Krademy LMS Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.560] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product, walk through a webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Academy Elam’s. This is a learning management system that helps organizations implement e-learning resources so employees can gain new skills and increase productivity. It is on Atsumi starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it currently has a five TOCO rating. Before we dove into the deal itself, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in using this with your team and organizations, you can go ahead and leave those cases in the chat room. The other thing, if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box. We will circle back to them at the end of the walkthrough.

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And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So watch us as many times as you want. All right. That’s enough of me. Heppermann, how are you doing? I’m good.

[00:01:02.330] – Pravan (Krademy)
How are you? It is great to have you. I’m doing all right. I will pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take some questions. Have fun.

Just so before I started work, too, I just wanted to let people know why we built this credibility. And that’s a pretty much straightforward question that are leaving us so far to us that what are the reasons behind starting the economy? So what happens over in our office when we were we were hiding in this killing. We have seen a lot of people coming into the organization. A lot of people go out out from the organizations. But the really big problem that we face is this is training or the training set that has been really important for organizations to learn.

And this employee has to know everything from A to Z about the organization, especially the skill set that they require. The first is obviously the. The second is development. There are multiple other things that about the organization that that they have to understand. And what we have seen is that employee is the knowledge base of a company, and if they leave, their entire knowledge base goes out.

So what are the best way to make sure that you are onboarding employee on right site or fast along with this this that you are giving them the right kind of solution or or something by which they can get themselves updated to the company’s goals or the revenue generating machine that the company is building. So that a lot of things that that that has come to come to our mind, we started thinking on how we should build it. And finally we decided, okay, this is what what the future should look like.

And we designed it specifically in such a manner that the employees productivity should be increased up to a certain extent by actually implementing the right kind of set of tools, technologies or whatever they want to, you know, and that’s how we started building it up. Now, compared to this administration, my screen. Well, if it’s visible. Yep, it looks good. Greg, just. I think I just have to put it on, yeah, so the first thing that you do so far is go to the page, click on Buy Now or whatever that you want to buy there.

This this particular tool has seven rating and all seven are five stats. So you can just imagine the kind of product support or the product. It is a lot of things that has been written so far. You could just go into the Q&A box where we have already described everything in detail, what people are looking for and what we are providing right now. So you just go and get this deal. Meanwhile, I just want to walk you through to the demo.

So now I’ll come back to this. Once you sign up to this particular you are. I absolutely will give you you can do this just within a couple of seconds. Fill this form. You will lend it to this particular particular page where it’s the first step is and it’s on Unboring page. The first step is to create a culture. So there are two things that are available for users when it’s you can create a course, the address, you can create an assessment.

So let me just go directly jump into creating a cause. So I let’s go here. Let’s it goes. Well, since just so this is a title which actually goes to the users, this is a description for that roller course LTI sales people. Nice training. This goes. Is since so. Since now, the other important part is that every course is being moved toward the right kind of skill set, and it’s really important for a job or a founder or people who has very less people in the company to manage that kind of a skill set with the right kind.

Of course, not only the right kind, of course, was also with the right department. So I’ll just create a new skill. I already have a skill called sales. If you want to add some more, some skills, there’s an option in sales. You can see inside sales, outbound sales or whatever you want to do. And you click on ADD. So I already have a sales and just that this goes into sales. Let me just put it up.

Yep, now is defined. Now, I could choose which language I wanted to go on, so I already have tons of language which you can define for this particular course. I choose a particular. Let me just go to the next of.

No, I choose a particular. Page or a. As a thumbnail or whatever you say, so this is a kind of God’s image which will pop up to the to the user when they see the calls go straight into their inbox. So once you do that, just click on service after going to save time. If something bad happens, you click on something like this, it automatically assume if you click on a draft or you click on next in the next section, like a different name description and the girl’s image.

Now, let’s add some sections. So said this is.

And six.

I’ll save this section in this section, I can add multiple legislative and selected one, this is all about sailors and I’m deciding this.

What you can do now, you have a different kind of content that you can upload between PDAF Liberty Dock exam and videos, quizzes and whatever you want to go on. And it’s choosing. Let me just say first. Yeah, it’s safe now I choose video to upload, click over here, go for a video and it’s done. So I can just see the preview or I just click on upload the declaration of seconds to get upload. I think it’s appropriate.

Division is one second. I can’t believe you check the videos secretly uploaded or not. I can edit many lectures or whatever you want to add in for this time and just go to the next.

Now there are two more special function called letters switching and reducing what electricity means. Let’s say if you have a three letter in the post, will you allow your users to actually switch the lectures? Generally, what happens so far is that you had a new people or you upscaling your existing employees. They generally do not tend to actually complete. The course they want to do is they go for one lecture and if they’re not decided to go for a lecture and there might be some very important things.

But in the previous lecture, so you can disable this letterboxing by default to several if you want to do anything else, you can do that. The other important part is what this means is that do you want to allow users to go fast forwarding the videos so you can click on an event? The savings I have just for this point, I just click on an email because because I just want to complete the video. So this is that these are two major features, especially in the cost settings.

And I click on Finish. Now I have an active cause that’s cause for. Now, the next thing that I’m going to do is click on Contritely Guide the the users. So let me just do that and just create some departments and some users. So let’s say a sales department. If you wanted to enter the areas of department, you wouldn’t actually do that. That’s a completely optional. You may have that particular skill with that department, so that’s easy to send to that department.

Now you can upload the single users with a single user or actually file for those users who can download ACSU file and then upload it if you are bulk users. So I’m going to go with a single user, let’s say one.

Millersburg, one plus four. Just put up a random number, says, oh, am I the manager and this manager tag is really important, is when you send a reminder that if the employee is not completing the training, that manager is also being informed. So you check this. If this particular user is a manager of this particular group or not, if you as a manager, the authority figures, who are the user who completed the course in those departments?

So you can click on save, you can click on Save Another. But I discovered one user right now click on Save. OK, I need to sign the manager for this group, so let me send myself, because there is only one issue that, you know it’s not. Now, two things are done. One is the credit, as you said, complete successfully and have already created a cause. Now, again, if I go to page, I just fought for this guy or unboring sequence.

I need to complete or run a campaign. Running a campaign means that you what you can do so far is a recovery, and that means you are actually sending out the calls or assigning the protocols to a particular user or a particular group of users. So you can click on causes because we will caucus right now. Let’s say I this quarter’s sales calls.

But. I choose the course, I already have a streaming cause, which is a task force for sales that we just created, you want to include in this recording, if yes or no, you can define select the department that you wanted to put in. So I already predictions about when I just click on over here and as soon as I click on send, that means this course is being assigned to the user of this particular department, which is one plus for the dot com.

So I’ll just be concerned now and now refresh it, expanding, sending the email or assigning this particular user. And I saying, let me just check on my email. Obviously the of welcome to the discourse. I think this does the exact cause that that has been assigned to me on this. But if I click on the start course, they will send me to this particular page. And this is a different kind of page altogether. If the user wanted to create an account you already have created, but they can set a password if they don’t want to, they can click on and do this later.

And once you do that, you will be able to identify the user can actually go and login without even having setting up a password or user names. They can really jump into the into the data creating the course. So for for just time to e to check. So this is a particular profile that we have as an admin approval. I’ll come back to this profile again. But let me just go to this. The user profile first, so I’ll just create a password, and this is a level profile that previous one was the admin profile.

Let me see how it looked like this, OK? Not sure why it’s happening again. Well, Anderson. Like Lincoln said, password, not a user, have already secured a password. Now let me just log in password and it’s done now. It’s not based. So what happened so far is I’ve already created underpays means the court is already assigned. And I’m from that because I’m directly tied to that would, of course, call task force says the description is here.

This skill is specifically for the people which are in sales, the limited English, and it has only one lecture. As soon as this video goes on, this completion date will go up.

So if we just said he works and so you can see this this particular thing going on, email increasing, and if you want to do a search on any user, wanted to search on any any time, this video was automatically the reason is that, like I said, the employer employees are sometimes a bit lazy to actually complete the course. If they try to skip the video, they cannot. So they have to have have to complete this course.

But it’s up to you if you want to put in a completion on a compulsion on this. But of course, you can do that if you don’t want to do that. That’s already available on a cassette image. So let’s say I just found this video because I was looking. And if I just do that, which I’ve completed the course, I’ve just completed two hundred percent. Yeah, so it’s completed as soon as they complete this course, I click on Get Out Of, but if you can get a certificate, there’s a certificate of it automatically gets.

That means you have completed this particular course. So you get to see this. Yeah, so there’s this option by which people can actually generate their own certification. There is a particular certificate number, which is which can be actually go back in time. So far from the database, that is this guy actually completed the certificate or not. But that’s how the entire cost structure works. The user can actually can check what are the courses that have there?

Are they complete or not? If they have some other courses and they can see over here, this is an ongoing process and they can whenever they want to go on, they can always come back here and read this particular course. Or was this part of a course without any hearing? Now, let me just again go back, log out and log in from. From my actually melody, just this is my melody.

Now, we already know that we ran a campaign, so let me just go to the campaign first to understand what is the result of that campaign. This is, of course, which was launched by me that was seen by a by by a student or employee. So you have one to three meals and you have one e-mail open and the one user guy click on the link if you want much more. And let’s just go to page, click on the codes that you want to see.

Just click on Silvertails. So we already have a little one, which is completely one. The top rate is zero that no one has left the other things. But if I wanted to understand much more in that deep language, if you can just go or the user when the user is involved, what kind of what was that and how much progress that made? You can click on export results. There’s a CSP file which automatically has included and you can actually use it to form multiple that you wanted to go on.

Apart from this, if the user has not completed a course, what are you going to do so far as you guys go? Again, on the campaign page, you can send a reminder to those people by clicking here on a reminder page. You have a reminder that you can see these two are disabled because one is on a zero percent on Wednesday. And the rest you can I just ask, but I need that if you wanted to send them a reminder on how much competition or do you want to send a reminder so you can send a reminder customized for those people if they are not competitive?

So that’s that’s all from from the from the campaign creation to, of course, creation to user creation and everything so far. Now, going up to the skills, I think you can also add skills manually, apart from going well, creating the course. You can just go come here. You can enter a new skill, name and address there, or you can actually rename it. If you wanted to create a Summerskill, just add a new skill and this skill will be subject to particular skills.

So that’s also very important. Now, the department, again, you can create a different department that you want to do. You can decide a department of etc., etc. So it’s up to you that how you want it to go, go for this. Now there’s one more very important feature. And if you go for a guy page, there are two things that they do so far. One is you can create a course or you can create the assessment.

So let’s just go directly and create an assessment and assessment, let’s say first. And why it’s important you can create a quiz within the course, which is also separate from the assessment quiz within the courses, especially designed for the of this assessment is you can define it for any of the purposes, for example, let’s say at your questions.

Questions and the views of I just described is these are questions. And once so let’s say I think this is was it I just choosing it because otherwise I have to go to sales, create a new skill and then define it for a child. Find picture. So now I have a conjecture to go in here, check or refresh button on your questions. I just live like this, so now I have an edge and the questions are English, which to the thumbnail, Tuesday’s economic.

And now you save it or you go for it next. So let me just go for next. I get no questions, let’s say.

How much experience you have as a five or 10 and then you choose, which is the actual experience that you have.

So it’s like you can create your own questions. So Choose 10 is the right answer or what you can do so far as you can actually put about image and ask questions from the let’s say I can say what is the training written on? So you can just define the way you wanted to do those over and just save this as of now. And I do at least three questions. I just attest to this when I save.

It’s a test to. Three, four. So this one is true. And I can see next now the other bodies and how many times and this is very important for recruiters, for any people, that that they not actually want to assess an individual, your employee or anyone, what kind of knowledge that they have so they can actually go directly on this assessment process. So do you want to what? Let’s say I’m just waiting. Finally, time for this assessment.

The certificate is only generated when the people score more than 50 percent to 49 percent. So let’s define this 50 percent. And do you allow people to retest, take a retest? I’m not allowed for this time, but you can define it directly. So I just click on Finish and the assessment is successfully saved. Now, the next thing that you need to do is you just go through the campaign again and again, sending it to. Let me just add myself as well in the department’s.

It’s a. That’s what this does department, I’m just getting my name. I’m deciding it because I can just switch on the dashboard from here only on. Sporting a different name because you already have one or two. They save saved, let me just click on Save Now, let me just launch. Campaign for assessments of any guerrilla campaign like this already seen, there are two options when schools are a risk assessment test assessment.

Let me just put to the test group of which include myself as well, including manager, and I’m just choosing this is an actual questions I look at once and now and this has been said. So I’ll just go and check if I receive this. Yes, I have received an assessment. So here’s my assessment, I can click on Start Test. But what I will do is I can also jump because I already signed this protest to myself, I click on the dashboard so that I can also be able to check what’s going on on the other end.

Now, this is my learner dashboard. I don’t have any courses, but we have one assessment which is being designed, which is not new assessment. So let’s just take this test and there is some general guidelines. Whatever you have, the kind of things that you have already put in, the number of questions that remarks the time, duration and the powers that be already defined in the previous, when you are taking these these this listening, let’s just go to the test now.

I have an option. I can see this image and based on the surveys, I can have an answers. So let me just say yes. And just putting up this, you also have an option to skip the questions or save next. So I just click on next to two again and a three again. And let’s see if you click on Finish and there’s a timer going on. If I click on Finish and I have to complete this particular thing in five minutes and if I manage, it automatically gets completed.

Or you can click on finish test. So I’m just submitting and it just so somebody kind of thing that I’ve answered or not answered questions. So I click over here to my research. So that’s good. Out of 15 questions, three times 36, again, total 167. That means I pass because I would have a passing lot, which is 50 percent, and I can download a certificate. So that’s that’s how easy it is to actually run this assessment course or run these these courses so far for an employee and we have seen a drastic increase in employees, particularly the people who are using elements so that can be used for you, as well as the agencies, the people who manage the customers, they can actually go.

And actually this gives this worker tool to their their customers and manage on their behalf. So now I I’m happy to take questions, if you have any. Let’s go ahead and answer some questions and we’ll go ahead and put them in the jury box. We have a question here. Are you able to change the logos and branding? So yes and no, but that’s the important part is currently we do not have an option to change the logos. Let me just check this.

But what we are looking at looking into is I think you the lower but what we are probably working is not only the logo that you can change, but we are also working something which will help you to change these this you as well. So you can change the logo currently. And the section is Abdelkarim, countless settings. Awesome, thank you. All right, so Swelling’s love to know about road maps, they want to know what is coming down the pipeline.

[00:26:06.870] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So what can you tell us that you are most excited about on the road map?

[00:26:10.830] – Pravan (Krademy)
So let me just open it up our road map and we just do that. So we already have a public road map here and just go to this. Yeah, so it is a public road map, the one thing which is very important that we are signing a single sign on for users. So basically, let’s see if you have an accurate indication.

Yeah, it looks like it’s still on your settings tab. OK, let me just ask just. Now you can see you can see that. So showing us Google up now. Great, so the other as I saw badges that said it’s kind of gamification, that the more people actually learn, the more they get. There’s one more feature that they are looking for announcements so that if you want to make an announcement for the people, you’ll get that gamification.

The two thing which is very important, which is not to mention the roadmap, but we are actually working on them, is as non-complying content, which which is basically defined as the appropriate platform. It ultimately creates the lectures spend or whatever it has. So that one is compelling. And the ceiling. Why? Because this this is a next kind of roadmap. But this complaint is one of the priorities that we have currently apart from these.

[00:27:44.260] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Fantastic. And that is the other the last question that we have here, simoleons, if you have any more, go ahead and put those in now. But Roger says that he was interested in loading the loading package form and X RMI contact. A loaded package for. So generally we are looking. Currently we’re looking at the content, but if there is, there’s some some other standards that are available that happened to build that for the customers.

[00:28:14.940] – Pravan (Krademy)
OK, thank you very much. Love to hear it. And those are all the questions that we have here today. So soon. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up if you have not already. You can go to Atsumi dot com slash. Proud of me. Dasch Elam’s to redeem your codes and available on Atsumi starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how this works for you.

[00:28:41.140] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and leave your feedback and reviews on the deal. We do love to read them. Like I mentioned earlier, they currently have a five TOCO rating, as you could see on the screen as well. And so you can go ahead and leave your your reviews there. And, of course, any other questions that you have, you can leave on the page as well. Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

[00:29:03.400] – Pravan (Krademy)
Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a good one. Thank you.

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