Internxt: Maximum Security Cloud Storage

Internxt is a tool that can help establish zero-knowledge encryption for maximum-security cloud storage. By using this software, you won’t have to worry about storing your information in the cloud.

Features and Benefits of Internxt

👉  Internxt Drive – This is Internxt’s file storage service that is based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security.

👉  Client-Side Encrypted – Your uploaded files will be client-side encrypted and then are fragmented into small pieces. This way, only you will hold the encryption key which retrieves the fragmented files.

👉  Shares – Only you can share the data that you have uploaded. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Apple iCloud can have permission to access your data.

👉  Available in All Devices – It will be very easy for you to get to the files that you keep in your Internxt Drive. You may access them directly from the desktop app, the web browser app, and in the iOS or Android apps.

👉  Internxt Photos – The photos that you upload into Internxt Photos are protected with end-to-end encryption which keeps them fully protected.

👉  Controlled Sharing – The end-to-end encrypted links makes for a secure, private, and easy file sharing. This means that your files are encrypted before they can leave your device and can only be decrypted once they are accessed by the recipient.

👉  Internxt Tokens – Tokens can be used to pay for cloud services and storage providers. Customers can also get discounts by using tokens along with some free merch.

Who is Internxt for?

👉  Photographers who need a tool that can help them keep their photos private and secure.

👉  Finance teams who need a software that can help them store their information in the cloud without having to worry about them getting stolen or hacked.

👉  Entrepreneurs that need a tool that will help them safeguard their data and the data that they share across platforms.

Things to Note About Internxt

👉  The syncing service of the software needs improvement since it sometimes runs slow.

👉  There are bugs that cause log in issues.

👉  Uploading can be very slow at times.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2017

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 25

👉  Founder: Fran Villalba Segarra

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G2 - 1 review


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