Hexomatic: No-code, Data Extraction and Work Automation Platform


Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation tool that enables you to scrape data from websites and use premade automations to scale activities. You receive a scraping recipe generator that allows you to easily scrape goods, directories, prospects, and listings!

Hexomatic can search for new prospects in any sector, find email and social accounts, do audits, and more. Automated searches for certain document types, RSS feeds, SEO metadata and tech stacks are all available.

Hexomatic allows you to quickly build your own bots to harvest data from any website and automate repetitive operations!


Hexomatic Pricing Overview


Hexomatic’s monthly price starts at $24 USD for a “Bronze” plan that’s perfect for small businesses. The price scales up if you want to add more automation credits, increase simultaneous running workflow, and have access to more features that’s available only with higher plans.

Alternatively, Hexomatic is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $98 for a single-code deal. Find out more about Hexomatic’s lifetime deal below.


Price starts from:

$57.00 per month

✅  No free trial and free account
✅  Have 20 video and written tutorials
✅  Save 17% when you subscribe to their yearly plan
✅  30-day refund policy

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$98.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


Hexomatic’s Features


Data Scraping – Scrape a wide variety of data ranging from products, listings, and directories with an easy point-and-click procedure.

40+ readymade built-in automations will help you perform time consuming tasks in minutes.

✅ Hexomatic is a tool that can not only find new prospects but also discover their email and social profiles. It allows for audits of the current customer base, too!

✅ Readymade automations make it easy for you to search through various document types, tap into your RSS feed and extract SEO metadata.

✅ It’s easy to save time with scraping recipes and prebuilt automations. Create custom workflows that are fully automated, saving you hours of manual labor! Create your own scraping recipes in minutes. By using different features such as automatic field detection, different browser modes, and pagination, you’ll quickly be able to capture text, prices, images, and links in a few clicks.

✅ Hexomatic allows you to take advantage of advanced features like CSS selectors and Regex expressions, which are perfect for tackling more complex scenarios.

✅ With the Hexomatic credit add-on, you can get discounted access to residential proxies and AI services. You choose how often per month or year it is that you would like this service through your workflows–saving yourself tons of time!

✅ Ask a human team to capture data points, leverage machine translation or use AI image labelling for you. You’ll have access to all the benefits of an assistant on your per task!

✅  Activity Dashboard

✅  Rich Automation Library

✅  Alerts/Notifications

✅  Business Process Automation

✅  Configurable Workflow

✅  Data Import/Export

✅  Workflow Management


Add-ons and Integrations


✅  Google Sheets

✅  Discord

✅  Slack

✅  Telegram

✅  API

✅  DeepL Pro

✅  Webhook



Who is Hexomatic For?


Hexomatic is a new way for sales and marketing teams looking to automate time-consuming tasks related to internet research. It’s also the perfect solution if you’re looking for a tool that runs in the cloud 24/7, with data center IP rotation included on all plans for a hassle-free data search!


Things to Note About Hexomatic


👉  Some buyers of the LTD have had major scraping jobs occasionally stop in the midst of the run


User Reviews for Hexomatic


This software is awesome. Once I learned how the process works, it is absolutely amazing and easy to use. The tech support was very responsive on chat and was easy to communicate with them and it only took 1 or 2 chats to get me taken care of for multiple things.


For someone who is non-technical such as myself, I wanted to find an automation tool that helps me do several things such as scrape sites and take screenshots and I was able to figure out how to do it and that was awesome!!


I used to have to hire people to do that job or hire people to write me a script to do it, and both of them cost me time and money and I used to wait for days and sometimes weeks, and now I can get my results in minutes and in the format that I need so I can further use that information.


So this software just saved me a bunch of time & money!!!!


Let’s see what else I can do with it.

by omar18 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I’m not techy so this caught my eye. First impression is that Hexomatic is really straightforward to use and I managed to run the backlink finder workflow in a few minutes, quite impressive. Looks like there are lots automations to try.


Lusine from the live chat was really helpful in explaining how the scraping works so I could get products from a competitor, thanks for the help.

by Anna | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I was surprised to see such a feature rich service that stacks awesome workflows and integrations. I have built my own scrapers from scratch and have also used other services, I can tell you this saves me hours and hours…and it just works. It took only a few minutes to get workflows running with Google search, email extraction and validation, etc. setup and running.


I mean it, the lifetime deal on this is pretty awesome.


API integration is icing on the cake.


Support has been incredibly responsive and friendly (I just submitted a feature request).


If you are looking for a quality scraping service I can tell you will get more than pay for.


5 tacos to the guys! Keep up the great work!


Last thing, STACK IT.

by joel63 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Started a bit basic but massive updates added in last few months and with so many use cases constantly updated, this is definitely not to miss LTD…So happy to see Hexomatic in appsumo. As additional feedbacks here will further improve this software.


Team behind this has already created 2 solid products Hexowatch and Hexometer. So i completely trust that hexomatic will follow similar route in terms of growth. Best of luck and thank you for bringing this to appsumo.

by kryptonite871 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Its not even black friday and I’m already a few stacks deep… Damn you Appsumo.




I’ve used a lot of scraping tools in the past, this is so much easier than anything else I’ve tried


Tons of unique automations to use


Ready made workflows let you run entire strategies in a few clicks


Cloud based


Support got back to me in minutes on the live chat




– I wish it could do social media stuff (they say they don’t plan to do this as they don’t want to risk users getting lifetime bans on their LinkedIn or FB accounts, fair enough…But still would be nice.)


– Please add Pabbly integration


Other than that, 5 tacos for sure.

by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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