How to Create a SaaS Sales Funnel

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If you’re a startup founder or marketing professional, then you know that a sales funnel is key to growing your business.

A SaaS Sales Funnel is a diagram that illustrates the customer’s journey from awareness to purchase and post-purchase. It can help you visualize your marketing and sales process and identify areas for improvement.

But how do you create one that actually works? In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been struggling to make your funnel work, this guide is for you!




Around 37% of those who perform marketing claim that the most difficult part of their job is prospecting for new clients. The problem is that without prospects, it would be impossible to conduct proper sales. So, to build a good sales funnel, you start with prospecting.

You can put them in the sales funnel and track their progress when you have those prospects.

We have listed the steps you can use to build a sales funnel.


Build a Landing Page


When companies use 30 or even more landing pages, they will get seven times more leads than those employing fewer than 10. That just shows how crucial landing pages are.

Now, landing pages are usually the first time users learn about your brand, product, or service. Before we go any further, we have to discuss what a landing page is?

A landing page is a web page created explicitly for promotions and marketing. When users click on an ad or a social media post, they will get redirected to a landing page. Unlike regular web pages, a landing page has a single goal: the call-to-action or the CTA. The CTA is a clear statement of what you want the users to do.

You can use many call-to-actions, and it depends on your offer. For example, if you just want to turn them into leads, your call to action could be to “Sign Up Now” in exchange for their email address. You can also use the CTA “Learn More” if you are offering services, and they can be directed to the page that has more information.

The landing page should clearly state information about your SaaS business and the benefits that the users will get if they perform the action indicated on the CTA. There are design templates for landing pages but don’t forget the form where users can enter their information.


Offer Users Something Valuable


To perform the CTA, you need to give the users something in exchange, which usually means asking for their email address. You can target them with your marketing efforts with their email addresses.

At this sales funnel stage, the thing given away is known as a lead magnet. It’s meant to attract leads. The lead magnet should be of value so that the users will be compelled to give them their email addresses. Usual lead magnets are eBooks and even discount coupons.


Nurturing a Lead


After a user becomes a lead, they will move into the interest stage. At this point, having their email address will come into play. You can send them a series of email messages meant to nurture them and convince them to make a purchase. In marketing, the term nurture refers to the practice of placing content in front of the lead at the right time.




When your leads move on to the decision stage, you should do what you can to convince them to make a purchase. You can give different offers to them, like a free trial or even a product demo. Some companies give out discounts.

You need to convince them that purchasing your SaaS product is the right decision.


Be Consistent


Creating a SaaS funnel for you to see the effects takes longer. Stick to doing all the stuff that you have to do. You must be consistent with all the actions that you have to perform.

Maintain the communication going. The email marketing series you have created to nurture your sequence should be kept going.


Identifying the Cracks


Your sales will have cracks, and you are losing prospects through those cracks. Unfortunately, even excellent prospects can be lost because of the gaps. It’s essential to identify those cracks so you can repair them.

What are the sales funnel cracks?

Those are the parts of the funnels where you are losing prospects. Here are some questions that you can answer to identify those cracks:

  • Are there any roadblocks in my sales process?
  • Where do I lose the most prospects?
  • What are the points in the sales funnel that usually trigger a sale?

These are methods that you can use to identify the cracks in your sales funnel.


Tools and Resources For Building the Perfect SaaS Sales Funnel


Using a sales funnel is not just for large companies. Even small businesses can benefit greatly from it. If you want to be able to maximize the results of your marketing efforts and see your revenue grow, then using a sales funnel is perfect for you.

Sales funnels also help you identify the cracks in the process so that you can fix them. The funnel can also give you insights on what to do in order to keep the leads coming, so there’s no need for you to worry about losing them.

If you want an easier way to create your sales funnels, there are different tools out there that would assist you with this task. You can choose from a variety of options, so you can have a lot of fun as you learn how to create your own funnel.

Alternatively, you can reach out to SaaS marketing experts for assistance. There are a lot of marketing companies that offer services that can help you to create a perfect funnel. You just have to search for the best solutions out there, and you’ll definitely find the one that fits your needs.

With enough knowledge and the right tools, sales funnels should be easy for you to make. Don’t think twice to create your funnel today so you can start reaping the benefits of it right away. Should you wish to learn more about SaaS sales funnels, read more articles from our SaaS marketing blog.


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