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HashTagsForLikes is an all-in-one hashtag tool that saves you countless hours of research by recommending hashtags that are suitable for your business.

You can analyze the data of any hashtags (even those of your competition) to gain insights and measure the performance of your campaign.

Features and Benefits of HashtagforLikes

👉 Large Database – Search from a huge database of hashtags and use filters to narrow down on hashtags that fit your business.

👉 Search Suggestions – It’s easy to get stuck and overwhelmed when brainstorming hashtag ideas. HashtagforLikes allow you to search from competitors, influencers, and based on your best guess, find potential hashtags for your social media posts.

👉 Filters – Instead of going through all the hashtags one by one (which may take a long time for certain niches), use filters to remove negative keywords, and narrow down based on likes and hashtag difficulty.

👉 Social Media Post Research – So you’ve chosen the hashtag. But what content should you create? HashtagforLikes shows the top 10 post for a particular hashtag so you know the type of content people are looking for.

👉 Track & Research Competitors – Win at social media by knowing every move of your competitors. You can monitor their profiles and posts, observe their results, and ethically “steal” hashtags and content that are working well.

👉 Social Profile Analyzer – pop in any social profile and get a detailed breakdown of statistics like followers growth graph, likes, future projection and more…

👉 Campaign Builder – An intuitive builder to find the most updated hashtag data among other information.

👉 Hashtag Testing – Split test potential hashtags with your followers and measure the performance of each hashtag.

👉 Tracking – Once your post is live, closely monitor your results to see which one is working and which one is not. So you can optimize your future posts for better results
Analytics – Get live analytics during or after the campaign is over so you know how well you have performed.

👉 AI – HashtagforLikes uses it’s algorithm to discover hashtags that can help you reach your target audience,

👉 Performance Reports – Get a clear understand of how your campaign performs.

👉 Platforms Supported – Currently includes Instagram, TickTock, Twitter (beta), YouTube (beta)

Things to Note About HashtagforLikes

👉 Facebook, Linkedin, and Google My Business hashtags are currently not available in their database.

👉 Whitelabel for this deal simply means the ability to upload your logo.

👉 There is a character limit of 25 for usernames and hashtags

👉 Some bugs such as wrong search results being shown (could be due to high traffic from Appsumo customers)

👉 Data may be limited for certain niches that are less common. Give the app a test run before jumping both feet in.

Who is HashtagforLikes for?

👉 Social media marketers who wants to save their time when researching hashtags, and find effective hashtags so that the target audience can find them organically.

👉 Agency owners who want to help their clients get better reach for their social media posts.

Who Are HashtagforLikes’ Competitors?

When Was HashtagforLikes Founded?

HashtagsForLikes started since 2016 and has been operating for the past 4 years.
hashtagforlikes registered in 2016

Who Are The Founders?

HashtagforLikes Reviews

G2 - 7 reviews


Trustpilot - 16 reviews


Appsumo - 9 reviews


HashtagforLikes’ Website Traffic

hashtagforlikes organic traffic
They have good organic traffic from Google with 35.4k monthly visitors.

Most lifetime deals have organic traffic of less than 1,000.

This is a good sign as they are able to get free sign ups even without doing paid advertising.

However there is a consistent downward trend of their search traffic in the whole of 2019.

hashtagforlikes declining organic traffic
Something is wrong.

Current traffic numbers are even lower than before the spike in 2019.

What could be the problem?

Let’s take a quick look at the ranking keywords to see the type of organic visitors they are getting.

ranking keywords
Most are actually results of hashtag searches

So let’s say you search for “fortnite tags”, a page like this will show up.

example hashtags from hashtagforlikes
And visitors will have to sign up for an account to get the data.

Nice. The gated content will help them convert a good percentage of people.

Since most of their organic traffic are from hashtag searches like “fortnite tags” and “funny hashtags”… Does the declining search traffic in 2019 mean that their competitors have caught up and are outranking them for existing keywords?


What about new hashtags and new keywords? Didn’t they publish more data and content to rank for newer hashtags?

The Wayback Machine shows much lesser activity in 2019.

hashtagforlikes content in 2019
Maybe they took a break in 2019 and didn’t publish much hashtags and content.

Or they faced some technical issues that prevented their page from being indexed by search engines.

Either way, the problems looks serious and needs to be fixed.

Social Media Accounts

YouTube Channel

Hashtagforlikes youtube channel
Even though they lost 75% of their search traffic, we can see here that they started publishing YouTube content late 2019.

They are trying.

Maybe the current launch on Appsumo will help propel them to new heights.

Facebook Page

hashtagforlikes facebook page


HashtagforLikes is Currently on Lifetime Deal at Appsumo

Hashtagforlikes deal structure

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