heybooster: Enhance Digital Marketing Performance With A Powerful Planning Tool


heybooster is an artificial intelligence-powered marketing tool for monitoring ecommerce strategic planning channels with daily audits and next-step alerts. Daily insights from the platform indicate account enhancements, operational concerns that might be squandering budget, and growth possibilities that require attention.

heybooster collects data from your analytic tools in order to manage KPIs and anticipate their performance. Any day of the month may be used to obtain month-end values with the help of the KPI module. In this approach, you will be able to prevent surprises and achieve your goals more frequently as you actively adjust your strategy.

heybooster alerts you to major developments, points out measurement problems, and flags under and overspending. Alerts and notifications are sent for the most significant changes that effect revenue the most.


heybooster Pricing Overview


Heybooster’s monthly price starts at $69 USD a month for a “Start” plan, which is perfect for small businesses with limited marketing budget. The price scales up if you want to add more members within your account, gain more data source connections, and have access to more features that’s available only with higher plans. However, as of now, heybooster don’t allow signing up for a monthly subscription and will be sent to their landing page in Appsumo instead.

Alternatively, heybooster is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which also starts at $69 for Tier 1 deal. Find out more about heybooster’s lifetime deal below.


Price starts from:

$69.00 per month

✅  No free trial (because they will redirect you to their Appsumo LTD)

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$69.00 – Single payment for a Tier 1 deal

heybooster lifetime deal on Appsumo


heybooster’s Features


✅  Daily marketing audit – Make sure all your channels are performing well to keep full control over your marketing campaigns. Track important KPIs with updates happening in a daily basis.

✅  KPI forecasting – Track your KPIs and see how close you are to hitting your goals

✅  Anomaly detection alert – Notify your team know about any critical or important changes

✅  Custom insights – Customize the way your report looks and get all your marketing reports in one place.

✅  Unlimited built-in insight sources

✅  Actionable insights

✅  Google Analytics audit

✅  Budget monitoring

✅  Prioritization

✅  Email and Slack notifications


Add-ons and Integrations


✅  Google Analytics

✅  Google Ads

✅  Google Search Console

✅  Facebook

✅  Slack



Who is heybooster For?


👉  Heybooster is a new way for Ecommerce agencies and marketing teams to track and improve data. It’s also the perfect solution for keeping tabs on keywords and associated data, such as page locations, impressions and click counts, to see how your content is doing!


Things to Note About Clinked


👉   The Google Analytics set up seems to be irreversible so better to watch out while setting it up


heybooster Alternatives



User Reviews for heybooster


1. Amazing interface

2. Easy to share links with insights

3. Urgency Categorisation

by neha60 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I just bought the tier 3 app summo plan and had my onboarding with their support team yesterday.


Got a lot of insights and gave me a big picture what to improve on our website and accounts.


Very easy to use and insights are very valuable. Thank you.

by briandominic | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is a great product if you’re looking for actionable insights from your various platforms. I quickly connected Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Ads and received an impressive set of reports and insights. A few performance issues were immediately obvious and would have been difficult to spot without the reports provided.


If you’re an agency or have a number of ecomm clients stacking 3 Tiers is a no-brainer!

by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


It is a great product and really like the way they onboard me into their platform. I’ve just connected my Analytics and Search Console accounts and choose the relevant properties to start my audit. I’ve spotted many insights to take action. As the Analytics setup is something irreversible, you have to do things correctly. Thank you for the deal and hope to see more insight, specifically anomaly detection for different traffic sources to get my attention for traffic spikes.

by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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