Jumppl: More Than Just An Ordinary
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If your business is growing, you’ll need your tools to scale up with you as the number of your employees and clients increases. This would also mean that your tools should be organized. If you’re using a bunch of different tools to do different things, your workflow can get confusing very quickly. And this can result to less productivity.

It’s natural that you’ll also want your emails, messages, task boards, and client portal to be in one place, and that’s exactly what Jumppl is.

Jumppl is a step above your ordinary business management tool because it combines all the functions and features of a team, project, and client management tools in one place.


Jumppl’s Pricing Overview


Jumppl’s price starts at $8 per user per month. They charge their customers monthly based on the number of members in their team, with a limit of 100 members. The price scales up as your team grows.

If your company or organization has more than 100 members, you will need to contact them to create a custom plan.

Alternatively, Jumppl is offering a limited lifetime deal which starts at $69 for a single code-based deal. Check out more details about their lifetime deal offer below.

Find out more details about Jumppl’s lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$8.00 per user / month

✅  Has a free trial
Has a free version
✅  Save 40% when you get a yearly plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$69.00 – Single Payment for a 1-Code Deal

Jumppl's Lifetime Deal Offer


Features of Jumppl


👉  Manage your team and your projects in one project management platform. Track all the things you need to do, and assign tasks to your team members quickly for maximum productivity and efficiency in the work place.

👉  Create your projects with templates for repeat project structures.

👉  Easily set up team structures by determining and assigning responsibilities, permissions, and access to specific team members who need them.

👉  Toggle different task views with options such as Kanban board, Gantt chart, or spreadsheet and table view which also allows you to perform different functions and calculations. Personalize your work space according to your preference.

👉  Jumppl’s team chat feature makes communications within your team members seamless. Set up one-on-one chat or group chats for easy coordination. You can even keep your messenger tool up as you hop on different screens so you’ll never miss any important message.

👉  Record video messages and screen recordings if talking through chat isn’t your type or if the situation calls for it.

👉  Jumppl’s Client Portal allows you to chat, share information, tasks, notes, and documents with your clients. Your clients will be easily informed about the progress of your work with them.

👉  Customize your client portal with beautiful pre-built designs that enhances the user experience of your clients without sacrificing any essential functionality.

👉  Your clients can post job requests within their client portal, which will then become tasks in your team’s project management platform.

👉  Jumppl allows you to monitor what your staff or team members are doing by being able to view their timesheet and attendance modules.

👉  Create, manage, edit, and sign documents and invoices within Jumppl.

👉  Has a desktop and mobile app version.



Who is Jumppl for?


Agency owners, SMBs, entrepreneurs, and even freelancers who want an all-in-one business management tool to organize their task and streamline their workflow with clients.


Things to note about Jumppl


👉  The UI and UX can use some improvements, especially when creating projects and pinning tasks into the calendar.

👉  Options to customize the tool with your brand is very limited.

👉  The mobile app needs improvement.


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User Reviews for Jumppl


“I bought Jumppl a month ago and it is a great app that I would definitely recommend. Not perfect yet (some useful features are missing), the reason why I give 4 tacos right now, but I will definitely change my rating further along the way.

“They have an impeccable customer service so far (quick and precise answers to my questions). They are listening to our request and keep developing their app (look at their roadmap, thus the “yet”). I am very confident that very soon, this will be the perfect tool that I’ve needed for years.

“And, on top of it all, with the 1 time payment instead of a membership makes this deal a No Brainer. I ditched my old project manager software without any hesitation.”

by ANormandin


“From start-ups point of view. Overall Jumppl looks very promising App. Lucky to have Jumppl for my business. What I like the most about Jumppl is that the interface is very clean, very organized, and very user friendly. All your information is logged for easy reference. Good features for downloading files and easy for clients to log on and review.

” Jumppl Also has a good modern 1-on-1 Text communication solution including video calls too. I can expect to render excellent communication and a fast response with my team, which is mandatory for any business.”

by saifahmed


“I’ve been using various tools over the years to organise my work, like Trello and Asana etc….and I’m always reluctant to change tools as it means importing and dealing with the learning curve, etc. and possibly missing out on familiar features, but so far Jumppl looks and works great.

“There were a few features I miss from Trello like the task calendar, but I talked with the team, and their communication style and willingness to look into such features is really promising. I tried the app version too as I like to add tasks on the run, it seems it has a way to go, with things not working, but at least there is an app and I’m sure thing will be fixed in time. And since I work mainly on the desktop, the desktop version is fulfilling my needs nicely. Thanks so much to the team of Jumppl for giving my brain some expansion space and order!”

by inveganswetrust


“I was looking for a simple solution to bring my small team together and we could collaborate without the noise/distractions in other free solutions so we can get some serious work done! Example, I like WhatsApp but imagine having to scroll back endless group chats to track back on assigned tasks and files fowarded from clients/vendors, it’s a pain especially during busy days.

“After trying out Jumppl, I just love the simplicity of it compared to other apps. I’ve tried a few others and feel like this one ticks all the boxes (with more coming in the roadmap). It may not have all the advanced functionalities at this stage but if you want something simple and robust, Jumppl does it for me.”

by dommichen


“Jumppl has a high potential for everything that it does. It is very organized and projects and taskshave all the features that we need. You can create subtasks now. It has a kanban board feature for views. It has overview for looking at all tasks under nested projects. So it is very optimized for main features that are needed from a project management system.”

by alper

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