KDMARC Webinar & Transcription

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about yourself and your use case, we do love to hear that down in the chat room. The second thing is, if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. And we will circle back to it at the end of the walkthrough. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this on the weekend, you totally can. It’ll be available to you shortly after we’re done recording. All right. That’s enough of me. Hey, Provan, how are you doing today?

[00:01:09.610] – Provan (KDMARC)
I’m doing great. It is great to have you here.

[00:01:12.810] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
I’m going to go ahead and pass this over the walk through. Let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

[00:01:18.440] – Provan (KDMARC)
Definitely, yeah, so I just started to walk through.

Can I share my screen?

[00:01:25.670] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Yeah. I’ll stay on to make sure that it shows up, looks good. We got your calendar. We’re going to find out what you’re doing here. All right. Have fun. Thanks.

[00:01:36.470] – Provan (KDMARC)
I think tonight at the main, businesses have got dot com. OK, thanks. Hi Sumolings! You may have purchased this, but we have to do this. So just to give it a belief that you can actually go ahead with this particular reinvention of the post and then secondly, become the markandey of the ISP of automation using pretty much your domain is being protected from these things, not only this building, but also from the Internet, because are trying to use your domain.

It’s basically defended or not defended open, but also encourage people to offer emails. So let me just go to the link for Abdul-Hadi Kadina.

So if you must once you purchase a deal, you must have seen this Facebook page that you need to do is just take your username, password, the first name, last name, and decode the code you can just receive so far from the absolute most. You can put it over here. Once you put it overhead, you could only go along to the console. So for just for the demo purposes, what I’m going to use is I’m going to create a new account as a free trial and then show you that how you pick that tool.

Let me just go again.

I’ve got a column. I just go and I just start. One of my e-mail ideas, but one, just five. Doing the the for. I don’t what a full call. So once you do that, you will receive an email do in boxing. Just in this particular email to verify your account, once you click on this email, you will receive this particular guy page and this will actually help you to navigate this tool as it stands, will help you navigate what is there and what.

What you need to find so puzzling is that there’s a system where you can click on and you get to get to know about how you set up a kitty mock of the videos, why you need to set up a great Emogene. So I just go to this. The next thing is that what you need to do is you actually click to get in this section to check what kind of governments are doing it so far. The next is the sources classification.

So I’ll give you a brief of evidence that features once we began these things for this time, I’m just going to skip it. I’m just me. So let’s say I don’t know for just just for the same purpose. I’m just going to add to me alarms dot com. This is one of the deal I’ve just seen in the summer site is going to click on it once I click on dot com looks. Look at this. OK, this is already registered over here.

Let me just check some other domains. This is also being restored, testing and testing. The next election that you will get is do you want to enable your smart SBF? So before we start on, let’s just do this. Yes, I want to check my DPF, OK?

I’m just stuck on this page because none of these domains exist as of now, so I just I will send them every other domain so far. So this is completely empty and.

Yeah, I got this one. So basically what I did so far is I want to add this demand records and he has no idea what these Dimmock records and records are. So basically, this particular KDMARC, what this particular exactly does is that it helps you to identify it if someone is sending any email on your behalf, how that they will not be able to send any email so far. And this kind of events and how this entire protocol works is that things like this, that you have a postal mail service and you wanted to send something to your loved one.

For example, let’s say I want to send something to my customer, just just just for an example. So if I say something to the AppSumo, I haven’t and I love the content instantly and love, which could be a letter. And then I just write down the address of Epsom and it actually goes to the absolute office. But how absolutely will identify is this correct document received from power or not? Because anyone can do the if someone’s office by just changing the format, does the same thing to happen with the image so anyone can change your address.

For example, let’s say in case of AppSumo, let’s say if someone’s trying to send an email from an editor, that’s what they will be able to send it. But easily, if there is no KDMARC, got no other, KDMARC plays an important role. And what does this SBF records? So the SBF records are is the records which says, who are your authorized sender? So let’s say if I wanted to send an email on behalf, would that which are the servers or the IP addresses and corresponding names which can send e-mail on my job.

So basically this is kind of an email authentication service by which it identifies and give you a set idea that you can send an email from another source. So let’s say if I go to the Postal Service, say if you have. This FedEx is one of the medium by which you can send an e-mail to someone who is so very different but always sent an email from FedEx, Miss FedEx is authorized and the same goes goes with this is. Sometimes we put together the G-suit.

Some would send a great MailChimp on whatever market you do that you’re going to use. So once you do find this particular thing over here that, OK, these are the people that I’m going to use and once you do that, that whosoever the receiver is will identify the same thing using these records by checking the designated. So basically, this list helps you to legitimize the process from your initial goal. And apart from this is one more component called Became The Game Against Me, provided the email provider and a lot of articles that I can guide you how to set up a game, because once everybody’s like like a like a signature and say, let’s say if I send us an envelope and the team has access to my signature and they can verify that, OK, this envelope is coming from FedEx and also it has a signature.

That means this is a verified envelope on a proposal that is sent across to me. The same thing happened with the email. So if that you’re SBF Handycam are correct, it’s your email is legitimate. Now, how did Max play an important role for Dimmock helps the receiver to decide what kind of impact this should accept, though sometimes I forgot to say sometimes I may deliver the image from different. It’s a medium which could be any other medium, maybe U.S. Postal Service or something like this.

So what then really happens is that if I’m in a demand policy that you wanted want someone to check on leads you automatically. What do you want them to check? Both the can. That’s how the receiver defined that they are receiving e-mail and your SBF and became iconic and there is e-mail that means you, your domain, have a reputation, because if someone’s trying to spam your domain and they’re trying to send an e-mail on behalf of the customer, the SBF and decamp will probably fit.

And based on that, they will. OK, this is not the actual email from the sender. Domain is actually absolutely correct and that’s how it is delivered as well as the email. So basically it prevents you from Forresters plus. The second part is to to regain credibility inside the receiver’s inbox. Yahoo! Yahoo! 365 action itself to those to do these particular things. So far, you if you don’t know how to do this, you just go over there and email it, of course.

And a guy who can actually help you with this. So I said to myself, I click over here. So the email sent as I received the instruction of how these. So this is I have to see if I click over here, there’s a period this is going to be open. So that’s how you can also instructed to administer this or does other people who knows the technology and who can actually help you with this? So that’s who set up these kind of things.

I’ll just log in to different. That’s what altogether. Let me just do this. So funds are set up and let’s just set up these records. The. The service provider or the receivers, when you are sending an e-mail to send back the report, means they tell me they’re coming. If so, let’s say if you’re sending an e-mail from G-suit to Yahoo! So that Yahoo! Will send an email to Katie Mark. OK, within the port for those 24 hour, 48 hour whatever time to day that, OK, I have received for this particular thing, these are the same.

But let me just go to the report section first until you. So these are the receivers who are mentioned, Google, Yahoo, Joel Salvatore’s Foundation, Mackinlay. These are the receiver who told me that how many e-mails that they received, how many from a difference? Different funding. For example, Google received seven six zero six emails in this particular period of time. So tell me, how many are deceived? How many of them was passing as an SBF indication and how many of them forward is the e-mail, which was before.

So you will receive those kind of reports which eventually help you to identify your became a Democrat? Correct or not? Not only this, but it’s also helped you to identify and who are unknown sources. For example, this particular domain is my unknown sources who are sending to, well, sending e-mails on my behalf. And I have never noticed this particular domain. You can identify that who are the people who are trying to solve it, if you go and do this, you can get much more details and insight into this.

But I’ll come to that later and just go on one piece. So the first thing that you have in this is what is this? Do you get there’s a section where you can go to the documents, whatever domains that you want to call you, click on all domains. If you click on all levels, it will give all the domains. Now, in this particular period, let’s say last seven days, if I had written it out, I’d say nine thousand e-mails out of which my diva comparatives was 90 percent.

That means this e-mail is being received by this is Evertz out of these these are these give us another image has entered into into the mix and has two percent, which is fair because those were not from my niece.

Those are the people who are trying to spoof me from various bits, maybe for a different kind of stuff. So basically, the other part is as the the how many Escriva has passed, how many times passed, how many actually failed, which is democracy messages and how many. And so basically these these these are for all of my domains. So maybe something has to be to consider the to conservative estimate. Asking about this data is a combination of those domains.

I can choose to check the actual data on a specific. It is specific domain, so it’s one thing that you can also see that the game is a numbers game, but my Dimmock is 98 percent complete because what I did so far and the policy could be. Let me just check if you can talk about this, so be my policy, maybe sometimes maybe that the both and decamp should pass. So if the scam becomes a passed, then only the dbag will pass.

But if there’s only one thing which is let’s take em as passing, even though it will not as illegal as because my democracy took me back. OK, this email does not qualify because I’m asking you to quote specifically declare. Now, back to this, the other thing is you can also take that how many unfairnesses was used to send an email using this domain so you can click on these IP addresses, which are generally belongs to us. Google some of the only some of them from those here and some of them from countries like me.

And so I could just go in front of them. And these IP addresses can be used to actually send us put into the spare part, because these are the same as IP addresses that you want to configure. Now, coming back to this, that is this particular section shows you the top five tracks, which you have so far, the actual time to send an e-mail. So that’s the predominant type, which is trying to send an e-mail to me who also have tried.

So someone may be using my son and some people to use my domain and some us object to this particular thing. I can just go and do what it is to get into the social section. The other part is which other countries from which I am just in the middle of my majority of the males are based out of the U.S., but the Singapore, India, Ireland and these all the providers are enraged because these are become democracies. So I can just go check, click on this, go further, investigate and find something that you can do so far and in that particular section.

So let me just again go to this. So that’s how you can just read the data in different geolocation. How many in this particular woman are generally the SBF and can now compared to this section gives you a clear understanding of how many domains are active and active or the domains that you can probably click over here and add those domains directly into this section.

And once you do that, you will activate an active, very active means. These domains has a policy which is being managed or controlled by critical or they have are funds. That means these domains. If I click on that particular domain, you’ll get the amount of data. For example, I go to the Became STF Demy or whatever the quotes which are available that say I have this policy, I do not have any sense of the importance of what this is about.

Might be me on this. Oh my God. This so you can see what kind of things that you have so far by just clicking on the domain name. There’s one more here which has this, the Kadima, which has already SBF records, but it does not have a B Mediawatch me. I’ll tell you in some of the time what it is, but you can actually obviously check those questions. You click on this comment section. So this is one of the part how the government section.

But you can also click on View and edit particular domain that if you wanted to change those domains or you wanted to change the policy of the particular domain of domain from here. So that’s all from a domain right now. One more interesting thing is that once you have a domain policy computer, people may try to move your domain using some domain. So let’s say let’s imagine let’s say if I had my dot com, that some government might supplement this at that critical dot com will be declared as a domain, then the critical dot com.

And it is an independent reputation. So what I also want to know if someone is trying to check my if somebody is trying to send an email using myself Gilman’s. So what this does is it also discovers your domains, what are the domains? And this is actually discothèque. Now, just take some kind of time to give you a return of some donors which are used to send an email on your behalf. So you’ll see that list in certain types that of just.

Opening this in the front dashboard just orders time, I’ll come to that entrance was this has been inlays and inside. So this is now coming back to the classifications.

What classification means that you can authorize? You can just define your authorized and unauthorized sources here in classification. So these are the all the sources based on the market. See, we tell you that these are the sources who are sending the emails on your behalf. So you basically Google, Microsoft, Zoho, and there is no name on those. Those, particularly if they have these ideas, are the units configured. So these are you can just filter out these these things by authorities.

And I have these, I think 28 men which are sending emails on my job, but only I have one, two, one, two, three, four, five. So I’ve only got five letters. So I can and whenever you want to address these by clicking on this classification to unauthorized. It contains classification alerts, click on unauthorized, so this because this does government does not become an report and then again are not. And this allows you to keep track of one of the sources which are actually authorized and which are not of my this particular domain as well.

So these are the major sources which are actually sending the e-mails on. What about and which are authorized domains or what I would say at the same time, which can send e-mails on this. Now, just go to the candidates and you can just filter out the sections. You can just check the other senders, which are sending e-mails on on Monday, unclassified, not classified stuff we do. And you intended to put on on the basis of this to do that.

The next step is to identify sources and these sources contains the data as well. So these sources are like the previous indication that the sources that we have seen, these are the same sources. This also gives you the idea of how many believe this, the e-mails that they are saying, how many e-mails that they have sent and out of this, how many failed these emails and emails which get into the spam folder. So let’s say if any of these are sending and you find out these are the spammer, a fairly means you should correct it either by using SBF or d’Yquem or the email policy.

And if you face any charges, you are here to help, because I know this is a bit technical, but obviously we can help you with this documentation and everything so that you will want that e-mail should be delivered into the box of a user, not in this time want to use it. But it is there are very few which is being felt. And this might be because someone is trying to spoof my domain using Google. So that would be a possible scenario.

So that’s how you actually identify and check what are the sources which are actually sending an email? If you want to get much more details, you click over at. Then you could check, OK, this is the immense volume, how many qualified now going to this? How do you interpret this from the minutes from there who send an email? This IP address for this person, which is Google account, is the IP address, which by using the email was sent.

This was the date the petition. The court says that the reverse look up to Lee for this particular IP was Google Country was. But this one individual said on this date, the policy which was applied, which is Demopolis policy, has three sections. And currently I tell you that I do the.

Well, that’s what I wanted to describe, what it became and what SBF this became, this kind of signature, which is an actual email which comes into the final e-mail, the same goes with SPF. SPF is the list of IP addresses or host names from the region. And my body chemistry class is why it is configured. This report is being sent by Google News immediately see from this particular domain was issued by Google itself campus and these you will find it to kind of SPF handycam.

OK, when is the initial SPF dequeue? And then you find these people here, these SPF decanted denote your email alignment because SPF alignment already. But I meant what it means is this app you have correctly configured your SPF and then they will see FastPass FastPass hit. But if you are not confident the SPF decamp didn’t pass here. Why? Because when you send an email, there is a written part as well as from Dollman, where you send an email.

So if and this is the moment I was already set it up that to make my domain only and I wanted to check that to Michael and only that’s why I’m saying this.

But if you consider these two features, this probably a default of your email service provider default using military has by sending a dot net and if assist us, but you’re over as overall stability. This has been done because even though the people do not have enough technology, so the people who are sending legitimate email should get some kind of software kind of thing so that they can get this particular email into the box. So this is this this kind of help if it’s coming from a legitimate sources.

But these deconstructive are the hidden part becomes like this. And as you know, if you’ve done everything that the the reports, but it’s also about not going back to the reports, you can actually check the basic compliance of the first part of the test. What it means is if someone you have something in there that actually means that your emails are failing on a Democratic district, for example, for this particular for some of the middlemen that have sent seven e-mail out of the email was fake, OK, failed means that they are filling the demand.

That means that this email was probably ended up in the spam and these particular four e-mails were intercepted. That means this email was not never entered into the inbox. The day one is quarantined. That means this was sent for a further investigation from the E.M.S. website. That’s how you interpret the complex data. Whatever you see in a green field, it’s Jindalee. That means that your email is accurate and it looks based on the kind of kind of content or email that you try to deliver over there.

That’s what Philippos Quarantine Meals Compliance Report next. Let’s go to the centers inside to find the same things so you can identify which are the centers for and then you need to identify and to fix it. If there are are, which are not your own thing that you can make them are not tracing those and you can make sure that they are and what Democrats want to to promote so that they would no longer be able to send e-mails on about. So you can directly integrate and check, for example, in this case, whatever Google have my G-suit, so ViSalus use it for our own purposes.

So whatever Google has seen so far, ninety eight point eight percent of the emails were actually delivered into the inbox of our users, and most of the e-mails was filled with dead men put into the category of the inbox of my users. Then the same that, but everything looks fine for those those particular photos and even go over here if you want to get some more idea. Now, get going back to this. So the same goes for geolocation from which location they are for stealing everything.

What kind of threats that you have? You got to take part in this December to see if there’s one more thing. I wanted to point it out for the marketing people that you see. That is a very important part. You see, what I mean is the people who are receiving e-mails from you. So basically marketing is that you are sending letters to the people and you don’t know who are the consumers. Let’s see if I have an e-mail.

I just wanted to come. You want to know I am free or justified or don’t G-suit or any of this. So these are the receiver. The receiver generally means the receiver who receive the e-mail. And this tells me that how Google are treating my image. So if I Google, Google has received ninety nine point sixty percent of the of the emails they have put into the inbox. The rest of the emails was put on the spam or some other folder and maybe in this section as well.

Even though the marketing is indicative of passing and was sending us spam content, the email can go to respect. And it’s like meeting the Chinese premier content from your actual domain.

The same goes with Yahoo! This is sending emails if you want to see more or more, to see what I want to see when they click on further on this and you get to know what the Odyssey was and what is, you know, going back to this, there’s a one more time conference potentially means that if someone is trying to do some some bad thing, you will these this is evil. Send an email to to do a further investigation so I can check this.

I have received this email from someone, OK, this is what it was used to spoof me on that particular site. So they sent me an email email just sent from pillow talk to talk to them, which looks suspicious. Let’s have a look on it. Didn’t need the forensic reports are not visible because of the security concerns or the privacy concerns generally is provided were not shared by some of the providers, if not volume and volume. They do provide those reports on how your email was looking so far in the slightest.

Now, come up with this manosphere. Quite a smart as have been. So I’ve already contributed for my pretty much. What this means is that when you have 10 different sources of the image at this point or marketing tools, you will understand this, that these SBF that you are putting so far in a DNS allows you only to put 10 DNS lookup. I can include only 10 DNS over here, and that was a problem. So if you have more than 10 tools or IP address addresses or any new domains, this could be a big, big, big problem for you.

So to solve this problem, what are you going to do so far as you can use automatic STF? What that does is it time to check what kind of apps these domain names. And instead of entering the DNS lookups, it actually put the IP addresses in this, which allows you to unlimited DNS look up and doesn’t. This is a technology which is exclusive to our people. And there are few companies in the people who have built this, including some of our competitors.

I think I can name them probably three or four or five company who has this features. And then we have this. And I know they absolutely fought with us for getting this Richard Unneighborly dissimulate. So this this which allows you to have a multiple S.P. of records inside of a single lookup. So we’ll put up our own custom lookup and then the pattern, those IP addresses, there are a lot of documentation available and you’re going to find this documentation whenever you want and share that link.

And you obviously click on here. There is going to Knowledgebase and Anonymous will find out what is I mean, what is smart as we have in a much more detailed. You just go into our that and you’ll find it out. Now, apart from this, if you wanted to include anything which is which you feel that you you want you you’ve received a new IP, you just go there, you put that IP right to check what kind of you wanted to put on it is an 84, 86 six, a pretty and include you consider this will automatically be managed in this and this has.

So that’s how demonized the entire is difficult for you so that you have this authentication mechanism been working flawlessly. But we haven’t ever multicam because the game itself I think constantly comes up from the e-mail service provider. So that’s why I literally do not have anything which is like smart, because he can put it for sure. But the other providers around the world have that old account key and that makes us a bit difficult for us now to the demand. What it is, and this is the very important part of the product, what we make.

Is that how you want this e-mail completely?

OK, so that we just that it’s configured to one of my email. This is a food. So when you have a policy which is second to none and you have it, I do not want to go to this record because it will be a bit confusing. But what you can do so far, I know that a lot of people who does not extend the technicality of this, what you can do so far is you can actually use our democracy to tell what this.

But what that means is if your policy is whatever email is being sent so far using your domain. So that’s in my case, I would not call this. This particular tells the receiver that do not take any action. So basically, it says do whatever you want to do. We do not have any say in it. That’s what it says it means. And if you feel that you have correctly configured your but if handycam, then what you can do so far is you can depending what quarantine means is that if that became a face or whatever it that you apply, if it fails, then what should be done with that image so that the receiver will actually check the email?

This will put into the quarantine box.

Basically, it’s a different folder altogether and do into this whether or not you are using them in particular, even if these is on the battlefield.

So if a pass, it will deliver, but it fails, then this will be quarantined. The same goes with. So is a bit different in that’s what happened to the receiver that took at least if you receive anything so far, which is not SBF sorry, which is not passing my Dimmock records, then that. Absolutely. So basically no one will be able to basically saying anything from the domain which does not have to be able to configure. OK, so that’s how these these three policy works and the same policy.

So that’s it. This is for my domain. If I wanted to use that policy for a subdomain, how I can use it so you can use the same policy as a parent is this one or you can define some policy on a different maybe it’s Barrentine or whatever it is. It’s up to, you know, this and it’s very important. So if you feel that you do not have a SBF or DKA, then you think like this. So what this particular thing does is intrude into your sphere so that now my policy is that I don’t often because I have like both of stf and if my ISP passes.

Then also, my demons will pass if my passes, then also my dimmable pass, if both passes, then ultimately will pass. But if both fails, then only my dad will think that’s all I considered right now. If I click on A, that means I have to have a deep desire for my dick did not pass. So if the game is passed, then only God will pass and I will not pass. And based on that, the policy will take an actions on the receiver.

But the same goes with SBF so you can make them strip and relax as Esperia. So let’s see if I pick on this SBF. Now, the SPL has to have has to pass, otherwise the email will take action according to the policy of maybe there is that cloud environment, but at least the email will be going. And if you’re still feel so, there’s all these these these these requirements are being configured now to aggregate reports. These are aggregate as opposed to type of demand reports.

So that policy was sent to us. This is a very similar sense even to us. And then we up reports on your behalf. If you want to a report, you can put up your email. I do. Over here and click on a bit. You can also get to see this report. But these are non humans who do and fundamentally analyze it. Give the data to you in front of you in the dashboard. So this this particular this gives you an idea.

And that’s how we are able to identify which are the sources, mistakes or classes you see of the candidates. So that’s how said this need to put words. If I don’t see the boat, I already told you in this program that you will receive an actual email before anybody receiver over this particular offensive. I’m using your domain and now you can contribute to that. What what kind of the reporter do you want to get in on SBF, on the game on mechanism or whatever you want it?

And the other part is how much you want to play the policy. So just. My policy was that 90 percent, what it means is that this particular letter, if you’re received this evening already, Miss, will apply to this particular technology or the protocol only to the 90 is the rest 10 will be going to small. Is why this? Because technically, they started with the 10 percent so that you can check if my email will not be delivered to the box of a user.

So the implementation of this matter is a is a legitimate based on the resources process and associates digicam as you configure the percentage. And once you’re quite confident that you have categorized an alternate sources, then you can put up whatever level has been received by these providers.

They will take the action on every agreement. So that’s what it is, especially in this case. Dimopoulos What it does is these are the tools by which you can take as to the world, for example, to see if I want to check for critical dot com. I could click over here so you can check for any of the domain that you want to do, and you can also check what kind of things that they have, the same Postnet SBF.

Same with the deck. I am. And there’s one more important thing that I just want to tell you is this this email system. So lets you configure an email. Inside, let’s say you just configure STF Decameron, my record, and this is the problem, we have this buy us some user that they are not receiving a report instability. The report is been within 24 to 48 hours and decided that it was empty. But if you try to check, is that Democrats have already correct or not just being copy this particular e-mail sent an email on dissimilarly from the sources where we want to test.

Let’s say I wanted to test my G-suit. I click over here and go ahead. And they do it will take 30 seconds because it will take some time. So I’ll just wait for my email. What does it say to the second? Yeah, so obviously so now you can somebody you can check my SPW response campus devaluate, that means my Google is going to be configured. And if something FRINTON you can tell there’s things dangling overhead and a bit more.

It is. It’s also it gives you a clear understanding that if you are going to go in, especially in any of the blacklist, which is a Pemex or a special kind of blacklist forums designed to give a correct idea that if you say, well, this will go to the inbox over user or not, if this ipis into a blacklist, that means your e-mail is not going to deliver it to the inbox of a user for sure.

So that’s that’s what it is from. From a political perspective. So you could take everything away now. So you want to get you don’t want to come to this world again and again. You want to get these things I can do involves just going to reportedly wanting to see the receivers. You can just even if your agency was managing the emails, you just take the images of the customers, that customer people to see who is taken to the inbox, checking out how many e-mails got deliver on its failed SBF dicamba market, everything, and even check what kind of report it wanted to send to them or told me that you wanted to send to them so that you can actually go in and do those interviews, etc.

. So that’s that’s something that you can going to find from the. Now, the AMT, which is especially defined, defined, let’s say, multiple user who is trying to use are going to use this particular for defined those users, but the custom policy at work kind a policy. You are giving them a full access user user. They have a user, they have a source. They can manage whatever you want to do. There are multiple policy and I think there are 57 studies that you can actually put in order to protect people.

And this policy can be defined in and its rules can be controlled with the users. Didn’t leave. You have it all defined, which is what I mean. Read the rule and you can define you can create much more rules using our politics. And so you can define multiple users who can actually give you everything in the dashboard. I have to tell you that you can watch my dashboard from. The other part is if you wanted to protect your system, that you feel that someone can hack your system or if you’re compromised in some of the background, you can enable to step verification in this.

If I were somebody that is an all night long as opposed to my e-mail, which is sort of 48, the zip code, then you take your computer duty of the line, you signing up. So basically it’s a two step you that we have implemented. The other part is you organize and you can have a logo’s of your earlier Google. You could this this over the security credentials. You could use the password information and but especially for absolute. Estimates you will see if there’s one more section of what Halcon billion where you can check your work on a plant that you are in, you’ll also receive one section over here.

Let me check if I have a. There’s one more section I want to see over there, the absolute section or whatever, you can put your order here and apply it vulnerability’s delay the limit.

You have a four one quarter court record for which you can apply as many as you want and able to check this domains and the evil volume increasing by implementing those codes.

So this is something and if you want to grade your plan, any one, do you choose the one that you want to do whatever you choose? The the plan that people for for anyone are wanted on whatever plan. And that’s how easy it is to operate in a million in this entire scenario. If you feel that you need any help, you just click on this button. You find a lot of articles written about how to check what’s going to be made, etc.

, etc. But if you still feel that you need further help, you can take it from here. We can try to actually send it as soon as or reply to those tickets as soon as possible that are customer acting in place. And you also can instead of doing it. So that’s if you don’t know anything and reports wondering the same, just click on reports and find out what is the kind of reports out of a technical brigade how to do it.

So you you will find out about it.

That’s how you use our my post finding out what you’re finding everything inside this. So if even if you can run, you can actually use all of this logic to check on. This is also we have some videos on the Web videos where you can just it’s like a how we do the what is deemed LLB, because this is a particular technical philosophy of things over the user community, as is official group currently.

You can join if you have questions, you can ask a question. And now in the last you have asked about email, you can just put up an email about what could you do if you wanted to to me. Also, if you wanted to talk to a person you click on and of course, the demo, you know what? E-mail. So that’s all from from my side. I’ve done with the work through I questions. Banku,

[00:47:01.740] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Thank you, Sumolings, if you have any more questions, you can go ahead and send those in now to the Q&A box.

Let me go ahead and just run through the ones that we have here. Not sure if you explain this, but could you walk us in on how specific how to specifically authorize a third party to send emails on our behalf? Do we need to go to the domain settings of our domain registrar?

[00:47:23.550] – Provan (KDMARC)
So, yes. So if you if you attacked by this and I tell you the example, I say, if I ever heard of dot com and this is one of the source, all you can go to San Diego dot com.

So this time there are two things that one thing, especially that you need to configure is that the DMV courts, the DMV records are available from the domain, from the SPF indication. Both records are available from the e-mail marketing provider on the domain or the e-mail. So it would be your standard or it would be disallowed or whatever it is. And you’ll find those articles. Just log in to this. I think they have not sent an e-mail to me, but I’ll tell you one, two, three to.

So if anybody you had any external Minhad of any of them are going to find the campsite correctly and in the tool itself just this time, it is widely used across the industry. So I’m just going to send an email. Just go to.

Authentications DNA under the table. I want you to send a domain, let’s just choose any star, let’s say.

So I just put it up a domain now you find the SPF and became so for example, this these are the decanted by default. So whenever you add a domain, you get these. These are the Yankees. These are also the Yankees. These are automatically configured. And also, if you need any help, just try to send that. If I wanted to check.

Became. And if so, you’ll find this beautiful article on how to set up email authentication or on unwelcome, so the kind of e-mail providers they actually give us, these are already available. See them to call you, copy these records from here and send it to you. So it’s a combination of events that will give you the SPF and became and then you need to put it into the arrest record. So especially the DNA records that you need to put on DNA for the rest of the things, you can directly configure the demand DPF so you can come to the rescue.

If it is being fixed, you can put it over here like let’s call it. Yeah, I can come here and let’s put one or two under one, whatever, IP or or let’s say this SPF we have for. Well, let me just check what they say if they have. Yes, telling the. They are only telling the victim that we just check with chimps SBF. Let me just say, James, SBF. If shouldn’t. Finalities.

So you’ll find tons of articles about Meltem SPF. So this is the problem. Yes, and it is. The militants, I will say the militants.

I swear to God, I go over here and edit it to include because I know that if I click, it will automatically add me over here. So now I have technical difficulty as people got off of this military construction into my system. And that’s how easy it is to configure your SBF. And the demographical is already configured because it’s a disaster, but it declared that you need to set up you had to set up this particular thing, especially using it will be provided by your email providers and then you put it into your business.

[00:52:00.190] – Lindsay(Appsumo)

Awesome, thank you so much, if I already have policies, do I have to remove them from the other place so they are managed by your.

[00:52:11.690] – Provan (KDMARC)
So not so what what do you generally do is if you have a policy so whenever you add in Europe and we actually check your existing policy and incorporate those policy to our records. So just once you put it on record, you just remove the old records that you have previous conventional settings routinely reconfigured instead of.

I think and again, what it was like SBF a.m. began, you have to manage from the cell, but SBF Handycam, both settings are different. And to get the. Save your privacy settings, isn’t the. Records awesome? So if in classification I marked as unauthorised, they will automatically be taken off being able to send emails on my behalf.

So this are not just the notation of off of actually giving you an idea on how your e-mail sources I’m working on. So you want to understand what what I’m talking about. This isn’t just a classification for an FBI report, but to actually being unauthorized, these sentiments that have SBF. So once you go to this classification, you’ll find out if these contain any of the classified or not has a recipe for invasion. You sort of smartass. We have removed a suppression order on your DGM or B records or the DNS to remove those convictions so that they are actually unauthorized sultanahmet.

[00:53:55.060] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Awesome. I know it’s not an SMTP server, but do you have any plans for some sort of DLP?

[00:54:05.140] – Provan (KDMARC)
OK, to be healthy is different. Which is a dangerous prevention. We have plans, but it’s going to be a different product together. So we are looking for breaking up until you make it to me. But that’s that’s that’s a long plan. It’s not a it’s a guilty thing. And the appeal comes on a different path. It could be a system based which is a system.

It will even be will be it will be organized by there’ll be there are tons of tools that are available for medical treatment that are a big company like Proofpoint, or you can go and try it out for some time. But we have a keep of building those kind of tools, but they really need to, at least for a few years.

[00:54:49.600] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Thank you. I’m sorry if I missed the first part. How do you get this information to email recipients, report this information? Is there any support of Defeater for that system where I won’t report? Also, if you’re sending IP address gets on a blacklist, how can you help?

[00:55:09.480] – Provan (KDMARC)
OK, so I divide this particular question, I think this a multiple questions incited the first part of the how we received these reports. The first question, the next next question that you asked so far is about the IP reputation, if I understood I think the questions.

But yeah, the IP is that you’re sending IP address gets on a blacklist. How can you help?

OK, so the first question is that how do we receive reports? So when you set up your democracy card, you actually said, what about IP addresses, IP address in that regard? Let me just give you that. Yeah, so let me first say I can’t see this e-mail which has been written over here, so whenever you see anything into their inboxes, they check for the court at the center. Similarly, whenever they send this email to the examiner to put this extra money, the police are being sent by this civil.

Well, dissimilarities. And then we process those reports. And so that’s how we can see the data from those. This is what I didn’t know generally. And the people say that more than 95 percent of the of the inboxes are the receivers, which more than 95 percent is compliant with demand. So let’s say they’re sending to those any emails. They are generally being controlled and they are demanding everyone to send emails directly. OK, these are these are the reports that they receive, the rest of the things, even though you do not see the reports.

But these are the receivers to leave. These receivers are your so it’ll be your other means. There’s going to be other ministers of why haven’t to check the records. And so even though they’re not sending the report, your email is still being checked. So they may have different reports, but your email is still being checked and is is being received by those those receivers. The other question is. That can be hard pressed to unblock bloggers, absolutely not, because we had to do to actually set up the has IndyMac records especially to help you authenticate your image.

I think the e-mail provider will not put you on a block list.

The only had two to identify if there is something which is of IP, which the sources that we have. Again, this is not internal sources. So we do this. Is this a blacklist? So we will not be able to help you out, even if it is block.

[00:57:59.790] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Great, thank you, Edward asked a follow up question just regarding the policies that they’re already existing in another place, do they need to delete, delete those policies at all from the other app?

[00:58:15.260] – Provan (KDMARC)
Not so what you need to do is we have to go first complicating Mark, you set up your domain, then you got the very first put the domain name inside the box and click on next estimates that you could come next. This is just your existing policy is automatically captured inside our policy so that only once you sign up under the command and put domain, then propose policies, because then it’s built into our system and you you don’t have to actually get those policies up and running.

I don’t believe when you actually put this into this policy has been in place apart from the cloud field service provider. It announced policy today because it went from a tax advice policy at a time. So I you are humanises own. It’s a bad policy.

[00:59:09.560] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Awesome. Thank you. Could you add a code level where we get new domain and additional emails at a discount? Yes, so we have already discounted on domains to be able to, I think, in the absolute best. Let me just warn.

I can assure you that you will never be able to do this is what I feel and the small enterprise, a small company for us, we are the first people to only send nine thousand emails in a seven day span. So I will never be able to adjust the limit even from one quarter. This is what people want for it. So what I’m saying is I don’t feel that you need an extra hour limit on this, but for dummies, I think the other thing to do.

But if you need more moments, you can always purchase new domain. I think this is listed over here so you can add on this one. As I said, we’re going to all that. You have an absolute. Awesome, thank you. What is the difference between setting this on your app versus doing it directly in the domain registrar? OK, so the difference is, if you do it directly with the dominance that you are that particular facility, let me just go ahead in the NEWSROOM and I’ll tell you, it looks just.

I’m just waiting for anything like this. Yeah, so we have a two Matlovich, you can do that, one is you name or you just go ATEX report the card. So once it’s called we do not have a control, you will not get smart, sbf smart. DeMatte means you will not be able to control the policies from our dashboard. You have to have that knowledge. What is this going to mean. Like what is SBF air. This is a very technical tediousness so we have simplified it so that you can actually go into a gender, this particular policy within 15 seconds and build your own policy.

Let’s see if I want to quarantine. If we check this, this policy will be changed to quarantine once I save it. So what I’m saying is that once you have if it’s being managed by us, I think that’s a bad thing. The good thing so far, because I think it will take 48 hours to reflect on, 24 hours to reflect. But what you can do is then you will not be able to see this particular page where you have a new age from where you can enter this particular policy.

As for your need, you have to go to the D section again and again to make sure that your data is actually to this.

To tell this particular policy based on the result that you have, if you choose the text according the stuff. So that’s OK. I hope I’ve cleared the discussion. Thank you. All right. See, we’ll take one more quick. If you would like to submit any more questions, now’s your time to shine.

[01:02:43.170] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
And one came in. If I purchased the two domain plan, can I set up multiple subdomains under one domain?

[01:02:50.750] – Provan (KDMARC)
OK, not so you can’t say that, but what you can do so far is you can set up a policy for subgoal.

So let’s say we were already checked. The documents have only opened up some of it here. Just check what I’ve just done as well.

So we already checked. So let’s see if you set up one domain, already received those reports from the subdomains. So you don’t have to set up an additional subdomain. But if you want to do whatever additional subdomain policy, you can always go to the demarked section, go to the critical article, for example, let’s say, and you can define the policies over the areas of domain. But if you explicitly want to add a supplement, it will be treated as an as in the and another domain.

[01:03:41.750] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
All right, last question, how do you know that my domain is my domain? How do you authenticate that when I enter a domain, it is mine.

[01:03:51.780] – Provan (KDMARC)
Good question. So, Heidi, if you enter any domain, let’s say, for example, I’m just doing that. I think an example of absolute, for example. Now, I can not change support anything unless I have access to this these courts or or the business of axonal, that means the parts from the owner of the domain, no one will be able to make these changes.

And unless you do not change this record, this domain will not be active and you will not receive, for example, say I’ve just added absolutely. This will not be active and this will push up.

[01:04:36.450] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Wonderful. It’s been that’s that’s all the questions that we have. Thank you so much for walking us through everything. Somebody said that they were grateful we got a cybersecurity APSA odille. We’re definitely trying to expand the type of deals that we bring into the store. And this is a very rad addition to our offering. So thank you so much for taking the time. Summerlands, if you haven’t already, you can go to APSA Dotcom slash Katie Mark and that you’ll redeem your codes there starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

This is backed by up Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead, get started, play around with it, see how it works for you. And then once you’ve done that, we do love to read your reviews on the deal page. We’ve gotten a bunch so far and it’s still a five TOCO rating, if you would like to add your voice to that. We do love to hear it. And you can always ask any more questions that you have on the deal page as well.

[01:05:32.910] – Provan (KDMARC)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I hope you have a good one. Thank you so much, everyone, and thank you so much for. What a time. And and then I have a different question that you have again. Thank you so much.

[01:05:46.440] – Lindsay(Appsumo)
Have a good one. Yeah. Thank you.

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