Hide My WP Ghost: Secure Your Website from Hackers, Bots, and Spammers


Hide My WP Ghost is a premium plugin for WordPress websites which was made by the developers of Squirrly SEO. Easily protect your site and data against spams and attacks from hackers and bots. Maximize your site security by taking proactive measures such as inserting scripts, uncovering security threats, brute force protection, etc.

Hide my WP Ghost answers the need for a heightened security for WordPress websites.


Hide My WP Ghost Pricing Overview


Hide My WP Ghost’s price starts at $29.99 for one website. The price scales up if you want to install this plugin in multiple websites. You have the option to install this plugin in unlimited number of websites for a much higher price. Plans auto-renews after 1 year. All pro plans include:

Alternatively, Hide My WP Ghost offers a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo. Hide My WP Ghost’s lifetime deal starts at $59 for a single code. Find out more about their lifetime deal below:

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$29.99 per user / year

✅  1 Year premium support
✅  1 Year plugin update, logs, and alerts
✅  Premium Features
✅  It also has a free version

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for a Single-code Deal

Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime deal on Appsumo


Hide My WP Ghost Features


Hide My WP Ghost includes over 60+ features that helps to protect your site, some of which includes:

  • Custom wp-admin URL & wp-login Paths
  • Hide wp-admin
  • Hide wp-login
  • Change Author Path
  • Hide Author ID
  • Change Lost Password Path
  • Change Register Path
  • Hide WordPress Common Files
  • Firewall Against SQL & Script Injection
  • Brute Force Protection
  • WooCommerce Login Protection
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 Protection
  • Limit login fail attempts
  • Add Security Headers for XSS and Code
  • Injection Attacks
  • Find out if someone is trying to hack your site
  • Know when a post was deleted, and who deleted it
  • Know when a plugin was activated/deactivated, and who did it
  • Log Users Events & Events Log report
  • Whitelabel (exclusive for LTD buyers)

For a full list of their features, click here.

All these features are capable of helping you…

  • Go undetected by hacker bots
  • Prevent WordPress vulnerability exploitation
  • Monitor security level with broad checks and alerts
  • Uncover urgent vulnerabilities
  • Fix security threats before they become a problem



Who is Hide My WP Ghost For?


Business owners, website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, and agencies who want to add an extra layer of protection and security to their WordPress site.


Things to Note About Hide My WP Ghost


👉  The plugin lacks an onboarding guide

👉  User interface needs improvement


Hide My WP Ghost Alternatives



User Reviews for Hide My WP Ghost


“I really like this plugin! I did something similar previously by adding permalink rules to the functions.php while using Auto-optimize filters to fix the combined HTML & CSS files to reflect the modified paths. That was a time-consuming process, though. It is best done with a plugin like this one as it serves many and there and being a product there is an incentive to keep it battle tested with the latest developments and existing plugins.


“The only thing that makes me remove one star is the UI and the onboarding. It is rather weirdly structured and takes a moment to grasp. The interface could use some cleanup and less of the unconventional way things are placed. I saw some reviews of the Squirrly SEO plugin, and it also suffers from a very cluttered and colorful interface. Seems to be a general problem in my opinion with Squirrly plugins. This plugin could also use an onboarding guide or workflow, as clicking the security test gives you a list of things to change, but when you try to activate a fix a browser prompts tells you to enable the secure/ghost mode and thereafter leaves you stranded without a quick way to find next steps to enable the demanded mode.


“Another thing is, that the help function always opens the Squirrly page homepage. I would prefer that it would display a brief description directly in your admin with a more link (if even necessary).


“One concern are the presets that the two modes pre-populate. As they use the same settings for every user, it kind of becomes its own problem again, enabling automated attacks again. Don’t get me wrong: You can change the default settings, but most likely user just take the default suggestions. Hence, you will deploy “security through obscurity” but in a diminished way, as the settings are known to everybody suspecting that this plugin is being used (potential attackers and bots).”

by MaxZieb


“I saw this plugin when I wanted to change my website login url 1 year ago. HMW is on the list of highly recommended security plugins. And what really surprised me was that this plugin was a Squirrly product, wow.


“I trust the Squirrly team when it comes to success with their SEO plugin. This time they came for the second time with HMW, I was so enthusiastic to welcome them by buying 1 code, hopefully I can add more codes in the next opportunity.


“This plugin works very well and is very fast, hiding the url line so that it is not visible using WordPress CMS.”

by hamam93


“I would say, if you manage any WordPress sites. You should protect it first using HMWP Ghost. It is really easy to configure.


“If an attacker can’t find the location of the files, it would be really difficult for them to actually go about it. This is WordPress application side protection. I would also strongly recommend going with a proven hosting. They already have hardened and secure platform that is well-protected.


“If you have this combo of a good hosting and solid prevention system on WordPress side, you would not need WordFence or similar plugins. Most of the security plugins try to do what the server side supposed to do. Like, firewall and DDos mitigation. But in reality, it should be on the server side and not on the application side.


“If you look at the partial feature set above, you should already know that HMWP is not 1:1 replacement of many plugins like BBQ or WP Hide. They only do a partial job.”

by LatinTurtle


“My experience so far:


“I backed up one of test my websites, installed the plugin, I was up and running with a unique experience in less than 15 min (prepare yourself for many settings and you’ll need to read the information to build confidence and to understand more about any setting before doing it (Thanks to the extensive documentation)


“I already have Wordfence and I was flooded with emails from all my websites everyday with bots! but since I installed HMWP I don’t see any warning for the last 2 days.

In conclusion, I am ready to take it to live sites with confidence.”

by Zaki


“I have found this very intuitive to use so far but haven’t quite used all the features yet.


“It is great to have a security plugin that can be used on all my sites with out a monthly subscription and a good support facility.


“I look forward to implementing it on all my sites as I have has a rise in attacks recently and I think hiding the paths is a great facility to help prevent this.”

by jennie99

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