Hey Oliver Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.360] – Chris (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, Chris, here from AppSumo in today, I’m joined with the team from Hey, Oliver. So for those of you who don’t know, Hey Oliver is a marketing automation software that works seamlessly with your website so you can build customized campaigns, track engagement and convert more leads to build on similar right now starting off with just forty nine dollars, which is a super cool tool at a great price. Before we dove into this. Let me know where you guys are tuning in from.

Also, let us know. Have you guys already bought. Hey Oliver, are you here to kind of see how you can use it or are you on the fence and trying to weigh your options? Let us know. In the chat you can click that chat button below the video to other things. One, if you have any questions, drop those in the Q&A box below the video as well. We have Elena from the hell of a team who is going to be getting you guys some answers over there.

And then if you have to pop out early for any reason, we will be sending out a replay so you can catch everything there. But that is all I have for me. Nicholas, thank you for joining us this morning. Hey there.

[00:01:03.950] – Nicholas (Hey Oliver!)
Hey, Chris. Hi, community Haitian Mullings, this is Nicholas from Oliver.

[00:01:09.510] – Chris (AppSumo)
I’m glad that you have you are into this webinar and I hope that I will get through to whatever and answer any questions that you may have in order for you to use whatever to the full extent and bring the expected results that you want to have with your business.

[00:01:31.960] – Nicholas (Hey Oliver!)
OK, awesome. So I turn on your screen here now and we dove into it. Yeah, of course.

Just from from all over we San Francisco, London, Texas, Germany. Awesome. Good to see you guys.

Well, it’s pretty awesome. Yeah, just a second, Chris. I’m having some difficulties here, but. And people in the comments let us know what is what is your business, what are you looking to use? Hey, Oliver four. Are you an agency consultant or do you have your own SAS company, The Net from Boston? That’s where I’m from. What’s up, Venette? How are you all doing? 3:00 a.m. in Melbourne, what’s going on that that is a very good thing for us.

I mean, Sam wants to be there around 3:00 a.m. This is perfect. So I I’m just sharing my screen now on the list, if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah. I’m going through right now. There it is. Looks like some of the comments. Can everyone see here. Good to go. I am going to Nicholas looking good for me. I’m going to turn off my video and you are good to run with it.

That’s perfect.

So as you already know, hey, Oliver is a marketing automation tool that if that gets into your website, you add a simple JavaScript code into your website and then analyzes each visit of your website and allows you to create super targeted audience groups and then target those groups through marketing campaigns. Other than that, whatever offers a tone of features like life chat and form tracking action, tracking, custom tags and so on. And we have we have some modeling from Mexico.

That’s great.

So to start off, as you may already know, we had some difficulties in related to the servers we didn’t expect and we didn’t know that you assume our users will love this product. So it got us a little off guard. So we boosted up.

Our servers were hanging up and we were great. And we will keep delivering the best experience for you.

So when you login into your account, you will be greeted with such such as it is a screen.

OK, this is a screen that you will see if you have a touch, if you have included many domains into your account.

So, for example, my primary account, this is the one that you have to use in order to create new domains and redeem your upswell codes.

This is the one so going in. And you will be into your dashboard, so, OK, but I’m leaving the dashboard now, I’m going to go just a second just to make small change that will help us into the present, into the presentation. And what I was going to say to you is to just a second. OK, here we go. So. If you use Oliver. You will you have the ability to show this type, this bubble here, we call it the bubble, that this is the main window interaction window for between you and your visitors so you can chat with them.

OK, we have a lot of tests. And Hisam, you know, we will if we go past this so you can chat with them, with them. The market here, with the administrator, with the owner of the website, and you can be into the vice versa communication.

So other than that, probably contains the campaigns that you receive while browsing that website if you are eligible to do so. For example, if you meet some criteria, that will show the criteria in a few minutes.

So this is this is one this is a sample campaign that visitors can get Witkoff contact form so visitors can contact you through BABLY and effectors where you can provide the some questions regarding the product with your um, for your visitors to find is quite easily their questions.

And we have externalize links. You can connect through Facebook, you can connect through the social media and so on and so forth. Everything is customizable and the colors to match to meet your brands. And because you’re asking a lot of questions regarding the translations or some specific parts of papillae, we are pushing an update later in the week where we will be and where we are increasing the text that you will be able to edit and customize to your preference.

OK, so this is it what visitors see when you can well, you add whatever into your website and for example, you can play we can turn off some of the functions or the entire BABLY so it work incognito.

Let’s do this to see. I’m going to refresh this now and. Hopefully, according to Murphy’s Law, some of the some of them will go off. OK, so, yeah, child is gone, FNQ is gone. So you can keep whatever you want into your own website. So let’s get back to the dashboard now. So support. In our dashboard, you have you have, you know, all the things not happening into your account in a single dashboard, you can see the page views your visitors have see have seen today.

You can see the things that are generated today, how many conversions you have, how many campaigns are running, how many visitors are right into your website now. And so on page views and things that you can you can, uh, usually see in other analytics analytic tools.

Uh, for example, however, Google, Google Kolevar distinguishes itself from Google in many parts. For example, we offer Babalawo for Life Child. We offer those campaigns at Google Analytics cannot, uh, do. But we have similarities because we show both some specific analytic tools. However, through you, Oliver, you can go into that lovely screen where you can see the visitors in, um, in the life in real time and what they are doing with their website or with your website.

Sorry. So I will just get here. And it will show me. Get me through it just a second. OK, so here is me, OK, John Smith is just an alias for for testing purposes and it shows that. Well, uh, yeah, this is my profile, I am offline now, I have closed there were the top. So this is this is me. Uh, this is a small CRM system for this visitor.

You can February this person. Um, you can see the entire browsing history of that person, dates, pages, times. What things are most engaged with pages? What actions did he made into their website, what forms he completed? Any conversions may hate it. He may have it as well. You can create a one to one marketing campaign to that exact visitor. OK, so this visitor will get the campaign like the one that I showed you previously.

Um. OK, so first, I’m going to just the second to check will he ever work on me, will say, that’s a great question. I’m going to I’m going to email this. I want to hand it over to the support team and we will answer you regarding this, because it is a very special occasion.

So other than the profile of the visitor that we’ll explain later, how does this small user information text boxes are filled in? You can chat with that specific. So by clicking on that button.

Or, of course, you can do the same thing into your life, your page by clicking this button here that says that’s the second, I say OK, that says Chot, OK, you can, um, chat with them.

So. Let’s close some windows and here, I mean, Chad and look, this is me, I’m having some, uh, testing conversations with myself. And I have to say now that.

During the during chot, if you if you are flying, you, you have the option to receive email notification into your e-mail and then there is a link inside of it that will allow you to click on it and direct you to the exact chat and follow up.

However, if you are offline, there is another one thing that happens. A form is shown to the visitor telling, telling him that, telling him or her that your flight and it has a form that will allow them to feel in their details. So for you to follow up the conversation.

So, um, in my personal opinion, it’s kind of, you know, very time consuming to see these exact, um, screen and besar screen and decide, oh, OK. This is our friend from Multa, for example, is looking for today’s, uh, our products. And he’s online now. So we have to show him a campaign. This is very time consuming, especially if you have a very big website. So what you gonna do is use automation’s.

First thing is that you have to build you are audiences, you are groups, you are groups. You’ve got these audiences, group people with similar, uh, criteria.

For example, my first demo group sorry I didn’t delete this, uh, demo pages before this, but that’s OK. So those people that visited the contact page of us at least two times from, let’s say, Australia High Australia, I’ve been in communication with many people with Australia, and I hope that Nick is with us now.

Um, so, you know, you can you can use things like referral, for example. Last words, if you use YouTube campaigns like source media, online campaign, you can choose this to create super targeted campaigns from you. Ah, um, from your ads or any external links and groups, those people and target them. You can use if this is a computer or smartphone, how many page views they made into their website. If they what was their reaction to the um ready to increase sales campaign.

Was it positive, was it the negative. So you can do anything with their audience group. So it went through this group. When you do this group, you can head over to the campaign creator. So let’s go. Let’s go. Where is that Cumani? Yeah, OK, well, I have I have a disabled child for that exact reason, and I am flying, so yeah, that’s the reason, so.

Your lottery is on you. There was no one. So getting back to the campaign either. Um, you choose your objective. Your outcome and the toll we call our inbound marketing campaigns, like the window that I showed you earlier, uh, shout out, this is the name that we choose and you can choose to send this campaign to all of your visitors or to specific groups.

OK, for example, this demo group. So I’m going to head back to the to the always think just for whatever you you add your, um, you know, the name of the campaign, let’s say Demel campaign.

You can choose a category if you like. Uh, let’s, uh, let’s say an announcement. Uh, this is my demo campaign. Hello there. You can add photos if you have I don’t have anything ready from now, apologies for that, but you can do whatever you want. Here is another line up and so on.

And then you can choose where you want this campaign to be shown or either either on the bottom right or center we are introducing because of the community asked us, Will, many times we are introducing new types of campaign and a brand new campaign, Ed, that will allow you to do more things, more prettier things in your liking.

So. Just a second, please. OK, now I think it looks better, so I’m choosing bottom bottom, right. I can use this I can trigger this campaign instantly or after two seconds, after five seconds and so on. Or you can use it as an exit or a goodbye campaign. OK, and you can choose to go to hided, and the main thing is that you can choose when where do you want this campaign to be shown?

For example, I want this to be shown on late into our conduct.

OK, so let’s get up to the types of campaign we are offering. Plain one button only, for example. And this is, uh, get me there. Get me there. And the link to the page, let’s say all of our dot com. The other sign, a commercial. OK, so let’s see how does this look prevue? And this will look like this. OK, so let’s change the type of campaign and let’s, for example, ask for users feedback.

So prevue. We will get something like this. OK, I did another photo with a photo, this will be much prettier, but OK, you get that, you get my point. So let’s change it and go to ask their e-mail.

And this is where things become pretty and very powerful.

So this is a this is a demo campaign that ask the visitor to his email addresses address. And what happens what happens if you what are the options? Now, you can set up your email autoresponder, for example. You can design your email templates. I am going to show you later on how to do this. And you can use them, for example, my very first email responder and for that visit or that we will submit their details within the campaign, he will automatically automatically receive these templates.

For example, email from name. This is Nicholaus. This is no colossal dot com dot com. My subject is my subject. Thank you for joining us.

Let’s joining us, let’s say, and I can get notified in my email as well every time that someone, uh, supplements the form. OK, so I when we run this, the visitors will get that are eligible to see it. Of course, if they meet the criteria to get this type of campaign and each of them that are submitting the their details will will receive their very first email responder template.

OK, so let’s go back to that overview now. And then let’s see, how does this look like so. Forex alone. Sorry, apologies. OK, so let’s say this one. This is much better. So this is a campaign that we used earlier back in the day. You can see a preview of how your campaign is going. You are how many leads you have received, how many have come close the campaign and and so on.

OK, so, uh, I’m not going to share this screen for, uh, PR purposes, but if I click here, you and I get the least of all of these 15 persons that have submitted their details into this campaign.

So you are a salesperson or you or whatever the user that uses hey can export and use it on your preference preference. So, of course, you can edit the campaign. To your liking and save the changes and it will automatically populate to your visitors, so let’s head up to the leads leads Leeds of the place that these visits here are collected. So here I’m showing you the leads of a of a specific campaign. But here you can get on a daily basis.

And the leads from, uh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

So, yeah, you can as you may already have seen, you can get there. You can see the campaigns and the leads that you have you have received for you to get those leads, to export them, to follow up through e-mail, through whatever the case, through phone, whatever they left into the uh, into that campaign and uh, close the deal.

So I’m moving on to the lead scoring. You can lead scoring. What is a lead scoring with lead scoring?

You can set up a model that will allow you to distinguish which these those are hot and which of them are not are hot or cold.

So, uh, you can you can I’m going to show you an example. So. Going back to the lives you. This is you, and because we cannot live to not around anymore. Uh, we don’t run any any leads scoring at the moment.

And this is ridiculous and most probably new. They have a zero point zero points. But you can use this information to. You can use this information to target them as well, so. Lead scoring. Seventy percent and above, so let’s say they are pretty hot, you can gather them and send them your targeted marketing.

Uh, um. Or or keep sending e-mail messages, sorry. So, um, I was saying that, yeah, you can use a lead scoring model. So. Um, to give points, depending on the actions and criteria people are making into your website, and I’m going to show you exactly right now, how do you set up this lead scoring?

So I’m heading up to our tools. These are email responder’s. Our email responder’s. You can visit Kincaide and edit your designs. I’m going to just show you how does this look like? So, yeah, this is, uh, this how it’s the what you can do. You can edit the text. I’m not going to say I’m not going to save it. And you can’t send a text email to see how it looks into your device and so on.

So here is the email autoresponder that that you link with. You are compain. So, for example, I’m going back to this page. So just to remind to refresh your memory, this is where you are selecting the campaign, the email autoresponder that will be linked to that campaign in Cesa. Since I am in here, this is the through the campaigns, through the actions taken into the campaign, you can assign points to your visitors, something that will be automatically populating populated into your elite scoring, um, uh, model.

So heading back to the actual tracking. Action striking enables you to track elements within your website, I get to receiving a lot of questions that 10 action tracking’s are all alone and they they have some limits and so on. I have to explain to you now that.

It doesn’t matter if you have.

100 product pages, because most of the times that product page is is is linked to a single template and HTML template, so a button on that product page is the same on every product page, on every other product page. So if you are slightly familiar with HTML, you can easily. Make actual trucking work for you. So, for example, if you have a Butson, you have to investigate the class or the or the idea of that element.

Let’s say you have the download brochure button and it goes and let’s say the class is downloads, download button, something like that, and you save it.

Then each time someone will, um, click on that button, you will.

And you can find that person and, you know, build super targeted, uh, campaigns for those from a personal experience, from those they, uh, of our, uh, some links in the webinars that have a real estate website.

This is super powerful because most of the times real estate agents allow you to download a PDF of a specific of the of the of the real estate.

So you can distinguish you can a group of those people that have clicked on the button making these super targeted.

So from talking again, you can synchronize your forms on the website with Kalevala in order to pass the variables from your website to your liver and populate that profile, that user profile that I showed you earlier.

So, for example, if you have a contact for just a second to fix my my camera. OK, yeah.

So if you have a contact form with text boxes such as let’s say name, email, uh, message or whatever you can.

Think those things, for example, like I show you here with the visas or field of the previous screen that I have shown you already, this requires a slight knowledge of thermal, but it is super powerful if you do this and use it for your, um, for your purposes and targeting purposes, of course.

Other than that, here comes Customs tax.

Customs tax is a super powerful feature that we are going to invest time and effort for improving this specific feature.

Custom tax allows you to transfer any data from your website to your liver in order to and in order to create super targeted campaigns and again, to populate those fields, those profile fields of your visa.

So, for example, if I am, uh, let’s say a website that you can book our tickets. OK, so and, you know, people are searching for dates. So I’m going to do this date from. This is a date type date to. Again, state and let’s say airport, the airport. Two, OK, this is a string. If you save this, you now can. Get this coat. Put into our website and ask our developer to use the exact variables in these blank lines, in these lines that will populate the information to deliver and when you head up to your audience groups.

You will have the ability sorry, uh, never mind you, you you will get my point, you have the ability to select these attributes. Apologies I didn’t have I didn’t save it. Let’s say you can select the date from. It to, let’s say, uh, in Europe with reedited like this. OK. Uh, and you can create those and you can group those persons that are searching for dates within the target group that you want to target or the airport or the airport or whatever the case.

So getting up to their count. You can add your preferences.

This is the code that you copy paste into your into your website, you can edit your personal, um, information.

You can change your product. You can. Yeah, you can create your new documents. OK, here is I get a lot of credit. We get a lot of questions regarding this in order to to create the new domains. You go into settings account and then domains you out. Here you are. Okay, not here. Your, uh, your domain name, you click in your account and you are good to go. And for those you haven’t redeemed your code, you are extracting codes yet.

You can do this by, by this uh, by this option.

So users the person that our team, the person that I to our team, uh, OK, you can invite the users and you can add them to specific user groups and each of their user needs of the user groups can have the specific, um, permissions, for example, the sales team.

The sales team, I want them to access the dashboard and live you, let’s say I don’t want them to mess up with the tool so everything is gone. I want them, though, to work to get a view on the lights. This is their. Job so you can update the permissions and you are good to go. So now the sales team, those user Tartu users that you have assigned to the sales team, they will get the exact permissions and access the specific options on Heyler.

So other than that, you can switch. I get a lot of questions as well. You can switch your account easily by this button here. So if I click it switch account, you’re going to take me into this page and I’m going to head back to my, let’s say, this account. And you can’t switch that counts, as you can see here. So just the second guys as a second, OK? Yeah, thanks.

Uh, so yeah, I’m having some notes that I want to share with you about our upcoming features and some. OK, first of all, I’m going to answer some of the questions that you have, um, you have said so countries to integrate with former and we get a lot of we get a lot of questions regarding integration’s.

Please rest assured that we take notes on each of your subjects, suggestion and feedback and everything is evaluated. We want and we want we will do our best to provide that extra added value for our users, you and of course, to improve our product. So I cannot answer for sure which exactly is integration’s we are going to make.

But you kind of follow our road map, our public road map, where we constantly update and you can vote as well where you are, your preferences. So, um, with the option of how much of this is going to be completely white listed, I don’t think I can clearly get the question, uh, how much of this can be completely white, but please feel free.

And for anyone out there to send us your email and support at dot com. This is this will give us time to investigate any occasions that you may have an answer you as soon as possible. Sounds like.

So it sounds like with that data, you will need a deeper concern is that this is a great question. This is a question that we have been asking a lot of times. So you have the ability to deliver can can be used with leading kookie concerned companies such as Kookie Board or Quantrill’s or Aurum, Rural Labs and Border Labs and so on. So you can do this exactly as you already do with Google Analytics and other marketing and data related tools.

We don’t have a built in cookie concept, a plugin, but where we take we took our notes since this is a very highly requested features and we will push an update as soon as possible. However, until then, you can treat your liver like you do already with your tools. So, uh. And another thing another thing is that, hey, whatever respects the PR policies and for example, uh, just let’s go to this person here.

Just to show you an example, if you do if you if you. So, yeah, if you do this.

If you do this, uh, this is a glimpse, OK, if you do this, you can, um and also excuse me, what I’m saying is that in order for for someone to get an email, when we will introduce drip campaigns, because we we will introduce drip campaigns and you up some more purchases that you already bought, however, you will be greeted with drip campaigns as well. So you can edit the the details of specific users only if you comply with the.

And of course when you will, we will introduce drip campaigns. They have to opt in and double opt in with the system or you will allow them allow the team or double opt in for this to happen. And of course you have the ability to delete, you have the option to delete any user that will request this thing to withdraw consent or request the data of these physical. Also, we are introducing we are introducing a, um, a feature within Battley that will allow visitors to request their data and request you to delete or withdraw that consent, whatever the whatever the case.

[00:38:19.230] – Chris (AppSumo)
Is it possible to white label subaccount with our agency logo? Unfortunately, no. This is not possible. We have listened to the community, however, and we provided unbranded bably the live chat on all accounts, no matter the coach.

[00:38:38.680] – Nicholas (Hey Oliver!)
Um. Robin, you can use your own branding to Babli, you can change that, the colors, you can you know, you can edit your text us for your likings and the. Do you have a reporting option? Yeah. Hey, Lisa, we have a reporting option, especially on leads, but I am afraid that I cannot get into that specific option right now because it is full of leads of previous leads. So you can have the option to export this and use it to you.

Just send it to your sales team or whatever to follow up any conversations that you may have.

And we’ll have somebody else get all future updates or there are all paid features at the moment. Kevin, we are introducing them the game show, the features that you may see in our public road map.

And to be honest, the the the issue that we faced with our servers kept us approximately two days behind.

But this is a this is, of course, not a seven day how your liver account. This is a lifetime deal. So you have to understand us and you have to understand the position that we are from, the enormous interest that we we got from from. Absolument. Thank you for that. We are doing the best we can to provide you with the best experience ever and follow the updates. Yeah. You can refer to to the public road map for the exact for the exact features and just the main of them.

The main of them are the apps you have requested apps, Android and iOS for the purposes. I totally get it. More integrations and drip campaigns. And I didn’t expect that you requested many of them a unified dashboard that will allow you to manage all your accounts in a single dashboard. This is an excellent feedback. And we already we have already discussed it with a team and it will take time, but we will do it so.

Also, I am still here. So let me come back on. Thank you, Nicholas, so much for going through all that super helpful for everyone here. And Elena has been a rock star in getting all of these Simelane questions answered. So thank you both for taking the time to hop on here. And I do have one special thing for the simple things that are on here, because you all stuck with us and you came and you joined us on this webinar.

I do want to offer you guys a special discount on Hey, Oliver, for an extra 10 percent off on abstemious. So I’m going to post that link for you guys to use right now. Only valid until midnight tonight. So I just posted in the chat so you guys can use that it’s a one time use coupon code just for the people who join the webinar to say thank you, guys. So hopefully you’ll you’ll check out hey, Oliver again.

It’s all backed by the 60 day guarantee. So feel free to plug in, get it set up, get using it for your business. And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to the team, leave comments on the deal page. And Nicholas, I’m sure people can also reach out to the Hey Oliver team directly. Yeah, of course.

Of course. The best way to to to reach us is through support at universal dot com. This will give us time to investigate any of your issues and if there are cases that will respond with you, the exact answers.

[00:42:27.370] – Chris (AppSumo)
And again, thank you. Thank you for this superstructure that you gave us. You got us off guard, but we my team and I are working on it.

So thank you. Awesome. Thank you very much. We really appreciate you and your team bringing this deal to the to the Somali community. I know people are really excited about it. So thank you again for joining us. Simoleons. Thank you for for hopping on and joining us. Hope you’ll take advantage of that of that awesome discount that y’all are like in. Very much we’ll be talking to you soon, and if you want to catch the replay, I will be sending that out later today to Nicholas.

[00:43:03.680] – Nicholas (Hey Oliver!)
Thank you once again. Will be. We’ll be talking soon. Thank you, Chris. And siblings. All right. Bye bye, everyone.

[00:43:09.500] – Chris (AppSumo)
Bye bye.

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