Interacty: Interactive Content and Gamification Platform


Interacty allows you to create interactive content, games, quizzes, and contests using simple templates to boost engagement, generate more leads and encourage the audience to actively participate. Interacty provides you means of engaging with your audience more closely.

You’ll never run out of interactive content options with Interacty because they’re all on one platform.


Interacty’s Pricing Overview


Interacty’s pricing starts at $5/month on their Starter Plan. You get access to all game mechanics, lead collection and basic statistics. It is the best plan if you are just getting started. You can, however, upgrade to their Basic plan starting at $19/month if you want to get more views, leads and premium templates.

Alternatively, Interacty is offering a limited lifetime deal at Appsumo starting at $59 for a Tier 1 deal. Find out more about Interacty’s lifetime deal below:

Price starts from:

$5.00 per month

✅  Has a free ver version
Save more when you get an annual plan
✅  Has an educational pricing plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

Interacty Appsumo lifetime deal plan


Interacty Features and Benefits


  • Engaging game mechanics – Tests, quizzes, games, timelines and other interactive experiences keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Gamification: timer, leaderboard and more – Interacty’s gamification features enables marketers to engage users and create strong business results. Set the time to complete the game, the number of attempts, and much more.
  • 100% match your brand style – A flexible and easy-to-learn editor makes it easy to customize your project to suit your brand style. Want to go further? Use CSS styles to fine tune your project.
  • Adaptive design – All Interaсty projects look equally good on desktops and mobile devices. You don’t need to configure anything, everything happens automatically.
  • Lead generation forms – Lead generation is an important tool to improve project efficiency. Use Interacty lead generation forms with almost any type of project for your lead gen strategy to build relationships and collect data.
  • Share and embed anywhere – Your project can be easily embedded into your website using a simple copy-paste. You can also choose a nice link for your project and share it with your users.
  • Integrations and built-in analytics – Customize the workflow according to your needs. Seamlessly connect the project to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system. Measure project performance in real-time with detailed built-in analytics.



Who is Interacty For?


Interacty is the great tool for marketing experts, educators, coaches, and online creators looking for an engaging and interactive platform.


Interacty Alternatives



User Reviews for Interacty


Perfect tool, but shoudl be improved for trainers and teachers


I am a trainer and I purchased the tool because I need the specific feature. I should be called match blocks. In short, it means placing specific items into specific places. (Like you have a fruit and vegetables basket and must correctly place fruit and vegetables placed around.


Here is the list of required features and I want you to vote for this feature to get it up to the list: https://interacty.frill.co/b/y0g48n0e/feature-ideas/block-match

Why I give 5 tacos – because it is a great tool and this is the only tool on AppSumo, which has the potential to make this requirement.


I believe you will make it a priority of this tool if many people vote for it.


I bought only 1 tier, but if they had this tool, I would certainly buy 3 or 4 tiers.


by Gabo_Bruno | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I am doing a happy dance!


I have been waiting for an appsumo deal on a tool like Interacty for a while. Most tools are mainly focused on marketing and lead generation but I needed something for e-learning and Interacty works nicely. Easy to use and embed, great UI and generous offer. The only thing I can’t figure out how to do is to remove “powered by Interacty”. Other than that, 5 tacos all the way!

by AC | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Game On


A really nice one. Interacty has some great games and even some other awesome templates like Before & Afters and Maps. A lot can be customized so you can use your own images and products. Looking forward to Rank Battle Maker.


Great for marketing and keeping users on your website, plus engaged on your social media channels.


The only thing that concerns me today is their support chat option has vanished.

by Joe_Sumo| From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I have finally found the tool that let me create stunning content to interact with my visitors. Quizzes, Puzzles, Timelines and much more. I am a SciFi writer, and I can offer to my readers some funny stuff. I will use this for my two other projects.


Interacty team continues to improve their product. They are on the right path to pretend to be a major tool in their domain.


I grab Tier 4 because they are so many possibilities with this. Don’t miss it.


The roadmap is continually active, and they have many works to make the best interactive tool ever.


What I love is the simplicity of creating content. I am waiting for multiple CNAME with this feature Interacty will be one of the best deals I made. Thanks to you Interacty team for the quality of your product.

by philippe.ruaudel | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I am a writer, communicator and online teacher. I am always looking for tools that can help me do my job better. I often make the mistake of buying products that don’t suit my needs… Appsumo is great, but a lot of the software is a bit too “beta” or unrealistic for my liking.


Interacty is just what I wanted, and much more. I bought a Tier 3 and after testing a bit the functionality and options of Interact and I thought: “Hey, you have tools that are useless to you and this is PERFECT”, so I went to Tier 4.


Why? It is much more than gamification. It is a marvel that works perfectly, right away, and can be used to create small courses, presentations, slideshows, pages, interactive content, and everything with an excellent and fast design. Tier 4 means all of this, but totally unlimited, which means almost limitless possibilities… I would give 500 tacos if I could.

by valtcor | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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