Voices of LOVO and Listnr: How Do They Compare?

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Short Disclaimer On My Review of The Voices of Lovo and Listnr

While there really isn’t any need for me to use TTS tools, the buzz around both LOVO and Listnr within the group made me want to try it out. So what you’ll be reading is from someone who’s inexperienced or from someone with fresh eyes regarding TTS (you decide 😋)

Might be worth noting that I’m someone who doesn’t like reading ~instruction manuals~ and just dives in, figuring out stuff as I go.


Finding the Voices

Picking out the voice you like is easy with both software tools, but they have different approaches.

Listnr lets you filter through languages (and locations) and gender and lets you play the voices actually using them.

LOVO on the other hand has several filters: scenarios, age, gender, language, etc. But what I like most is the character filter where you can pick from angry to warm voices.

Although I like that Listnr lets you play the voices beforehand, it’s easier for me to find voices in LOVO just because of all the filters you can select.


The Voices Themselves

The Voices of Lovo

Now I’m not gonna add to the “who has more human-sounding voices” debate. I’ll approach a different angle and say that I’ve found more robotic voices on Listnr than on LOVO. I’ve found that LOVO voices have more character to them and that’s what makes them more human-like to me.

In fact, some voices from LOVO gave me a good laugh. To test out the voices, I used some popular quotes from Vine.

Here’s one that made me laugh

This one sounded the best (although it’s not a voice you’d typically use).

But in all seriousness, this voice sounded most natural to me:

The Voices of Listnr

Listnr does have great human-sounding voices too! Here’s some that stood out to me:

“Guy” seems to be one of the better English (US) voices.

Though “Oliver” from the English (UK) voices has great intonation.

I’ll throw in a child’s voice too. Kevin from the English (US) voices sounds good.


Tweaking The Voices

I’m not gonna go in depth on this but what stood out to me is the “say as” feature of Listnr.

I tested this on another Vine quote which had numbers involved.

Some voices on LOVO read “911” as “nine eleven” like this:

When I wanted it to be said as “nine one one”, which this voice got correct:

I didn’t know how to alter this, so I just typed in “nine one one” for the first voice instead of “911” and it worked fine.

But Listnr solved this problem easily. I simply highlighted the number, went to “say as” and chose “spell-out”. Check it out here.


My Conclusion…

These are just my first impressions after lightly playing around with LOVO and Listnr. LOVO takes the cake for better voices, but I actually found it easier to use Listnr and I appreciate their say as feature a lot (or does LOVO have this and I just suck at looking around?).

But enough about mine, what’s your perspective on the voices of LOVO and Listnr? I’d love to know yours! 

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Ken Moo