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It’s going on, sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Internxt. This is a zero knowledge cloud storage service based on complete privacy and uncompromising security. It is available on Appsumo right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walkthrough, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things.


First, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. And we will circle back to them at the end of the walk through. The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. If you need to step out, you totally can.


And watch this again later as many times as you want. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Fran, how are you doing?


Hey, how are you? Good. How are you? I’m doing well. It’s great to have you here. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. And then when you’re done, let me know when you’re ready to take questions.


Sure. So, yeah, I’ll start. Share my screen for a second. Yeah.


This is my screen. Yep. Looks good. So essentially, I’ll explain a little bit what we we’re up to so people so that we are all aligned on what the Internet is about. And then I will want you guys throw up and but I think it’s important people understand where we are at and what the state of the app is right now so that they better understand the complexities and what the next features are. So essentially internal, it provides a wide service, a wide range of services of Internet services that are focused on privacy and security.


So what we saw is that on the Internet, companies like Google, Microsoft, they are all advertising companies and they are the services they provide are a means to an end, which is gathering data about the user. And we thought that that wasn’t right. So we created a series of Internet services that, you know, respected user privacy and that were and proceeded without, you know, we didn’t have we actually don’t have access to any of your data.


So we thought that was very important. Privacy is a huge, huge important and we thought it was very important to tackle that. So essentially, the problem we started tackling was the issue with cloud storage. So that’s one of the first services that Google offers with Dargis, with Google Drive. And that’s the first one we are talking with the Internet. So what we saw is that these companies kept either getting hacked or they could gain access to user files relatively easily.


And essentially user data was being compromised, you know, continuously. So we didn’t think that was right. Moreover, privacy, as I said, is a huge concern, both ability need to be so we thought it was very important to tackle this issue right now. And as a solution, we decided to create the next Internet, essentially Internet is a is a Google Drive alternative, which is, as I said, focused on privacy, on complete privacy and security.


So when you upload files into next, essentially the difference between uploading of how the Internet is sort of Dropbox or whatever, is that on into next, it gets clients encrypted and fragmented. So nobody other than you has access to the file. We can’t access your file. No third party can ever actually know hackers, no companies, no one. And that’s basically because of the way in which Internet is built. It uses Clydeside encryption and decentralized technology to ensure that files are always secure.


They also always replicate it in 10 servers. So if one ever went down, we would get replicated on another one. So the SLA is also huge. So that’s our value proposition. We started developing these three years ago. We launched the first stable version a year ago. And that’s and this is it. Essentially, it’s we’ve got a web mobile app and desktop app.


And as I said, the UCS is very similar to that of Google Drive over all of our competition. But the technology behind it is much, much more complex. So that’s basically where we are at. We did focus a lot on UX and trying to build something that’s usable or at least relatively usable by people bringing these decentralized tech product to the mass market.


And going forward, as I said, the app is free and is available on the App Store Google Play store, or it’s also available on our Web browsers, Chrome, Safari Edge and also on the desktop. So it’s so you can download our desktop from internetworking. I walk you through that in a minute, but it’s available for Linux, for most Linux distributions, also for Mac and for and for for Windows moving forward.


We also recently released Internet photos. So unlike in today’s drive, which was launched a year ago and takes photos, has just been released. That means that, you know, obviously it’s still a very early stage product, especially because of the technology we’re using. It’s very complex in the back end. So it’s hard to get it as useful as that of Google or Dropbox. But, you know, getting a lifetime deal on these at this price is certainly a huge long term, long term investment.


We’re profitable. We’re growing. We just closed a big seed round for a million dollars and we’re using all those resources to invest in product. So, you know, we’re doing our best. So essentially tax code, as I said, I wanted to be the Google Photos. Right now it’s available on mobile. So on Android and iOS, you just need to download the Internet to that. And the Internet essentially is a hub of of privacy related apps that, you know, that essentially includes Internet driving and photos and other upcoming services.


We’re also going to be releasing into an accent, which is a more private alternative to we transfer into next May, which is alternative streaming. And all these apps will be available on our Internet mobile app. So you can switch between all of them within the same app will be launching our Web app, for instance, photos in a few days. So that’s also good news. The market starts with lobstering is huge and it’s growing very fast, it’s growing at 20 percent annually.


This is part of our team. We’re actually more than 20 people right now. We’ve had a lot of senior engineers as well. And we are located in Valencia, Spain. Obviously, in terms of competition, we’ve got Google, Microsoft and so forth. The issue with them is that they’re very large companies, the public companies that are very rigid within their business model. So they can’t really switch from that to providing something that’s private, essentially that would completely ruin their business model because their business model is based not only on advertising publicity and then in terms of other companies that are more privacy oriented, like Treasury and so forth, many of the clients have encryption, whereas we added a layer and we also used I’m not blocking technology to make sure that files are completely anonymous.


So, you know, we’re trying to build something that’s like the single messenger of cloud storage.


They said we we’ve got 30000 total users, we’ll finish the year, hopefully with over 300000, probably around half a million. So it’s going fast. And why now? As I said, privacy is a huge concern. So tackling that is very, very relevant.


And as I said, we’re growing very fast. We plan on making around a million euros in revenues this year and multiply that by four or five next year. As I said, we are profitable. We’ve got a team of 20 people. We would be around 40 people in a few months. So we’re growing really fast. This year, people are growing at around three hundred and fifty percent. So I think that we are a company, we’re growing, but we are still young and small.


So essentially we’re trying to compete with these huge corporations that have been around for many, many years with huge teams.


So on our own, we’re literally trying to go as fast as possible, but taking these very disruptive technology into the storage market and making sure that it’s as usable as that of Dropbox or these more established companies take a lot of time. That’s why I said that we have taken our price down a lot. And it’s a huge long term, long term investment from our point of view. You know, I’m reading some of your questions, so I’ll tackle them right now in terms of in terms of our product in general, he said.


Our main product is Internet drive. If you want to try it out prior to, you know, to to buying the license, you can literally just go on our website. I use and sign up for free for a 10 gigabyte free cloud storage plan. We offer two gigabytes of free cloud storage. But a few days ago, we switched that to 10 gigabytes just to make sure that, you know, within our capabilities, we made that as, you know, as attractive as possible.


You know, our plans are similar for individuals. So essentially, this deal is very similar to that of Isurava cloud that was offered up Sumell. So one license does one user. There were some questions about these and why we don’t offer teams on lifetime multimember accounts. We’ve been offered that. We’ve been asked that quite a lot at the moment. We won’t be doing that because we don’t have lifetime accounts for our four four four four four eight team products.


The business accounts, which you can see right here, are significantly more expensive. So essentially you pay per user. So it would greatly depend on, you know, how many users we have. We’ve got users that are paying six figure numbers for our team, plans for large corporations or essentially big companies. So, you know, we’re exploring the possibility of adding more or more of these members to some of our modules. But at the moment, also, from a technical point of view, would be very hard because basically the product you’re using is these four individuals, which is already built.


So remaking that so that you can add a few users for the plans for individuals, that would be a bit hard and connect that to someone. So that would be relatively high. So right now, we we we don’t plan on doing that, especially because at the price we’re selling it also, we need to make sure that this is profitable long term. And we already think it’s a very good deal for for the price we’re offering. The service that, as I said in the next segment, is one of our future services.


I’m seeing some of the questions and I’m actually answering some of your questions as I work for you, as I walk you through our product. So into next year. And so we transferal tentative. It’s also clients that encrypted. You can in a few weeks, I’ll show you the roadmap very, very soon. And then I also see some questions with regards to speed. So bear in mind that, first of all, we are very young. We also use a very disruptive technologies.


So we are trying to link these hugely disruptive product to, you know, very complex architecture that’s decentralized. And that’s essentially I’m going to show you the map. So essentially, we’ve got servers. We’ve got we were data centers that are plugged in our network. They come and join us and they are hosting encrypted data shots so that the network is fully anonymous, fully decentralized. So obviously that brings a lot of benefits. It’s a very privacy focused service.


If you really if you truly, truly care about privacy, if you want something that you can act as a Vilvoorde that’s hugely secure. This is your product. They say we’re making the product as fast as possible, as useful as possible. We are missing some features, so we’ll be adding them. But just bear that in mind, the product is very cheap. So right now, so much so, that one of the reasons why we decided to sell at that price.


It is basically because we thought that, you know, that would be a good long term deal and that that would be also sustainable for us moving forward. These are personal page. The company is going really well. We’ve got forty for review so far. We just came out a few days ago, so that’s good. We’re happy with the company. This is here. You’ve got a small explanation of what we’re all about, essentially, essentially this paragraph.


The reason why I wrote it is because I thought that they were going to be some people complaining about obviously upload speed or usability or missing features like more advanced link sharing or whatever. So, you know, one of the reasons why I wrote this is because I really wanted to make sure that, you know, you understood that we were doing our best with our resources. These are last time the last reboots, a one star review. But on average, you know, two stars, five stars, four stars for a star.


So we’re relatively happy. There’s obviously some users that are not very happy with the product and we’re trying to make them change their review. So we’ve got a mix of opinions. But so far we’ve got a four star plus tactical review. And we think that it’s very important that you understand what our product is because most of our replies to these low, low tech reviews are the same are we’re adding these features, we’re adding that feature. We’re making this faster and understand what the product is.


So people really need to understand the technology behind the product is. This is our UI. Essentially, you can upload a file from here. You can also, you know, literally just create folders. And, you know, some people ask us if they can upload folders to the Internet. Right? They can. We’re going to be making these feature more, more, more accessible because some people don’t understand. So you can literally just drag and drop the folder.


It doesn’t have any files inside, so it won’t upload. But that’s basically how you do it then in terms of the Trello, where these are roadmap settings next to the mobile is ready and things like mobile is ready to drive desktop, there’s all these features. Oh, by the way, you can upload our list of app right from our homepage and ask us if they can download our desktop out. You can also download it from from here. You can download it from right web.


As you can see, I’m using myself. I’m literally using it for my files. I don’t have any. But yeah, as I said, for four large file uploads, you will want to use the product in a few weeks or months because it’s going to take some time. It’s going to take longer than uploading them to Google Drive. So if you don’t mind, that’s fine. But if you do mind, then you may want to grab the deal right now and upload files a little bit later.


So that’s that’s that. We’re adding many, many features to the for the drive we are continually working on, including the overall upload and download speed. We also adding selective seeing for the desktop app. So just some of the features, by the way, the most important ones is also a one point two gigabyte file upload limit on on on drive web. I don’t think I have a file as big as that one, but if you try to upload a file of, say, two gigabytes or whatever you want to upload, essentially, you know, we will be away completely waiving that limit very soon.


But we just don’t want everything to get saturated fast. We’re a small product, so we’re getting it loads of users. So we want to make sure that we handle them the best in the best possible way. So we’ll be removing that. I mean, there’s no such limit on the desktop, actually. If you want to blow files of any size, you can do that. We’ve also got a Web product coming out essentially in a few weeks.


We’re working on it right now. And as I said, into next year is also coming up. We also see some of the questions with regards to migration tools from Google Drive. Yes, 100 percent. Like we literally study our competition every day, like all the time. Migrating from whatever service to Internet in a way that’s easy is one of our top priorities. You know, I do see a lot of good comments.


Well, you know, we’re literally working on a of space that does actually mean comments we’re getting, you know, so so that’s not there’s a lot of features coming. As I said, it’s a good long term investment. So if you if you have any more questions, do let me know if this is also important. In your membership for next year, you’re going to have access to all our services, meaning that with your Internet lifetime membership, you’re going to get lifetime access to things, photos and access to next mail, whatever else is coming.


So we really are sweet on this one single membership. So, you know, we’re literally doing our best. So thanks a lot for it for listening. You know, I’ve done so feel free to ask any further questions. I hope it was it was just what I really think for such a complex product in the market. We try to make it as simple as possible. I think it’s important that you understand what we’re working on and what it’s all about and how important it is that all of these things up nicely so that the product is as secure and as private as it can get.


Thank you. Thank you so much.


I know that he’s already answered a bunch of your questions while going through this, so feel free to drop in some more questions that you have right now. One person is asking if there’s a way to earn more space, if there’s like an affiliate program or some way you can get credit for recommending people the Internet. Does that exist?


Yeah. So we’ve got that which we go on referrals. And so we’ve got a referral program. You can get five euros for every friend you refer. So that’s that’s very nice. You can you can get those five euros. You should get a merchandise or space or also some Internet tokens. So that’s so you can literally get virtually any of our other alternative products with those without money. So five euros for each round.


Right. Is the encryption key hidden or can we store it in a password file in case our devices ever stolen, lost or broken. Right.


So how encryption works, you know, our product is we use your your password to clients that encrypt all files. Essentially, that’s that’s very important for you to understand because, you know, you should not lose your password. That’s your private key. We don’t store your password. We don’t that’s what differentiates if we don’t. So, you know, alongside other obviously other things. But the main thing, though, the easiest thing to understand is that you stole your password.


We don’t store it because we don’t steal your data. We don’t have access your data. We are trying to build ways. Also, again, more features. We’re trying to build ways for you to gain access to your files if you lose your password. So say you have a session open on another device. If you forget your password, you could literally just encrypt the files with password that’s stored on your local, your local browser or whatever and with a new password without remembering the old one.


So that’s what we’re trying to build right now so that, you know, even if you lost your password, you would be safe. But yeah, that’s how encryption was. Awesome.


Thank you. All right. This is the last question. We got a couple more questions. Just kidding. So for one license, would I be able to install the desktop app into locations or more like my laptop, my office PC and my home PC? Yeah, totally. So one license includes unlimited devices, so you can use these on as many phone as many mobile devices as one in as many places as you want. You can literally share one account with your family members or your girlfriend or whatever.


That’s fine.


Can you explain more about the ability to monetize unused storage space like a peer to peer application? She asks.


So basically this is more for data centers, so it’s a more technical product. We usually aim that for data centers. For example, we’ve partnered with Over Age or with IBM or with Hitner to German provider.


So essentially they haven’t used the storage space on a data center because no one has a 100 percent capacity being used on their data center. So essentially they plug their data center to our to our storage data storage architecture and they get paid for that. So it’s more aimed for that for professionals. That’s what that’s the biggest use case. So we’ve got hundreds of data centers all over the world that are part of our architecture, and that’s why it’s distributed. But the professional providers that have never have access to the files.


If we have the LCD, can we buy even more space with this credit we earn by recommending how does how much does extra space cost?


Right. So for the five year credit, I mean, usually what we’re seeing with upswell members is that they redeem that for merchandise. You can get money by referring friends for free plan. So essentially, that’s how it works. If you’re a subscriber, you can get money on your account to pay for the next subscription since you left members, members, that would make much sense. What we’re working on right now is this is a Dropbox referral model where you get additional space like a couple of weeks or so for each friend.


You refer to a free plan.


So that’s what we’re looking at on the upcoming mail service. Can we connect business emails? Yeah, that would be possible.


Any plans to add functionality to stream videos, music stored in your drives? Yeah, that’s a huge feature we’re working on. Should have missed it. So right now on the Web and mobile apps, you download the file to see it because it gets encrypted and so forth. We’re working on and it’s already available, by the way, on Internet photos in the mobile app file. Premium’s so you will be able to preview or stream videos or photos of files pdf without actually downloading them.


So essentially what’s going to happen is that when you upload the files, a small preview is also stored in your device, your mobile device, compressed preview. So that that’s the case for Internet photos, for instance. So when you open that, you know, Elicia opens without downloading file, that’s how it works. This is optional, obviously, because some people don’t want to take any local storage, although it doesn’t take much. But that’s basically it’s possible already.


Maybe it would be adding more features to that.


Can internal strife be mounted on your system as a local drive? Yeah.


So essentially, again, we’re working on more integrations within the local storage of your OS.


But right now how it works is when you download our stuff and I show you this in part because people sometimes they don’t understand how it works. So you get this straight. I can I’m not using my screen anymore, am I? You are or I am. OK, so I will be on the tray of my Mac. You can see the next right version, whatever my account and all this functionality. So essentially how it works is it creates a local folder on your phone, upload it so it creates a local folder on your on your Mac and you can literally upload anything.


And as long as the app is open in the background, it will sing with the cloud you have to upload for those who have while we upload in case you want to free up storage and you only want to use it as a as an app to free up storage of your of your computer unintelligible. Awesome. Thank you.


Will it be possible to serve static websites and photos and stream videos from internet drive like you can from cloud, or does the encryption scheme make that impossible because each file needs to be put back together and decrypted before viewing?


Yeah, we’re working on that as well. Again, we’re working on many features. That would be one of them. Yep, I love that.


How long do you plan to be active on App Sumell? That’s the that’s the million dollar question, right? We don’t know. We don’t know. Nobody knows. It’s a secret. But so sorry. When. On Windows, is there a Windows Mac backup available? I mean, yeah, I mean, you can literally just use the folder as a backup.


Like, I get more advanced integrations will come, like which I think it’s firewalled or something like that, the backup tool.


So we’ll be integrating it with Mac and Windows back up tools very soon. So, yeah, awesome.


What’s the upload speed looking like right now? I mean, it really depends on your Internet speed, what device you’re using, how powerful it is, very mind that your clients had encrypted data on your device, if it also depends on how much ram it has, how big it is and so forth. So I can I mean, if you want, I can try to upload a policy with you and just. But this is some question with got still here.


So these are a real big PMG file, so it’s just a limit. So it should take hopefully a few seconds to upload that seem to get through. So that’s like I don’t know how many seconds, but. Yeah.


What’s the difference between to upload and one way upload. What’s better to have more upload speed.


Yep. So one way I usually works better because it’s more simple. So you upload from your local device to the to the cloud and then you can free up space. But it depends if you want to have everything. I have to weigh upload because I like to have my stuff locally so that I can access it like, you know, at any time from my computer. So and then I can edit documents. It automatically sends them. So it’s very handy.




All right, simoleons, we have just one more question left here. I know it probably looks like there’s more because we answered them while we were going through the walkthrough. But if you have any more questions, go ahead and throw them in. Now, is there documentation like a user guide or how to videos, anything like that? So right now, I don’t have it here because I’m not a new user, but when you when you download the app on your when you when you’re a first time user, you get a welcome guide with some explanation of what service is all about.


But we’re working on some tutorials for the desktop and the Web apps. Well, we think that’s important, so. Yeah.


And will there ever be a progress bar?


Yeah. I mean, there’s already a partial progress bar on some of the apps for Web and mobile will be fully implementing progress by way of percentage upload and download in a few days as well. Awesome.


And what about asking a bunch of road map related questions? I suppose so. Is there when you start uploading something, if you change the window, does it stop the upload? And is there something on the roadmap to stop that?


So, no, it’s fine. I mean, you can I mean, just keep browsing at any level.


All right. Those are the questions that we have. So swelling’s anything else that you want to know? You could drop it in right now. I want to make sure that we get everything answered. I really appreciate you taking the time. And we got a couple of other people excited about the tool. And I’m so grateful that you took the time to talk with us today, so I appreciate it. All right. I’m done stalling siblings. If you have not already, you can go to Simmo dot com slash Internet.


That’s I n t e r and x t to redeem your codes is starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by app Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we love to read your reviews on the deal page, so go ahead and give this your taco rating. And of course, you can leave any more questions that you have on the deal page as well.


Thank you so much, Marius’s. Thank you. Thank you all. I appreciate you being here today. Fran, have a good one.


Thank you. It’s been awesome. I like.

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