KingSumo: Running Viral Giveaways For Your Business


You don’t have to worry about having to tell everyone about your business or bust your bank account to boost your social media pages. KingSumo has got it all covered for you by running viral giveaways so to boost your business.

Features and Benefits of KingSumo

👉  Create Unlimited Giveaways – Using KingSumo, you can create unlimited, and creative giveaways that will surely blow them all away.

👉  Grow Your Audience – By using KingSumo, you will be able to grow your audience massively by creating viral giveaways and announcements.

👉  No Monthly Fees – KingSumo does not have a monthly fee. You won’t get charged monthly, weekly, or daily. All you have to do is to buy it once and then get unlimited viral giveaways.

👉  Giveaway Whatever You Like – You can host whatever type of giveaway when using the app. There are no restrictions.

👉  Optimized by MIT Engineers – It looks great even on smartphones. That is because it has been AB tested for maximum virality.

👉  Giveaway Scheduling – You can also schedule the time and date for your giveaways to start and end.

👉  Bonus Entries – You can also set your KingSumo giveaway to give bonus entry for additional actions.

👉  Set Any Kind of CTA – You can use any type of call-to-action for your audience to follow for greater chances of clicks, likes, and shares.

👉  Embed a Widget on Any Site – Enables you to embed widgets or any unit of the giveaways on any site.

👉  Create a Record of The Emails You Receive – This is where your leads or email list grows. Every time you receive an email, a message, or a filled-up form, the app automatically collects the emails and then sends them directly to your ESP or spreadsheet.

👉  Automatic Reminders – Your followers and the people who are interested will be reminded if it’s 24-hours until the giveaway ends.

Who is KingSumo for?

👉  Start-ups who need help in promoting their brand and widening their reach.

👉  Marketing Agencies who need help when it comes to making a name and promoting their brand.

👉  Social Media Influencers who want to grow their followers and their fan base.

Things to Note About KingSumo

👉  It is not completely white-labelled.

👉  It has no ability to update the email list.

👉  It does not provide a customer URL for the giveaways to be accessed.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2017

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 24

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AppSumo - 35 reviews


G2 - 3 reviews


ProductHunt - 11 reviews


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