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Welcome to my review of Magic Bookifier – the transcription software that promises to simplify the task of transcribing audio content into captivating written words.

As someone who makes videos with a lot of “ums” and “uhs,” I was looking for a tool that could turn my video transcripts into well-formatted blog posts complete with H2 subheadings and corrected grammar mistakes. If Magic Bookifier can pull this off, it would be one of the best tools I’ve ever seen.

But does this software live up to its promises? Will it be the answer to all our transcription woes? Join me as we take a closer look at Magic Bookifier and find out if it’s truly bewitching or if we’ll be left feeling disenchanted.


What does Magic Bookifier do?


  • Magic Bookifier can transform disorganized transcripts into e-books with just a click.
  • It streamlines rambling thoughts, elaborates on ideas, retains valuable data, and supports your thesis.
  • It makes converting audio to text a breeze by vanquishing the manual labor typically involved in transcription and editing.
  • Its machine-learning system promises to ensure every utterance in your audio file is accurately transcribed with minimal errors.


What do people use it for?


  • People use Magic Bookifier to convert their audio and video content into written form quickly and efficiently.
  • The software simplifies the task of transcribing audio content into written words, making it ideal for content creators who want to repurpose their videos as blog posts or e-books.


Magic Bookifier’s Core Features


Four-Step Process


The magical incantation of Magic Bookifier unfolds in four effortless steps.

  • First, summon your audio file to the platform.
  • Next, allow the software’s arcane transcription powers to craft a transcript of your audio content.
  • Then, proofread or use intuitive editing tools to banish any errors lurking in the transcript.
  • Finally, release your polished transcript as an enchanting e-book or blog post.


Automated Transcription


  • Magic Bookifier simplifies audio-to-text conversion by automating transcription and editing.
  • Its machine learning ensures accurate transcriptions with minimal errors.
  • It’s easy to use and requires only minor edits, such as changing specific phrases to match the medium.


Effortlessly Generate New Content


Magic Bookifier can quickly convert your audio content into an e-book with just one click. It offers three distinct ways to conjure content:

  • First, it had the ability to create an e-book from scratch.
  • Second, using the chapter creator feature, you could generate a single chapter from an existing transcript.
  • Finally, there was the Magic e-book auto-writer, which could craft a full e-book from just a title.


👍 Things That Stood Out During Testing


Swift and Precise Transcription


  • With its automation capabilities, transcripts materialize within 2-3 minutes. All you need to do is upload your audio file and choose whether to generate a transcript or an e-book right away.


Magic Bookifier Upload file to transcribe
Magic Bookifier Ebook Creator Feature


  • Magic Bookifier does not only transcribe but also cleans up and reorganizes the content.
  • It is particularly beneficial for unscripted videos, podcasts, and meetings, which often contain pauses, filler words like “um” and “uh,” and disorganized content.
  • It proves to be effective in reorganizing rambling thoughts, elaborating ideas, retaining information, and supporting your thesis.

Below is page 1 of 7 of the ebook generated when the button “CREATE MY BOOK -5CR” was clicked:


Magic Bookifier Generated Ebook Sample


Versatile and Efficient


  • While navigating the platform, I accidentally submitted the same input text three times, mistakenly believing the process had stalled.
  • When I checked back later, Magic Bookifier generated three distinct outputs!
  • This experience not only demonstrated the tool’s versatility but also showcased its efficiency in handling tasks, even when faced with unexpected user input.


Longer Output


  • I used the same prompt, “list 5 Ways to Cope With Anxiety” for ChatGPT and Magic Bookifier.
  • ChatGPT produced 228 words
  • Magic Bookifier produced 2300+ words, including the title and subtitles
  • The result was a seven-page e-book with new H2 headings that could also be repurposed as a blog post or mini-ebook.
  • While it’s important to fact-check the information, the book was about 50 to 70% accurate overall.
  • Magic Bookifier is great for writing blog posts, ebooks, and etc.


ChatGPT Result
Magic Bookifier Result


Magic Auto-writer


Magic Bookifier offers three different ways to use its transcription capabilities.

  • Firstly, you can create an e-book from your audio or video content.
  • Secondly, you can use the chapter creator to generate a single chapter from a transcript.
  • And thirdly, the Magic e-book auto-writer allows you to create a full e-book from just a title.
  • The third feature is perfect for creating instructional or informational e-books quickly and easily, without much complexity involved.


Magic Ebook Auto Writer


  • Intrigued by the Magic e-book auto-writer feature, I decided to put it to the test.
  • My goal was to create an instructional e-book on photography techniques in a straightforward way.
  • I summoned the auto-writer with the title “Capturing Light: A Beginner’s Guide to Photography.”
  • With this simple yet evocative title, I set Magic Bookifier to work its sorcery and generate my e-book.


Ebook Auto Writer Test


  • The tool weaved an engaging and informative 2,900+word- e-book that effortlessly guided readers through the world of photography.
  • The final product was not only educational but also enjoyable to read, all without becoming overly complicated.


Ebook Auto Writer Result


👎 Things that aren’t working well


Still Requires Editing Before Publishing


  • While Magic Bookifier automates most of the work involved in converting audio to e-book, it still requires editing before publishing.
  • The software’s AI technology is impressive, but it has its limitations regarding accuracy and precision.


💡 Editing Tips


  • Double-check your work thoroughly before submitting any documents created by Magic Bookifier.
  • Check for accuracy and ensure the text matches the spoken audio, refine sentence structures and phrasing, and adjust formatting issues such as spacing or bullet points.
  • For example, when converting a weekly podcast into an e-book using Magic Bookifier, expect some minor issues that require attention before publishing.
  • Incomplete sentences or phrases may require elaboration to ensure clarity.


Needs Stable Internet


  • The software requires a stable internet connection to function correctly.
  • If your internet connection is weak or unstable, you may experience delays or even lose your work.


Lacks Editing Tool and Templates


  • Currently, the software doesn’t offer an integrated editing tool for correcting and formatting text for optimal readability and engagement.
  • Based on personal experience, users may need to download the transcribed output and edit it using their preferred editing software.
  • Although this extra step isn’t too time-consuming, having an integrated editing tool would certainly make the process more convenient.
  • Additionally, Magic Bookifier lacks available templates to cater to the diverse needs of various content creators.
  • Users may need to invest additional time and effort into formatting and tailoring their transcriptions to suit their specific requirements.


Limited Exporting Format


  • There is only one format available for exporting the final product – the .txt file format.
  • While exporting your work is straightforward, this single-format output can be restrictive in some cases.
  • For example, when transcribing podcast episodes, users may need to share their work with collaborators or readers who prefer different formats, such as PDF or DOCX.
  • In those cases, users must convert the .txt files using another software or online converter, adding an extra step to the process.
  • Although not a major hindrance, having multiple export format options within the Magic Bookifier would make the experience more convenient and efficient.


Limited File Size


  • The tool has a file size limit of 25 megabytes for MP3 files.
  • To use the MP3 transcription feature, users must break down their large audio files into smaller segments.
  • It would be more convenient if Magic Bookifier had an integrated video trimmer to streamline this process.


Limited Character Count


  • The platform currently has a cap of 7,500 characters or approximately 1,500 words on transcription length.
  • This limitation can disadvantage users who require more comprehensive transcriptions for their projects, such as long-form content creators and bloggers.
  • To address this issue and cater to a wider audience’s needs, Magic Bookifier is developing new tools specifically designed for long-form content creation and blog post writing.
  • These upcoming features will provide a more inclusive and personalized experience, accommodating those who need to work with extensive transcriptions.




  • While using Magic Bookifier, I encountered a problem uploading my MP4 file to the platform.
  • Unfortunately, the system was unable to recognize any of my MP4 files.
  • To find a solution, I converted the file to an MP3 format and tried uploading it again.
  • After experimenting with different approaches, I discovered that the drag-and-drop feature for file uploads was not functioning properly.
  • However, by clicking on the upload icon and manually selecting the file from my computer, I was able to upload the file to the platform successfully.


Privacy Concerns


  • Privacy concerns around data collection and usage can be a potential issue for users who are uncomfortable sharing their data and information with an online service like this.
  • Before committing to using Magic Bookifier fully, users should ensure that they are comfortable with the platform’s data collection and usage policies.


Who Is It For?


Magic Bookifier is an excellent tool for various content creators who want to streamline their workflow and save valuable time. Here are some examples of the ideal users who would benefit most from this tool:

  • Podcasters who want to convert their audio content into written form, making it more accessible to readers who prefer written content.
  • Content marketers who need to produce high-quality written content quickly and efficiently.
  • Bloggers who want to turn their audio or video content into engaging blog posts or e-books.
  • Business professionals who need to create reports, proposals, or other written documents based on audio or video content.
  • Writers who want to transcribe interviews or conversations for research or creative purposes.


Who Is It Not For?


While Magic Bookifier is a powerful tool for content creation, it may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some examples of users who may not benefit from this tool:

  • Those who require highly specialized transcriptions that require significant human intervention or expertise in a particular field.
  • Individuals who are uncomfortable sharing their data and information with an online service or platform due to privacy concerns.
  • Users who have limited access to a stable internet connection, as Magic Bookifier requires a reliable internet connection to function correctly.


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