KDMARC: Protects Your Email and Manages Your Domain


With today’s technology, and with people gaining more and more access to information, even the slightest glitch or loop hole can lead to a hacker or a group scammers, getting into your domain or even destroying your image in the market.

KDMARC will help you keep you email safe and will also help you manage your domain with ease.

Features and Benefits of KDMARC

👉  Password and Access Management – this feature protects all accounts and assets from hackers or from any fraudulent activities. It also helps the user customize which members they want to grant access to.

👉  Email Monitoring – KDMARC helps keep your mail running smoothly which means that it will support your ability to send and receive emails.

👉  Domain Check – this feature enables KDMARC to check a domain for any threats. It also displays important information about the domain that you want to check.

👉  Data Export – this feature allows the user to safely export data.

👉  Email Marketing – KDMARC also makes email marketing easier. Since your mail is totally secure and protected, you won’t have to worry about sending and receiving emails to and from your clients.

👉  Bulk Email Verification – you can now verify emails quickly with this feature. You won’t have to worry about going through the emails one by one.

👉  Vulnerability Assessment – this feature is one of the key features of KDMARC. It assesses the vulnerability of your domain and then gives you tips on how to make it more secure.

👉  Policy Management – this feature helps you create, implement, and maintain policies within your domain.

👉  Whitelisting and Blacklisting – this feature helps in denying access or contact, which is blacklisting, and allowing access and contact which is whitelisting by filtering each email.

Who is KDMARC for?

👉  Every organization that uses emailing as their source of communication within their teams.

👉  Freelancers who earn a living through email marketing or getting in touch with potential clients through emails.

Things to Note About KDMARC

👉  KDMARC only offers two domains per code. It would be nice to have more domains per code.

👉  Lacking UX flair.

👉  Needs to have more tutorial videos for beginners.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2019

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 36

👉  Founders: Pavan KushwahaDip Jung ThapaParatosh Bansal,

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KDMARC Reviews

AppSumo - 27 reviews


Gartner Peer Insights - 1 review


SourceForge - 5 reviews


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KDMARC is currently on a Lifetime Deal at Appsumo

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