KonnectzIT: Integrate Your Apps Easily
With A Visual Connect Builder


KonnectzIT is an automation platform where you can integrate your apps with one another and automate your workflows easily using a a drag-and-drop visual builder.

With KonnecztIT, you don’t need to be a tech or coding wizard to handle or connect multiple apps together for them to work in harmony. Streamline and automate your workflow for better productivity using KonnectzIT.


KonnectzIT Pricing Overview


KonnectzIT’s Pro Plan starts at $19 per month and it includes a package that would be great for freelancers and small businesses. Their price scales up as the number of “Tasks” you need to be performed increases. They have plans available for bigger teams and agencies.

Alternatively, KonnectzIT is offering a limited lifetime deal at Appsumo. The price starts at $99 for a single code, and the price scales up from there. See more details about KonnectzIT’s lifetime deal below:

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Price starts from:

$19.00 / month

✅  Has a free version
Schedule for a demo
✅  You can get a discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$99.00 – Single Payment for 1 Code

KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


KonnectzIT Features


👉  Visual Connect Builder – KonnectzIT utilizes a drag-and-drop visual builder to build your workflows and integrations. You don’t have to have coding skills or knowledge in order to set up your automations.

👉  Unlimited Konnectz – “Konnectz” refers to the workflow that you built to automate your tasks across multiple apps. All plans, including the free version, gives you unlimited Konnectz.

👉  Rich App Library – KonneczIT’s app library features 400+ apps which includes apps for CRMs, emails, communications, payments, calendars, project management, scheduling, storage and many more. Their library is still continuing to grow!

👉  Authorize API and Webhooks – If your app isn’t on the app library, you can instead use APIs or Webhooks to connect your favorite apps together.

👉  Add-on Apps Within KonnectzIT – You can choose to utilize add-on applications inside KonnectzIT to make your workflow automation outputs more personal and better overall. Some of these add-ons are: Formatters, Coupon Generators, and API/HTTP Module.

👉  Automation Insights and Reports – Monitor your progress within the dashboard. View quick insights for actions taken like latest apps used, number of Konnectz created, total tasks performed, and more!



Who is KonnectzIT for?


KonnectzIT is perfect for individuals, teams, businesses, or agencies who want to create automated workflows without dealing with the technical side of things.


Things to Note About KonnectzIT


👉  Some people have reported that they received poor support from KonnectzIT.

👉  You may encounter some bugs that may cause your integrations to not function.

👉  UI/UX needs improvements


KonnectzIT Alternatives



User Reviews for KonnectzIT


“Looking forward to automating most of my workflows. I haven’t had time to spend working with KonnectzIT much yet but I am not disappointed so far. A good friend recommended this tool and the 4 tacos is based on their positive experience so as well.”

by dansplans


“I missed pabbly and integrately deal and steal using Integromat for automation tasks etc. My usage is still minimal as I just been introducted to automation.


“They have lot of apps already added and added daily as per user requests.


“I came across Konnectzit and it provides a way to create flow similar to Integromat. There are few options missing like Filter / Conditions but they are going to launch it soon.


“This is a great deal at affordable price. You are essentially getting automation tool at $2.5 per 10000 tasks as against $9 from integromat. The team is quite active and hosts regular workshops / video calls to showcase various ways the tool can be used.


“I grabbed the deal as soon as it was launched on Appsumo as I didn’t want to miss the deal.”

by Kaushal


“KonnectzIT is really great especially since its so simple and the number of tasks you are given is completely a stellar deal. Currently I am using it for silfer bot integration and is very simple to get tasks accomplished in no time. Would recommend anyone who wants simple integration with 3 rd party apps without facing any technical hurdles.”

by naveends798


“I like their visual connect builder, Which is far better than the competition out there. The founders are very focused on building it and have an amazing support. They have proper tutorials on how to use the connects. It is the most affordable automation solution to me right now.”

by RithvikPodduturi


What I like:


👉  Visual Flow Builder – this is nice because we’re all visual being and managing flows in a flow is a lot easier to comprehend than a series of menus where there is no continuity for our eyes to track processes; sometimes, no matter how old you get, object permanence is still an issue.


👉  Quick, reactive development – while Pabbly and Integrately use a similar model, and it’s potentially ever so slightly controversial, KonnectzIT (going to refer to it as KIT moving forward), quickly adds webhook app integrations to the service, but also quickly adds API connections too, but what I do like is that they’re very transparent about what is and isn’t a Webhook integration.


What I don’t like:


👉  The UI/UX needs some improvement. But it is straightforward enough that new users can easily pick it up and start using it, so that’s a bonus; I just wish it was a bit more refined in its presentation.


👉  This may just be how the data is being sent out, but with the apps I’ve connected using KIT, the data has been a bit all over the place, something I haven’t seen in things like Pabbly or Integrately. Not only is data a bit jumbled, it’s deeply nested (once again, this is purely based on my experience with the apps I’ve connected), which makes it a bit time consuming to expand all fields just to find what I’m looking for where the competitors do a better job at extracting the data – but hey, at least it’s there and working, right?


Overall, I would give it 4/5. I think what it offers is better than other options that have come through AppSumo in past months, like Ants & Apps or SyncSpider, but it still has a way to go before it can go toe-to-toe with Pabbly and Integrately’s features. Those platforms developed quickly, so we’ll see if KIT can keep up.”

by SapphireWolf


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