INBOX Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.110] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today we are joined by the team over our inbox. Inbox lets you easily create and send personalized marketing emails and newsletters for all of your brands. It is on AppSumo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it currently has a five taco rating. Before we dive into the deal. I just want to tell you a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, your brand, why you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. We love to hear it. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box. We do have some people on standby here who will be answering questions as they come in.

And the last thing is that there is a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you want to watch this again, you totally can have a blast. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Sayed, how are you doing?

[00:00:59.310] – Sayed(InbOx)
Hey, Lindsay. How are you?

[00:01:01.410] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Good. Good to see you. I’m going to go ahead and talk to you and your team for the presentation and let me have fun.

[00:01:11.190] – Sayed(InbOx)
Yeah. Thank you, Lindsay and all. See what team you guys on best. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us so far and we are grateful. And hello to all things. I am so excited to be here. My name is Say I’m a marketing assistant and embarks today. Me and my friend on the stage, I talk to you about what they want to hear you talk to you about the marketing and at the end of the end of your products.

But first of all, I want to thank you all for your questions, emails and interest. And it was an exciting thing for us. And one of the best things that some of us will be back on Netflix. It’s so important for us to learn about your demands and needs to take, for instance, the picture. We want to offer you, the features that make you different from all other products. So it’s a great feeling to get such good feedback on the features that make us different and affordable.

I actually want to talk to you about the email marketing because people sometimes say you may want to email that. But the fact is you may have marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing because it’s the on the platform that you can interact one on one with your subscribers, with your customers or users and approach them in privacy. This is something really big because people want to be seen to want to be understood and be heard. I mean, they want to feel special and email the right person at the right place at the right time.

And you can find the chance to take special care of them with your special offers or custom settings. And no, no other platform can give you this chance. And that’s why email has always been the number one network in the stories. A short e-mail is an excellent tool, especially to to increase loyalty to your brand, to your industry, loyalty is important to your email and telling people about yourself better, about your life better. And the other thing is e-mail is the oldest digital communication platform.

And in this respect, it’s it’s legal infrastructure is also very firmly based. And you have all heard of the arguments that have been taking place in some communication lately. And we email this privacy is protected by law. In some countries such as Canada, you can even replace your number. And as inbox, we would be open to considering all the things I have told and to use in compliance with all regulatory legislations at all the world. And might it according to your needs.

And yes. OK, let’s see shortly, Anastasia.

[00:05:13.760] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
No anesthesia. It doesn’t sound like your sounds coming at your muted style.

[00:05:19.840] – Anasthasia (InbOx)
Yeah, and now much better. Yeah, hey, guys, my name is Anastacia, and I’m working for a support team in Inbox for now. And what can I say? It’s really very easy to use the applications, very easy to use. And actually for email, marketing is the best tool. What can I say? And for now, I want to share with you screen so I can describe you some of the main topics and knowledge which I know about the inbox and to share this information with you.

So I’ll just share my screen just a second. Mm hmm. Can you see now?

[00:06:08.730] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Not quite now is just showing us the blank screen.

[00:06:13.770] – Anasthasia (InbOx)
Mm hmm. And now can you see it now,

[00:06:24.140] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Is it sharing your or has it been given permission to share your screen?

[00:06:28.970] – Anasthasia (InbOx)
Mm hmm. I’ll try one more time to. Mm hmm. And now, yeah, got it. OK, great, so I will talk to us first the most frequently asked questions about the defining center account. So here you can go. Here’s your display. And so, for example, you will open the account in books. And as you can see, you can put the image here, just right here and go to your profile. You can choose it here or you need to go to settings so you can choose and go to settings just right here.

Or if you want, you can go just right here and then right here you have your profile, which you can choose as well.

And you put your email address and set about to send in reports 24 hours later or which one you want to choose. And the main what I want to say about the sender accounts and then you just need to type here and which is important that you need to go. I will just go to details to explain you more. So, of course, you need to put your name or the name of the company. It’s important so that recipients can see by whom the mail is sent.

Also, it will be the most convenient to you if you can choose the sender account that will serve your purpose as well. Like announcement, for example, et and domain dot com or news ads and your domain dot com. And the most important as please don’t put there, for example, here, say it or you can put your company name and at and don’t put Gmail or dot com. It’s better to use your personal, your own domain and then after you will put all your information here, just save it as well.

It’s very easy to do. And then the second frequently asked questions about their contact lists. So how to create contact list and import subscribers.

So you just need to go to their contacts here and here. You can see all contacts and contact lists. So you just step in here and as you can see here, you see the contact list and to create just right here. So here you can put the list name, for example, I just chose this special group, for example, it’s very easy. Oh, and here you can choose from the list which you did before, or to create your own, and what’s the most important that you can choose the permission policy if your audience, for example, located in Canada, you can choose is just right here, or for example, and you will see.

So, for example, if your audience is located in Turkey, you can choose it. Just right here is GDP or so GDP are and you choose Europe here. So it’s very important. And of course, we are all in compliance with the legislation.

And you can see just straight here and after you will choose it, you can just save it here as well. And you will see it as also, of course, you can import subscribers. So you can see it. You can choose in actions. You can see that you can import contacts or contacts and you can see it here as well. So when you tap import, now you have the options. So import copy based import with Excel and import with your contacts from male chimps, for example, if you use it.

And it’s very easy actually.

So for example, I text here and just one click and you can choose Excel file with your subscribers and in it’s very easy, you can just choose it and press open. And here you need to put it up, that we will automatically clean duplicate instance of email addresses from at least.

And press contacts.

And the SEC one, I want to talk about segmentations, so we are going to conduct and press the segments, you are able to create the custom segmentations options from here and you can see as well.

We will go just in details. Or you can create as well, maybe it’s better to create our own, for example, we are going to conduct segmentations and just press here to create so and as you can see, you can choose the contact status, email address, contact status, contact rank can be in the link location or see your account country contact creation date contact list also as well. You can choose equal or not equal and active hardballs, unsubscribed or spam reported.

So you can choose all these options. And of course, as well, you can choose any name, any segment name you wish to these you just click to save it. And actually that’s it. And the husband wants it means there are harmful IP addresses, emails or accounts which never used before. Also, I want to talk about the newsletters steeps here.

We have inbox brush with books, brush. You can prepare mobile compatible newsletters, so it’s mobile friendly as well without any coding knowledge.

So here I want to talk about news letters more. So, for example, we will try to create a newsletter here. You need to choose a subject, any subject that’s be topic, and then you choose the language English, and then we see so you can choose any design type. So it is very easy to make. First of all, you can choose from any layouts we have. So you can see here featured layouts and basic.

Just right here.

So, for example, we are going to hear, first of all, it’s very easy because you can see how it will look like after just press here or you can create for example, you want to choose this one.

OK, it’s loading. Here, so you can see that you have different options to make newsletter which you want. You have columns and buttons, HTML and images. So just right here, you can see that you can put any picture you want. It’s very easy to make. Just put it just step here and you could choose any images you want. Also as well here, you can change any your color of your body of your newsletter. Just press here and choose any color you want as well.

You can put any images from the Internet, for example. We want to choose this one. Just choose. Which one you want you can upload to here any images as well or to choose from their Internet just right now, just to write the name of the picture you want to put as well.

And second, I will go back. Just one second. We can save this one as well. Mm hmm. So I want to. You to see that we have layout and then templates as well, and you can choose your own HTML for free, so you can create it just right here and to choose to just put the link and it will be visible just right here. And as well, you can upload your HDMI live from there you are.

I’ll just put your email address right here.

And one of the most questions, which is really important for email putting it. So I want to talk about the reports is very important because it shows in real. Just one second. We see more details here.

So this is all information which you will get for your reports, which you can share as well just right here. And it’s very important because it shows in real time and helps you analyze your analyze how many people unsubscribe who click it so you can see here. So how many times, how many emails. And it helps you to improve your email marketing future to make it more successful. And it’s important because it happens in real time and you can check it as well.

So tomorrow it will be different information. So it helps you for future to change and to improve your email marketing and to make emails you want, which will help you in future. And also here, the next ones, the forms you can make or you can create your forum with drag and drop design, too. You can check how to design, will look on previous screen on both desktop and mobile devices because it’s mobile friendly as well. And of course, we have the new event.

Feature Inbox event can create a website where you can publish your online and physical activities in categories so you can just create an event. So as you can see, also you can add it to your calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo calendar and others as well, to make time, location and just edu events and e-books event will provide announced this event to your subscribers. You can check how many subscribers, which is also important, how many subscribers have added your event to their calendar and even helps you to find sponsors for your event as well.

For example. Yes, actually, that’s it. Thank you so much for your time and may be able to say so he can share or to give some more information. Thank you.

[00:18:24.180] – Sayed(InbOx)
Thank you. Thank you. Yes.

[00:18:28.850] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
We do have a couple questions here. I just want to. Some people are asking about Integration’s, and I know that that’s something that every single thing has. Oh, they always want to know. So what can you just tell us about Integration’s and then maybe any ones that are on the roadmap or the horizon?

[00:18:51.110] – Sayed(InbOx)
Yes, yes, sure. We actually now read API integrations with API, you can connect your all of your CRM and all the systems problems with our platform and we have Zacchia for now, but we are working on it.

Like in two months, there will be much more, much more options to integrate. And we are working on it. They can visit our roadmap already. Trello, we share a link in our full page. Wonderful.

[00:19:24.500] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
So all of you are looking for the roadmap, which I know many of you are. Head over to the page for this one and I’ll let you know. The other question we have here, just a couple is about importing contacts. Where can they import contacts from?

You can e-mail

[00:19:41.840] – Sayed(InbOx)
Sure, Sure Anastacia already shelled out to import your contact. You can import them and copy paste with Excel files or one one by one, or you can import from MailChimp if you transfer from cheap, of course, but directly from the Gmail. Maybe we can solve it with API intubations if they have a list there. But, you know, it’s it’s actually much more easy to import them with XML files because you can you can create custom settings with XML files to the to a segment to segment your contact list.

[00:20:27.620] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
I guess the last question is about branding. They want to know once they have three cards what kind of control they have with branding. And I know. I know.

Sumolings to branding. So yes.

[00:20:41.960] – Sayed(InbOx)
Yes, of course I know. I realized that this week. Yes. With three state codes just writing sent by inbox at the end of emails, it will be removed. Which twistex.

And if you actually allow me, I just want to say some last words to you, I guess just last thoughts, I just want to say that sometimes people think that, you know, you made marketing platform. They use the only reason for their males falling into spam box. But there are multiple, multiple reasons to to remain goes to a spin box, for example, the content of the email, the title of the email, whether the contact list, opt in or opt out or cleaning the contact list and sending the entire spam policy and etc.

But as inbox, we offer always help them about the issue. And we just saw with what you need to fix with our reviews and all you have to do is contact with us because people sometimes ask us too much, especially this week. My email goes to spend buycks. Why there’s so many reasons and just contact with us and we will answer all of your questions. And lastly, this is this is the last one, I promise. And I want to make something clear about our automation system.

What can I say? And now we are working on it. And there are there is two types of automation. We offer basic automation. At least one. Basic automation is a system that triggers an automatic mail sending to your newly added subscribers to your contact list and. And you can termin the details such as this is the content of this automatic e-mail and when it will be sent and we offer this basic automation to everyone with the two, two plus two doesn’t matter once actress doesn’t matter.

But Advanced Automation feature, we get so many questions about advanced automation, you will be able to create many different scenarios and you will be able to send automatic emails under the condition conditions you want on the day and time you want. But what to do? This is the main thing we offer this advanced automation only for plants, since the automation can get a little complicated for people. So people need a lot of help in this regard. And and the automation already consumes a lot of resources.

So when the workforce for technical support, demand for our technical support, the requirements to it must be presented properly. And so because of this, we didn’t include on lifetime deal.

Yes, that’s it.

[00:24:28.990] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Thank you so much. Do you think you have time and for maybe two questions real quick that we can run through? You know, we have we have one question to please explain multi-brand management that comes with its five brands. Tell me about that.

[00:24:47.670] – Sayed(InbOx)
Of course.

Actually, Anastasiya showed the center it counts multiple brands. Management is actually adding multiple center icons to your platform. So you can you can choose your central counts, for example. But the main thing is this is actually not for agencies because the brand must be yours, because you you know, you have to send your e-mails as authorized so people should let you just send them emails. So if you have and if you have much more more than one brand, like, for example, maybe you’re not holding and, you know, you have some brand in, I don’t know, maybe cars.

And you said you have another brand and sugars, chocolate, for example. And you can of course, you can run all of your brands in one platform, just buy it. And they are sender icons and you can shape your contact list by buying these conditions.

[00:26:02.370] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, we’re just going to run through a couple people are asking about different features. I’m going to just name the feature and you tell if you tell me if it exists.

All right. So funnels.

[00:26:20.330] – Sayed(InbOx)
Funnels? It’s it’s on our road map again, it will probably will be published in March.

[00:26:30.590] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
I guess this. Lists?.

[00:26:38.100] – Sayed(InbOx)
Lists. Yeah, what kind of things can I ask? I don’t know. I have.

[00:26:45.490] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
So each round Tagg’s.

[00:26:50.550] – Sayed(InbOx)
Tags like, uh oh. Yes, funnels, lists and tags. Yeah, we can actually consider this one because we really care about Sumolings offerings, such as small bags and reshape our road map to our to our demands and needs.

Why not

[00:27:18.900] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
They always appreciate it? Is there a future for direct email campaigns this time?

[00:27:26.520] – Sayed(InbOx)
Drip email campaigns will be done with automation.

[00:27:31.900] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Cool. And that is how one of them is described as it OK? Yeah, with basic automation, is that available? So one of the questions.

That’s all right. And then can we add fields in our forms?

[00:27:48.830] – Sayed(InbOx)
Yes, you can of custom fields, you can add GDP and compliance and terms of use and email addresses.

Yes, you can you can follow whatever you want and then can you embed those forms into websites? Yes.

At the end of the forums and you embed codes, HTML codes, you are allowed to send your your customers and another code to add your email signature, for example. And then you can, you know, you can use forms as physical forms too. If you want, you can just print on the paper, or maybe you can put a tablet at your shop to sign people your forms, fill out your forms and contact this.

[00:28:44.630] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, and then if anybody else has any more questions, what’s the best way to ask them to you?

How do they get their questions?

[00:28:53.930] – Sayed(InbOx)
Of course they can. They can get from some obscure page. We already answered all the questions, but we have a we have a support email that supports that using box dot com. You can send all of your questions. We will be there for you all the time.

[00:29:12.380] – Lindsay(AppSumo)
Amazing. All right, Sumolings, that’s going to be it for today, but you can go to Atsuko Dot Dotcom slash in to redeem your codes again, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

And of course, this is backed by a 60 day guarantee. You can go ahead, get set up, play around with us, see how it works for you once you’ve done that. We do love to read your reviews on the deal page. As I said earlier, they’ve currently got a five Taxco rating. You can go ahead and add your experiences there as well. We love to hear it. And then the other thing, if you have any more questions, of course, you can add those to the deal page or reach out to their support directly.

Appreciate your taking the time to be here. Appreciate you walking us through the tool. And everyone has a good one. You know, they.

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