Facebook account, they can simply go to Google or Facebook. So I already created my account and especially for that webinar. And I’m going to login and to explain how the thing works here. OK, so we are on the dashboard here on the dashboard. The first thing you may see, quick validation. So the quick validation thing, the quick validation field helps you to make validation on the go.

For example, let’s let’s try our studios email.

So as we see the real time, this is quick and there is a response that frustrate exist and not disposable, not as typical as MTV, etc., so I’m going to quickly also explain what all these parameters mean, because for the validation, we actually use parameters like SMTP check. We use another disposable, catchable, and besides that, we use a mix check. So the first is SMTP check. What is this? So basically many people ask, like, how it does work.

Our main check is SMTP. If you if you got filled here. So probably your email got invalid status.

So, I mean, like how it looks to be checked out, try to explain in a really easy word.

So let’s say my name is Bob and I’m I want to send an email how that works.

I go to the email server and I said, my name is Bob and I want to send an email to Chris. And SMTP server says, OK, then before everything else starts, I say, he said, yeah, you can send an email which confirms that the email exists. So I say, OK, OK, I don’t want to send an email because I just changed my mind. So this is how it works. We do not send an email to check whether the email exists.

We do request. And regarding the mic check, mic check, it’s basically the domain check that it’s basically done through the DNS infrastructure, which is public. So we go and check if the domain exists or not. So if a check is false, there is no sense to make further validation because one hundred percent that email will be invalid if it makes checks, if check didn’t go through. So in terms of the disposable disposable, it’s one time emails.

So for example, there are like bays that you can trade on an email for a day or for an hour. It’s a temporary email and a actual it’s mainly those emails that the email server installed to accept all emails, all types of emails. For example, you have a domain name, domain name, mail checked out SEO and let’s say someone emailed you at blah blah at mail. Check the CEO. So you still receive the email on your main mailbox.

This catch all mainly popular for for the businesses, because sometimes, like if you if you receive lots of requests, which goes to sales or to jobs or etc, you can receive to your one mailbox.

Um, yeah, this is what perimetral mean.

Besides that, I’m going to make deep research. I’m sorry. The explanation on then the donation.

Through the API page. OK, so this is mainly the information that quick validation presents we have, and honestly, we have tons of social signals which validates that that email. That’s why one of the reasons why we are now more clearer. I would say we have as you as you may see here on the screen. So the trust mix exists. True, simply because it’s true is not the same. To be true is not disposable. True. So it has Robota Facebook for Foursquare, TripIt Tumblr, a Twitter, Vimeo VPE text.

And so this is even not all of them. We do, um, we do a really deep validation. That’s why if you receive 80 percent trust rate, but in the competitors website you receive 100 percent. Don’t think that we are doing it incorrectly. So let’s return to the dashboard here. Also in the dashboard, you may see the plan info. So, for example, at the moment, I have one code. So in order to check it, I go to settings just here we have the monthly monthly limit, so my monthly limit is one hundred thousand emails per month.

If I want to validate two hundred thousand emails, I may not go further because my limit currently is one hundred thousand already explained in the deal page that mainly it’s done because of the technical side. We want to ensure that all the similar links will have the same limit, the same speed limit for the validation. They won’t wait too long or they’ll receive the accurate results. So that’s why we set for one called one hundred thousand and each code raise to one hundred thousand, for example, to code to two hundred thousand per month and four five codes.

We got the five hundred thousand.

This is basically for the plans, but there are also total emails.

I’m going to explain what it means. For example, let’s go to the deal page. Currently, you see here credit checks, I know this is stop number one question and the credits and checks, they both mean the same. So your total balance is two million while you can use it during the month. Only one hundred thousand emails for that double code. Same goes for million. So you have these four million credits lifetime. They won’t expire. Don’t worry if you don’t use all of your checks per month.

So imagine you have just ten checks per month, but you afraid that we will deduct all the rest? No worries. They won’t want to expire, so they will be there are safe. So same goes for three, four and five calls for the higher is the five calls. We provide 10 million credits. So just to explain, probably have been actually analyzing Absolom for such a deal with such a huge credit limit, but I couldn’t find the partners also gave generous and generous offer, but I see that our offer is higher.

So this is about the offer. And to explain why two million and why one hundred thousand. OK, let’s get back to the dashboard, so let me just make a quick check. Is everybody here? Any questions? So no questions. OK, great, I’ll drink just a glass of water, if you don’t mind. Thank you, guys. OK, so let’s let’s get back also, guys, I want you to confirm that you all see other the in my browser, so let me share let me show the screen again.

I want you to confirm that you also see all the all the taps, please, type plus in the chart. So I know that you’ve seen. No one no one says, OK. Gotcha. Cool. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for the confirmation. All right. Um, so let me let me just go and explain more about the platform itself. So also, you may see in the dashboard if there is verifiable emails, if let’s say if you have more than one e-mail and you want you want to verify it, you may probably go to Direk upload in the direct upload section.

OK, um. Mm hmm.

OK, there is a question, but I done OK, so in the upload section you may click on upload or drag and drop in order to upload your file. So let’s let’s go and just upload. I’ve already filed for you, so we will use it. If you upload the file here, you see all the emails and the system automatically choose the column with the email. Imagine if you have two or three columns with an email, the system will choose all of them.

So just for you to know about that and there is a delimiters, someone may ask what is Delimiter? Since my file mainly consists of email Cholmondeley but sometimes they see as we file mail may contain of column, column two, three, four, etc.. So they’re supposed to be delimiter which separates where is the email, where is the first name and where is the surname. If you if I click right now, you may see that it may be get hurt and even the column won’t be true.

So don’t worry, we specify the limiter automatically. And or you can choose the custom delimiter to specify here it can be anything but it can be top or up or you can even. So let’s go with comma separated, um, we hear every stop and you can play until you see the of the results you got here. So don’t worry about it. And in case you have on the other side, you have an email, you can actually click here.

OK, let me see if you have any questions looks possible that sometimes are legitimate and invalid. Yeah, great question and I’ll explain it sometimes you may receive the email with invalid, but it’s it’s an exception. It may happen, especially when you are using self that email server and you try to build your own email server and you hosted yourself. So in this case, how it actually works. You remember the example that I explained that you would make an example.

I don’t know if it’s a like this. I hope that’s OK. It has a risk because the SMTP check goes and it exists. OK, let’s try with another one.

What it says. OK, it doesn’t exist. I’ll explain sometimes they existed email, which hosted on the self supported email server, may have delays in response. So meaning we send the request. We are asking whether if we can send an email to that domain, let’s say, or the email and empty says, yeah, sure. And we confirm, but sometimes we do not hear. I mean, not here, but do not receive a response.

And there is a time time range that we can hear that response if we do not hear from them until five, ten seconds. We mark as we mark as SMTP paycheck falls, sometimes it may happen, especially if it is a very popular case for the services, which is super loaded. One and another case, if the if the email server, I don’t know any email server decides to receive tons of requests and specify that your behavior is suspicious.

So he he or the the service itself may answer with weather delays as well. It also may happen. Let me check if you have any more question, um. Yeah, so sometimes it may happen, but I mean, it’s based mainly based on the email server that you’re using. Sure, sure. Thank you for the question. I’ll try to show how the integration works and the great, great question. So when you click here, you’re prompted to the mail check page, I’m sorry, you to the Melching page and you have to log in.

This is my Melching page. Mainly, I’ve built MailChimp just to work with mail check, so it asks me if I authorize mail check. Yes, I authorize. If you see, I’ve been prompted to the integration integration page and there is a mailchimp, it says that I have a list at a lump and there is a 19 emails. Um, OK, I want to process it. Do you want to validate this file? Of course I want.

So the system, the integration itself validates and it shows me that there is a history that my total emails, 19 when I and when it was last updated and these letters, it’s it’s loaded. So it shows me that there is a loading. Once it’s loaded, I will have an opportunity to go to MailChimp and add the columns with my with my validation status. I’ll show you right now. The system is trying to send, but let me show you, because I already did it and I will explain it right from the MailChimp.

Is, as you see on the male MailChimp you have here, the you have here of the audience contacts and who have these contacts, contacts are subscribers. So so right now, I go to my subscribed contacts because I mark them as subscribe and because the emails are valid. And I’ve been testing the emails, various emails and what I can do here. I actually have a toddler and I’ve been testing lots of systems if you see lots of partners and also have the integration to see how it works.

And besides that, I have here the status for male checks, core and mail check status. So be sure when you go, oh, it’s already debilitative call. It says that the data has been sent to Milja, so you don’t have to do anything. Once you click process, once you click process that directly goes to Melching. When you go to your MailChimp and you click on your subscribers, make sure to find toggle columns in the toggle columns.

Choose the status for mail check score and check status. So since we activate them, let’s go and find them right now. Let me refresh the browser. All right, so. Just a moment. Contact. And, um, here must be the validation stop just a moment. OK, I didn’t click save. Sorry. Mm hmm. Just a moment. Yeah, I’m trying to find it right now. His. Yeah, it says that the data has been sent.

And yeah, maybe some some I don’t know what happened, but it should it should show actually here. Hmm, probably I didn’t click on the subscribe. Hmm, which experiments you start to smell, check the safe. OK, yeah, we’ve got it here, um. We have the checks, GWAR and mail checks to those set of here, but I’m wondering, um. Whether it’s chosen the right list. So for now, I see that the system shows them incorrectly.

[00:23:52.670] – Chris (AppSumo)
Um, we’ll have to we’ll have to check Whitechurch exactly like that. It’s wrong, we have to check it. OK, let me see what what question? There. OK, do you have the service for finding someone’s email address? Um, you mean to find whether the email exists, like whether the person exists and the details of the person? Can you maybe try to explain it better? What would you recommend, ban by name at least?

[00:24:30.390] – Steffon(MailCheck)
How to verify it is a good list. Can you walk through the steps of the mail from the list? Sure. I’m actually. Let me just. OK, so. I’m going to upload a file. Once it’s uploaded, I have the colon selected for the email and I go and file. Um, I go to I can also continue uploading or go to uploaded files, so in here, unprompted to the my files section where I have my base, where the quantity of emails with the size and time creation, so I simply click process in order to see the validation.

OK, so I already have the results I downloaded save what I save for the desktop. OK, let’s give the file. All right. So we may hear we may have hear the results so trustworthy. What is trust? Actually it’s the index that shows us whether we can use the email or not. And if we have an email with a trust rate is zero zero to forty nine, we consider them as invalid. So here we have one email which I created myself.

I didn’t know whether it exists, so I created it myself. And it shows a zero, let’s say another email. NITI so all the emails with the index, with a trust rate of 80 and 100, we consider them as valid. So which is which is exist and which has the social signal. And you can use it for, for the let’s say for the second one, 50 mainly it happens for the catch all emails.

I remember I told you the emails for the companies that they receive, they receive lots of mail email into the mailbox. If you even Sentir, let’s say, for payment at Ambarella dot com it go to Ambarella like one one space where you can add all the you receive all the emails.

So it’s 50. We we consider 50 to 79 as a risky well, but we do not say that they are they do not exist. They are simply risky because they have they have a very low social signal. That’s why we consider them as risky. So that’s that’s one of the reasons. So same goes for for that email. It has a social signal and we can is one hundred ninety ninety two. So, yes. And besides that besides that, I can show you that we have here the TOTY, which can chose the results.

If you if you have questions whether to use or not, you always can hit the job and ask us or check for. All right, so let me just I saw how to answer, so I’ll try to answer it correctly.

[00:28:05.730] – Chris (AppSumo)
Um, why would you recommend, when buying in the Middle East, how to verify it is a good we. Can you walk through the steps with animals from the West? Yeah, I already, uh. I believe I already answered that and but Will will repeat again, so I’m not really know how to buy email list, but I’m about to help you to verify and to verify whether you receive the trust rate of 50 and 100. You are you you’re good to send it.

[00:28:42.360] – Steffon(MailCheck)
So I recommend sending 80 percent to 100 percent, which is valid trust rate status. And of course you can use fifty to seventy nine as well. What will be after the two million credits are used, and I need more currently we have. Yes, exactly. Currently we have great questions. We have said that the limit to two million. But in case you have you want to verify more. We understand and we consider that. And for that matter, we are actually working on the special plan for similar things.

As I already told you, we have native plans integrative here, but we we don’t want to see more links go with that tire’s.

We want we want to make a generous plan with with a more features for them. Currently, we are thinking about providing for them once they verify all 10 million or all 10 million will provide them with 50 percent for all plans they want. So any plan they want will cut half. This is basically what we are thinking, but it’s not fully approved. We want to hear your thoughts about the future plans. So it will be great if you could let us know your vision of what what would you like to be after two million or 10 million credits?

[00:30:26.230] – Chris (AppSumo)
That would be really nice. OK, if I have someone name, how can I find their email list? OK, I got you a great one. We are actually thinking to increase our to make our product more more demanded and we want to work on this site. So it’s it’s the future. It will be the future. But at the moment, we don’t have such opportunity to find someone by just a name or a pseudonym. Currently we just make email politicians.

[00:31:12.480] – Steffon(MailCheck)
But yes, that’s that’s a great point, because probably it is very nice to have such an option to work. Thank you so much for the question. OK, I’ve stopped by my files also just to explain, in case you already validated the file, but you don’t want to see the list on your page or you want to delete it. You can simply click and delete files. OK, I’ll leave it here just for now, um, let’s go to the next section API.

[00:31:52.200] – Chris (AppSumo)
Why do we actually need API, so let’s let’s go to Xabier. I’ll explain why do we need API with a for example, we have actually the integration which can be accessed from the integration section and click. There is tons of instructions on how to use it. There is a deeper integration and destruction and mildew. So let’s go with a deeper integration construction and I’ll try to explain. Maybe it’s going to be angry because I’m I’m talking too much.

[00:32:31.110] – Steffon(MailCheck)
Man, you’re good. Keep keep it going. Sorry. OK, so in terms of for the for the zipper, I know that many of you guys asking about the opportunity to have a lot of integration. And I understand for a young product as male check, it may be a time, a time case because I’m pretty sure there is and we will have many, many, many integrations. But as of now, we have MailChimp and Xabier. Why do we have Zipora immediately?

I’ll explain in Xabier. Actually, you have an opportunity to use two thousand, I believe, yet to southern EPP’s and yes, sorry, because.

Yeah, you’re right Constanten I we also have WordPress plugin besides Xabier and Miljan let’s say I have, I have a, I have a Google contacts or I have a Google spreadsheet and I want to verify email using my Google contacts and then return back the results. I have the such integration’s on also, so I have a Zopp installed. But maybe it’s it’s really nice to have a step by step and show how to use that integration, probably. This is the best way here.

So I’ll show you by, um, let’s let’s do it through through the check itself. I connect my account. It prompts me to go to the EPA and hear from the EPA, I have the opportunity to use my Melchett integrations with any app I want.

OK, with that, let’s say it will be political bullshit. OK, let’s use it. OK. And it wants to trigger the actions, what I want to do with Google spreadsheet. OK, I have I have a new or updated schedule. And what action I want to choose, I want, um, let’s say I want to verify meals, so I have a list here and I want to verify meals. I want to connect them. And from here, I may choose my account.

OK, let’s say I want to choose this one. And right now, it’s the very first step when you do the adjusting, but I’m just showing you how to do it. But in the real in the case, when you want to do the validation, you simply have them. I send you the link and you have everything already prepared for you. So you don’t have to find what is the value and what to choose, etc.. So in the real life, when you’re using ZAP, it’s really easy.

Um, I’m just but I’m just I’m just going to show how it how it looks, how it looks, because in this case, you will understand from the inside how it works. So, OK, now let’s say Australian. OK, I want to choose not Nicole. I want to choose the column with the email. Continue. Yeah, and it wants to test trigger, OK, so it’s a it’s a it says that he has found the trigger and there is a valid, valid status for that email.

And it’s 90 percent. OK, cool it. Just to make quick test, just to extract the data from spreadsheet and made a test continuum. Let’s set the trigger here for Melchor. We want to verify dress very simple, yes, and he asks to choose a comb. OK, let’s say this one continue. My email. And getting. So it says that there is an email one to test, yes, and one of this. Yes, it’s already fun and the final result you’re going to have to frustrate with a weather night and the state is valid in your Google, but you have to not only it turns out, but let me explain here you have data.

These data goes to mail check and mail check says what is the result? But if you want to return back all the verification data back to Google and have all saved on one Google shit all you have to connect one more integration.

Turn on the. OK, cool. So it also wants to I’m sorry, it also wants to set up the further steps, so it says that it’s OK what you do, what you’re going to do next. I’m going to connect back to Google Sheets. So in in there. In there, I can choose simply. Update spreadsheet RO. And with my count. It goes again and it asks me where I’m going to put the verified that. OK, um, it was that file and the worksheet was Australian.

Also be informed that if you choose your file, it’s going to ask you the exact role and where you want to put the information. So imagine you you want to put like the information for a specific role or you want to make a custom role. So just just for you to know, two, six, seven, OK, and you have you have to choose here what is going to be validated from the verify section once it’s done, you continue and all the data from your mail check because we had files without verification.

They go to mail check and after mail check, they go back to to Google spreadsheet with the verification status. So when you when you validate your email, it’s going to have the interest rate as well. This is how it basically works, the inner part of the xabier. But, um, you may want to use other Zepps it’s easy to to do it, we simply copy the jobs and send you so you can use whatever integration you want, help, support and Google Google shit or um, let’s say Maila, white stripe and and other integration’s.

This is what comes to Zabor. That’s that’s why it’s very important I would say. And one final step, probably there’s not much to tell you what you want to update your profile, you can do it from settings and for the simple links, I don’t think we have to describe how to add payment information because they don’t need it because they have lifetime credits and they can use it.

OK, so, Chris, I think I am ready to answer the question, some specific question if anyone has. Let me take a look. I mean, it seems like you covered most of them, and again, there’s probably going to be a good amount of them on the replay that people might leave in the in the comments there. But that’s all I’m really seeing here. So any any closing words that you have for folks before we hop off?

[00:40:57.810] – Chris (AppSumo)
Yeah, sure. So thank you for also moving, first of all, because I would say, you know, we had testers on the platform, a lot of testers who did test for us, and then we were happy with them. But honestly, saying I’m really happy with this is probably they are the best testers in the world because you are one hundred percent sure everything works. And when the Symbolics check, they do it like for your own business.

[00:41:29.430] – Steffon(MailCheck)
And I really appreciate it. I want to say thank you so much, guys, because you are helping us to make it better and better. We’re like, how can I how I can describe mail check where are the car? And we go really, really fast because of the traffic. We have to push hard. And I see that the guys are making a lot of comments, a lot of like very, very important feedback, which helps us to change the system will also have the road map.

We are actually updating it and we prioritize our priorities for ourself, some other important integration. So thank you so much, guys. I really hope that the product will help your business. And I also appreciate if you find something I’m not working on the platform. I’m really appreciate to go and look together. For example, yesterday we had a similar troubles with connecting the Google data with a trust rates so the could think of the mail check that we when you when you export, when you download your data, we do not touch it.

It’s untouchable. So you can simply copy data from your from your file here simply and paste on your Google spreadsheet, which is really nice. And that’s something that’s such an issue because of some of the roles we’re not adjusting. And here are some issues. So we help him with that. One hundred thousand roles. We did it ourselves with a team. So he found the bug and we fixed it. So if you find something that you think it’s not working accurately, please let us know because we are here on the one boat and we want to make sure you’re happy with it.

[00:43:18.280] – Chris (AppSumo)
Awesome. Thank you so much for for hopping on. We wouldn’t have ASIMO if it wasn’t for partners like you and your team. So we’re really grateful for you guys bringing this awesome deal. Again, everyone on here. You can check out this deal on Atsumi right now. Atsumi, dot com slash mail check starting off at forty nine dollars for lifetime access to one of the codes. And again, it’s all backed by the most sixty day guarantee. So very little to lose a whole bunch to gain with tools like mail check.

So please check it out. Let us know in the comments what you think. And Farrah, thank you so much again for hopping on and walking us through this.

[00:43:51.330] – Steffon(MailCheck)
Thank you so much, Chris. Thank you so much.

[00:43:53.980] – Chris (AppSumo)
Awesome. Take care, everyone. Have a great day. Bye bye.

Bye bye. Thank you. Some.

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