Iris Clarity vs Krisp (Mini Review)

Written by Kiersten


Iris Clarity and Krisp are both helpful tools for virtual meetings, online classes, and webinars.

Both have the same noise-cancellation feature that is really useful during meetings on Zoom or Google Meet. This feature from both tools can also improve the quality of your recordings no matter where it was recorded — headphone, speaker, or microphone.

The purpose of both tools is to allow excellent communication without any unwanted noise that could interrupt or distract the call.

The data collected by Iris Clarity and Krisp are secured. Nothing is recorded or transferred, so you can have peace of mind on the security front when using these two tools.


Pros & Cons of Iris Clarity




✅  Remove background noise efficiently

✅  Enhances voice clarity

✅  Simple to use and effective in avoiding any interruptions.

✅  Works for both Mac and Windows




❌  Sounds metallic when activated

❌  Can’t select it as the default microphone for the system.

❌  Need to specifically select every application you want to use.

❌  Logs out every time the computer is shut down and error occurs.

❌  When the voice is heard with a tone too low, it loses nuances and quality. In fact, it makes it look like you are speaking from a far away distance.


How does Iris Clarity compare with Krisp?


Both tools have a function of noise-cancellation that is the best for remote teams, freelancers, podcasters, educators, and anybody who might need it for their work.

But, how does Iris Clarity differ from Krisp?

Iris Clarity has a feature that allows having conversations that flow with zero latency and low CPU usage. This means that you can customize microphone and speaker settings to manage noise on both sides of a call.

Looking at its plan, Iris Clarity is more affordable compared to Krisp.

At $59, buyers of Iris Clarity who purchased a Tier 1 deal can add a total of 2 users in their account. Each user can install Iris Clarity in 5 different devices.

On the other hand, with Krisp, you can also add 2 users to your account but each user can only install Krisp in 3 devices. This is also a Tier 1 deal that starts $78.

Iris Clarity is cheaper than Krisp and allows you to use it on more devices.

Iris Clarity includes the availability of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platforms that are not observed by Krisp. With this, you can can have better communication because it lessens the background noise wherever you are.




Iris Clarity and Krisp are both effective tools that are easy to use when it comes to voice isolation and background noise removal.

It’s worthy to note that Iris Clarity has bi-directional voice isolation for all participants on conference apps and VoIP platforms. It is an effective tool to avoid any interruptions when you are in any form of online call.

Krisp, on the other hand, is also good to use. It integrates with over 600 apps, and works well with any types of headphones, speakers, and microphones.

Both Iris Clarity and Iris have the same functions. On paper, Iris Clarity looks like a better deal with its cheaper price and more available devices to use. If you’re on a budget, Iris Clarity is the one I’d recommend. However, what’s best for you depends on your needs.

Iris Clarity is the better tool if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use noise-cancelling tool for your online calls. Krisp is a good choice if you need a tool that integrates with different apps.


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Ken Moo